The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 69

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[069]First fight 1

Director Lee Hak-jae tilted his head at Chairman Jin’s smile.

“President. CEO Oh Se-hyun is not taking it easy. “He knows better than anyone the value of his company’s dollars.”

“Director Lee. “Is Oh Se-hyeon the owner?”


“Did I tell you? Master. I’m friendly with this guy. “Oh Se-hyeon is just a horse.”

Marum is only an agent of the landowner, and of course there is a separate landowner. Shareholders and investors are the owners.

“President. no way… ?”

Although no one could say it, everyone in the study looked like they wanted to check if Miracle was Chairman Jin’s company.

“what? What about those eyes? Don’t misunderstand. It’s not my money. How do I save that many dollars? My pockets are empty because you guys didn’t work hard enough. no?”

While everyone was hesitant about whether to laugh or not, Chairman Jin pounded the desk.

“it’s okay. Everyone go out. “Never forget my instructions and follow them thoroughly.”

Director Lee Hak-jae made eye contact with the chairman for a moment, but he knew that the slight nod included him.

And Hakjae Lee, who was the last to leave the study, saw Chairman Jin’s smile that had not disappeared until then.

# # #

The atmosphere is different.

If you were having a meeting to deal with a crisis, you would have to have a frozen expression, but your face is quite bright.

Is it because Sunyang Group, the number one company in the business world, has solid financial power?

After confirming that Director Hakjae Lee was the last to leave, I entered the study.

“Oh my, the owner is here? haha.”


Owner? I?

Could it be that they nominated me as their successor at today’s emergency meeting?

It may never have happened, but my heart pounded as I imagined it for nothing.

“Aren’t you the owner of Miracle, our grandson? Today we are not meeting as grandfather and grandson. “Let’s have an important talk between the two owners.”

“What do you mean by that all of a sudden? awfully… … .”

“Where are you talking about? It’s written all over the face. “It’s so fun I’m dying.”

That’s not my expression, that’s my grandfather’s expression.

Negotiation is the art of tension and nervousness.

The fun belongs to those who are already so dominant that there is no room for negotiation.

It’s clear that neither my grandfather nor I have the upper hand, so I guess we both have a hidden card… I know my card, but I don’t know my grandfather’s card.

What on earth is it? The foreign exchange crisis is approaching by the minute, so why are they showing such leeway?

“But what is the important story? “Are you talking about the share ratio of the merger of two car companies?”

“Oh, there was that too. Let’s do that later. “There are more important things.”

What’s more important? Is it really a Sunyang Group succession issue?

But my happy imagination was short-lived.

“Have you prepared the purchase price for Ajin Group?”

“What do you have to prepare? “You just need to transfer it from an overseas account to a domestic account.”

“Of course it’s dollars, right?”

I couldn’t miss the twinkle in my grandfather’s eyes when I said the word dollar.


Secure dollars in case of foreign exchange crisis.

This was the most important issue for Sunyang Group and Grandpa.

“yes. “It’s in dollars because it’s in American banks.”

“I’ll change that. 1.2 trillion won. Right?”


“The current exchange rate is around 1,200 won, so let’s see… … . “It’s just 1 billion dollars?”

“yes. you’re right.”

“Let’s move it right away, even if it’s tomorrow.”

“I don’t like it.”


“It’s complicated. “Why bother going back and forth when you can just give it to the creditor bank?”

My grandfather began to look at me with a smile as if I was shocked.

“Are you… ?”

“yes. I also have eyes and ears. The dollar continues to rise. In any case, the merger of Sunyang and Ajin Motors must be completed before creditors sign the acquisition approval. Payment is made after that. “For me, it’s better to pay slowly.”

It was a bit cute to see the old man look at me with surprised eyes, but the texture of his life was different. He instantly becomes calm and even shows a faint smile.

“yes. That’s how my grandson comes out. Ah, now it’s starting to get a bit more interesting. haha.”

Laughter makes up for the time you need to quickly think over. An inspiration like a snake!

And the following suggestion.

“I’ll give you 1,500 won. “How are you feeling?”

“Please spend a little more.”

“Such a thief. good night. 1,600 won.”

“There’s no way around it.”

“Hey. Isn’t the dollar you saved just the money you used to sell the ranch I bought and feed and clothe you? “Have you forgotten that?”

“It was a deal. I studied hard throughout my childhood and got 100 points in all subjects, making my grandfather happy and receiving a ranch in return. I know you spent tens of millions of won to purchase the ranch, but if you bought that much joy for only a few tens of millions of won, it was a reasonable deal. “Isn’t tens of millions of won to my grandfather worth a few tens of thousands of won to an ordinary person?”

“scent-! He was such a toxic guy. “Do you remember all that?”

Grandfather shook his head.

“It was my grandfather who revealed what happened ten years ago.”


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“I think I stopped this… . good night. How much should I pay? “You tell me.”

“The scale is not right because you are trying to buy dollars, which are more precious than gold, with won, which are worth a piece of toilet paper. “Put something else on the scale.”

“what? tissue?”

The grandfather’s expression, which had always had a faint smile on his face, changed completely.

“Is it because of how much you think the exchange rate will rise that you call it toilet paper?”

“Aren’t you saying this to me because you can’t get it because you don’t have dollars? If you can’t buy something with money, that money is toilet paper, right? “Aren’t the Korean won and toilet paper useless as money?”

The grandfather couldn’t help his expression and started tapping the desk.

Was it too much?

When I feel my grandfather’s worry, my heart weakens.

Should we provide some dollar support at an appropriate level?

Oh my… . What are you thinking now?

I can’t throw away this opportunity, which is hard to come by again, because of that kind of affection.

I gritted my teeth.

Finally, the grandfather spoke quietly.

“How did you know there were no dollars in this country?”

“It’s the media.”

“what? Press?”

“yes. All kinds of danger signals are pouring out of the media. Everyone who knows will try to take action, but… “You know it’s already too late.”

“The media likes provocative things. “It’s a bit exaggerated.”

The fact that you say something like that while feeling the risk yourself means that you want to know what’s going on in your head.

“grandfather. The truth is… “It’s like a collection of poetry, for example.”


“yes. New poetry collections are always published, but most people don’t read them. But many poets have won the Nobel Prize in Literature.”

I have no choice but to answer like a Zen question. And older people like this answer.

“That is correct. “The truth is powerful, but most people cannot read it or ignore it.”

The grandfather nodded and his smile returned.

“good night. So what should I put on the scale to make it balanced?”

I didn’t do anything stupid like answer first. Anyway, the cruise group is in the water and the life jacket is in my hand.

When the water gets past your chest and up to your nose, when you feel enough fear, and when you start throwing the golden nuggets in your pockets, hand them the life jacket.

“I will put the merger ratio negotiations on the table. Shall we sum it up in one shot?”

“Merger ratio?”

I tilted my head as if I did not understand the two meanings contained in this word at once.

No explanation was added. This is someone who will immediately understand the true meaning.

“Oh my… . Look at this guy. “He had a very black stomach!”

This is a moment when the nickname ‘Iron-faced’ does not fit at all.

It was clearly evident that all kinds of indescribable emotions were passing by.

When merging, Sunyang Group’s shares will be raised generously in Sunyang Motors, and the merger ratio will be favorable to me.

You must have understood these two things correctly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have said that my stomach was black.

“I don’t think it’s something black, but a reasonable demand that can be brought to the negotiating table?”

“Oh my gosh, the words are glossy as if they are coated with sesame oil, but it is true that they are greedy.”

Now that the essence hidden in the words has been brought before me, there is no longer any need for messy excuses.

“Is there a person in the world without greed? “Isn’t it a business to appease others’ greed and satisfy one’s own?”


“And being greedy is something that will get criticized anyway, so I’m going to be greedy so I can get criticized.”

Grandpa’s lips are twitching.

What will come out?

“You are truly a filial son, no, a filial son. haha.”

“of course. Haven’t you given me nothing but joy so far? When I was young, I made studying fun, and when I grew up, I even prepared the money I really needed. “It’s hard to find a grandson like this anywhere.”

I said it a little slyly to try to lighten the mood, but my grandfather just stopped laughing.

“Yes, but you gave me something bigger.”

“… … ?”

“From the moment Sunyang became a group with affiliates, there was no one who stood up to me. He just bowed down and tried to get what was mine. “After preparing thoroughly, I couldn’t find the guy who came at me with his fists clenched and threatened to take what I had, even after washing my eyes and looking for him.”

no way?

Is it burning again at the age of over 70?

And against your grandson?

“I may be generous and share what is mine, but I will not let it be taken away.”

“grandfather. Could it be that it is something bigger? . “That’s not right, is it?”

“right. I plan to try to revive the dying embers. Let’s give it a try. “Who wins?”

“grandfather! “I am your blood grandson!”

“Wouldn’t it be more fun then? The fight between Jaejabi and her grandson. I feel a little embarrassed after saying this… . What do you think? It’s fun. “Uh-huh.”

I’m not sure if he’s serious or joking, but it’s gone beyond the pleasantries of giving it away. I didn’t expect it to go that far anyway.

“Now, owner with a lot of dollars. “I’ll make the suggestion first.”


I put on my most glum expression. The grandson’s sad expression also becomes a fatal weapon for the grandfather.

“I decide the merger ratio and the stake in the affiliates to be added to Sunyang Motors, and you just accept it. Maybe what I give you is much more than what you get by fighting. Aren’t I your grandfather? There is no such thing as a grandfather who is rude to his grandson. “How are you feeling?”

Damn it, this old man doesn’t have any lethal weapons.

“As my grandfather said, I am a devoted son.”

“Does that mean you accept my offer?”

“Hyoson does not take away grandfather’s joy.”

A smile spread across the grandfather’s face.

“yes. A man who surrenders without a fight is not his man. “It is natural to reject the first offer.”

“Do you have a second suggestion?”

“It is there, but it is not a proposal. Usually this kind of thing is called a threat. “If you get threatened, you’ll regret why you turned down the first offer.”

I swallowed my dry saliva. What kind of threat is this?

There is no need to be threatened yet.

“Since you rejected my offer, there will be no merger between Sunyang Motors and Ajin Motors. Tomorrow morning, President Cho Dae-ho will hold a press conference. The merger was aborted as Miracle, the target of Ajin Group’s acquisition, made demands that went beyond common sense. We apologize for causing concern to our citizens. “What is this?”

This guy still doesn’t know the exact size of the foreign exchange crisis.

Companies aren’t the only places where I’m holding on to my pants. The same goes for banks.

Do you believe too much in too big to fail? Do you think only banks are safe?

It is understandable what the bankruptcy of Korea Securities, one of the financial institutions, means.

The tension was completely relieved.

“It’s a bit weak for a threat, isn’t it?”

Now it’s time to admire the grandfather’s embarrassed expression.


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