The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 77

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[077]The sword wind blows 3

“Lee Jong-cheol, chairman of the transition committee. It is said that this person will take the lead in the early days of the administration. “They say he is likely to be the first chief secretary.”

“Lee Jong-cheol? This guy isn’t even a DJ? “It’s JP’s side.”

Oh Se-hyun looked like he couldn’t believe it when he heard Chairman Jin’s name of the second-in-command of the next administration.

“If you look at information power, wouldn’t your grandfather be more accurate? “Let go of your doubts.”

“Well, the Sunyang Group has figured it out. Is it too difficult?”

“We should meet, right?”

“Chairman Jin let go of the line?”

“How much have I done so far? And we, Miracle, are the majority shareholders of Sunyang. “Of course you can do that.”

The president-elect or the chairman of the transition committee must be careful about his movements until the inauguration ceremony. This is because if you meet a specific person, you are immediately exposed to the media and caught in the dark.

Only people with enough power can hold secret meetings, and Chairman Jin is someone who would find it difficult to refuse a meeting offer.

“Good. Now let’s have some fun in the big water. “Hehe.”

“Let’s meet together from now on. “If I wear a suit and stand next to my uncle, won’t I look like a secretary?”

“What? “You’re not saying you don’t trust me, right?”

He seemed surprised to hear that he wanted to meet in person, but then joked.

“People in politics talk nonsense. “For an accurate interpretation, I think it would be better to meet together.”

“Maybe they recognize you? “If you are Chairman Sunyang’s grandson, the other party might be cautious.”

“I’m not a celebrity. “I don’t remember the last time I appeared on TV for a short time after the college entrance exam.”

If you are the chairman of the regime’s transition committee, there is no way you would watch a broadcast that is nothing more than gossip.

What matters is how accurately he knows reality.

Of the $3.2 billion, $1 billion was exchanged by Sunyang Group, and I really wanted to know what he thought about the value of the remaining $2.2 billion.

If he devalues ​​the dollar, he is just a politician with no sense of reality.

Is Lee Jong-cheol truly the second-in-command of the next administration? Or is he just a scarecrow who holds the doorknob and opens the door?

* * *

“Hey, you bastard. When I wear it like this, the suit is killing me?”

“No matter what I wear, I wash it. “Didn’t you know?”

“Anyway, there is no such thing as humility.”

Oh Se-hyeon tapped me on the back and started walking toward the elevator.

“This hotel is the home of politicians.”

“It’s right in front of the Blue House and the General Government Complex and close to Yeouido… . “There is no place like this.”

“I think it’s because you don’t have to worry about being noticed because you go straight from the parking lot to the room?”

“therefore. Why are there so many secret meetings? “You sneaky bastards.”

The two of us went up to the meeting place, chewing on politicians.

When I knocked lightly on the room, a familiar face I had seen on TV opened the door.

“CEO Se-Hyun Oh?”


“Please come in.”

In the room, three or four members of the transition committee were conversing, but fell silent when we entered.

“Okay then, let’s proceed like that and go back first. “I have something to talk about with this person.”

The transition committee members lightly bowed their heads and left the room.

“welcome. “This is Lee Jong-cheol.”

“This is Oh Se-hyeon. “You must be busy, but thank you for your valuable time.”

“you’re welcome. Aren’t you the one who rescued the faltering Ajin Group? “I should be the one to thank you.”

It’s a different attitude than expected.

He is a graduate of the 16th class of the Korean Military Academy and served as a member of the Democratic Justice Party after working for the Central Intelligence Agency during the Fifth Republic. With this level of experience, he should be far from humble and closer to arrogance, but his tone is very condescending.

It remains to be seen whether he has good management skills or is just an innate personality.

“The young man over there… ?”

“Oh, this is my staff. Just in case, let me tell you first, there are no secrets between me and this friend. “I plan to tell this friend everything about my conversation with the chairman today, so I would like you to be present.”

“Of course. There probably isn’t much to hide, so you’re worried for no reason. haha.”

I bowed my head to Lee Jong-cheol and didn’t say anything else. Anyway, that person didn’t seem to have much interest in me.

“Chairman Sunyang says you are the person who will deliver good news, is that correct?”

“I see you’re busy. “You’re getting straight to the point.”

“Oops, that was rude. “Let’s sit down first.”

Chairman Lee Jong-cheol guided us to the reception sofa in the center of the room.

“Miracle Investments has approximately $2.2 billion in available funds at its New York headquarters. “I plan to bring that money back to Korea.”

“There are conditions, right?”

I was not at all surprised to hear that it was $2.2 billion. It’s obviously a number you’re hearing for the first time, but are you calm? Or do they not know the value of $2.2 billion?

“yes. “The reason I asked to see you, Chairman, is to tell you the conditions.”

Oh Se-hyeon handed over the file he had prepared, but Lee Jong-cheol only glanced at the title and put it down on the table.

“Why do investment companies want to get involved in construction? “Finance and engineering don’t really go together.”

“The plan is not a tool business. Some of it is involved, but it is a separate business. Please give us a positive review.”

“If it is positive, does that mean we will pour dollars into Korea?”


“You pour it all in, you make huge profits, and you take that money back to the U.S., right?”

I say it with a smile, but it is not a favor.

It was clear that being an American investment company gave this person a preconceived notion. The dark-haired foreigner is targeting Miracle as a means of leaking Korea’s wealth to foreign countries.

“Isn’t it an obvious procedure? Perhaps the future of Ajin Group will not be able to escape from this, right? After normalizing it, split it up and sell it, with the profits going to the US. Isn’t it?”

“no. Chairman. Just the opposite.”


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When I opened my mouth, Lee Jong-cheol’s eyes lit up.

“the opposite?”

“yes. At Miracle, we bring the money earned in the United States back to Korea. So far, our company has made a lot of profits by investing in Dell Computer, Microsoft, Hollywood movies, and Japan’s Softbank, and used the money we earned to acquire Ajin Group. “In some ways, we are an export force.”

“Young man, you play with words a lot. “What do you mean, an export force?”

For people who lived in the 60s and 70s, the word exporter is a symbol of pride and pride. This is because exports are the driving force behind the country’s growth from one of the world’s poorest countries to an economic powerhouse.

Since our country is short on resources, we have probably heard that human resources are everything and exports are the only way to survive.

However, for the first time, he showed his displeasure when words of high pride were uttered from the mouth of a guy who was just playing with money.

“Isn’t exporting just the act of earning dollars? “We just don’t sell products, but we earn foreign currency.”

“It might seem that way now. But what about in the future?”

This guy is too… . I have deep doubts. Is it because he came from the intelligence agency?

“Chairman. If you were only thinking about making money, the amount would be doubled just by taking into account the exchange rate difference. Even if the plan I gave you becomes a reality, it is difficult to guarantee double the profits.”

Only after Oh Se-hyeon got to the point did he pick up the file.

Lee Jong-cheol, who quickly skimmed through the contents, put down the file and opened his mouth.

“It seems like a plan to create a mecca for the Korean media industry… . “Not bad.”

Lee Jong-cheol’s attitude changed. Suddenly the voice is friendly.

“Do you plan to invest all $2.2 billion in the media industry?”

“no. Only a small portion of them are invested. actually… .”

Oh Se-hyeon paused for a moment and looked at Lee Jong-cheol.

“We plan to invest in various fields. “I plan to leave American investments to local people and become a manager in Korea.”

“How about IT?”

Lee Jong-cheol asks with sparkling eyes.

“If you invested in Dell, Microsoft, or Softbank and made huge profits, I think you are a bright person in that field. Isn’t it?”

Oh Se-hyeon, embarrassed by the unexpected question, could not easily answer. Aren’t all IT investments led by me?

I was delighted when this question came up.

Didn’t the people’s government focus its efforts on fostering IT-related venture companies to revitalize the economy, which was in a recession due to the IMF crisis?

Moreover, this is a government that even raised the topic of cultural prosperity.

If Miracle were to remove the label of an American investment company, Media City would truly fit into the government’s core tasks.

“IT will be of great help in fostering small and medium-sized businesses. In the case of the United States alone, venture companies that started in Silicon Valley have grown rapidly enough to raise concerns about a current bubble. “Once we turn the steering wheel at the government level, great results will come out.”

All you have to do is give civil servants and politicians the answers you want to hear. The answer Jong-cheol Lee wants now is a bright future for IT.

“After all, this is a field that young people know well. “It’s clear.”

Lee Jong-cheol asked Oh Se-hyeon with a bright expression.

“How is it? Would you also consider investing in IT?”

I answered first before my uncle unconditionally accepted it.

“Chairman. “At Miracle, we do not think about investing in IT at all.”

In an instant, the expressions of the two people changed drastically. The uncle looked embarrassed, and Jong-cheol Lee looked displeased.

It was understandable that he flatly rejected the proposal of the regime’s core.

“IT ventures must grow solely on the nourishment of groundbreaking ideas and technological capabilities. When certain private capital intervenes, it will only take away ideas and technology. “We cannot afford to lose the youth of venture founders to capitalists.”

Lee Jong-cheol’s eyes widened at my unusual opinion.

“Then the industry entity should be the government?”

“yes. “I think it would be best for the government to provide a good flower bed and watch over it so that young venture entrepreneurs can be born.”

“If it’s a flower bed… ?”

“Establishment of IT infrastructure. And if you keep an eye on it, you will get good results. “Silicon Valley has grown this way.”

Lee Jong-cheol was silent for a while.

I felt that there was still no specific plan on how to start the government’s new power project. Now you will have to find your direction.

Since the message of hope to the people cannot be delayed after the inauguration of the government, a conclusion on IT and Media City is likely to be reached quickly.

“I heard good comments. We will thoroughly review this plan and contact you. And could you please tell us more about your investment plan for $2.2 billion? “We will actively review it at the government level.”

I wanted to shout hurray. This is a huge offer.

The transition chairman’s active review is just another expression for approval.

Oh Se-hyeon politely held Lee Jong-cheol’s hand. But Lee Jong-cheol did not reach out to me. Is this a way to imprint rank?

When leaving the hotel, Oh Se-hyeon was laughing so hard that her mouth was torn.

This is because it is as if the government has received confirmation that it will provide support as long as $2.2 billion is brought in.

Lee Jong-cheol pretended not to, but he desperately wanted dollars. Is there any way that they would push us because we are pretty?

“By the way, did you really mean what you said earlier?”

“What do you mean?”

“That means no investment in IT.”

“yes. “Are you serious?”

“why? If it is fostered at the government level, it is a bonanza. Even if that’s not the case, there are quite a few venture companies knocking on our doors.”

I let out a short sigh and looked at Oh Se-hyun.

“uncle. We are the owners of a company that competes with Daehyun Motors. Isn’t venture a place where young kids go out of their way to make money? “We have to play in the big leagues.”

“Aren’t you looking at me too lightly? “As the scale grows, it is not something to be ignored.”

“Uncle, do you know how much Sunyang Electronics’ operating profit was a few years ago when the semiconductor industry was booming? It was a whopping 2 trillion won. “No matter how big the venture is, it can’t even reach Sunyang Electronics.”

There is no time to turn a blind eye to IT companies that will only generate 1 or 2 trillion won in sales 20 years from now. Hundreds of trillions of companies are beckoning me.


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