The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 72

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“Negotiations are already over. The exchange rate as of today, the 8th, is 1,342 won. “You gave it to me for 1,600 won. Could there be an ulterior motive?”

“It could be over 2,000 won. “By the time a billion dollars of your money gets into my hands, you will have lost a lot of money.”

“Will the exchange rate really rise to 2,000 won?”

I need to check Sunyang Economic Research Institute’s forecasting ability. Is it true that the rumor that all the smartest people have gathered is true?

“More than 90% chance of rising to 2,200 won. This is the prediction of doctors at the institute. “It’s not always right, but sometimes it is.”

Grandpa glanced at me.

“why? Do you think it would be a waste to think that it would go up to 2,000 won?”

“I told you this once too. It would be over 2,000 won. But it’s not a waste at all. Aren’t I your grandson? “I’m not so petty that I think I’m doing my grandfather a disservice.”

“I know you’re not a petty guy. But it’s not like he’s going to lose anything. What? Any additional conditions?”

Playing tricks on a quick-witted person only arouses unnecessary caution. Now that I’m talking about it, I need to get it done.

“I would like to ask you two favors.”

“That’s right. good night. Tell me. Let’s see if it’s enough to make up for your losses or if you’ll make even bigger gains.”

I took out the map I had prepared in front of the curious grandfather.

“Isn’t this a map of Seoul?”

“yes. “Take a look at the red circle here.”

The grandfather, who had been carefully examining a dozen locations, raised his head.

“What is here?”

“It is public land owned by the city of Seoul.”


“yes. “I want to buy this land cheaply.”

“hmm… . Are you asking me to put pressure on the mayor of Seoul?”

“no. The mayor has only six months left in his term. “We need to ask, or rather demand, the next mayor.”

Grandfather’s eyes lit up at the word request.

“Have you by any chance had your uncle in mind?”

“That’s right.”


I pushed the map away as if there was nothing more to hear.

“Uncle, I will finance the election. When my uncle becomes the mayor of Seoul, he will sell the public land, and my grandfather will only have to pressure the local congressman to sell this public land. “Maybe there is no need for pressure from lawmakers.”

I pretended not to hear my grandfather’s stubborn refusal and continued to say what I wanted to say.

“Well, why don’t you say no?”

“The cause is good. “If the city of Seoul sells all non-business land to raise funds amid the national economic crisis, there will be no opposition.”

“Uh-huh! “That guy!”

“Can you tell me why you are opposed?”

“That guy is not Jin-ga, he’s Choi-ga. “Isn’t this enough reason to oppose it?”

Also, blood refers to the blood of a man. A daughter’s blood is outside the family’s domain.

I pretended not to understand and said something stupid.

“The mayor of Seoul does not have much influence on Sunyang Group.”

“What West Choi is trying to do with politics came from Ji’s wife’s head. “He’s just a puppet of my wife.”

Aunt Choi Seo-yoon’s intention is to cover up the handicap of being a daughter with political power.

Among Korean politicians, there are very few who stand up to Chairman Jin.

Even without looking through a microscope or a magnifying glass, you can see all of Sunyang Group’s evasions and shortcuts. But everyone closes their eyes and pretends not to see. Even if someone mentions this fact, it is immediately buried.

If a powerful politician starts talking through a loudspeaker, it is obvious that trouble will continue to arise.

I know very well that my aunt uses that power to demand as much of Sunyang’s share as her daughter or to receive more than her son.


“Stop it!”

“Why don’t you think of making your uncle a puppet of Sunyang Group?”


“Until you sit on the mayor of Seoul’s chair, you will be covered in all kinds of dirt and dust. “If you hold that, aren’t you a puppet?”

“That dirt and dust comes from Sunyang. “If it explodes, the cruiser will get hurt too.”

“I will cover that dust and dirt. So, I will be holding her uncle’s collar tightly, so you don’t have to worry about her grandfather.”

“Look at this guy. I’ll pay the money, but you’ll pay the favor? Yekki! Hey.”

The grandfather snorts, as if he is dumbfounded.

“no. I will also provide the money. And grandpa, please use it sometimes when you need it.”

“what? Are you paying for it too? Then just push it. “You don’t need my permission, do you?”

“If my grandfather just makes one phone call to the ruling party leader, he can’t even get nominated? Isn’t it?”

Grandfather began to look into my eyes without saying a word.

“Please allow me to pretend to be the owner of the Seoul Metropolitan Government building just twice, for eight years. “Wouldn’t it be okay to take care of everything you need within that period?”

You can hear the sound of your head pounding hard. Finally, her grandfather opened his mouth.

“What is the second one?”

“Are you allowing this?”

“not yet. “Tell me from the second time.”

“Please prevent government subsidies from flowing into Daea Construction.”

“What are you saying? Daea Construction?”

Grandpa’s eyes widened because of the unexpected name.

“I have no intention of taking public land for parking. We need to put something on that land. “For that to happen, shouldn’t there be at least a small construction company?”

“small? Daea Ramen ranks 5th in the contract ranking. “Do you think that’s a hole?”

“grandfather. I am the owner of Ajin Group and Sunyang Motors. “Compared to that, Daea is a hole-in-the-wall store.”


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Suddenly a smile spreads across the grandfather’s face. Is this permission?

“Yes, this guy, you are serious.”


“You said you were going to run your own company. It’s not like you’re begging to get rid of Sunyang Construction, but you’re thinking of taking over Daea… … .”

“Were you planning on giving it to me if I got angry?”

When I smiled and said it as if it were a joke, my grandfather’s expression changed again.

“I can give it to you… . Maybe not… . Well, it ended up being meaningless anyway. “You said you would take over Daea.”

no. Don’t be fooled. That’s something that’s trying to piss me off.

I repeated it to myself several times, but I also felt aggrieved at the thought of what might have happened.

“It’s Daea Construction… … .”

“yes. No company can escape this current foreign exchange crisis. DaeA Engineering & Construction is obviously thirsty for dollars, but if government subsidies are cut off, it will go bankrupt. “I will pick it up then.”

“Dae-ah, it’s a good company. “If we just give him a few bags of blood, he’ll be fine.”

“That’s right. “It is a company that CEO Oh Se-hyun and his employees carefully selected after digging into it for several days.”

“So, Dae-ah and Seo-buk Choi, mayors of Seoul, are one and the same.”

“yes. “If I provide blood and my uncle provides fertilizer, it will bloom in full bloom.”

“There is absolutely no connection between Choi Seo-buk’s election and Sunyang, so there is no problem, right?”

“That’s right.”

Grandpa started tapping his fingers on the desk, a habit he had when he was deep in thought.

I kept my mouth shut and waited quietly.

“After making Daeah Construction bloom like that… .”

“Of course, I will wear Sunyang’s name.”

“That’s really nice to hear. Besides me, you are the only one in this family who is expanding Sunyang’s affiliates. haha.”

I don’t feel good. That laugh is not a pleasant laugh.

“Both of you, think about it. Anyway, our contract is over, right?”


“Then go back and hurry. Even group presidents are shaken. “The situation will calm down only if $1 billion comes in quickly.”

“yes. “I will.”

I walked away without fussing any further. Just in case, I need to meet her aunt and warn her.

# # #

Chairman Jin jumped up from his chair as soon as he saw his grandson leaving the study.

I wandered around the study, trying to relieve the shock I had endured.

The mayor of Seoul, who is helping to overcome the country’s economic crisis, has a good justification for selling public land as a way to raise funds.

After creating the market with your own hands and taking possession of the land, you take over a construction company that is a means of turning that land into a bundle of money.

The picture is so good.

In order to complete this good picture, there are distributions that give up hundreds of billions of won even though it is obvious that the exchange rate will skyrocket.

Doesn’t that mean you are confident of extracting more than a few hundred billion won?

The moment I heard my grandson’s explanation, I immediately forced myself to agree. Because it’s not something you can easily lend your strength to.

And I felt scared again.

That guy hides the temperament of the most vicious beast beneath his cute and handsome face.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet words of putting Sunyang’s name on Ajin Group and Daeah Construction.

It is certain that he is the one who will take away Sunyang Motors and Sunyang Construction.

A grandchild who tries to take something from you is much more special and lovable than a child who tries to take what is theirs.

But I couldn’t help but feel scared and anxious.

* * *

“what? “You said that?”


“Dojun! How many times have I told you no? If dad finds out, the pain will be all over. I would never allow it. It’s big. “Now we’re all dead.”

My aunt was making a fuss with a really deathly expression on her face, and my uncle had a shocked expression on his face.

“aunt. Calm down. “It’s okay.”

“What’s okay!”

“honey. Let’s calm down and listen to what Dojun has to say. I probably said it because I had an idea. is not it?”

He’s a guy who plays around with his wife and doesn’t have enough ideas. He only has an expression full of anticipation at the thought of becoming the mayor of Seoul.

“Grandpa said he would think about it. “I am not unconditionally opposed to it.”

My aunt took a deep breath and calmed herself.

“Honestly, you both know why your grandfather is against it, right?”

“why? “What are you saying?”

“I guess you feel uncomfortable that your uncle’s election funds are flowing from Sunyang. “If a political scandal breaks out, it becomes a big problem.”

My aunt began to look at my expression without missing a single word, as if she was trying to find out something from me.

“So I told you. “You can get your election funds from somewhere else, so just pretend not to know.”

“also? “Did you say anything else?”

“Still, you’ve been involved in politics, but I just said it wouldn’t be nice if you retired from politics after being mayor of Seoul.”

“what? End with the mayor? “That’s nonsense!”

You stupid bastard. I don’t understand what you’re saying!

“honey! It’s more important to get over the mountain in front of you first. “Just stay still!”

My aunt’s senses are much better.

“Dojun. What if my father gives permission and pretends not to notice? “Is it possible to finance the election?”

“How much does it cost?”

I blinked innocently.

“We paid 3 billion won in special party fees and distributed about 5 billion won to senior party officials… . We need to spend about 30 billion won in campaign funds. “40 billion, enough?”

My uncle recited the numbers one after another as if he had been waiting.

40 billion is not even the name of someone’s dog… . He really has no sense of reality.

Shouldn’t we at least have the detailed information already taken out and wait?

“wow! “It’s incredible.”

My uncle’s expression darkened as he opened his eyes wide and pretended to be shocked.

“Why are you surprised? “Isn’t that enough?”

“It’s very lacking. “And I also have to set aside money to build my father’s theater.”

My aunt, who had been silent, opened her mouth.

“I can prepare about 15 billion won. You just need to raise 25 billion won. Is it possible?”

“yes. “That much is possible.”

The expressions on the two people’s faces are so funny that it’s embarrassing to look at them.

It is a childlike face that is both surprised and happy.

“I can’t take out 15 billion at once. First of all, I have to pay special party fees early next year… “Please prepare 3 billion won.”

Is this the brain structure of people from conglomerates who have no sense of reality?

I casually talk about billions and tens of billions to my nephew who is only 20 years old. Does the unit of money for them really start at billions?

“Yes, I will prepare quickly. By the way, we have to write a contract before that, right?”

“what? contract? What contract?”

The two people just look at me with puzzled expressions.

“It’s money you don’t even get a receipt for, so there needs to be a contract. “Isn’t that right?”

I also began to look at him with a puzzled expression.


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