The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 86

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[086]Bad guy, terrible guy 3

‘Is this going to be fun? No, is there going to be a tectonic shift at all?’

In Director Lee Hak-jae’s head, all the things Chairman Jin had ordered so far were dancing wildly.

In particular, I remembered a recent order: handing over the medical foundation and human resources development center to Jin Yoon-gi, the youngest son.

Perhaps this inheritance is for the grandson rather than the son. But I had a doubt.

It is not an affiliate that makes a lot of money, nor does it hold stocks that can be controlled by the group. Why… ? Why?

“Thank goodness. A company with strong financial resources like Miracle is a strong ally of the Chairman. Perhaps this crisis can also be an opportunity.”

Hakjae Lee had to focus on the current issue again because of the people talking nonsense.

“We need to know the current status of Miracle’s liquid funds and how many shares of Daea we can secure.”

Director Lee Hak-jae took out several documents and spread them out in front of Chairman Jin.

“This is the status of Daeah Construction’s shareholders. President Kang Moo-sung’s family owns 23%, and executives own 7%. Transaction banks account for 20%, other institutions and large investors account for 35%, and finally, ants account for 10%. “Miracle has already secured 5%.”

“I guess we can easily scrape together the 10% that is circulating in the trading market?”

“That’s right. “There is a lot of stock piled up to sell to get even a penny before everything goes bankrupt.”

Chairman Jin said while looking around at the people in the study.

“how is it? In times like this, should you do some financial investment? “It would be quite profitable if we took all the stocks of the ants and sold them again after normalization.”

It is a win-win situation that helps secure management rights and generates additional income.

The people gathered in the study had to refrain from tearing their mouths apart.

“Banks and institutions will be friendly if Miracle secures stocks… . “The only thing left to do is take care of President Kang’s family’s stocks.”

As President Hong spoke carefully, Chairman Jin chuckled.

“That’s Miracle’s job. We’ll just provide flank support, and then you go and occupy Daea Construction. haha.”

Director Lee Hak-jae thought it would be interesting to see who Dae-ah’s true owner is.

* * *

“The best thing to do in this situation is to just criticize everything and hope for leniency. “You know, right?”

“… … .”

President Kang Moo-sung had to grit his teeth and listen to the sarcasm of the prosecutor in the Western District Prosecutor’s Office interrogation room.

“Our prosecutors… These are poor people who suffer from low wages, overwork, and overtime. The documents from your company say they are for two 2-ton trucks. How do you see it all? “It’s a waste of tax money.”

“This is an unfair planning investigation. “It’s a conspiracy by competitors waiting for our company to go bankrupt.”

“What a conspiracy! Here’s proof of your payment! And, if you leave it alone, isn’t this company going to fail tomorrow? Who are the competitors? Oh my, it’s not even funny. “Giggle.”

President Kang didn’t even look at the document file the prosecutor was throwing away. Isn’t the contents of the replacement contract something you approved?

“I do not remember. “I don’t remember paying.”

The prosecutor who was interrogating him sighed and began to stare blankly at President Kang for a while.

When he opened his mouth again, there was no more formality.

“Don’t you remember? “Then remind me?”

“what… what? “How dare this guy!”

Kang Moo-seong’s face turned red as the pale-blue guy, who looked no older than his son, spoke informally.

The prosecutor got up from his chair, put his hands in his pants pockets, and kicked the chair where President Kang was sitting.

“f*ck you. The country may be ruined, but it’s not enough to embezzle money to live alone and live well. No one will say anything to a bastard like you who only thinks about going abroad, even if they are executed without a trial. “You pro-Japanese bastard!”

President Kang had no choice but to get up after kicking the chair so that it fell over.

At that moment, the prosecutor who picked up the document file hit President Kang on the head.

“You bastard! What are you doing now? Use coercive violence? Call the manager! “You bastard!”

President Kang screamed out of humiliation, but it was as if he had just poured oil on himself.

“Director? Do you want to meet the manager? good. Let me meet you. Before that, I assure you that you will be disciplined as a coercive and violent prosecutor. If I don’t pamper your leg today, I’m going to my castle. Prepare yourself, you bastard.”

There was also a prosecutor who tried to placate President Kang Moo-sung with sweet words when he was suffering all kinds of humiliation.

“Even if you’re an executive, aren’t you a salaried person? “Why are we throwing ourselves into a fire pit together?”

“Prosecutor. “I really don’t know.”

“Uh huh, you guy. Your approval has been stamped, so what do you know? And listen to me carefully. These days, the country is in ruin because there are no dollars. But are you stealing it because the exchange rate has jumped? I can’t even remove this. It’s not just the Foreign Exchange Management Act. He is a traitor who sold out his country. The judge should also give you the maximum sentence? Otherwise, you might be beaten to death by the people.”

When he hesitated, unable to tell whether he was threatening, threatening, or placating, the prosecutor’s expression completely changed.

“If you touched the rice cake, you probably got some dirt on it, and you had some fun decorating it with documents and playing a replacement, right? Should I get rid of all that and end up with a hefty fine? Let alone the money you saved, will you make me a complete beggar? yes!”

“Well, prosecutor. That’s not it… .”

Additionally, there were many subordinates who only did what they were told and confessed everything they knew to prove that they were absolutely innocent.

“Prosecutor. I am in charge of importing high-end interior materials. I keep track of all imported items. All of the import documents are gone. All that came in was a few samples. As you know, isn’t Daea specialized in plants and large buildings? The only apartments that have been posted are a few apartment complexes for low-income people. “Where can these imported interior materials be used?”

“Isn’t it also used in office buildings? “There are a lot of luxury buildings these days.”

“That is only used in the lobby. And on each floor, everything is sold in cans. “Isn’t the interior a matter for the tenant to take care of?”

“What about overseas remittances? “Is there a copy of your resident registration card attached to the bank documents?”

“Prosecutor. So does the boss do the bank transfer himself? “Isn’t it natural for a low-level employee like me to create documents?”

“Then take a look at this. Is this all? Or is there more?”

The employee in charge did not even open the document file that the prosecutor secretly handed over.

“I have three or four more boxes of these. “I’ve been living at the bank since last fall.”

The prosecutor laughed because he thought he would be able to get off work early today after meeting an easy guy.

When CEO Kang Moo-seong saw a middle-aged man coming through the door of the interrogation room, his eyes filled with tears as if he had seen his dead parents.

“Manager Lee. “You indifferent person, why are you coming now?”

“Oh my, Boss Kang. But why is the face… .”

President Kang’s cheeks were red and swollen like balloons.

When President Kang glared at the young prosecutor with wet eyes, the chief prosecutor kicked the prosecutor’s shin with his shoe.

“You bastard! Do you know who this person is? Where do you get into the habit of treating petty criminals carelessly? . get out! “You bastard.”

As Prosecutor Pyeong repeatedly bowed his head and left the interrogation room, President Kang grabbed the Chief Prosecutor’s hand.

“Manager Lee. Please save me. “I will never forget your kindness.”

“Okay, let’s sit down first.”


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The two gently shook off the tightly held hands and sat down face to face.

“First of all, we have received all reports. I also looked through all the records. however… .”

It’s an ominous word. however.

“Well, let’s get the nonsense out of the way. “It was five days ago when Miracle first visited Daeah Construction, right?”

“That’s right. Does this make sense? “How could something like this happen under a civilian government, not even during the military dictatorship?”

“That’s right. How is this possible in a civilian government? “In just five days?”

From the look on Manager Lee’s face as he asked the question, I realized that something unusual was happening.

“Surely all of this is an order from the Blue House?”

Manager Lee shook his head.

“There are a few days left until the retirement ceremony. “What power does the Blue House have?”

“then? “Who do you mean?”

“Boss, who do you think is the most powerful person in our country right now?”

“No way, the next administration will… ?”

“no. Nowadays, in our country, the person who solves the dollar is king. You know it, right? IMF Managing Director. “That bastard raised and ruined the country with only $2 billion.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Miracle Investment is holding dollars and negotiating with the transition committee. They said they would release dollars as a condition for taking over the failing Daea Construction. The boss had the misfortune of falling prey to them. Do you understand?”

My vision became blurry and I couldn’t see anything.

Usually, when it comes to acquisitions, the target is a failed company. The fact that I didn’t wait until it was ruined means that there was another purpose as well.

“And there is very clear evidence that the boss stole money. There is an abundance of testimony from executives and employees, as well as documents that serve as clear evidence. “There is nothing we can do about it.”

President Kang came to his senses when he heard that there was no way to do anything.

“So does that mean you’re going to prosecute? me?”

“If you want to avoid it, I’m sure you know where to put your line.”

Chief Prosecutor Lee put President Kang’s cell phone on the table and stood up.

“Make a decision quickly. “You can go from a witness to a suspect in no time.”

President Kang, left alone in the interrogation room, sat blankly for a while.

* * *

“Do you have better conditions than this, boss?”

It was hard to tell whether President Kang, with his half-fazed expression, was listening to me or not, but negotiations had to happen.

“Give me money to live on. I don’t have to run away to a foreign country late at night, so I can return home at any time. No, you can just stay in Korea, your hometown.”

At the table across from him, two investigators were watching President Kang Moo-sung, who was eating seolleongtang and boiled pork, while President Kang did not lift his spoon even when the food was in front of him.

“Don’t you think about your children? I can’t even touch the money transferred in the children’s names because it’s an illegal gift anyway. Did you know that all the employees testified? My children have never gone to work. “The money that was sent as salary is also an illegal gift, so it will be returned to the company.”

“so? “What do you want?”

“Please bring back every penny of the stolen company money. Then, we will purchase the stocks owned by the president’s family. “With that money, you won’t have to worry about retirement.”

“What about the prosecution’s investigation?”

“Of course, the investigation is concluded.”

Perhaps because he had not been eating properly, he looked haggard and much older. Even seeing him like this didn’t give me the slightest bit of sympathy.

If you’re the founder of a company, shouldn’t you be like the captain of the Titanic, rescuing the passengers and crew first and sharing the fate of the ship?

It is right that a man who steals expensive equipment from a ship to live alone should pay the price rather than pity.

“Let’s just get up. “I think you will have to look at the interrogation room, the detention room, the detention center, the detention center, and then the prison fence to make your decision.”

When Oh Se-hyeon shot at President Kang, who hesitated, he quickly waved his hand and said,

“Oh, no. Representative Oh. I will do that. “Just keep your promise.”

“It will happen soon.”

Oh Se-hyeon raised his hand and called the restaurant lady.

“Please clean up the dishes since the meal is over.”

I placed a note on the neat table.

“Just keep writing. Assets owned by you and your family, and overseas accounts stolen under borrowed names. If there is any gold buried in the front yard of your house, dig it up too. “If I have even ten won left over from you later, I will let you eat beans and rice until your funeral is held in prison, so be prepared.”

In front of Oh Se-hyeon, who spoke sternly with a stern expression, President Kang Moo-sung weakly held up his pen.


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