The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 9

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『Comrades. And my fellow citizens.

I now have strong beliefs about the future of our country. In this era where deep-rooted conflicts and opinions among the people have emerged as a national crisis, I have been thinking deeply and pondering a lot about the true mission of politicians.


first. We must quickly amend the constitution to provide a direct presidential election system under the agreement of the ruling and opposition parties and carry out a peaceful transfer of government in February 1988 through presidential elections under the new constitution.

The people are the masters of the country, and the will of the people takes precedence over everything.』

June 29, 1987.

I heard this important announcement while sucking on yogurt in the car on the way home from school.

Through this declaration, candidate Roh Tae-woo announced that he would resign from all public offices, including presidential candidacy, if his declaration was not accepted, and the ruling Democratic Justice Party later recognized this declaration as the party’s official position.

Subsequently, ‘incumbent’ President Chun Doo-hwan also announced his position to accept the June 29 Declaration through a special speech, making this declaration an official declaration of the government. At the same time, the April 13 constitutional protection measure was abolished.

With the June 29 Declaration announced in this way, the June Struggle, which achieved the great achievement of achieving democracy through the hands of citizens, will end with the funeral of martyr Lee Han-yeol.

Now, a new era of presidential race begins.

When I opened the front door of the house with a little excitement, a strange energy filled the entire house.

The gardener and housekeeper, who always smiled brightly when he saw me, pulled my hand with a stern expression.

“Dojun. Grandfather is here. Understand?”

Oh my.

Are you saying you came to see me on such an important day without even holding a meeting with the group’s senior leaders?

It’s not an illusion. Because I’m the only person my grandfather wants to meet in this house.

I gave the man a bright smile and entered the house.

In the living room, my grandfather was sitting with two tutors and asking them questions.

When Grandfather Jin spotted me, he jumped up from the sofa and spread his arms wide.

“Oh my, my wonderful baby! “Have you been to school?”

I had to hold back the sigh that was about to come out on its own. I couldn’t just run up and hug him like a normal grandchild.

I bowed my head very politely.

“Are you here? grandfather.”

But it couldn’t be avoided.

Chairman Jin lifted me up. Old men have good strength.

Fortunately, my mother came into the living room preparing tea and fruit. Her grandfather put me down with a humble expression.

When the mother put down the refreshments and hurried to the kitchen, Chairman Jin quickly tied her feet.

“Sit down for a moment.”


“I have something to tell you. And why are you so surprised?”

“Ah yes. father.”

My father-in-law, who never paid attention to me, started talking to me? It seemed like this was the first time anything like this had happened, and she was completely frozen, carefully straddling her ass on the couch.

“Dojun. Would you like to go up to your room for a while? “I have something to talk about with your mother.”

Chairman Jin also spoke to the tutor who was sitting uncomfortably.

“Two teachers, please make room for us. “At least check your homework.”

As if they had been waiting, the two people grabbed my hand and dragged me to this floor.

What is grandfather trying to say to mother?


“How are you doing?”

“Well, I am a housewife who takes care of the house. “Nothing special happened.”

This is the first greeting my father-in-law gives me since I got married.

The father-in-law asking the question and the daughter-in-law answering the question were extremely awkward.

“hmm… . “I have something to ask you.”

“yes. father.”

“Dojun. “You seem a little different from regular kids, how do you feel?”

“It seems a bit adult-like.”

“I know that wasn’t the case at the beginning of this year… . Isn’t it?”

Chairman Jin’s eyes were sharp, as if he was trying not to miss any of his daughter-in-law’s reactions.

“yes. Actually, I was a little embarrassed too. It’s clear that his attitude suddenly changed a few months ago… “I feel fortunate that it’s on the good side.”

“The good side? how?”

“Calm and polite… Oh, studying has also changed dramatically.”

“His tutors say he is very bright and puts no effort into it. Do you know this too?”

“yes. When I came home from school, I studied until late at night. “Even when I tell him to go to bed early, he doesn’t listen.”

Chairman Jin smiled at the bright appearance of his daughter-in-law who felt proud of her grandson.

When I first saw my father-in-law’s expression like this, he seemed surprised.

“Please pay more attention to Dojun from now on. It will be good for you too.”


Chairman Jin opened his mouth again to his daughter-in-law who was blinking because she could not understand what he meant.

“You already know that I disapprove of you, so I won’t dwell on it. “I know why you are not treated properly as a daughter-in-law in this family, so I will not dwell on this either.”

Chairman Jin still looked sharply at his daughter-in-law who lowered her head. There was not an ounce of sympathy in his eyes.

“Perhaps Dojun is the last hope given to you and your husband.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dojun, that guy is homework for you. “If you raise Dojun well, you and your wife will also be given a share of Sunyang Group.”

Among Chairman Jin’s five children, Jin Yoongi, the youngest, is the only one who does not own a single share of Sunyang Group and its affiliates.

Jin Yoon-gi had no assets in his name.

The house he lives in now is also in Chairman Jin’s name, and his car and golf membership are also company property.


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Jin Yoon-gi was a completely unemployed person who depended on enough money to be sent to him every month for living expenses.

Giving a stake in the Sunyang Group meant accepting them as children again. I frowned when I saw my daughter-in-law just blinking even after hearing these surprising words.

“You still don’t understand what I mean… .”

“No, father. “I understand enough.”

“however? “How can you not show any expression of gratitude or joy?”

“I have never wanted a stake in the group. The same goes for Dojun’s father. “It will continue to be that way.”


“I have no way of knowing what your father discovered and showed interest in Dojun. But my father’s attention is very burdensome. “My wife and I just want Dojun to live his life doing what he wants to do.”

I never imagined that my youngest daughter-in-law, who was always silent and could not even raise her head, would express her thoughts so clearly.

How dare you do something that no one else can do. The thing that Chairman Jin is most unfamiliar with is disobedience and rebellion. Finally, a loud noise burst from his mouth.

“Are you trying to throw away the last chance I give you? “No, is there something wrong with me telling you to raise your child well?”

“I know that your father’s intention is to raise Dojun so that he can do well in group work. But Dojun is only 10 years old. “I want to let Dojun, who is an adult, decide what he will do.”

He was shocked to see his daughter-in-law not giving in to his yelling at all. Is she also fearless as a mother thinking about her children?

However, Chairman Jin is not one to nod in front of motherhood.

“I make all the decisions in this house! How dare you… ! “Are these things that cannot live even a day without the money I give them going against my will?”

The whole house screamed so loudly that even the people doing the housework flinched.

The secretaries who came with Chairman Jin were also surprised and quietly left the living room. There is no need to listen to private conversations about the family. They went out into the garden, making as little noise as possible.

The living room, where only the two of us were left, became even colder.

“It’s okay even if my father stops supporting me.”

“this… this!”

Chairman Jin’s face turned red at his daughter-in-law’s calm but firm attitude.

“My wife and I can raise enough children. We can tolerate everything else, but we want to raise our children the way we want. sorry. father.”

When his daughter-in-law, who he didn’t like even a single thing about, showed a stubborn and stubborn attitude, Chairman Jin couldn’t stand it any longer and jumped up from the sofa.

It was now difficult to continue the conversation.

Chairman Jin, who tried to run away after yelling, could not do as he wanted.

It was because his lovely grandson was staring at him blankly.


At first, I waited for Chairman Jin on this floor.

I expected that after talking with my mother, they would definitely find me, but the atmosphere downstairs was unusual.

When I heard Chairman Jin’s harsh voice, I shook off the tutor’s hand and left the room.

As I sat on the stairs going downstairs and listened to the conversation between the two, I was quite surprised.

A completely different mother.

Her attitude of expressing her beliefs without giving in to Chairman Jin, who wields terrible power, was even touching.

But it was going too extreme to just stay like this.

I was especially anxious when my grandfather looked like he was about to explode.

I quickly went downstairs, disguised myself as a sullen person, and spoke.


Chairman Jin couldn’t hide his embarrassment when he discovered me.

This may be because they know well the truth that no grandchild likes a grandfather who mistreats his mother.

“Don’t be angry. grandfather.”

“Oh no, no. Why am I angry? That’s because this girl’s voice is loud. “Come here.”

I walked slowly and sat down next to my mother. Disappointment flashed in Chairman Jin’s eyes as he looked at me not sitting next to him.

“Dojun. Grandpa, you’re not angry. “I was just talking to her mom.”

My mother stroked my head and spoke sweetly.

Did they really think I wouldn’t know?

Do adults really not know that even a 10-year-old would know what this situation is like?

Anyway, I had to clean up this place and say something that would satisfy my grandfather. Also, revealing my will is a bonus.

“Grandfather and mother. “There’s no need to fight because of me.”

Both of their faces turned a little red. In particular, my grandfather even cleared his throat when he made eye contact with me.


“Yes, Dojun.”

“I hope, as my mother said, I can do what I want when I grow up.”

I think the words “I will do what I want to do” and “I will follow my mother’s instructions” were a big shock to me. In an instant, I was disappointed and my expression changed into a pitiful look.

And his lips trembled, as if he felt a hint of betrayal.


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