The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 82

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[082]Tools for Purpose 2

“hmm… … .”

“what? “Grandpa said he would welcome you with open arms. Don’t you know that?”

My father searched my expression carefully, trying to figure out the hidden meaning.

“Oh, no. Rather than that, you said you would sell something cheaper. “I can’t guess what you’re giving me.”

“Then can you tell me what you know first? “I’m dying of curiosity.”

“I think he gave me someone.”


“yes. Sunyang Hospital is famous for having many VIP customers. High-ranking officials and politicians are wary of revealing their health status, so they visit Sunyang Hospital, which maintains complete confidentiality. And there are many celebrities.”

“ah… !”

A low exclamation escaped.

“Now, anyone who wants special promotions or special treatment will contact my father. You can build connections naturally. “When my father produces a movie, he can hire the director or leading actor from Sunyang Hospital.”

“Then what about the Human Resources Development Institute? “Is that a person too?”

“Sure. Everyone eligible for promotion receives training at the Development Institute’s training center. “The development center’s training evaluation may not guarantee promotion, but it has a huge impact on being rejected for promotion.”

It is a well-known fact that Sunyang Group’s human resources management is thorough. Like other companies, the training center is a short break, and in some places, it is almost like a vacation, giving off the scent of a reserve force during training.

However, Sunyang Training Center was a thorough place, similar to the Judicial Research and Training Institute, with enormous training hours, seminars, discussions, tests, and evaluations.

“Everyone who wants to get to the core of the group goes through the development center… ”

“My father, who is the CEO of the development center, will be inundated with calls asking him to take good care of it, and it will all become a network.”

“So, I will build connections both outside and inside the group.”

“yes. “Since he started late, it is a consideration to make him like his father by nature.”

“It means making it for you, not me.”

My father began to look at me curiously while speaking quietly.

“How on earth can you find out? Your grandfather, who connects hospitals and training centers with personal connections, and you, who figured it out right away… “I really have nothing to say.”

Anyone who has received a salary from Sunyang Group knows well the potential of the training center. In order to get promoted to assistant manager, which is nothing special, he sleeps for ten nights in a four-person room with two beds on the second floor.

This is especially true for older, middle-aged managers. I have to stay in a double room and deal with this week’s devilish schedule.

If your physical strength is not strong enough to withstand it, you will be promoted to an executive, so you will have to endure it with evil and courage. Enduring it doesn’t mean it’s over.

If the final evaluation by the Human Resources Development Institute is C or lower, the executive must decide whether to move on and continue to work as a manager until retirement, or to resign and leave.

In a situation like this, what if the chairman of the development center made just one phone call? At the very least, with secret instructions from the training center director, you can take one step closer to becoming an executive.

No matter how low the value of the Human Resources Development Center is, it is an important position that allows you to have time to have a drink with executive candidates who will occupy key positions in Sunyang Group.

Only those who receive a salary from Sunyang know all this.

It is natural that my father, who has never sighed at the numbers on his salary account, would have no way of knowing this fact.

“It’s probably because you’re not interested. By the way, can you tell me about the shareholding structure of the Human Resources Development Institute? “And the assets we own.”

“Would you like to find out the current situation?”

“yes. I think it’s not just a personal network. If that was all it was, he wouldn’t have told me to keep it a secret for a while. “Isn’t there something that your uncles might object to if they find out?”

“Is there another secret behind the words to keep it a secret?”

“Grandfather is a man with many secrets. “Hehe.”

My father let out a short sigh at my laughter.

“after-. “How is it that you look more like your grandfather than me?”

“Talent sometimes skips generations.”

My father sighed again and got up.

“It’s not easy to be a father properly.”

* * *

“How was the wedding?”

“It’s not like I’m getting married. What happened beyond that?”

There is something more important than marriage. This is Daea Construction.

“Aren’t the arranged marriages of chaebols always a subject of curiosity?”

“A marriage that takes place a couple of times, is that really marriage? “It’s a contract.”

“Oh, so you’re not going to have an arranged marriage? A romance comic book protagonist who marries a third-generation chaebol and Candy, who lives an ordinary but steadfast life?”

“I will do it with the woman I really need. Whatever it is. Uncle, why do you keep saying different things? “What about Daeah Engineering & Construction stocks?”

“Children. As I get older, I become curious about young people dating and getting married. Because we’re done.”

Oh Se-hyeon smiled and took out a stock status memo.

“These bastards must have panicked. I received a call as soon as I purchased 5% and reported being the majority shareholder. “Let’s meet again.”

The stock market completely froze. The company has no choice but to be on high alert as it buys shares of a company that is sure to go bankrupt in an instant in a market that is stuck at the bottom and not moving.

Moreover, the person who bought stocks that are no different from toilet paper is Miracle, a huge investment company that swallowed up Ajin Group, so they will be very scared. If you have committed many sins.

“We have to meet, right?”

“of course.”

“How will we get out of there?”

Oh Se-hyun narrowed his eyes.

“Leave it to me. Do you think I’ve seen one or two kids who have taken the company’s money and made a splash while making investments? “Those guys who caught me, do you know what they’re doing?”

“Maybe they’re huddled together in a cell, or maybe they’re ex-convicts?”


Sehyun Oh snaps her fingers! I bounced and picked up the bag.

“Come on, let’s go. “I have to give it a try.”

* * *

DaeA Construction’s main building in Yeongdeungpo was dimmer than the winter weather outside.

The employees in the building just come to work and keep their jobs at a company that doesn’t even pay them a salary.

There’s no way he doesn’t know that the company is about to go bankrupt, but he goes to work with a glimmer of hope that doesn’t exist.

When I wake up in the morning, I have nowhere to go but this building.


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Delayed salaries also encourage people to move forward.

I was hoping that I might be able to receive even a little bit.

The head has said hundreds of times that there is no hope, but the vain hope that still remains in the back of the mind is what tortures the employees of this building.

People come first.

another family.

No one will believe this bullshit in 20 years, but not now. This is because the concept of lifelong employment still remains.

“What will happen to those people?”

“You should be the savior. They also paid overdue salaries and gave special bonuses to cheer them up. is not it?”

Oh Se-hyeon tapped me on the back and knocked on the door of the Dae-ah Construction president’s office.

“welcome. “This is Kang Moo-jin, executive director of Dae-A Construction.”

“This is Oh Se-hyeon.”

Wow, look at these. There is no owner in the president’s office, but a butler is sitting there?

Have you prepared yourself for a trick?

“I was actually embarrassed. You’re suddenly buying Daea’s stock. It doesn’t seem like a company that a large investment company like Miracle Investment would be interested in… . “Can you tell me why?”

“There is only one reason why an investment company buys stocks. “Because it makes money.”

Executive Director Kang Moo-jin gently licked his dry lips.

“I don’t know in what way you think this is money, but don’t you read the newspaper? What about news? “If you step into DaeA Construction, which is collapsing, you may incur losses.”

“Who invests in stocks these days? It’s perfect for kicking the can. You should put the money in the bank. “The interest rates are pretty high.”

A middle-aged man sitting next to Executive Director Kang Moo-jin helped out.

“Is your rank higher than executive director?”

Oh Se-hyeon frowned and suddenly spoke informally.

“yes? what… what?”

“The major shareholder is speaking. Get the hell out of this place or get out. It’s annoying to call a major shareholder with more than 5% of the stock and have a conversation with a managing director who is not even the CEO. How dare you interfere! Don’t you know what shareholders mean? I am the owner of this company. “You started off with a bad attitude toward welcoming the owner.”

It was an extremely rude attitude, but rather than getting angry, Executive Director Kang Moo-jin stood up and bowed.

“Please understand. The CEO is now running around looking for funds to save the company. “You even meet with an assistant manager at a mutual credit union.”

“I was rude. sorry.”

At Director Kang’s glance, the middle-aged man also stood up and bowed.

“If you know, will everyone please save their seats? “I want to talk quietly.”

When Executive Director Kang gestured to the men sitting on the sofa in the president’s office, they all bowed their heads and rushed out.

“Now tell me. “Are you suddenly buying our company’s stock?”

Executive Director Kang even smiled and regained his composure.

“First of all, I think the order would be to tell you why you asked to see me… ?”

This is my first time seeing Oh Se-hyun like this.

He is always polite and humorous, always cracking jokes, but he is rude and aggressive.

I guess it’s because they are convinced that Daeah Construction’s management is embezzling company money.

It comes out strong against those with weak points.

There are many people around me who hide their teeth and claws, so I must avoid being caught with their weaknesses. Otherwise, I would be just like Executive Director Kang.

“The reason I asked to see you, Mr. Oh, was to ask you why. It seems like there’s definitely something you want. Speak openly. “It is the job of management to listen to what shareholders want.”

It’s like the water flowing from a greased tongue.

A sly expression, eyes that move constantly.

Doubt was turning into certainty.

“I guess you already told me? I’m trying to make money. “Isn’t that an investor?”

“So that’s what I’m saying. “I would have to sell the stock at a higher price than the purchase price, but wouldn’t that be impossible?”

“I think someone will buy it back for a good price…” Isn’t it?”

Oh Se-hyun smiled and began to look at Executive Director Kang’s face.

“Oh, I see. Well, that might be possible.”

Executive Director Kang also responded to Oh Se-hyun’s laughter and went one step further.

“Then shall we take a look? There are still quite a few people who believe in the revival of Daeah Engineering & Construction. “They are preparing to purchase a large amount of our company’s stock.”

“If you can go through that kind of trouble, it’s worth coming here today. “Can you please find it quickly?”

“I’ll try to do it as quickly as possible.”

In the end, these guys will quickly reap the rewards before we ruin their plans. Or maybe you buy time by putting it off day after day.

“I think I’m done talking, so I’ll just get up.”

When Oh Se-hyeon stood up from the sofa, Executive Director Kang also stood up and held out his hand.

“I am glad that the shareholders seem to be satisfied. “We will find the right person as quickly as possible and help CEO Oh fill his pockets.”

“yes. Please take quick action. Until tomorrow.”

Executive Director Kang let go of his joined hands.

“Oh, CEO. “It’s a bit difficult until tomorrow.”

Director Kang was taken aback by Oh Se-hyeon’s sudden request, but he didn’t listen to his excuses any more.

“We will request an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting the day after tomorrow morning. Hurry up to stop the shooting. Well then… … .”

Oh Se-hyeon hurriedly left Daeah Construction as if there was nothing more to hear.

As soon as he got into the car waiting outside the building, Oh Se-hyun clenched his fists.

“I’m sure. these guys.”

“We’ll attack right away tomorrow. “I need to claim the right to view the accounting ledgers and check Daeah Construction’s assets first.”

Oh Se-hyeon looked at me and stuck out his tongue.

“As expected, it’s fast. “You learned everything, right?”

“Oh my, it’s still a long way to go down. “Master.”

After laughing a lot, we both took out our cell phones at the same time.


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