The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 75

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[075]The sword wind blows 1

“hey… . “I guess even people who value this have no choice but to take tests?”

“I know. “You can’t even see me sticking out my nose, but look at me coming to school like a knife.”

I spoke on the phone several times, and when some of my classmates who knew my name and face spotted me, they gathered around pretending to know me.

“If you get a bachelor’s warning, you’re screwed. “I’m afraid of penalties.”

“Penalty? What penalty?”

“If you stutter in school, my grandfather won’t give you stocks. “It’s going to be a big problem.”

“main… stock?”

“okay. A stock scarier than a bad grade. “Hehe.”

I even laughed to make it clear that it was a joke, but these guys seemed to take it seriously. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut due to the smile on my face.

“oh my god. “Are you going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars for just one F grade?”

“No. Isn’t it tens or tens of billions? “If it’s the chairman’s stake, wouldn’t it be the holding company’s stake?”

Oh my, kids… . How can you take this seriously again?

Are chaebols like a fantasy to the general public? The more unrealistic the story, the more people seem to believe it.

“hey! stop! “Let’s talk after the exam.”

I chased away my classmates around me and opened the book.

I looked through the table of contents and gathered my thoughts.

It’s obvious that you’ll end up writing a wrong answer anyway, but you just have to write with logical consistency.

And it doesn’t have to be just blank paper. If you fill out the answer sheet appropriately, you will receive a C or D grade. How much scholarship money do you get from Sunyang Scholarship Foundation because of me?

As the first day of exams ended, several more kids came.

“Dojun. “Would you like to have a beer?”

“What about the test tomorrow? “Have you given up?”

“Just having a quick drink.”

Seoul National University is no different.

I thought there were kids drinking at the so-called low-end universities I attended and even during exam periods, but even prestigious universities are places where people live.

“I told you earlier, right? I have stocks at stake! Let’s have a drink at the end-of-semester party after the exam. I’ll shoot. “Okay?”

When they heard that I was going to shoot, their eyes changed.

“Hey! Don’t expect too much. There’s nothing else. “I’m talking about soju or beer.”

“There is only one of the two main servants, but isn’t the quantity unlimited?”

As if he had been waiting, one of the guys asked again.

Oops, these guys are freshman now.

I’m at an age where I feel happy just by being able to drink as much as I want without worrying about money.

“okay. It’s unlimited, man. “Hehe.”

* * *

These bastards. It seems like they were determined to get rid of the mulberry.

After the final exam, the kids took me to the biggest pub in front of the school.

It was already so full that there were no empty seats, and there were only a few seniors in sight.

Fortunately, the awkwardness was greatly reduced because the kids I spoke to casually sat at the same table.

“Come on, let’s order too. Dojun. What do you want to eat?”

“hey! Dojun have ever been to a place like this? “Just let it go.”

A place like this? I went there countless times.

Has there been a time or two when you couldn’t comfortably order a snack because you didn’t have money?

Thinking about that time made me laugh.

Now, I have to feed these guys the things I couldn’t eat even if I wanted to.

I raised my hand and hurriedly called the part-time worker.

“Did you order a drink at another table?”

“yes. “I ordered it to be unified into 3,000?”

“Cancel that and fill it with bottled beer.”



My classmates are more surprised than my part-time job.

“It’s my first time drinking, so when I shoot, I have to shoot clearly. “You can’t hear people say they’re petty.”

When I said this with a slight smile, the guys at the same table had their mouths watered.

“hey! “Dojun got sick!”

There was silence for a moment when one guy stood up and shouted.

A shout that immediately follows.

okay. Is there a high-quality alcohol as good as bottled beer for young people with no money?

“Dojun. “Can I drink Capri?”

Someone shouted loudly.

capri? ah… . That yellow, Miller knock-off beer you drink with your eyes?

I shrugged.

“Capri is also a bottled beer. Drink anything.”

A pleasant smile came out naturally.

A youthful time when even a little luxury makes you feel good.

Sometimes I hung out with them and promised myself not to miss out on these simple pleasures.

“Well, I have to order snacks.”

I picked up the menu and looked through the list of snacks.

okay. There are some food photos that stand out.


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I raised my hand.

“Here you go!”

Alba came running like a bullet.

“First, give me eight bottles of Capri.”

Ignoring the kids at the same table who were just blinking, I picked up the menu again and looked at the snacks.

“No snacks… see… … Should I shoot it? Somen sari with seasoned whelk… . Oh, and one nogari.”

When I closed the menu, I checked the note Alba had written down.

“Eight bottles of Capri, Soya, Whelk, and Nogari. Right?”

“yes. Oh, wait a minute. “Are dried anchovies and red pepper paste available?”

“yes. of course.”

One of my absent-minded classmates came to his senses and urgently shouted.

“Order chicken too!”

“okay. seasoning? Fried food?”

“Whoa, fried food.”

When Alba nodded and walked away, the kids opened their mouths that they had been holding back.

“What? Do you go to places like this too? “Do you understand?”

“The third generation of a chaebol owns a pub! “The picture doesn’t work, man!”

I suddenly became curious. Did my cousins, another third-generation chaebol, also go to bars? Have you ever ordered a bowl of oden soup and had a drink at a Soju restaurant?

“I go often. I go to Tudari with my family and eat cocoon, and I drink soju with my cousins. “Do you think we only go to hotel restaurants or expensive specialty restaurants every day?”

The eyes of my classmates widened.

“Even when I eat at home, I don’t eat things like 12-cheok surasang for every meal. They just eat soup, stew, and side dishes. “Nothing special.”

It’s easy for me, who is fundamentally a commoner, to cosplay as a commoner.

Using this opportunity to wash the image of the third generation of chaebols was a double win.

As I quickly finished my beer and ordered a few more bottled beers, a few seniors sneaked up to me.

As I was blinking because I didn’t know who it was, my classmates jumped up and bowed their heads.

“I’m sorry that my senior, who is about to graduate, got caught in this.”

“no. Seniors.”

When I told them I was in 4th grade, I also jumped up.

Judging by the fact that they are going around saying that their senior year has ended, they must be preparing to get a job.

If your goal is to become a judge or prosecutor, it is normal to live buried in the law 365 days a year.

“Let’s rent a seat. “It’ll just take a moment.”

Looking at the expression, it’s not unusual. It’s just a rough guess.

“Dojun. I stopped by on purpose to ask something. Are you fine?”

“yes. Seniors. “Please speak.”

The seniors drank their beer with a long sigh.

“Actually, the three of us got jobs at a financial company, but one went bankrupt and the other two received cancellation notices. They said it would be impossible to hire new employees this year… .”

What should I do?

I would have chosen to go there because the salary was high, but I ended up graduating unemployed. If it had been a large company, the salary would have been lower and at least I would have avoided being unemployed.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. “I’m not asking you to get a job.”

The seniors must have reflected on my bitter expression as they hurriedly waved their hands.

“IMF. How do you think this will turn out? Don’t you know a lot more than we do? “I’m sure there is a lot of high-quality information circulating around.”

“I have no choice but to reapply for employment… . Honestly, if it continues to be like this even after a year, I’m going to change the route. “I need to prepare for either the bar exam or the traditional poetry exam.”

The surroundings became quiet due to the seniors’ questions. Everyone pricks up their ears and looks at my mouth.

What should I say?

Should I tell the truth? Or should I offer consolation?

Even if you are a senior in college, you are like a child in society.

At school, he pretends to be an adult and says he’s a reserve soldier, but outside of school, he’s nothing more than a lump of blood.

Even if you tell these kids what will happen in the future, will they feel the deep truth?

However, it was difficult for me to ignore the earnest eyes of my seniors looking at me as an immature child.

“Let me tell you what I think… Give up on getting a job and prepare for the civil service examination or civil service examination. Don’t you just study a bit? “It’s not too late, so let’s get started quickly.”

Disappointment was evident on the faces of the seniors when they did not get the expected answer.

“Are you saying it will be difficult to get a job next year because of the IMF?”

next year?

The future will be difficult forever.

Finding a job is becoming more and more difficult. Seoul National University is no exception.

“Let alone getting a job, everyone who is currently working will be fired. “There will be a fierce wave of layoffs in the name of corporate restructuring.”

“sun… fire?”

“yes. Most large companies will liquidate at least 30% or more. The IMF crisis is not simply a lack of liquid funds. “Our country is in a state of economic bankruptcy.”

The silence of the seniors spread throughout the pub. The noisy sound gradually began to die down.

“Now the concept of a lifetime job has disappeared. “Companies can fire employees at any time, and a new word called non-regular workers will emerge.”

“Irregular workers? What is it?”

Non-regular workers are an unfamiliar concept that has emerged in this era.

How should I explain it?

At this time, I noticed Alba walking up and down the hall. I pointed to Alba with my finger.

“Should I, a part-timer, pay taxes such as income tax or supertax?”

“I guess not?”

“What about severance pay?”

“Where is the severance pay for part-time workers?”

The seniors started looking at me with puzzled expressions.

“Then what if the boss tells me to quit tomorrow?”

“Should I quit?

“That is what non-regular workers are. “Not only are these businesses used at home, but large corporations also employ them in this way.”

The era in which the saying that our wish is not unification but full-time employment will dominate Korea will not be long.

But they don’t feel it. I could tell by looking at their expressions now.

Everyone was looking at me with astonishment on their faces, and I spoke to my classmates around me.

“It will take quite a while for the country to recover from bankruptcy and for the economy to return to normal. If you are thinking about getting a job rather than preparing for the civil service exam, go to the military first. At least you can delay graduation, right? “You should avoid showers.”

But the atmosphere was so gloomy that I think my words could be heard quite far away. Many kids tilt their heads.

It is true that this is a story that will not resonate with children who have barely finished their first year of school.

However, starting next year, when a real harsh wind blows and people around you become victims of the IMF, you will understand what I say about avoiding rain showers.

Is it because of the old man instinct that was dormant inside me?

The worries and nagging became longer. Because of that, I need to restore the depressed mood, but what should I do?

Fortunately, the 4th grade seniors are a bit better.

“Thanks to you, I feel refreshed. thank you.”

“no. Maybe I said it too negatively. “The people around me who run the companies always have the worst-case scenario in mind.”

“We also need to think of the worst and prepare for it. “Because I’m graduating now.”

The seniors smiled bitterly and raised their drinks.

“This is a mess because of us. sorry. Come on, let’s have a drink!”

“You still have a lot of time left. There is plenty of time to avoid showers and plenty of time to prepare. Don’t worry, drink it today. haha.”

Even if it was a forced laugh, it helped change the mood.

Moreover, since I am only a freshman, I am still far away from reality. The children’s voices began to rise again.

But silence came again.

It was because the door flew open and someone came in, bringing in a cold breeze.

He was wearing a thick duck down parka, and only his eyes were exposed with a fur hat and scarf, but it was clear enough that he was not a man.

The woman looked around the pub and walked towards my seat with long strides.

When I took off my scarf, I saw a pretty face.

“Jin Do-jun. “It’s been a while, you.”

I know who it is. This is the kid who didn’t bring the laptop that was handed out at the new student welcome party.

But I couldn’t remember the name. What was the name that lingered in your mouth?

The girl who saw my expression clicked her tongue in astonishment.

“You forgot my name, right?”

I made the mistake of nodding my head without thinking.


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