The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 87

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[087]Bad guy, terrible guy 4

As soon as he got into the car, Oh Se-hyeon opened his notebook.

“Damn you old man. Doesn’t it seem like such a waste? I even shed tears. “I’m so excited.”

Tears stains spread here and there on the note.

Thinking that the money he had worked so hard to save was being wasted away like this, he must have shed tears in lieu of blood because of his resentment and resentment.

“How much is everything?”

“Roughly speaking, it would be 80 billion, right?”

“Then take half, and it will be at least 150 billion.”

“I think it’s at least 200 billion. The 80 billion won must have been money earned since last year… . “Don’t you think you’ve been stealing it your whole life?”

Big thief, little thief.

There are only differences, but the world is full of thieves.

“I need to find everything… .”

I added strength to Oh Se-hyeon’s uncertain words.

“I have to find it. You can find it. “All you have to do is let that old man know that he has to exchange the rest of his life for money.”

It’s not the first time I’ve seen someone exploit the other person’s weakness and squeeze them to spit out money.

Jinyoung-gi was like that, and so was Jinyoung-jun. Of course, both of them learned the method from Chairman Jin Yang-cheol.

“Let’s secure stocks first.”

“Damn, it makes my blood race to think that such a scumbag is enjoying his retirement with the money he earned from selling stocks.”

“That won’t happen. “We will make sure that all stock money goes to the company.”

“Is that possible?”

Oh Se-hyeon asked with his eyes wide open. Doesn’t that mean it’s made with handmade eggs?

“This is why you need to get along well with your parents, or rather, your grandfather. I shout out loud because my grandfather is someone who plays with the law as he pleases. “Hehe.”

Life is so funny. A world where you move as you want.

The saying that the world is a playground for those who have it and hell for those who do not have it comes to mind once again.

* * *

“Now, let’s say hello to each other. This is Oh Se-hyun, CEO of Miracle Investment. The handsome guy here is my youngest grandson. “Is there anyone you’re seeing for the first time?”

I met for the first time with the people who would be in charge of Daea Construction at a Korean-style house with a spacious outbuilding with a nice view.

Since I had already figured out how to introduce myself, I was able to say hello with ease.

“This guy has a bright eye for money. So, I am learning investment under CEO Oh. “Later, you will be asked to entrust your money to me and it will be multiplied.”

“Ah, you’re a gifted student attending Seoul National University Law School.”

After all, they are excellent subordinates. They know exactly what their superiors like.

“okay. You guys also read the newspaper. haha.”

“You’re an outstanding gifted child, so you’re good at whatever you do.”

It was only after being bombarded with praise for me that I could barely lift a spoonful of food.

“CEO Oh. “Is everything going well?”

“yes. To purchase stocks owned by the Kang Moo-sung family, you only need to sign a contract. “We decided to pay for the stock in installments.”


“yes. We decided to pay stock money every time President Kang recovered the company money he had stolen. “You never know when you might change your mind.”

“But why hasn’t the contract been stamped yet?”

“There remains to be negotiations with our main banks. “It’s unlikely, but if negotiations with the bank break down, I plan to give up on DaeAh Construction.”

People whispered quietly when they heard the word “give up,” but the grandfather slapped his knee.

“Of course you should. How do you do business with everything you have to give? Debt is canceled and interest is waived. “Wouldn’t that revive the failing company?”

After all, my grandfather!

I understand everything before and after at once.

“Now, the acquisition of Daeah Construction is not a variable. It’s confirmed. So I called you. Representative Oh, please explain.”

Oh Se-hyeon took out a bound file and handed it to the people who would become Dae-ah Construction’s executives.

“This will be the first project of the new DaeA Construction.”

The file he handed out was the DMC project.

“Listen closely and prepare thoroughly. It will be a major event. And Dojun, let me see.”

I followed my grandfather out of the separate room.

The area around the separate room was decorated with a small garden, and my grandfather and I walked around the garden slowly.

“Boss Kang, did you obediently hand over the stolen property?”

“What he revealed himself was 80 billion. And now, the Sunyang audit team and Yeouido accountants are looking through the past 10 years with the help of prosecutors and Daeah Construction employees. “I want to come out more.”

“Do you plan to give me money if I take over the stocks? “It must be a considerable amount of money, right?”

“Anyway, the fact of embezzlement was revealed. “I plan to revert the stock price to the company under the condition of avoiding imprisonment.”

“haha. President Kang, you’re going to kick that guy’s ass.”

“I just can’t forgive you.”

“What could have made our Dojun so angry?”

Grandpa said with a smile.

“If I had paid the employees their delayed salaries, I would have given them enough to live on. More than 2,000 employees sucked their fingers for over three months. These days, bank loans are tight, so there are many employees who have taken out private loans just to make ends meet. President Kang Moo-sung should also feel the despair they felt.”

Grandpa stopped moving slowly.

“Well, you never know. “How can you understand the feelings of salaried workers?”

I, too, was once a salaried worker. Because he was a person who knew very well that if the salary that passes through the salary account is cut off for just one month, a dark cloud clouds over the family and the family falls into a quagmire of debt.

However, contrary to my thoughts, other words came out of my mouth.

“I can’t forget the dark expressions on the employees’ faces when I first went to Daeah Construction.”

Grandpa looked at me blankly for a while and then patted me on the back.

“okay. Don’t forget that feeling. No matter what happens, you have to feed your employees. “There is nothing more sad than starving.”

Was something like this hidden from my grandfather? Isn’t he known as a cold-blooded person who considers even workers who die at industrial sites as a cost?


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I never imagined such words would come out of the mouth of such a person.

“Human beings betray or defect when they are starving. You can tell just by looking at Daea right now, right? “Didn’t all the employees who were paying the slips come forward to retrieve the money that President Kang had saved?”

Ah, as expected.

The statement that employees should not starve had a completely different meaning.

“There are only two types of people who will betray you. He’s so hungry he can’t stand it. And no matter how much you eat, you never feel full. The former is your fault for not being able to provide meals, and the latter is also your fault for not knowing how to look after people. “Keep this in mind.”

It is caution, not sympathy.

My grandfather has a different starting point from ordinary people.

* * *

On February 25, 1998, the President of the Republic of Korea was inaugurated.

His voice did not stop shaking as he gave his inauguration speech.

Dear and respected citizens!

Today, I am inaugurated as the 15th President of the Republic of Korea.

… Unfortunately, during this critical time, we were faced with a foreign exchange crisis, which could be said to be the greatest national crisis since the Korean War.

… We are facing a crisis where if we do something wrong, the country could go bankrupt. We are struggling to prevent foreign debt from maturing, which is flooding in every day with a huge amount of debt.

… Prices will rise this year, and unemployment will increase. Income will fall, and corporate bankruptcies will increase one after another. We are all being asked to put in our sweat and tears right now.

… I cannot help but feel endless pain and anger when I think of the mistakes committed by the leaders and the suffering suffered by the innocent people.

“The president’s inauguration speech is exactly what we want to say.”

Oh Se-hyun said as he turned off the TV.

“What did you mean?… ?”

“The innocent Daea Construction employees. “If only creditors would show a little mercy, they wouldn’t be kicked out on the streets.”

The bank’s executives looked at Oh Se-hyeon carefully. This is because the person who came forward to save Dae-A Construction, which is a headache for banks, is the foreign investment company that acquired Ajin Group.

There was a mixture of anticipation and concern in their eyes.

“What kind of recognition do you want?”

“I want to show you this first.”

The creditors looked closely at the organizational chart we presented.

The creditors, who were looking at the list of about 20 people, from the CEO to the auditor, were obviously surprised, but they seemed to be trying not to show it.

“This is a bit surprising.”

“As you can see from the organizational chart, we have a fairly close relationship with the Sunyang Group. At this level, I think the doubts that investment people who only care about money have about how to run a construction company have disappeared… . Isn’t it?”

“I admit it. The management is great.”

As Oh Se-hyun smiled confidently, the creditors nodded.

“Then, please tell us honestly what you want from us.”

“Don’t you already guess? First, we ask that loan repayment be extended for at least one year.”


Looking at these people’s expressions, it seems like extending the loan is no problem. If the company goes bankrupt, there is nothing to lose as it is a malicious loss that cannot be fully recovered.

“The second is delinquent interest reduction and debt relief. “And you are entrusting us with the voting rights for the shares of DaeA Construction held by your banks.”

As for interest and debt, you probably guessed that it was a courtesy condition. But the voting rights seem to have been surprising.

“Stocks are the only means of keeping a check on the debtor’s management, so are you going to take them?”

“What is there to keep a sick guy like Daeah Engineering & Construction in check? “Once we get our power back, we will give you back your voting rights.”

“We need time to discuss that matter. “Is there anything else?”

When Oh Se-hyun shrugged his shoulders and made a gesture indicating that he had finished what he wanted to say, I opened my mouth.

“Do you remember what the government announced right after the new year?”

Oh Se-hyun seemed more surprised than the bank executives when he said something strange. His eyes look worried, as if he’s about to cause another accident.

“well. There are so many announcements… .”

“You said you would sell two commercial banks.”

“Oh, of course. “It was a huge shock to the financial world.”

“I heard that Seongdong Bank is fully capable of revival in terms of financial soundness.”

“Yes. In fact, there are many places more dangerous than Seongdong Bank. “Because Seongdong Bank is relatively small, it was put up for sale.”

“The government is promoting overseas sales, so wouldn’t this be a good opportunity?”

“What do you mean?”

This story does not apply to them.

No, it is more correct to say that we cannot afford to look to other banks.

“Muri Miracle Investment. “It is clearly a foreign investment company with its headquarters in New York.”

Looking at the people’s expressions, the first person to understand what I meant was Oh Se-hyeon. His embarrassment is revealed all over his body. His hips were shaking.

Afterwards, the bank executives’ eyes widened.

“Are you really thinking about taking over Seongdong Bank?”

“You’re saying take advantage of us. We’ll take over and hand it over to you. Or you could form a consortium with Miracle.”

“Well, that’s… .”

Since I had never thought about it before, I couldn’t answer and just stuttered.

“That’s it for today. “I hope to hear a response to our representative’s proposal as soon as possible.”

I winked at Oh Se-hyeon and stood up.

As expected, Oh Se-hyeon shouted as soon as he left the bank.

“hey! What are you talking about all of a sudden? “Let’s take over the bank?”

“uncle. “When you see a whale in front of you, all other fish look like minnows.”


“The proposed acquisition of Seongdong Bank means that our demands will seem really trivial. “Won’t you easily grant even the most trivial requests?”

Oh Se-hyeon slapped his forehead.

“Hey, you bastard. When it comes to using tricks, you really put Chairman Jin on display. That’s a really good operation. haha.”

Seeing Oh Se-hyun smiling brightly, I also smiled.

How would they react if they found out that the offer to acquire Seongdong Bank was sincere?


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