The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 84

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[084]Bad guy, terrible guy 1

“There should be no accounting audit. Representative Oh Se-hyun’s representative will sit down.”

“You will hold the key to the barn? Hehe. “Do you think these guys who only use calculators can protect the warehouse?”

Damn, why are you so anxious?



“This guy has reached the level of art when it comes to swindling people in construction companies. They even turn a blind eye to the fact that hundreds of day laborers are brought in and out. “It wouldn’t be a big deal to steal about 10 million won every day without Oh Se-hyun knowing, right?”

I’m not saying this for fun, to tease me.

It’s either a warning or advice… . What is it?

“Do you think that’s all? What if you secretly exchange logs worth hundreds or tens of millions of won for trees worth tens of thousands of won? Does Oh Se-hyun or his staff know how to distinguish raw wood? They even steal the weight of rebar and even steal the cost of side dishes from Hamba Restaurant. “You’re going to have two eyes open and black, right?”

“Why are you doing this to make me tremble?”

“Do you still not understand? “What does this allotment mean?”

I focused all my attention as I received my grandfather’s sharp gaze. You must find out her will so that you will not be disappointed.

“Are you saying that you have to immerse yourself in muddy water to see the real thing?”

Construction companies are a hotbed of corporate corruption in Korea.

Collusion corruption, union leader corruption, construction cost exaggeration, subcontracting corruption, etc.

I concluded that the advice was to understand the entire flow.

“If you can control the executives of a construction company as you wish, you can say that you have learned everything about handling workers. Then they will take care of it and make the money you need. “When you have to spend money of unknown origin, there is no one more reliable than a construction company.”

I got only half right.

This means securing a slush fund channel instead of getting muddy on yourself.

Still, I felt fortunate that he gave me such a special look.

“You said you would read the financial statements tomorrow, right?”


“I’ll send the Sunyang Construction audit team. Take him with you. You can’t even compare to the accountants under Oh Se-hyun. “These are the people who will catch anything just by looking at receipts and tax invoices.”

“Thank you. grandfather.”

He got up and bowed his head.

If you help me to this extent and cannot swallow Daea Construction whole, I must blame my incompetence.

“Should I say thank you later?”


“You should know that all of this may be for the Sunyang Group. Stop whining about getting stabbed in the back by a bastard. “Hehe.”

Oh really. I just listened and put it down until the end.

When I saw the grandfather smiling brightly, I could only sigh.

* * *

“Dojun. Who are these people… ?”

Oh Se-hyeon blinked as he looked at the black men who came with me.

“These are employees of Sunyang Construction’s accounting and audit team. These are people who memorize everything, even the cement part number of the construction company. “With just three or four receipts, you can immediately trace the stolen money, so you will be able to secure enough data to submit to the prosecution tomorrow.”

Oh Se-hyeon’s expression brightened, as if he felt like he had won a thousand weapons.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to have a big drink tonight. I will leave it up to you.”

“Leave it to me. “I will peel it all off before the end of work hours.”

It was reassuring to see the audit team members full of confidence.

As we drove to DaeAh Construction in three or four vans, I felt like I was a special forces member making a surprise attack, and my excitement never went away.

As he opened the door to the Daeah Construction building and entered, Oh Se-hyun took out his cell phone.

“Oh my, Executive Director Kang. how… Have you found customers who will buy our stocks at a high price?”

– Ah, Mr. Oh. We are inquiring everywhere, so we will have good news soon.

“Oops, did I say something wrong? Or did you misunderstand? It wasn’t until tonight, it was until this morning… therefore… Ding! This sound… ? “It means our transaction never happened.”

– What, what? What are you talking about? Oh, no. Let’s meet up first. Let’s meet again and calm down… .

“That’s right. Since we are in the lobby of the Dae-ah Construction building, let’s talk face-to-face within 10 minutes.”

Oh Se-hyeon winked at me while holding her cell phone, and I walked toward the information desk in the lobby.

“What floor is the conference room?”

“Si, I’m on the eleventh floor.”

As dozens of men in suits occupied the lobby, the female employee at the information desk stammered as if she was very frightened.

When I gave a hand signal that it was the 11th floor, Oh Se-hyeon spoke into the cell phone.

“I’m going to the conference room on the 11th floor now. “I’ll see you there.”

I closed my phone flip and we got into the elevator.

When the door of the elevator stopped on the 11th floor opened, Executive Director Kang Moo-jin was waiting with a smile on his face.

“No, Mr. Oh. What is this? How do you find a buyer for one night? “We will solve it by today!”

“Is the person sitting in the executive director’s chair not feeling it yet? It’s done. “Now, I plan to take care of shareholders’ rights first.”

The man standing right next to Oh Se-hyeon opened his mouth.

“Act on External Audit of Stock Companies, Article 14. Preparation and disclosure of audit reports, etc., Section 5. “Shareholders or creditors of the company may view documents at any time during business hours and may request delivery of the documents by paying a fee determined by the company.”

As soon as the dry voice ended, Oh Se-hyeon smiled.

“Did you hear? Please bring all 2 years’ worth of financial statements and supporting documents from last year and the year before to this meeting room. This is because shareholders have doubts about the capabilities of management. “I’ll have to take a look and see how the company was run to get to this point.”

Executive Director Kang Moo-jin had to just stare blankly at the backs of people entering the conference room, ignoring him.

“Manager. Do you have time to do this? Please bring the documents requested by shareholders quickly. “Unless you want something bigger to happen here.”

Finally, I made my point and entered the conference room.

# # #

“older brother! Those guys… .”

Executive Director Kang Moo-jin burst open the door to Daeah Engineering & Construction’s president’s office and rushed in.

“what? “What’s going on that’s making such a fuss?”


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When President Kang Moo-seong saw his younger brother turning pale, he felt something was out of the ordinary.

“People flocked from Miracle. “We have already taken over the conference room to conduct an external audit!”

“What are you talking about?” “Didn’t you say that we met yesterday and resolved things well?”

“I clearly stated my intention to resell my stocks and went back. I never thought I would stab you like this… .”

“How on earth do you work!”

President Kang Moo-seong shouted at his younger brother and quickly picked up the receiver.

“CEO Song. It’s me… . what? They stormed in there too? “Holy shit!”

President Kang Moo-seong put down the receiver roughly.

“They even came to the accountant’s office.”

“yes? 이 개새끼가… … .”

President Kang Moo-seong began pacing around the president’s office.

“Why is this kid doing this? “Are you really going to do an external audit?”

“older brother. “Could it be a ploy to raise stock prices?”


“Isn’t that right? The eyes and expression of that guy from yesterday. It’s still vivid. He is not the kind of guy who would do something like this needlessly. Obviously the goal is money. “Aren’t you a stock guy?”

“Is this all a show?”

“Of course. “There is no benefit to be gained from an external audit.”

“so? What are we going to do? “What is the conclusion?”

President Kang screamed.

I was walking on thin ice, racing against time, but I couldn’t let the investment guys, who were no better than professionals, ransack the company.

By any chance, if this news gets to the creditors, they may also respond by saying they will be grateful.

“I will bring Oh Se-hyeon. “I’m going to kick it right here and send it back.”

When President Kang hesitated, as if he didn’t feel like it, he urged his younger brother again.

“older brother. There is no time to hesitate. “We have to end this before it gets any louder.”

“You bastard! Not even a day has passed since you said it was no big deal. Shobu in this place? What if everything gets ruined?”

“Then we can’t leave it like this, can we? Before making a fuss about shareholder rights… .”

“done. Stop and bring him quickly. Damn, all kinds of leeches are sticking to it.”

# # #

“What are you talking about? If the CEO has anything to say, please come here. And don’t waste time, get the financial statements quickly.”

“Oh, CEO. Aren’t you asking because you have something serious to tell you? Don’t be too picky… .”

Seeing Executive Director Kang’s pitiful expression almost made me laugh.

As Oh Se-hyun said, it’s only because you’ve become an executive director that you can’t get a sense of it… … .

“Manager. I know you’re trying to tell us that you’ll buy Miracle’s stocks at a high price, but our CEO said it’s already too late, right? Don’t waste your time and bring the materials. “Please wait 10 minutes.”

Executive Director Kang’s complexion turned red as I spoke as a warning, but I know that now is the time to hold on.

When I couldn’t say anything and just kept watching Oh Se-hyeon, I urged him again.

“If you do not bring the materials we requested into this room within 10 minutes, we will move on to the next action. Our lawyer is waiting in court right now. “If you ignore the legitimate demands of shareholders, you are waiting for my call to request a temporary injunction to suspend Daeah Construction’s management.”

After all, law is stronger than words.

When the words “lawyer” and “law” came out, Executive Director Kang became thoughtful.

At this time, an employee of the audit team who joined Sunyang Construction shouted.

“Nigimi, just looking at it, you can see the estimate. It sucks, but there’s a lot of it. Hey, Managing Director. Don’t we need to get our hands on something to play shobu? I think if we look at it for half a day, we will find the appropriate price for the stocks we own… Isn’t it?”

Harsh words come out of his mouth, but his face smiles. Even squinting eyes.

There is a hidden meaning that it is just a formality to raise the price of reselling stocks. Executive Director Kang still hesitates.

This is because we are not sure whether our true intention is really formality.

“Wow, you’re slow to judge. What if I make noise and cause trouble? What good is there for us? Is your head still spinning? It won’t work. Let’s call that lawyer. “Let’s turn it over!”

“okay. Wait! I wish I had said that right away… .”

Executive Director Kang gently raised his hand to cover our mouths and quickly left the conference room.

When the Yeouido men looked at the Sunyang Construction men with wonder, they smiled humbly.

“If they are rotten, then we are just pretending to be rotten. “Anything on this floor can be covered with kickbacks.”

“Why did this happen? “Construction board?”

When I asked out of curiosity, they scratched their heads.

“It’s because of the tight work schedule. Isn’t the ultimate task to be completed by a set date? There is no time to argue about illegality or expediency. If you can make up for it with money, you should stop it. As a result, there is no time to discuss principles. “It has become a practice and a habit of people in this area.”

The men in Yeouido also nod their heads.

One side is a person who deals only with numbers, and the other side is a person who deals with rough men.

Being gathered together in one place is not a suitable combination.

As I was looking at the strange combination and thinking about people again, Executive Director Kang Moo-jin returned to the conference room.

“Okay, I brought everything. Enjoy your rights as a shareholder and come to the president’s office whenever you feel like negotiating. “I’ll be waiting.”

Daeah Construction employees followed behind Executive Director Kang, pushing carts one by one, and on top of the carts were piles of document boxes.

The strategy of having people buried in a pile of documents was a scene that could only be seen in American courtrooms.

As I sighed in exasperation, the Sunyang employee said with a grin.

“Oh my, do you think this double-eighth-year method would still work these days?”


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