The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 66

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Oh Se-hyeon sent several emails. Checking the trends of overseas short-term investors will provide data to predict whether the rise in exchange rates is a temporary phenomenon.

“Dojun. What if the exchange rate continues to rise? Are you planning to pay for the acquisition in dollars?”

“We have to negotiate.”

“What negotiation?”

“We are planning to cut the Ajin Group acquisition price on the condition that it be paid in dollars.”

Oh Se-hyun slapped his forehead and burst into laughter.

“Hahaha. yes! What do you do when you’re holding a gold nugget? It looked like I was drowning. “You should throw a gold nugget and get a life jacket.”

The dollar, the key currency, is like blood to a human being. If the blood stops flowing, a person will die.

The person holding the blood bag for transfusion can freely take the golden nugget from the pocket of the fallen person.

There is no way Oh Se-hyeon, who handles money, does not know this fact.

“Dojun, do you think you will be our savior by the time the domestic foreign exchange reserves reach their bottom?”

“It’s not me. “My uncle is the CEO of Miracle Investment.”

I thought he would be surprised, but instead he smiled quietly.

“why? Are you saying you don’t want to come forward because you’re still a child? Or do you have a hidden agenda and are reluctant to reveal your presence?”

The idea of ​​already guessing a lot of things just confuses me.

“What would the world say if I were holding trillions of dollars? Illegal donations, illegal inheritance, etc. The world will become noisy.”

“And you won’t be able to avoid the countless wary eyes watching you.”

“There is that aspect, too.”

Even if the exact words were not exchanged, each other’s thoughts were already exchanged.

I waited for Oh Se-hyun’s answer with calm eyes, and Oh Se-hyun smiled and nodded.

“For now, I will be your Red Tomato. Turn the reins and whip the whip as you wish. But there isn’t much time. I am fifty years old. At most it is 5 years. After that, you will have to either run yourself or find a horse to replace me.”

“What is it? Does this mean you are retiring at fifty-five? Aren’t you in your prime? “Is it too fast?”

“Fifty-five is just right. It may be a little early to retire, but… But there is too much money to work for. Wouldn’t it be unfair if you didn’t have enough time to spend money? haha.”

5 years.

It is not a long time at all. How much can you take up in that short amount of time?

Should I let my old horse rest in the pasture and get a new one?

“It’s been 5 years because you are more like my nephew than my biological nephew. “I feel like I want to retire now and go to a quiet island.”

It’s completely nail-biting.

There is no extension of the Red Toma role.

* * *

“Is it true?”

“yes. “Dojun saw it himself.”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki felt like his blood was pouring out when he heard the information his son gave him.

Didn’t his father even pat him on the shoulder and promise him a chair in the study?

But are you trying to change the group’s governance structure?

His father whispered sweet words in his ear as he proceeded, hiding it even from himself, the eldest son.

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki was shaken by the sense of betrayal.

But my son is watching. This is why we need to regain our composure.

Jinyoung-gi said as if it was no big deal.

“Well, if the car industry is separated, it’s a measles that you have to deal with at least once. “The entire frame may shake, but it’s not enough to worry about.”

“But father. If the stake held by the car moves… .”

“Uh-huh! Isn’t it okay? I’ll take care of it. You are Han Do Jecheol… No, we just need to focus on normalizing Sunyang Steel. “You must not miss this opportunity to show your grandfather your abilities.”

“All right.”

As his son bowed his head and left, Jinyoung-gi quickly took out his phone.

“Ask everyone in the planning department to gather in the conference room.”

We had to move quickly before Chairman Jin came to a strange conclusion.

* * *

“Oh my, this. “I don’t know if I’ve bothered someone who is busy.”

“you’re welcome. It looks like I’ll be busy from now on, but I have to make time to have a bowl of rice with the boss. haha.”

President Jin Jin-gi greeted President Dae-ho Cho with a bright smile as he opened the door to the separate room and entered.

“But I’m still confused. If Ajin and Sunyang combine, who will benefit more… Of course, my father did a good job.”

“Iknow, right. “I’m also shocked because it’s happening so suddenly.”

Vibrator focused all his attention not to miss a word or expression on President Cho Dae-ho’s face.

“If the affiliates are separated, President Cho will be very disappointed because he will no longer have any ties with Sunyang.”

President Cho Dae-ho smiled and the corners of his mouth rose slightly as he looked at the vibrator talking.

“Are you serious? Or are you trying to scare me? “If it’s the former, I’m very disappointed.”

also. The prediction was not wrong. Sunyang swallowed Ahjin.

“What are you talking about? Are you floating? “I’m just saying this just in case.”

“Boss Jin.”


“I have served the Chairman for over 30 years. “During that long period of time, I have rebelled against the Chairman only once. Do you know what that was?”

The smile on President Cho Dae-ho’s face had disappeared, and the vibrator swallowed dry saliva.

“It was when I first started in the oil refining business. In the Middle East, war broke out every day, and the supply of crude oil was in crisis. The Chairman and I flew to Texas. “It was to sign a contract for Texas crude oil as soon as possible.”

Suddenly bringing up stories of old hardships is a sign of your sincerity. By the end of this story, President Cho Dae-ho will give a cool-headed evaluation of the vibrator.

“I was driving on an endless highway and went into a steakhouse, but the day was hot, I was exhausted, and I had no appetite. The chairman suggested that we order just one steak and share it. “The smallest steak there was a whopping 600g.”

“Steak in the southern United States is eaten as a lamb. haha.”

“I was against it. “Let’s each eat one plate.”


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“No way, that was the only half term… ?”


“this… . Are you really kidding? ah!”

Although President Cho Dae-ho spoke of past memories as a joke, Jin Jin-gi fully understood what President Cho meant.

I am against sharing. I don’t like sharing even a single piece of meat, which means I don’t agree with splitting up the group.

“President Joe hates sharing, but I hate throwing things away. “If there’s too much of it and you can’t even eat it, don’t you end up throwing it away?”

The vibrator never lost his smile. Even if you don’t persuade them, you have to make them understand, even if you don’t accept them.

“Do you think it was wise of your father to order just enough to eat?”

“Boss Jin.”


“You’re not asking about the results.”

“what… ?”

“In the end, the chairman and I ate it all. It seemed like a lot, but I ended up eating it all. You won’t know until you try. 600g… “It’s not as much as you think.”

The vibrator bit his lip without realizing it.

Old-fashioned startup founders. Even so, the only thing they can do is earn a salary, and they cherish the Sunyang Group as if it were a family heirloom.

People who are natural horsemen who worry endlessly about whether the carriage will get damaged, even though they know full well that when the owner of the carriage changes, the driver and horse also change.

However, if you want to own a carriage, you desperately need a coachman.

“Boss Joe. “You have a good appetite.”

“I can’t eat that much anymore. “As I got older, the amount decreased a lot.”

“okay. I feel like I’m not getting any older, as my appetite hasn’t diminished yet. I ate all but 600g of steak. “Rare.”

President Cho Dae-ho, who fully understood the vibrator’s intention to take everything without sharing, let out a short sigh and slowly opened his mouth.

“It’s motivation.”

When I called his name without hesitation, the vibrator sent a chill down my spine.

“yes. older brother.”

Before the vibrator started working for the company, Chairman Jin’s limbs came and went in and out of the house. Some called him uncle and some called him uncle.

However, CEO Cho Dae-ho was a man who always called me brother and gave him plenty of pocket money.

“Vice President Jin Young-ki is your older brother. And he is the eldest son. “You can’t have it.”

“older brother. Brother Youngki is incompetent. “Don’t you know?”

“Wouldn’t it be okay if you, who are capable, could help me out?”

“Why can’t Brother Youngki be by my side and help me?”

“It is impossible for an incompetent person to help a competent person. “It’s useless.”

“older brother!”

“The picture doesn’t come out. The older brother takes care of the younger brother? It’s impossible. “You will be kicked out.”

“I will organize a few affiliates and give them to Youngki. And I will take care of yin and yang.”

I didn’t intend to even talk about this. It was just a place to predict the whereabouts of cruisers, but it ended up spilling water.

Now that we’ve exposed ourselves to each other, we have to see it through to the end.

“Daejin Group, Cheongma Group and Jasung Group. There is no trace now. It’s all because the brothers are torn and divided by fighting. “If the eldest son monopolizes the food, he survives, but if his younger siblings start going on a rampage to steal it, he bleeds and disappears.”

“There are many eldest sons who have ruined their families.”

Although his voice was filled with earnestness, President Cho Dae-ho only smiled bitterly.

“I am only a tenant farmer of the Sunyang Group, but I am confident that my contribution to making Sunyang fertile is significant. “I don’t want to see that land being torn apart.”

“I can make the land more fertile. I am confident that I will reclaim the rough land and turn it into a wider and more expansive plain. “Isn’t this what you want to see, brother?”

President Cho Dae-ho just stared blankly for a moment at the confident figure of the vibrator.

When President Cho Dae-ho opened his mouth again, his tone returned to its original state.

“Boss Jin. “How much do you know about your father, Chairman?”


“The chairman is not someone who will pre-determine and raise a successor. “Don’t even dream about it.”

When I first heard the sound, the vibrator felt like I had been hit on the head with a hammer.

No successor?

“This is someone who will probably endlessly rate and compare scores until the day before he dies. Perhaps in his last will, he will announce a successor to Sunyang Group.”

“No way? If you do not prepare for succession in advance, you will have to pay astronomical amounts of taxes. “This is not someone who will forget that.”

Jinja knows very well that Jaringobi, who has no other place in the world, is his father.

“Because you are more worried about Sunyang’s future than taxes.”

As I listened to President Cho Dae-ho’s words, Vibrator became angry.

“Then what has President Cho said so far? It’s as if Brother Youngki inherited everything… .”

“That is my thought and heart. “Aren’t you asking about my thoughts, not the Chairman’s intentions?”

There was nothing to reply. And I had to calm down my anger.

This is because the opinions of public servants like Cho Dae-ho play a large part in his father’s last will and final decision.

Vibrator forced a smile and raised his glass.

“I will take it to heart that the game hasn’t even started yet.”

President Cho Dae-ho also smiled and raised his glass.

He was a tenant farmer his whole life and only sat in the driver’s seat of a carriage called Sunyang.

Even though I couldn’t see the inside of the carriage, I was the one holding the reins.

It was just a random thing, but the quick-witted vibrator would have figured it out.

A warning not to ignore the power of the driver holding the reins.

This is a warning not to even dream of changing the driver just because the owner of the carriage changes.

Chairman Jin’s children should also know how powerful the united power of the coachmen is when deciding on the owner of the carriage.


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