The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 59

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[059]Fight or sport? 2.

“President. “You must accept this offer.”


The tightly closed mouth and frowning eyebrows showed how angry Chairman Joo was, but the group’s key figures did not hesitate at all.

We must prevent a disaster where the chairman loses his temper and kicks away the well-prepared table.

Considering the sincerity put into Ajin Motors, unity on basic matters is absolutely necessary.

Ajin Motor Company’s debt of 3.28 trillion won and Ajin affiliates’ debt of 1.58 trillion won were written off. And the remaining debt of KRW 2.52 trillion was converted into equity.

Unconventional conditions that indemnify a whopping 7.38 trillion won.

My head hurts when I think about the money I poured in, the alcohol I drank, and the women I got until the bank creditors and Ministry of Economy officials accepted these conditions.

Also, although we have not yet received a confirmation, the acquisition price that was implicitly agreed upon was KRW 1.2 trillion.

The cost of cutting out all the rotten parts of Ajin Group, applying medicine to the wounds, washing away all the dirt, and then eating them deliciously is only 1.2 trillion won.

An amazing dinner like this will never come again.

However, if Miracle Investment starts touching on the debt relief part, you will have to cook dinner again.

The acquisition price can be 100 to 200 billion more, but debt relief cannot be renegotiated.

Daehyun Group people were even grateful for Miracle’s proposal for unity.

“It was a difficult negotiation. “The conditions for debt relief must never be touched.”

When Chairman Joo saw his face filled with earnestness, he couldn’t help but lose his temper.

“That guy, does he have a lot of money? Do you have enough money to spend trillions of won?”

“Just as Miracle does not know our Daehyun’s financial capacity, it is also difficult for us to know. Aren’t they all American capital? but… .”

“But what?”

“According to the research conducted by the American subsidiary, it is expected that there will be enough live ammunition. He is a famous figure in Hollywood, USA. “Of all the hit movies so far, there is no movie that did not involve Miracle money.”

Chairman Joo was appalled when it came to Hollywood movies.

In 1993, when director Steven Spielberg’s film “Jurassic Park” was released, President Kim Young-sam emphasized the importance of the film industry and made it a habit to say, “The box office revenue of one movie is equivalent to exporting 1.5 million cars.” I went around doing it.

However ignorant it may be, how can you compare two completely different industries based on profits alone?

Thanks to this, the Daehyun Group, a leading Korean automobile company, was labeled as a symbol of an old era that was focusing on a business that was far out of date.

“There is another really important point. “Of all the films Miracle invested in, not a single one failed.”

“That’s right. I have no ordinary investment sense. A guy like this would never have entered into a fight where he would be pushed out of money. “Didn’t the Chairman always say that holding his hand reluctantly is also a way to avoid bleeding?”

“It was the hand that reached out first… … .”

Chairman Joo was silent for a while.

It is an expression of acceptance of the proposal for unity by not shouting and shouting.

* * *

After scanning the full-page advertisement in the Hansung Ilbo, Chairman Jin put down the newspaper with satisfaction.

“I like the last one. “It gives me something to look forward to.”

“It was made by Sunyang Planning, right?”


“Chairman Song Hyeon-chang has also been interviewed a lot. Didn’t your grandfather create the position?”

“That’s not it. Chairman Song is running directly. “Chairman Oh said he wielded his whip tightly, but Chairman Song is also busy.”

Grandpa looked at me and smiled.

“Joo Young-il came and went?”

“yes. “They said they would compensate me if I was left out of the takeover battle.”

“Uh-huh. That old man, he was busy with his way to go, but he was anxious when he saw a guy hanging on his hind legs. He even took that difficult step. “Okay, what did you say?”

“We said we would compete with dignity based solely on acquisition price. Let’s take advantage of all the benefits provided by the government. “There is no need to cut my weight for no reason.”

“so? “What do you say?”

“I heard you shouldn’t fuss? Let’s stick together properly… .”

“Hehehe. “I guess that friend’s medicine has gone up.”

The grandfather just kept bursting into laughter, looking like he was enjoying a very fun game.

“Give me a hint. “How do you think Chairman Joo will come out?”

“You already guessed it. “Have you ever considered whether I would have declined that offer?”


“so? “What is the answer?”

“You will accept it. The debt forgiveness amount is already a constant. “You don’t want to introduce new variables.”

“I guessed it right away. The most frightening thing for a business owner is variables. When I was working on Asan Bay, the construction date was extended indefinitely due to the unpredictable weather on the west coast. “The construction I was trying to complete quickly was dragging on, and all the money I was making every day was debt, so I was going crazy.”

It came out again. Memories of the past.

How convenient would it be to just state the key points and key points? But this man is also an old man.

More than half of the present time is spent living in memories.

In times like this, it is filial piety to just shut your mouth and listen.

“The unpredictable weather was an unexpected variable. I imagined how great it would be if money could buy the weather. Same thing. Chairman Joo would like to buy variables with money now. But why refuse when you can eliminate half of the variables without spending any money?”

done. The two presidents are the same person.

Now all we have to do is wait until Chairman Joo informs us that he accepts unity.

“But Dojun.”


“Now we…” No, you’ve used up all your cards. Chairman Joo hasn’t even used his card yet. “We will launch a massive counterattack.”

“Through the media, right?”

Grandfather nodded.

“We will persuade not only the media but also creditors and the acquisition review team. “The government, the National Assembly, and the Blue House, which Daehyun Group has taken care of, will also exert pressure.”

Grandpa’s tone of voice is a bit suspicious.

“Does that mean there is no more help?”

“I can’t give it to you even if I want to.”


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“yes? What is that… ?”

“We prevented Chairman Song Hyun-chang from being arrested. That alone made me suspect that Ajin Motors had its eyes on me… . They became quiet because arresting Chairman Song was more advantageous for the takeover. “I just thought it was sympathy.”

“I don’t think that’s all.”

“Is it okay to embarrass the public servants who are doing their job for the country? These are the guys who have worked like a limb for so long. What if I pull with my right hand and Chairman Joo pulls with his left? “Those friends are torn apart.”

His expression didn’t look sad at all. It seems like the old man, who looks like a snarky serpent, has something up his sleeve, but I can’t guess.

“You can’t tear away the friends you raised with money, right?”

He is the person who most wants to avoid Ajin Motors and Daehyun Motors becoming one. When the time comes, he will step forward even if you stop him, so there is no need to cling to him.

“All right. “I will do well with CEO Se-Hyun Oh.”

The grandfather looked surprised that he didn’t go out of his way to ask for help, but his smile soon returned.

“You’re close with Oh Se-hyeon, right?”


“How do you feel? “Do you think you are a trustworthy person?”

“Until now. He said his father was also someone he could trust. “It’s a job that involves making money, but I’m not a person who would betray you for money.”


A sinister smile spreads across his face.

What is this old man thinking?

“Dojun. There are two types of people you should keep close to you. “One is someone like Oh Se-hyeon who can be trusted and entrusted with work.”


“Someone worth making sacrifices for you.”

It’s a sacrifice… … .

Is there anything worth sacrificing for me?

“Such people gather on their own when you shine. “There is no need to deliberately try to save it.”

Seeing me thinking deeply, my grandfather stopped laughing and stood up.

“let’s go. It’s time for the guests to arrive. By the way, change your clothes. “I prepared it upstairs.”

“Surely it’s not a tuxedo? “Hehe.”

* * *

The engagement ceremony was held at the guesthouse of my grandfather’s mansion. Most of his cousins ​​were studying abroad, so there were only a few of them. On the other hand, there were quite a few people from the other side’s family.

Perhaps because of the grandfather’s request to avoid a noisy engagement ceremony, the Hansung Ilbo reporter was nowhere to be seen, and only the two photographers who were taking commemorative photos were busy using their flashes.

Jin Young-jun seemed quite friendly with the woman who would become his wife. As far as I know, the second time we met was a reunion of the two families, and we only met a couple of times after that, but they are really difficult to understand.

Since you have a lot of money, do you get it easily?

The two, with their arms folded, went around greeting those who attended the engagement ceremony, and the Hansung Ilbo family repeatedly bowed their heads to Jin Young-jun, the likely successor, with their eyes closed.

The largest advertisers and media companies that make a living from those advertisements.

The ranking of the two families was not based on age or kinship, but was a perfect ranking of A and B.

“oh! Just as I heard, you are handsome! They say he’s the most handsome man in Youngjun’s family… .”

“older brother. Congratulations on your engagement.”

I bowed my head and said hello to the two people who approached me.

“Dojun. Is this your first time? “Say hello.”

“congratulation. Sister-in-law. “This is Jin Do-jun.”

“Thank you, Master Dojun.”

There is nothing to say other than hello. I was hoping for a second to leave to say hello to someone else, but damn it.

From a distance, Vice Chairman Jinyoung-gi raises his hand and calls out to Jinyoung-jun.

“Mr. Soyoung. Wait. Dojun, you are talking to your sister-in-law. “I’ll be there soon.”

It was an awkward situation that made me feel like I was going to turn away, but guess what?

This woman, despite her fierce appearance, is gentle.

“I think Master Dojun is every woman’s ideal type.”


“sure. He’s tall and handsome, and he’s got the best hair in the 0.1%. Moreover, he is the youngest member of a chaebol family that everyone envies.”

“Is being the youngest a condition for envy?”

“of course. “You don’t have to inherit the group, you don’t have to participate in management, you can enjoy life by spending the money you pass on.”

“is it? “After hearing it, it seems plausible?”

“How great is it because Master Dojun can do whatever he wants without having to worry about group management, just like his uncle who works in movies?”

I don’t know why, but something feels strange.

This woman has a bright smile on her face, but it doesn’t look sincere.

“I guess the problem is money. I don’t know if I’ll have any money left to return by my turn. haha.”

“Hey, the adults in the family always say the same thing, right? He is Chairman Jin’s favorite grandson. “I’m sure you’ll be given plenty.”

“Is that possible? My grandfather gave his grandson some stocks and some money when he became an adult, but he only gave me a sports car. “I don’t even have a license.”

“You probably want to give me something bigger. And I heard that she is a model student and spends very little money… .”

“Oh my god, who said that? I can’t use it because I don’t have it. “If I have it, I use it a lot.”

If I knew how much I spend my money, I wouldn’t be able to stand like this. It’s this girl.

The mouth is smiling, but the eyes are not smiling. This woman is currently exploring.

It’s understandable to some extent. No matter what anyone says, isn’t she the person who will become the eldest daughter-in-law of Sunyang Group?

You will want to grab the key to the barn as soon as possible and pretend to be the hostess.

I completely understand that you don’t want to share a single grain of rice piled up in the storehouse, but you are too young. Twenty-six?

I had to learn patience to hide my greed and hide my claws, but since I was the princess of a large media company, I wouldn’t have had the chance to do that.

“is it so? Then, I will take responsibility for your pocket money from now on. And if you tell Youngjun, your pockets will be full. Ho Ho.”

“really? Then thank you so much. I need to show my sister-in-law well from now on. haha.”

Trying to force a smile was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t bear it.

“Sister-in-law. Wait a minute. “Please go to the bathroom.”

As I bowed my head slightly, the woman who would become my sister-in-law smiled and made eye contact.

As I left my seat, my uncomfortable stomach felt more at ease.

Hong So-young muttered as she watched Jin Do-jun walk away at a fast pace.

“You’re not an ordinary kid. “The guy who goes by the Yeouido stock market every day has no money?”


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