The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 94

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[094]Tough fight 2

“Now, father-in-law.”

My uncle’s face turned dark. If you are Go Gyeong-yeol, you are not a dirty person from Yeouido. A person who has walked a single-track life as a civil servant gives a clean and fresh feeling compared to a member of the National Assembly.

Moreover, the ruling party is also holding a premium.

Unless there are other variables, it is not easy to predict the victory of the uncle.

“Why are you so surprised? “Are you not confident that you will win no matter who comes out?”

“It’s not that, it’s an unexpected person… .”

When my uncle could not bear to speak honestly, my aunt screamed angrily.

“father. All you need to do is say one word. My son-in-law is running for office. Do I really have to run against him? “With just this one word, won’t Go Gyeong-yeol stop coming forward?”

“If I stop him, will it all end? What if someone even scarier appears behind him? Should I stop him too? Oh my, this is pathetic… . “If you only plan to walk on the flower path, it’s better to get rid of it right away.”

Grandfather’s message is not directed to aunts or uncles.

This is telling me that it is not an easy task to create public officials who will become your hands and feet. Is this also one of the ways to test me?

Isn’t it too heavy a test for a kid in his twenties to take?

“Choi Seobu.”

“yes. Father-in-law.”

“Go and consult with the party officials. The biggest position in the local elections is the mayor of Seoul, so you’re not going to sit idle, right? Take action quickly!”

The two men ran out in a hurry, and when they were alone again, the old man clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, tsk, they say those who grew up start crying when things get a little difficult. “I and the Choi family raised the child incorrectly.”

“Everyone wants to cry when something is too much. “Isn’t the only difference whether you say it out loud or not?”

“A proper person is one who clenches his fists and has fighting spirit when things get tough. “Why are you crying?”

My grandfather seemed to think that I was taking my uncle’s side, and his voice rose slightly.

“How do you feel? Do you have any idea what kind of person Go Gyeong-yeol is?”

Of course I know it well. What achievements he made and what mistakes he made during his tenure as mayor of Seoul were always in the news. But for now I have to pretend not to notice.

“This is my first time hearing your name.”

“I am from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He even served as ambassador to the United States and held many important government positions. “He may be a bit older, but that will be packaged as stability and there won’t be much dust.”

“Is your uncle dusty?”

“Why would the son-in-law of Sunyang Group have anything to do with dust? “My father-in-law is the chairman of Sunyang Group and my wife is the manager of a department store. If there is someone who wants to bribe me with money, that person is crazy.”

“Then I guess it’s worth dealing with?”

“The problem is that he is the son-in-law of a chaebol. “The media is talking about the IMF because of the conglomerates every day, but don’t people in the low street not look kindly on it?”

I also regretted being indifferent to politics when I was young.

When Go Gyeong-yeol became mayor, I don’t remember who his opponent was or what kind of election it was.

“I guess your grandfather has no intention of helping your uncle?”

“me? why me? I have nothing to regret. Even if Go Gyeong-yeol becomes the mayor, he is not the type of person who would refuse my request, and the same goes for him even if he becomes Seo-bo Choi. It’s like holding a flower in both hands. haha.”

The grandfather’s joy was clearly evident in his eyes as he smiled.

“You are a failure. Media City? “You were planning to make that and use it as a driving force for Daeah Construction’s revival, right?”

“It’s both business and business.”

“If your uncle loses, the business will suffer.”

“So we must win. Without such a large-scale project, Dae-Ah Construction would be in real trouble. “It will be a money-guzzler.”

“Wow, that’s embarrassing. “We sent a lot of cruisers there, but they look like they’re starving.”

At this level, it’s clearly a joke. Whether it’s Dae-Ah Construction or Ajin Group, there’s no way anyone who thinks they’re one family can say they don’t know, just because they don’t have a sign that says Sunyang.

I want to check my reaction now. If I ask for help, I am no different from my aunt or uncle. Just like my grandfather said, I have to show my fighting spirit with my fists clenched.

“Mr. Go Gyeong-yeol is also human, so he probably has one or two weak points that make him scream when stabbed. If you can find it, you have a chance of winning. And the fact that my uncle is the son-in-law of a chaebol is a weakness, but on the other hand, it can also be an advantage.”


“Being the son-in-law of a chaebol is an advantage. Since he is a person with a lot of money, wouldn’t you think that he would at least not commit corruption such as tax evasion? And you can go around selling some of his grandfather.”

“Sell me?”

“yes. The Chairman of Sunyang Group can promise that he will carry out many projects for the city of Seoul. “We are also building apartments.”

“Why do I do business in Seoul?”

“That’s just what they say. “No one knows that politicians’ pledges are official checks, but don’t they still print them just in case?”

Grandpa just laughed.

“Although it is plausible, you understand that it is not a sure-win strategy, right?”

“Isn’t the election about building up these things one by one and fighting them?”

It seemed like he was relieved to see his smile spread. At least I’m not whining.

“grandfather. “Please tell me just one thing.”

He said quietly while looking at others.


“If you want to negotiate with Go Gyeong-yeol, who will you use as a stepping stone?”

“Stepping stones? “You mean a close associate?”

“yes. “I’d like to talk to him at least once.”

Grandpa couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“meet? “What do you want to talk about?”

“well. “If we can understand each other better than my uncle, wouldn’t it be okay to switch horses?”

“Didn’t you already invest a lot of money in your uncle? “If you change horses, you have to give up that money, right?”

“There is a business at stake that can make tens or hundreds of times more than 40 billion won. “It’s not about throwing away 40 billion, it’s about earning 400 billion.”

“It’s a good idea to only look ahead and not pick up what falls behind you… . “Is there a possibility?”

Is Go Gyeong-yeol really that firm and unwavering?

“Your uncle is going to make a fuss about Media City as part of his pledge. But Go Gyeong-yeol, who was elected, puts the loser’s pledge into practice? “I don’t think that will happen, do you?”

Of course that is correct. So, changing words is just an excuse. Go Gyeong-yeol must go away.

“That’s why I want to meet you. “If we understand each other, won’t we be criticizing or disparaging Digital Media City during the election period?”


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My grandfather didn’t say anything more, perhaps because he thought my thoughts were so strange. He will think you are being stubborn for no reason.

“Anyway, it’s good. Let me give you a line. But that’s it. “I think you’ll probably let go of the handshake.”

“I will be careful. “If it looks like things are going to be difficult, I’ll just say hello and be done with it.”

All you have to do is give a big greeting, not a normal greeting, and see the end.

* * *

“Alarm system?”

“yes. It doesn’t end with just delivering information. “It judges that information and sends a signal to be careful when there is danger.”

“A car?”


“So, this Israeli company called Mobileye makes such a device?”

“It’s just the beginning, but someday.”

“And they gave you over 10 billion won? Oh my… .”

Seeing the long sigh, I guess it’s hard to believe. Sending a signal from a car?

“uncle. Just trust my judgment and intuition. This will work. “A bigger problem has arisen.”


“Ko Kyung-yeol is running as the ruling party’s candidate for mayor of Seoul. If you fight with my uncle… .”

“You lose 100 percent. But how did you know? “I understand there has been no announcement yet?”

“It’s my grandfather’s information network. “I’m sure.”

“They say the Sunyang Group’s intelligence network is Korea’s CIA. also!”

“This is not the time for admiration. If anything goes wrong, DMC might be blown away.”

“That guy took an elite course. I started as an administrative officer and worked my way up from the bottom. I like luck. How do you beat a lucky guy?”

“Are there any problems with your children?”

“well? Shall we take a look? Since I’ve been in public office for a long time, I think I’ll come up with something if I ask some reporters I know. “Just wait a moment.”

Oh Se-hyun immediately started talking on the phone. After looking around for almost an hour, his expression brightened.

“I knew it. “I heard that the common people protect the armistice line in Korea.”


“I am exempt, my brother is also exempt, and my son is in defense. Two are exempt. “They are God’s children.”

When I clapped my hands and said I liked it, he smiled and said.

“What about your Gojong cousins? Aren’t there just three men? “Aren’t they all exempt too?”

“Is your eldest brother twenty-eight? My second brother is twenty-six. The youngest is two years older than me. I’m not old enough to go to the military yet. “He is studying abroad.”

“That’s it. “I guess we can push it into the military.”

Pushing into the military was not a solution.

The actual election battle began even before the full-fledged election campaign period.

The ruling party quickly leaked that the candidate for Seoul mayor was Go Gyeong-yeol, and the opposition party also announced that Go Mobu was a strong candidate.

Go Gyeong-yeol’s only weakness was his exemption from military service, and his uncle’s weakness was that he was the son-in-law of a chaebol.

While the two sides were in a dog fight, slandering each other, my grandfather introduced someone to me.

Go Gyeong-yeol’s right-hand man and the most influential figure in charge of the mayoral election. And it was said that if Go Gyeong-yeol becomes mayor, he will be the person to take the position of deputy mayor for political affairs.

In addition to an annual salary of approximately 60 million won, the Deputy Mayor of Seoul City spends approximately 100 million won in administrative expenses annually. It has a fairly spacious second-floor office with a green carpet and a great view of the plaza in front of Seoul City Hall. He also has four secretaries and is provided with a Grandeur car with a chauffeur. Only the right-hand man is sure to own this position.

May 12th, a few days before the official election day.

After confirming that the girl group’s progenitor, Lee Hyo-ri’s Fin.K.L., was debuting with the R&B ballad song BLUE RAIN at MBC Music Camp, I went to a Japanese restaurant in Gwanghwamun.

I took a seat first and waited for Go Gyeong-yeol’s right hand man to appear.

The man on my right showed up about 30 minutes later than the scheduled time, opened the door, and came in.

He appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s, and his face had an earthy tone, probably because he was tired.

When he saw the young guy sitting there, an unpleasant look appeared on his earthy face.

“nice to see you. “This is Jin Do-jun.”

When he received my business card, which was written entirely in English, he looked around.

“Are you studying abroad? Or Korean-American?”

“I happen to work for a foreign investment company, but I am neither.”

“It came out because it came from someone who had a hard time rejecting it, but I didn’t know it was from the company that acquired Ajin Group… .”

“Thank you for your valuable time. I will try to be as brief as possible. “It won’t take long.”

“Oh, this was rude. “This is Kim Kwan-hyuk.”

The business card he held out was also plastered with his title.

“I thought it would be difficult to prepare a meal since he was so busy, so I placed an order in advance so I could have a quick meal. “I hope that wasn’t rude.”

Because the young man spoke in a polite manner that was not befitting his age, his wrinkled expression seemed to have straightened up a bit.

“How rude, I’m really into ramen right now… . “Let’s fill our bellies first.”

Kim Gwan-hyuk picked up chopsticks and stuffed raw fish into his mouth. I shook his hand as I filled his glass.

“The schedule is still tight. “Please refrain from drinking alcohol.”

After filling his stomach without saying a word, he put down his chopsticks and started glaring at me.

“Does it suit your taste?” ?”

“As long as I’m full, that’s fine. Anyway, I don’t know what you want to talk about, but I’m rejecting everything. In particular, I know that it is absolutely impossible to ask to meet our candidate even once. ruler… . “Is there still anything left to talk about?”

That guy indeed. He’s a temperamental guy.

No, am I just ignoring it because I’m young?

I had a hard time serving my superiors. Look forward to it, because it will perk up your ears.

“The person I wanted to meet was not the candidate. “It is you.”

I lifted my finger and pointed at his face, and his eyebrows twitched.


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