The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 92

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[092]Sowing season 2

“Professor! Professor Shashua.”

When the lecture ended, I quickly followed the professor out the front door.

I felt a little embarrassed because I wasn’t sure if this young professor was really him.

“What happened? “Are you a student who came in late?”

“It’s true that I came in late, but I’m not a student.”

Professor Shasua stopped and looked me up and down.

“This was rude. Then the dragon who found me… ?”

“Let me ask one question first. Are you currently conducting research in the field of optics using relative standard deviation?”

“That’s right.”

Since I don’t seem to be very surprised, I guess it’s a study that has already been made public.

It was actually me who was embarrassed.

It seems like this professor is the person I’m looking for… . Hasn’t the commercialization of research results already made significant progress?

If you don’t already have a place to intervene, flying to Israel will be completely in vain.

We have already experienced enough to know that knowing a little about the future does not mean everything.

If you buy a lot of undervalued stocks, the stock price will suddenly soar, attracting the attention of other investment institutions. Short-term investing is actually difficult.

It would have been more likely to look further ahead, wait several years, and buy stocks little by little. But this method is a bit frustrating. If the stock holding exceeds a certain amount and you become the majority shareholder, this is also likely to attract attention.

The best thing is to build friendships and become an angel investor before starting a business. Of course, this is only possible if you memorize the information clearly and line by line.

Anyway, I desperately prayed that it wasn’t too late.

“This is going to be a long story. Could you give me some time?”

When I took out my business card and handed it to him, he gave me an unexpected look.

“Miracle Investment?”

The moment I saw that expression, I wanted to shout hurray.

That facial expression and eyes mean that no one has approached you for business yet or that you are not prepared.

“yes. There is a website URL on the business card, so you can check it and have a meeting… .”

Professor Shashua looked at the business card and then at me, then opened his mouth.

“I’ll see you in my lab in the technology center in two hours. “Are you okay?”

“thank you. “Then I’ll see you again soon.”

As I bowed my head, he slowly raised his hand and disappeared at a brisk pace.

I wandered around the school for two hours.

Since I had time to spare, I also saw things I had missed in my rush. The barricades and checkpoints placed next to the school’s main entrance were noticeable.

I learned this later, but it is said that when the threat of Middle East terrorism is detected, search and search is carried out. He said that not only visitors but also students and professors were thoroughly searched, which made me realize that it was a powder keg.

The Hebrew University’s archeology department is said to be one of the best in the world, and the museum on campus is also above par. But what this school is most proud of is Einstein.

Einstein, who was of Jewish descent, left his intellectual property as a legacy to the Hebrew University, which he helped found, before his death in 1955.

Until about 10 years ago, the intellectual property rights to Einstein were only formally owned and no efforts were made to actually commercialize them.

However, commercialization began in earnest after hiring an intellectual property expert named Berry Hill as an agent.

The university marketed Einstein’s name and image and began charging royalties for various events and advertisements that used it. The income earned in this way is over 1.5 million dollars per year.

It is truly a scary world because businessmen who exchange people’s images for money have infiltrated even the sacred ivory tower.

I walked around the school and headed to the technology center.

When I entered Professor Shashua’s lab, I saw three or four people doing something with their heads pressed against a computer monitor.

“You’ve been waiting a long time, right? “Please come this way.”

Professor Shashua took me and led me into a small room. There were books everywhere, and printed papers and all kinds of camera lenses were piled on every desk and chair, so there wasn’t even a good place to sit.

He brought an extra chair and placed it next to his desk, then pointed.

“Please sit down.”

It’s inconvenient, but what can you do? You will become the goose that lays golden eggs in the future.

“Can you tell me why the wizard of Hollywood wants to meet me wrestling with math formulas?”

Hollywood wizard?

Could this be the nickname of the American Miracle? Or did you even read an article with this title?

“Hollywood is only part of our investments. “We are always interested in new technologies and new companies with strong potential.”

“Are you interested in CogniTens?”

“yes? Cochnitens?”

How dare you make such a mistake!

No matter what comes out of this professor’s mouth, you shouldn’t look surprised.

You shouldn’t be caught out when you know very little. I quickly started to take care of it.

“I’m sorry, but please explain.”

He said with a hint of disappointment.

“Koknitens is a 3D optical measurement solution that can measure the precision of metal parts or assemblies. “It is the name of this solution and also the name of the company.”

I didn’t understand it clearly, but it doesn’t matter.

Isn’t he a genius professor who made hits with every item he started?

“When did you establish the company?”

“It started in 1995.”

“I will add that company to my list as well.”


“yes. “The reason I visited you is because I am interested in technology that provides users with information collected through cameras within the minimum margin of error.”

Professor Shashua began to look on in surprise.

“How did you… ?”

“I read a paper on artificial intelligence and computer vision systems. Oh, that’s not what I read. “Our company staff discovered it and I only understand the rough concept.”

I quickly drew a line just in case. We had to prevent it from leading to in-depth questions and discussions. Ignorance should not be evident.


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“Do you think the concept is great enough to cross the ocean?”

The professor’s eyes sparkled.

“The value will vary depending on where the technology is applied. Professor, don’t you already have an area in mind?”

“of course. But I’m also curious about Mr. Jin’s thoughts.”

I looked the professor in the eyes and spoke without any hesitation. Anyway, if you are thinking differently with this technology, you will have to change direction, and if you are already thinking in the right direction, it will be perfect for collaborating with me.

“They are the eyes of the car.”

Professor Shashua’s eyes grew as big as car lights.

“I was thinking about a car using the professor’s technology. What if a small camera collects information around the car and informs the driver within the minimum margin of error? It can sound an alarm before contact with the outside world. What if the camera mounted on the rear bumper of the car showed the picture clearly on the indoor monitor? “You don’t even have to turn your head when backing up or parking.”

“If the front camera accurately calculates the distance to the car in front, collision accidents will be dramatically reduced, and automatic braking is also possible if traffic signals are recognized.”

Before I knew it, the professor started talking about his thoughts.

“We will also raise lane recognition to a possible level. Then it prevents lane departure.”

“If we convert analog data to digital, it can be incorporated into automotive systems.”

“you’re right. The final goal the professor wants is… .”

“Autonomous driving, where the car moves on its own!”

When I saw the professor talking excitedly, I couldn’t help but smile happily.

“professor. What do you think is the true goal of autonomous driving?”

“yes? No, autonomous driving is the goal. “The goal’s goal?”

“I believe that zero traffic accidents is the true goal of autonomous driving.”

This is just to score points with Professor Shashua. And it worked.

He couldn’t open his mouth for a while. When he managed to open his mouth, the words that came out were exclamations.

“okay. “I hadn’t even thought about it that far.”

“It’s just a matter of time. “The professor must have thought it through.”

I’m not sure whether it was this guy or the Google chairman who said that the ultimate goal of autonomous driving is zero traffic accidents, but the results are satisfactory.

You will think of him as not just an investor, but a young person with a broad perspective.

“Then shall we get to the point now?”

“Main subject?”

“yes. “That is the purpose of my crossing the sea.”

“Do you really mean to invest when the concept and basic theory are all there is?”

“I haven’t even told you the investment terms, so you shouldn’t be surprised already.”

Professor Shashua said, calming his startled heart.

“Now, just a moment. The possibility of autonomous driving is slim. It only appears in science fiction movies. Of course, it is possible in theory, but I don’t know when it will be usable in reality… . In particular, it is questionable whether humans will ever leave the steering wheel to computer chips. “Because it is directly related to life.”

I don’t trust myself and have no confidence. Maybe it’s natural. Because a new era has arrived too quickly.

And I knew that he was a trustworthy person. Doesn’t the person who should be invested first talk about the negative side, like the investor’s perspective?

“Is there anything more fantastic than making a dream come true? Look at our company name. “It is Miracle.”

I got up from my seat, leaving Professor Shashua still at a loss. If you’re going to surprise me this much, it’s better to leave some room.

“I’m staying at the Sheraton. Please think carefully about the investment conditions, etc., and contact us at any time when you have made up your mind. By the way, this includes Cochnitens. then… .”

Something sudden and unrealistic happened to Professor Shashua.

When I said hello, I barely came to my senses.

“Oh, excuse me. Sheraton… . I will contact you. Mr. Jin.”

I felt strength when I held his outstretched hand.

Doesn’t holding hands tightly mean you won’t let go? I think I’ve already crossed the 9th ridge.

Because I’m willing to accept whatever he suggests.

* * *

I was thinking of taking a look around downtown Jerusalem, but I just went straight to the hotel. You don’t know when a precious person will come, so you shouldn’t think about it leisurely.

The right thing to do would be to stay at the hotel and wait until he comes to visit me.

As I entered the hotel, Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok, who was sitting in the lobby lounge drinking coffee, got up and ran to me.

“Have you seen everything?”

“No, what are you doing here now?”

“I waited for you, Manager.”

Are you honest or inflexible? Or are you doing this because something you heard on the plane bothered you?

“Oh, I also explored the city in the morning. But everywhere I went, there were a lot of checks and soldiers with guns were walking around, so I didn’t have the heart to go sightseeing, so I just came in.”

I burst into laughter. She occasionally saw soldiers, but not so much that she lost interest in exploring the city.

It just feels uncomfortable to hang out while the boss is working.

“There is nothing for Assistant Manager Kim to do anyway. If not this time, I don’t know when I will come back to this country. Don’t regret it later and go see it. And if things go well today, I’ll go back tomorrow. “I took enough stock just in case.”

Assistant Manager Kim’s ever-changing expression is interesting.

“I’m going to go up to my room and get some rest. “Just leave.”

I left Assistant Manager Kim, who was still hesitant, and walked to the front desk.

He gave me a business card and asked me not to miss him if the person I was looking for showed up.

Now I need to stretch my legs and rest in peace.

This is because by the evening at the latest, he will become the majority shareholder of a company with an asset value of over 10 trillion won that possesses core autonomous driving technology.


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