The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 85

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[085]Bad guy, terrible guy 2

The Sunyang audit team took off their tops.

“Now, we’ll sort it for you, so just take a look.”

They opened the box and quickly began to look through the documents.

“By the way, please look for and check last year’s financial statements first. “We’ll see something different.”

Only then did the accountants in Yeouido come to their senses and opened another box and started looking for the financial statements.

The Sunyang audit team quickly began classifying the document files by only scanning their titles. They certainly seemed to know what evidence they were looking for.

The Sunyang Group audit team was well aware of this.

Isn’t it an organization known within the group to be scarier than the prosecution? Prosecutors need a warrant, but the audit team can conduct all investigations without a warrant.

Even if a request is made to disclose the account of the person being audited, there is no choice but to comply. If you don’t like it, you have to resign.

Just because you resign doesn’t mean it’s over. The moment he writes his resignation, he becomes convinced that he has committed corruption and immediately requests a prosecution investigation.

The best way to make life less tiring is to cooperate with the audit team’s investigation and reach a reasonable agreement.

Since I was in a position to clean up accidents caused by the owner’s family, I had never met the audit team.

Watching them work, I realized once again that all kinds of organizations are needed to control a large corporate group. It is an organization that must be filled only with my own people.

As this thought passed through my mind, Yeouido Man and Sunyang Man suddenly put their heads together and began comparing the documents and data they had confirmed.

“Oh CEO, let’s take a look at this.”

Oh Se-hyeon adjusted his glasses and began to look at the complicated documents in detail.

“I guess it’s like a replacement. Moreover, the last money remitted never came into the country.”

“You played around with the exchange rate and even stole dollars?”

“Are you sure?”

Sunyang audit team members also helped.

“They stole money under the guise of importing raw materials and started exchanging money with it. “I did the right thing because the exchange rate is fluctuating right now.”

“Is the import of raw materials itself outdated?”

“yes. If you look at the invoice here, high-end interior materials such as chandeliers were imported… For this amount, you would need more than 6 containers. That’s because it’s so bulky. However, it appears that only one was used. “These bastards, even the customs tubes have been roasted and boiled.”

“Are you sure?”

“The items listed on the invoice are products we have handled hundreds of times. I don’t know the number or price of the rice bowls in my house, but I know the prices and sizes of these items. “I’m sure, so let’s go with this.”

Oh Se-hyeon nodded and stood up at the confident attitude of the Sunyang audit team.

“Then shall we go play shobu?”

“Let’s call before that.”

I picked up my cell phone and instructed the lawyer waiting at the court to file a complaint against the management of Daeah Engineering & Construction for their request for a temporary injunction, embezzlement, and violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, and I also informed my grandfather of this fact.

“You sent great people. Less than two hours later, I hit the jackpot. “At this rate, I think I have the sword hilt in my hands.”

– Look, they’re real workers.

“I submitted documents to the court. now… .”

– I’ll talk to the chief prosecutor. I’ll be there with a search and seizure warrant sometime today.

After finishing the call, I went up to the president’s office with Oh Se-hyun.

* * *

“There hasn’t been enough time to review it, but are you tired of looking at the documents?”

A look of relief appeared on Brother Kang’s face.

It’s literally a short time to discover something. This may be because the Yeouido investment company believes that it is impossible to find what they have hidden in two hours.

“Wow, this is what the company looks like because they don’t have an eye for people. Do you think we’re the kind of people who will just shake off our hands in two hours?”

“Who are you? “Who has no manners?”

President Kang Moo-seong glared at me and smiled.

“This was rude. I opened my mouth without even introducing myself. This is the person who just reported Daeah Engineering & Construction management and the entire owner family to the prosecution. “If this is the case, we can’t have a polite conversation, right?”



The two people jumped up from the sofa and shouted. It was an expression of disbelief.

“You must have thrown three or four straws at the prosecution, so if you don’t believe it, you can check.”

When Oh Se-hyun glanced at the two people who were lost in their thoughts, his younger brother, Managing Director Kang Moo-jin, hurriedly took out his cell phone and went outside.

“What the hell are you guys doing? Pour oil into a burning house? Are you saying we should perish together? “If the company goes bankrupt, your stocks will also go to waste!”

President Kang Moo-seong screamed at us.

This is only the beginning, but what if it already falls apart like that?

“I guess I’ll have to postpone drinking coffee and talking calmly until later.”

When Oh Se-hyeon and I got up from our seats, Executive Director Kang Moo-jin came running in in a hurry.

“Tongue, brother. The Financial Investigation Department of the Western District Prosecutors’ Office issued a warrant. Seeing as it’s happening so quickly, who’s putting pressure on… .”

Director Kang stopped talking and glared at us.

“By taking over the Ajin Group and swallowing up cruisers, we also have a straw. There is such a fuss about helping each other… . By the way, Boss Kang. Do we have to pay for public officials to voluntarily come forward and help us? “You must have experience, so give me some hints…”

Oh Se-hyun scratched the insides of the two people. I also told you what I needed to know.

“The entire family and every member of the management team will be banned from leaving the country. “Please stop thinking about getting on a plane and running away at night and submit to the investigation obediently.”

When they opened the door to the president’s office and walked out, Oh Se-hyeon gave them a rope of salvation.

“Now, if the prosecution’s interrogation room is scary and difficult and you want to play shobu, please contact me. You know my number, right? “If you blow it in front of the prosecutor for no reason, you’ll be screwed.”


Of the eight people gathered in Chairman Jin’s study, three are seeing the study for the first time.

I went into the chairman’s office of Sunyang’s main building a few times to report directly, but there was no significant symbolism. However, entering the chairman’s home study means promotion to the first team.

The faces of the three people were already full of blush.

“Who is the youngest here?”

“Yes, Chairman. “This is Kim Kyung-sik, director of the Construction Support Headquarters.”

When Construction President Hong Song-cheol introduced him, Director Kim stood up and bowed.

“When did you move?”


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“I was promoted to executive during the regular personnel reshuffle last spring, Chairman.”

“I’ll be promoted again in just one year. You’re lucky. haha.”

From director to managing director? And that too in one year?

Except for President Hong Song-cheol and Director Lee Hak-jae, all eyes in the study room turned to Director Kim Gyeong-sik.

Did that guy have a special relationship with the chairman? It was a look in his eyes, but Director Kim, who was involved, looked surprised rather than happy.

Only the chairman can answer everyone’s questions.

“Director Lee. “Please explain.”

“yes. President.”

Director Hakjae Lee took out a brief organizational chart.

“You will soon be moving to another company. Of course, we will be treated better than Sunyang Construction and our rank will also go up one or two levels.”

It is not important to advance in rank or raise salary. Are you changing companies? To make matters worse, wouldn’t it be a clear demotion if it were a subsidiary rather than an affiliate?

“Executive Director Baek Jae-jin is the CEO and Executive Director Jeong Gwang-tae is the Vice President, and… … .”

Six names came out in order, and the last one was Director Kim Kyung-sik.

“Director Kim will be transferred to the position of Executive Director of the Business Management Division.”

Everyone just looked at Hakjae Lee’s mouth.

Where is it?

If it is an affiliate of a similar level to Sunyang Construction, the profit is zero, but what if it is not?

However, if the personnel order is nothing more than a demotion, there is no need to announce it in the chairman’s study.

On this fact they placed their hopes.

“Your new workplace is Daeah Construction.”

The name Daea brought more questions than disappointment.

Isn’t this company going to fail soon? Moreover, it has nothing to do with Sunyang Group. This is a name that will never appear in this study.

“You might be wondering why it’s Daeah Construction… .”

“it’s okay. I’ll explain. That’s how you look like you’ll feel relieved. haha.”

Chairman Jin said with a smile, looking at the confused people.

“Daea Construction will soon be taken over by Miracle. “You know Miracle, right?”

“Acquired Ajin Group and merged with Sunyang Motors… .”

“Yes, that’s the investment. “I’m working on it now, and I’ll become the majority shareholder of Daeah Construction within two or three months at the latest.”

“Rumors of bankruptcy are widespread… .”

“We will take over and bring it to the top before it goes bankrupt. But everyone seems very anxious. You cut me off. Well, if you think about it… .”

“S-sorry. President.”

A couple of people quickly bowed their heads and Chairman Jin waved his hand.

“are you okay. It could be because it happened so suddenly. Anyway, what you need to do is clear. Let’s get Daeah Construction back to normal as quickly as possible. “I hope you will do your best until it regains its original form.”

“yes. President.”

They answered loudly, but a ray of anxiety had not yet disappeared from their eyes.

Can people who are supposed to build a company be anxious?

Chairman Jin continued his words to boost their morale.

“Once Daeah Construction is normalized, it will become an affiliate of the Sunyang Group within two years. We are not merging with Sunyang Construction. You guys worked hard to raise them, but if you combine them, the space will decrease. “It will become another construction company in the group.”

Their anxiety disappeared when they heard that they could come back.

“Hong Song-cheol is holding on to the one and only CEO position and won’t let go, right? Make the most of this opportunity.”

When President Hong smiled, the others relaxed and smiled.

“Chairman, I may be presumptuous, but what is the relationship between Miracle and our Sunyang Group? I wonder if Miracle is an investment company established by the Chairman… .”

President Hong carefully asked the question he had been curious about but had been holding back since he handed over Sunyang Motors to Ajin Group.

The automobile industry is a merger, but doesn’t this case seem to be hiring people to support it? This is an absurd situation if it is not an ordinary relationship.

“How great would it be if Miracle was mine? “I heard you’re famous for having a lot of cash.”

“then… ?”

Hakjae Lee also couldn’t bear to ask and endured it. Their eyes were filled with anticipation, wondering if they would be able to hear the answer today.

“The person I trust as much as you do is the majority shareholder of Miracle. “It’s safe to think of it as a company created with that person’s capital.”

Although it was only for a moment, Hakjae Lee’s eyebrows twitched. Finally, the puzzle was put together and Miracle’s identity was discovered.

Oh Se-hyun, who was doing well at Power Shares, a global investment company, said he was managing Jin Do-jun’s Bundang ranch sale proceeds.

Soon after, he quit Power Sales and founded an investment company called Miracle in the United States. Now, 10 years later, it is clear that they have acquired the Ajin Group, provided dollar support to Sunyang, and secured an enormous amount of funds, enough to swallow up Daea Engineering & Construction.

Then, the owner of this money is none other than Jin Do-jun.

The youngest member of this family, who is just a college student, may be richer than Chairman Jin in terms of personal assets.

Oh Se-hyun was raised to this level with the money from Jin Do-jun’s land sale and seed money.

A person whom Chairman Jin trusts as much as Sunyang’s key personnel and who will even provide generous support in Miracle’s hunt for domestic companies.

Chairman Jin is not the person to send his associates to help unless he is a person who inherited the blood.

It must be Jin Do-jun.

Hakjae Lee tried his best not to show his shock.


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