The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 68

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“Dojun. Aren’t skyscrapers better than theaters? “If the location is good, the monthly rent alone will be better than most companies, right?”

My aunt who can’t stop me.

She even starts talking about her husband as if he were the mayor of Seoul.

“no. It’s a slightly different concept from a regular theater. “I’m thinking about building a new theater.”

I don’t know if you know it’s a multiplex.

There is no need to explain it in detail since you will not understand it anyway.

“Ugh. Yoongi was really happy. My father gave me start-up funds so I could do what I wanted to do, and not only that, he even came up with a new business to help me grow the company… . “I’m jealous, really.”

“I know. We have three children, but we spend our parents’ money to have fun, so we stay out all night long… . “Tsk, tsk.”

It is embarrassing to keep hearing the lamentations of two people who are not blessed with children.

“aunt. “Shall I sneakily tell my grandfather?”

“what? Oh, no!”

He said, giving a slight smile to his aunt who was jumping up and down.

“I need to know exactly why my grandfather is against it. “Only then can I persuade her to change her mind.”

“no. don’t do it.”

My aunt jumps up again.

It seems that the reason he is trying to make his uncle a political figurehead is to prepare for when he stands on the other side of his grandfather.

“Yes, yes, I understand. “It’s a secret from my grandfather.”

I lifted my finger and put it to my lips.

“My uncle, check the amount of money to be distributed to the ruling party, and I will check the funds that can be mobilized.”

My aunt and uncle held each of my hands and their eyes changed to look at the savior.

Perhaps there would be no harm in making him the mayor of Seoul.

* * *

“Dojun. “You’ll see me for a moment.”

“Oh, it’s a little late, right? I’m sorry you’re alone. “I’ll be there early.”

“I’m not a father who is old-fashioned enough to take care of a grown man’s curfew.”

It’s been a long time since I saw my father with a solemn expression. No matter how difficult it was over the past 10 years, I never lost my smile… No, was there anything particularly difficult? He was successful thanks to having a good son.

I need to come and hear what nonsense my aunt was talking about. But his father said something he had never thought of.

“Today, during the day, my classmate’s uncle visited. My aunt at night. “The two people told completely different stories, but the conclusion was the same.”

“Same conclusion… ?”

My father smiled slightly.

“I guess you’re more curious about the conclusion than what the story is.”

“Because the process is not important.”

“also. “It’s different from usual, my son.”

Contrary to his soft voice, his father’s smile had already disappeared.

“Shall we have a drink? “Do you think it’s time to talk openly?”

Before I could say anything, I already stood up, stood in front of the cabinet full of liquor bottles, and chose a drink.

My father poured some alcohol into two glasses and handed one to me.

“Shall we toast?”

As I accepted the glass with both hands, my father’s smile returned.

“What should we toast for?”

“well. Will Titanic, which will be released next year, be a box office success?”

My father shook his head slightly.

“You, not me.”

“Me? I don’t really… .”

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at my father. It looks something different.

“hmm… . Then I’ll tell you, pick one. Assets worth over 3 trillion won, the acquisition of Ajin Group, an investment company that dominates Hollywood, and the infinite affection of the Chairman of Sunyang Group. “Which one do you like best?”

Even though I hadn’t been drinking, my complexion had already turned red and then turned white again.

Oh my, you soft-spoken uncle!

No, was I stupid? It is a friendship that was forged when we relied on each other in a distant, foreign land during our youth. It’s even weirder that I didn’t tell my friend about my best friend’s son’s secret for 10 years.

“Your expression right now is the same expression I had when I heard your story from Sehyun. haha.”

My father smiled brightly and cracked his glass as if it was no big deal, but his mouth did not drop.

“Isn’t it strange? He’s definitely my son, but he doesn’t look like me at all. I take pride in my artistic and aesthetic sense, but you don’t even listen to common popular music or pop songs. On the other hand, calculating money is a very tedious task for me, but my son was born with a miraculous sense of outstanding investment. “How can it be so different?”

I emptied the glass in my hand in one go. I felt like I had to calm my pounding heart before I could say anything.

“are you okay. At least take a slow deep breath. No, would you like another drink? haha.”

My father smiled and filled my glass with alcohol.

“I was incredibly surprised at first, but at the same time, I was proud. “I’m not proud of making a lot of money, but of having such great talent.”

“I’m sorry for not telling you in advance.”

“I thought it was a good thing I didn’t tell you beforehand? A middle school student hands over 20 billion won worth of money and negotiates in fluent English? “Do you think I believed that?”

My father studied my expression and continued speaking calmly.

“Anyway, I applaud the past. Honestly it’s awesome! awesome.”

My father lightly bumped his palms a few times.

“Now let’s talk about what happens next. “What do you ultimately want to achieve?”

“well. “I don’t have any specific goals or plans yet. “I’m in a hurry to review what’s coming right now.”

“Do you by any chance want to take over the Sunyang Group?”

Should I tell the truth? And should I ask for help? I thought about it for a moment. But it is too early to change jobs.


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If one person knows, it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows.

“It’s just a means or tool to reach my dream, not the goal.”

“okay? “So what is my son’s dream?”

“A top-notch giant company that surpasses Sunyang Group… ? To create such a company, you will need to create a company from scratch, and you will need to purchase a good company from Sunyang Group’s affiliates. Of course, affiliates of other large corporations are also needed. “It cannot be limited to pure luxury.”



“hey! Is Sunyang Group a corner store? Is it a local supermarket? “You’re buying it?”

“father. It is not something I want for my grandfather to hand over the Sunyang Group. Do you really want to hear more about how lucky a person born into a conglomerate family is?”

“So you live? Sunyang’s lucrative companies?”

“If you’re sure it’s a real deal. Well, it’s still a dream, well.”

Did it sound a little plausible?

Wouldn’t my father’s true intentions have been revealed to make all of my brothers and nephews into servants struggling to stand in line at my feet?

I looked a bit surprised, but I don’t think my true feelings were revealed. A feeling of admiration was evident in his surprised appearance.

My father said after emptying the remaining alcohol in his glass.

“If you feel that way, I don’t think there’s anything I can do for you. I was worried for no reason. haha.”

“What are you worried about?”

“I was wondering how I could help you achieve your dream. “If necessary, I thought about asserting the legal rights of one of the president’s sons.”

What does this mean? Son’s rights?

My father got up from the sofa, tapped my shoulder and smiled.

“Anyway, thank you. Even if there is a rift in the family, should I fight with my brothers, or should I negotiate by demanding a few affiliates or cash or stocks? “I thought a lot.”

wait? This is a new card you never thought of?

“I didn’t like fights that made me blush, and I didn’t like negotiations that hurt my pride, but you said I don’t need you, well… . It was late at night. I need to go up and sleep. “You sleep too.”

My father turned around and walked up to this floor.

“Ah, father. That’s not true. Wait. Let’s talk some more. yes?”

I followed my father up to this floor and called him.

I have never called you father as earnestly as I do today.

* * *

When I arrived at my grandfather’s house to discuss the merger of two car companies, I found about a dozen black sedans filling the parking lot.

This means that all the key figures of the group have gathered.

I waited in the living room for the meeting in the study to end.

You can already guess the content of the meeting.

The media reported unusual exchange rates every day and continued to warn of the dangers of merchant financial companies’ practices of introducing short-term foreign currency capital and managing funds through long-term loans.

However, there were a series of government announcements that ignored these warnings.

Korea’s famous ‘economic fundamentals’ was mentioned, citing its strong industrial structure and accumulating trade surplus.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s famous rhetoric had the power to make people ignore the crisis that was right in front of them.

However, the Tie Warriors, who felt the crisis firsthand, were different. I realized that it was already too late and I prayed and prayed that the coming typhoon would be weak.

Just like the people gathered in the study.

# # #

“Foreign exchange flowing into the group must not be even 1 dollar, 1 yen, or 1 mark. “We need to start by sorting out hot money that is about to be paid overseas.”

“It seems like the banks have no intention of releasing dollars. “I’m holding on tight.”

“Due to the rising exchange rate, export exchange gains are good, but we are holding on to converting to won.”

The urgent voices of affiliate presidents continued.

“Have you ever contacted the Deputy Prime Minister?”

Director Hakjae Lee, who was sitting next to Chairman Jin, looked closely and asked carefully.

“you? “Have you ever talked on the phone?”

“He was avoiding my calls.”

“There’s no way he wouldn’t know that your phone is mine. “This bastard is clearly avoiding phone calls from business people.”

Chairman Jin’s clenched fists gained strength.

“If we raise all the remaining money in the group, how much will we have?”

“If hot money is paid by the end of the year, it will be a little over 400 billion. Of course, foreign exchange is at the bottom.”

“A lot of money went out when we acquired Hando Steel, and money continues to come in after the acquisition.”

Chairman Jin shouted at the presidents of affiliates.

“Don’t give me the money I’m going to give you, but take the money I’m going to give you right now. And change all your money into dollars.”

However, the response that came back was unusual.

“Even if you pay more than the market price, it won’t work. “The only thing that comes back is that everyone is crying because they don’t have any dollars.”

It was clear that the crisis was not normal.

No one is intimidated by the chairman’s shouting. This is because we have to say that impossible things are impossible and come up with other measures to survive.

“Singularity will come soon. Even if the exchange rate rises to 2,000 or even 3,000 won per dollar, you may not be able to get it due to a shortage of dollars.”

There was only silence in the study. No one opened their mouths. No, I couldn’t.

No one expected that the tsunami of the financial crisis that hit Southeast Asia would also hit Korea.

No one yet knows how to prevent a tsunami.

At this time, Director Hakjae Lee opened his mouth. He realized where the lifeboat was.

“President. “Ajin Group.”

“why? “Did they have some dollars piled up in their secret warehouse?”

“No, that’s not it. You have the purchase price, right? “1.2 trillion won.”

Chairman Jin suddenly raised his upper body, which was leaning against the back of the chair.

“yes! That’s miracle money, right? “You probably have it in crisp dollars, right?”

“yes. We can take that dollar and give 1.2 trillion won. If you don’t have enough money, you can easily cover it with a bank loan. “There are no dollars, but there is an abundance of won.”

The faces of everyone in the study brightened. Miracle’s dollars are more than a life raft. It is a port level that will keep ships safe from tsunamis.

“Not only that, you can collect all the dollars Miracle holds by issuing positive bonds. “It would be possible if we paid more interest than Miracle Investment’s annual rate of return.”

“Director Lee. They too will feel our country’s crisis. “If the exchange rate doubles, will you be satisfied with the interest on bonds when you earn twice as much through exchange gains alone?”

The CEO of Sunyang Life Insurance pointed out a realistic problem.

“1.2 trillion won should be given based on the exchange rate. “I was talking about bond interest on spare dollars.”

Soon the study became noisy. As I found some possibility, thoughts came and went to turn that possibility into reality.

At this time, Chairman Jin burst out laughing.

“Haha! Everyone stop it. “I can handle that problem.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Chairman Jin.

“I am very close to the owner of Miracle Investment. Hehehe.”


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