The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 6

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[006]Birthday of the head of a conglomerate 3.

When I went downstairs to the dining room, many eyes were on me.

They were sitting at three huge tables.

Tailors that you can recognize just by looking at them. These are key figures in the group, including the presidents of affiliates. Some of the faces looked familiar.

This is because the face from 30 years later was clearly revealed.

The core members of the group are someone’s husband, the father of their children, and the sons of their parents, but they are people whose loyalty to Chairman Jin Yang-cheol takes precedence over love for their wives and children or filial piety toward their parents.

These are the butlers who sat in the seat of my dreams, or, to put it nicely, the bodyguards. Chairman Jin Yang-cheol also listens to their words in return for their loyalty.

I must make them on my side.

There were children sitting at one of the tables.

One older brother and 11 cousins.

In particular, my whole body trembled when I found Jin Young-jun, my eldest cousin and the eldest grandson of this family, who sent me to my death 30 years later in his position as vice president.

If I had a gun in my hand, I might have shot that guy and killed him.

At the last table sat the chosen ones.

All they have done is to be born as Chairman Jin Yang-cheol’s child, but that is the only way to have a seat at this table.

Five successors.

And their spouses… … .

for a moment!

Why nine? There is no one.

Why is my mother not there?

Even though I looked around, I couldn’t find my mother.

As Chairman Jin Yang-cheol sat down at the table, two chefs appeared holding a cake with 66 candles.

“President. Happy Birthday.”

“Father, happy birthday. “Live a long, healthy life.”

“grandfather! Happy birthday!”

Many rattlers shouted with bright smiles, and as the chairman blew out the candles, the family clapped as they left.

There were only two people who did not smile or clap their hands with any force.

They are my father and older brother.

No matter how many ugly hairs there are, how can they look so dejected? What exactly is our family like in this house?

The answer was known as soon as I found my mother.

Can’t sit together. No, there is no space to sit at the table.

All women except men, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and sisters-in-law.

Whenever they have time, they ask their mother to do something.

“Sister-in-law, please bring me some more soup.”

“You’re the youngest. Please prepare some cool water. “Put ice in it.”

“My sister-in-law. “Please put away the empty dishes.”

Just like a working lady.

Of course, since he is the lowest ranking person, he can do simple errands. But isn’t that something that can only be seen in ordinary families?

There are only five people working in the kitchen here. Including maids, there are more than ten people doing housework. There is no need for the mother to come and go.

This is blatantly forcing one to live with one’s in-laws. No, being abusive is a more accurate expression.

When I saw this, my blood rushed out.

The level of anger was no different from when I first discovered Jinyoung-jun.

Although it had been less than 100 days since I lived with my mother, I was feeling the warmth of her infinite affection for me.

Also, my father’s inability to eat food made me even more angry than the people who mistreated my mother.

Since my husband is like that, the mistreatment and neglect must have gotten even worse.

My older brother, Sangjun, sitting next to me, has probably already seen this scene many times, but he still seems to have a hard time enduring it.

Her tightly closed lower lip was trembling.

This is why you made such a fuss about not wanting to come to grandpa’s house.

I felt a little sorry for scolding this guy for changing his habits without even knowing how he felt.

Be patient. One day, I will definitely show you how the women of this family kneel in front of you.

In the end, my mother could barely eat dinner and had to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

When dinner was over, the grandchildren were divided into two groups.

The adolescent middle and high school students quietly disappeared somewhere, and the immature Korean students gathered around their grandfather.

“Okay, you guys. Let’s go up. haha.”

Ah, the upstairs playroom can be accessed with Chairman Jin’s permission.

It’s such an inspiration.

He shows off his power even to his grandchildren and does not give up his controlling mindset.

Although I was shocked, I followed them upstairs.

At this time, I felt a hand stroking my head.

“Our Dojun is the main character today.”

The main character of the hand was none other than Jinyoung-Jun Jin.

When I checked on him, my hair stood on end, but I forced a smile.

Perhaps because we were 10 years apart in age, the expression on his face when he looked at me was smiling. He looks like a big brother loving his younger sibling.

Let’s see how long that smile lasts.

“This is a gift from Dojun, so the first person to ride it is a challenge. You guys are next. “You understand?”

Chairman Jin quickly approached the kids and went downstairs.

As soon as the grandfather’s figure disappeared, there was someone pushing my shoulder.

“Move! You bastard. “I come first!”

Such a respectable bastard. As the fever rose, my face turned red. As I clenched my fist and was about to leave, his older brother Sangjun grabbed my wrist.


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“huh. Kangjun gets on first. “We can ride later.”

My brother already looked very frightened.

Kangjun? Jin Kang-jun? It’s a familiar name.

I searched for memories.

Ah, it’s him. The eldest son of Jin Sang-gi, the third son. At the time of my death, this guy was the executive director of Sunyang Communications.

This guy’s father, Jin Sang-gi, lost in the succession process and knelt down asking for his son to be taken care of.

I found out today that Jin Kang-jun has had a nasty temper since he was young.

Even after becoming an adult, he continued to commit assault incidents.

He is a man who speaks with his fists before his words, so there have been numerous incidents of assault on employees, as well as assaults on employees at restaurants and bars.

I wasn’t interested in these kids’ toys anyway, but it reminded me of the dinner table where this guy’s mother made my mother run all sorts of errands for him, as he was the oldest sister-in-law.

Now, what should we do?

Should I bury it like this? Or should I take a little revenge?

The worries didn’t last long.

A little revenge was a must, and I just needed some time to think about what benefits I could gain.

If possible, I wanted to make a strong impression on our founder’s grandfather today. From the looks of it, we only meet a few times a year, so I have to appeal to him every time I get the chance.

After I finished thinking, I immediately took action.

My brother Sangjun’s eyes widened when he saw the strange smile on my lips.

It may be because I noticed that it was the same smile as he was splashing hot water in the bathroom today.

I narrowed my eyes at my older brother, then smiled and approached my cousin Jin Kang-jun.

The guy didn’t even know I was getting close and was having fun pretending to be a cowboy on a horse that was making a low mechanical noise.

“Is it fun?”


Jin Kang-jun, who was distracted by the horse’s shaking, glanced back and kicked the horse’s butt with all his might.


The horse shook and Jin Kang-jun fell, making a dull sound.


this! Did you break a leg bone? The scream is sharp.

Does not matter.

Growing while injured is good because your bones become softer.

The five young cousins ​​in the playroom were so shocked that they opened their mouths and didn’t make a sound.

I tapped Jin Kang-jun’s cheek as he continued to scream due to the pain in his leg from being crushed by the horse.

“Don’t touch mine again.”

I started to hear a pounding sound outside my feet running up the stairs.

Women who came running to the sound of screams. One of them, a woman, turned pale.


The playroom was in chaos as they tried to raise the fallen horse and check on the child’s condition, but there was only one person who could not move and was only looking at me.

It was my mother.

The children chirped like sparrows, but only one sentence could be heard in her ears.

Dojun pushed!

She looked at me with a sad expression, having a hard time coping with what was about to happen, but I smiled brightly and narrowed my eyes.

Unfortunately, Kangjun’s mother saw this.

“Hey, you crazy guy!”

Clap clap-!

As her hand moved to my cheek, my mother rushed over and hugged me.

Poor woman.

I can’t say a single word and can only think about protecting myself.

The older sister-in-law’s hand went up again. There was a venomous look in their eyes as if they were trying to grab our hats.

“What are you doing? “How dare you use a hand-shaped sword!”

“Ah, father… … .”

When Chairman Jin appeared, the playroom became quiet as if cold water had been poured on it.

He glanced around the room, seemed to understand everything at a glance, and immediately gave instructions.

“Kangjun, please take the child to the hospital quickly.”

“yes yes.”

As several people left the room carrying the child who was crying and whining due to pain, Chairman Jin gave orders to the remaining people as well.

“Everyone go downstairs. hurry.”

I held my mother’s hand and tried to escape for the last time, just in case.

“Dojun, you stay!”

Well then. The sea I wanted.

When I let go of my mother’s hand, she couldn’t take a step due to anxiety and worry. However, under Chairman Jin’s cold gaze, Mori bowed and went downstairs.

When the two of us were alone, Chairman Jin glared at me and said.

“You said that?”


“why? How did you do such a dangerous thing? “And to your brother too!”

“It’s mine, but Kangjun got on it first.”

“what? “Are you saying you hurt his brother just because of that?”

Chairman Jin frowned heavily and showed his anger.

“no. “I wasn’t trying to hurt his brother, I was trying to break his horse.”

At my unexpected answer, his frown disappeared and his expression changed into a very surprised expression.

“I wanted to destroy what was mine rather than have it taken away by someone else. Don’t let anyone have it… … .”

I trailed off and lowered my head.

“You won’t lose it?”


I slightly lifted my bowed head and looked at Chairman Jin’s expression.

It’s a success.

It was obvious that he was holding back a smile that was about to burst out.

It may be because he caught a glimpse of the venom that was absolutely necessary as the leader of the kingdom. A miasma that does not want even an inch of its territory to be taken away. This is an essential item in the war against the outside world.

“I know you didn’t intend to hurt your brother, but it ended up hurting you. “You must be punished for your actions.”

Chairman Jin took the lead, and I followed with my head down, pretending to reflect.

The place Chairman Jin took me was the study.

My heart was pounding as I opened the study door.

You can come and go here!


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