The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 81

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[081]Tools for Purpose 1

When his pounding heart subsided and his shaking legs calmed down, Chairman Hong slowly stood up.

The expression on his face when he left the room was full of laughter, just like when he came in.

It’s not facial expression management. It was a heartfelt laugh.

When Chairman Hong was sitting alone in a separate room, what came to mind was King Taejong Yi Bang-won, the king who dried up his maternal relatives.

Lee Bang-won killed all four of his wife’s brothers-in-law, the Yeoheung Min clan, and dethroned Kim Han-ro, the father-in-law of Yangnyeong Grand Prince, and kicked him out. In addition, after installing King Sejong as crown prince, he even stopped Sejong’s wife’s wife, Cheongsong Sim, from marrying him.

However, all of the extinct families are maternal relatives of the heir who will become king.

Staying away from his in-laws, the Hong family, is no different from Chairman Jin revealing his inner thoughts that he considers Jin Young-jun to be his successor.

There are not many days left for the elderly. To himself and to Chairman Jin.

But the young man’s future is still bright. To Hong So-young and Jin Young-jun.

Although he is extremely wary of leaving Sunyang Group exposed to others, time is not on Chairman Jin’s side.

When Chairman Hong realized that once Chairman Jin Yang-cheol disappeared, Hansung Ilbo would naturally become an axis of Sunyang Group, Chairman Hong was able to smile, forgetting all the humiliation from before.

The wedding ended smoothly.

The two went on their honeymoon with everyone’s congratulations, and the Hansung Ilbo family and guests also quickly disappeared from Chairman Jin’s mansion.

The remaining members of Chairman Jin’s family celebrated the third generation’s first wedding by having a lively drinking party at the guesthouse.

Now, full-fledged third-generation marriages will begin.

Chairman Jin smiled and opened his mouth in front of his 13 grandchildren, including his only grandchild.

“If any of you are not willing to meet each other and get married, tell me now. “I’ll take it out.”

Some people’s faces brightened at Chairman Jin’s words, but not a single person came forward.

Even if Chairman Jin’s words are sincere, parents are different. Children could not help but pay attention to their parents because they wanted to be associated with a family with even a little bit of power and money.

“no one is here? good. In that case, Hye-kyung and Su-kyung should prepare to get married within this year. I have to get married before I turn 30. “You can’t hear an old maid, can you?”

When there were no grandchildren willing to marry, he nodded and stood up as if satisfied. This is because his head is already full of a list of marriage candidates.

“It’s a feast day, so forget about your headache and eat and drink to your heart’s content. “I’ll just go in and get some rest.”

Chairman Jin returned to the main building, and the rest of the family gave congratulatory drinks to Jin Young-gi, who was married to the owner, just like any other person.

When Jin Yoongi went to the bathroom with a cigarette in his mouth, someone approached him.

“president. The Chairman is looking for you. “He told me to come quietly and avoid other people’s eyes.”

“Where are you?”

“He is in the study.”

Study… … .

I’m not calling you to see your child’s face. If it’s a study, it’s company work.

The last time Jin Yoongi entered the study was twenty years ago, when he was choosing a place to study abroad.

When I found myself on official business for the first time in 20 years, I suddenly felt nervous.

To relieve some of the alcohol, I washed my face with cold water and looked at my face in the mirror to relax.

Thanks to my son, I am enjoying the golden years of my life. This was enough. Expects nothing from his father. Through his life, he learned that expectations always lead to disappointment.

In particular, my father was a person who brought me not only disappointment but even despair.

Jin Yoongi cleared his mind and headed to the study.

Chairman Jin stared at his youngest son for a while with a steaming cup of tea in front of him.

“What do you want to say… .”

“You said what you are doing is okay. Is that true?”

“yes. “It is a place less affected by the foreign exchange crisis.”

“But it won’t be easy to attract movie investors, right?”

“It’s not easy, but don’t you feel sorry for crying? “Other fields are not easy or difficult; it’s life or death.”

“Maybe I can help you?”

Jin Yoongi smiled slightly as he looked at his father’s expression.

“Don’t think about it for nothing. I’m not young enough to get caught up in my father’s words anymore. haha.”


Chairman Jin also smiled, as if he was not offended by his son’s bold words.

“I think you have something to say, please say it.”

“OK. Let me keep it simple. “I will give you the Sunyang Medical Foundation and the Sunyang Human Resources Development Center.”

Jin Yoongi’s smile disappeared.

The hospitals owned by Sunyang Medical Foundation are among the top three. Due to the enormous hospital site, more than 1 billion won is paid in property taxes alone. It’s like inheriting a huge fortune.

However, Sunyang Human Resources Development Center was not impressed.

Although it is an independent corporation, its only job is as a human resources development organization that provides various education and group-level training, such as training for new employees with high school and college graduates, and training for new executives and executives.

Of course, in order to establish itself as an independent stock company, it makes a profit through external personnel consulting and training programs, but that amount cannot avoid a deficit. Since it is in charge of training for the Sunyang Group, it barely makes a profit by receiving training fees from affiliates.

There were some shortcomings in calling it a company.

Jin Yoongi had no way of knowing why he wanted to pass this on.

“Why is your expression like that? “Is it not enough?”

“It’s very lacking.”

I answered my father’s question right away.

There are no expectations, so you just get what you get. But there is one thing that bothers me.

It’s my son.


Chairman Jin’s eyes widened, as if he had never expected such an answer from his son.

“Are you being greedy to give up without even looking at the company?”

“That’s right. “Shouldn’t I also be a father?”

“Being a father? “Are you talking about Dojun?”

Jin Yoongi just nodded.

Chairman Jin looked at his son pitifully and said,


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“If you want to be a good father, start by developing an eye to recognize the value of things, you bastard.”


“Ask Dojun. What value do the hospitals and human resources development centers I provide have? If it were him, he would welcome it with open arms.”

Jin Yoongi just blinked, not knowing the value that his father, Chairman Jin, had mentioned.

“Take good care of what I give you, and hand it over to Dojun at the right time. And I will take care of Dojun separately. Of course, I’m not just giving it away, I’m planning on selling it cheap… .”

“You’re selling it? Do you plan to receive money from your grandchildren?”

Saying that they will take care of you is meaningless.

Are you doing business for your grandson? It’s clear that he’s the cutest grandchild, but am I mistaken? Or does this mean that Jun is already confident enough to make a deal with his grandfather?

Jin Yoon-gi showed a disapproving expression, but Chairman Jin did not provide a detailed explanation.

“I just know that. Because Dojun understands these stories much better than you.”

Chairman Jin waved his hand to indicate that he had finished what he had to say.

When Jin Yoongi was about to leave the study, he did not forget a word.

“There are many eyes to see and many ears to listen. “I think it would be best if you kept it to yourself for the time being.”

Jin Yoongi turned around and bowed his head. And he said something he had forgotten.

“thank you. father.”

* * *

From in front of the international terminal at Gimpo Airport, Hong So-young realized the power and status of Sunyang Group.

From getting off the honeymoon limo to boarding the plane, I didn’t stop walking even once.

I felt it keenly that VIPs do not wait.

Hansung Ilbo is also a great family, but not to this extent.

I was surprised again when I boarded first class.

He and Jin Young-jun were the only passengers.

“Mr. Youngjun. “Is this a charter flight?”

“no. I only chartered first and business class seats. “The business class seats are occupied by six of our assistants.”

It is a luxurious life that neither his father nor his grandfather can enjoy. Hong So-young realized that she had become a member of Korea’s largest conglomerate while on a plane being serviced by four stewardesses for just the two of them.

It was so satisfying that it didn’t matter that Jinyoung-Jun kept eyeing the beautiful stewardess.

Hong So-young spoke to Jin Young-jun after eating the in-flight meal.

“Would you like to take a look at this when we’re done eating?”

Jin Young-jun opened the file handed to him by Hong So-young.

“What is this?”

“Just take a look.”

Jinyoung-jun Jin’s face became increasingly hard as he looked at the file Hong So-young confidently handed him.

The whereabouts of the entire family, excluding himself and his father, are clearly revealed.

To produce such detailed information, close surveillance is required almost 24 hours a day.

“As expected, the people you should pay the most attention to are Vibrator CEO and Jin Do-jun. President Jin Dong-gi frequently meets with executives of affiliates, and in particular, Do-jun Jin is now accompanying the CEO of Maracle Investment and is in full swing… .”

“Is this bitch crazy…?” … .”

The words were spoken through gritted teeth, so they were spoken low, but Hong So-young heard them clearly. year!

“Hey, Youngjun.”

Hong So-young turned pale as she watched Jin Young-jun tearing up the document file.

“Weren’t you just trying to find out what the youngest is doing? “Have you been following everyone in my family?”

“Well, that…” … .”

“What do you think you are? How dare you act like a hostess? ok? f*ck, I feel dirty. this.”

As soon as a harsh sound came out of Jin Young-jun’s mouth, the waiting stewardesses began to disappear. There is no harm in not seeing the VIP’s private appearance.

“I don’t allow you to bow down to others as you wish. Instead, you decided not to interfere with my private life, right? This applies to our entire family. “How dare you even spy on the adults in my family?”

Jinyoungjun stood up from his seat.

“If a girl who spreads newspapers came into our house, we would live in a depressed state. All you have to do is produce a man to succeed me. If you do something presumptuous like this one more time without my permission, you will be in the back room for the rest of your life. “Keep that in mind.”

Jinyoung-Jun’s every word gave me goosebumps.

“hey! “Secretary Choi!”

As Jinyoung-Jun shouted, a man from business class came running, pulling back the partition curtain.

“yes. “Director.”

“When we arrive, we’ll be staying separately, so pick a hotel for me first. And keep an eye on that bitch. Let them do some shopping, but make sure they don’t do anything stupid. Do you understand?”

“yes. “Director.”

When the secretary left, Jin Young-jun moved to the window opposite Hong So-young.

Jin Young-jun, wearing an eye patch and pulling back the seat, was biting his lip to hold back the laughter that was about to burst out.

I was angry at first, but it turned out better. There is no better excuse to spend your 10-day honeymoon in complete freedom.

The more I thought about it, the more disgusting it became, but I ate pheasant and ate its eggs.

This is because he has been crushing the spirit of the woman who will become his wife from the first day of marriage, and he can play to his heart’s content with the girl he met yesterday who has a killer body. She tried to call me two or three days later, but changed her mind. You may call her as soon as she arrives.

Hong So-young, unaware of Jinyoung-jun’s thoughts, could not say anything and had to watch the groom.

I have now realized what kind of person the heir of a family who has never once bowed down to others is.

People who are not related by blood are no different from the household appliances of that family. It is just a tool that is used according to its purpose.

Hong So-young knew that she had to endlessly prove her usefulness to her husband, with whom she had been married for 100 years. She was also careful not to offend her husband.

It felt like tears would fall, but she gritted her teeth as she thought about the Sunyang Group that would one day be in her hands.


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