The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 58

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[058]Fight or sport?

I only walked one path.

I had to walk only one way.

I will only walk one path.

– Ajin Motors

Korea’s first van.

Korea’s first compact SUV

Korea’s first compact car.

Korea’s first OOO

This is the road to Ajin cars.

After staring intently at the full-page advertisement in the Hansung Ilbo, Chairman Joo Young-il threw the newspaper away.

“What is this? “Why is Song Hyeon-chang doing this?”

There was only bloody tension in the conference room. Someone needs to come forward and provide a plausible explanation for that advertisement.

“This is the last struggle. “There is nothing to worry about.”

It should have been plausible, but it wasn’t.

Chairman Joo’s eyes became sharper and his voice became louder.

“okay? But why doesn’t it look like a struggle to me? “Does it look like you are carrying out a highly planned task step by step?”

Chairman Joo picked up the newspaper he had thrown down.

“Do you see the three circles here? Ding ding ding! What do you think goes inside this? Isn’t this a new car coming out in the future? It’s also Korea’s first! It contains the will to continue to survive. I don’t know?”

A cold wind blew in the conference room again.

As everyone was looking at each other, someone broke the silence and cautiously opened their mouth.

“Uh, Chairman.”


“The intelligence team has picked up on some suspicious rumors… .”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the person who opened his mouth.

It was a sincere hope that new information would clarify today’s full-page advertisement.

“I caught a rumor that there was a place other than Daehyun to jump into the Ajin acquisition. “It’s a piece of trash that can’t even be said about reliability.”

“where are you? that is?”

“The rumor is that an investment company is fully prepared and waiting.”

“Investment company?”

“yes. It’s called Miracle Investment… I don’t know if you remember, but it’s the place where I got involved during the acquisition of Handa Steel.”

Chairman Joo’s eyebrows twitched. It’s not a name you can’t remember.

“Those guys again?”

Although it is a foreign investment company, it is constantly focused on hunting down Korean companies. It is uncomfortable to dismiss this as simply a rumor.

“yes. However, it may be a rumor spread by creditors to increase the acquisition price. “It is more advantageous to have competition than to bid alone.”

“You bastard! “What if I report it now?”


The reporter only blinked at Chairman Joo’s displeased command that fell again. Even though it was just a rumor, it was difficult for all the executives attending the meeting to understand why they reacted so sensitively.

“Don’t you know that creditors and the government have already negotiated? The story is over! It’s impossible to start a fire now! But with competition? Their promise is to hand over Ajin Motors before the end-of-year presidential election. “There is no reason to make it difficult.”

Chairman Joo got up from his chair and started pacing around, feeling nervous.

I still vividly remember how this guy intervened and put a stop to the takeover of Handa Steel. I’m still grinding my teeth because I can’t eat the valuable land owned by Handa Steel, but I can’t believe I’m interfering again.

The presidential election is just a few months away. This time, not a single unexpected variable should be left behind.

Chairman Joo, who had been pacing around, stopped.

“They are going to the company. “I have to check for myself whether it’s just a rumor or if it’s true.”

* * *

“Well, CEO. “A guest has arrived.”

Suddenly the door burst open and the secretary jumped in. Her eyes were so big that they were tearing out, as if she had seen a monster.

“Who do you think it is? “Why are you making such a fuss?”

“That’s the chairman of Daehyun Group… .”


Oh Se-hyun and I both jumped up at the same time. Our reaction was no different from that of the fussy secretary.

“Now, tell me to wait a moment.”

The two of us looked at each other with urgent looks on our faces and started organizing the papers scattered on the table.

“Uncle, I will be in the conference room next to you. By the way, please turn on the intercom. “I need to hear what they’re talking about.”

“okay. If I happen to know your face, it would be a disaster. “You sold your face on TV.”

I put on my hat, opened the door to the CEO’s office, and quietly came out. Avoiding the eyes of Daehyun Group Chairman, who was watching me closely, I entered the conference room at the end of the hallway and hurriedly turned on the speaker on my phone.

“welcome. President.”

When Oh Se-hyun bowed his head, Chairman Joo Young-il held out his hand.

“Thank you for showing such hospitality to an unexpected guest. “I hope that wasn’t rude.”

“There is no place in Korea that would treat the Chairman as an uninvited guest. “Don’t worry about it.”

When Oh Se-hyeon handed over the business card, the middle-aged man who came with Chairman Joo took the business card and tried to hand over his own, but Chairman Joo waved his hand away.

“I can’t give my secretary’s business card to someone who suddenly comes to me.”

Chairman Joo took out a business card directly from his pocket and handed it over.

Joo Young-il of Daehyun Group.

And a business card with your cell phone number on it.

Oh Se-hyun became one of the few key people who could have a direct line with Chairman Joo Young-il. He also knew Sunyang Group Chairman Jin’s number, so he might even be in the top ten.

“It’s shabby, but please sit down.”

When Oh Se-hyun offered him a seat, Chairman Joo smiled slightly.


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“How can a company that surpasses Ajin Motors be so shabby? “You are humble.”

Oh Se-hyeon’s hand stopped, but soon found peace.

There is no reason for your reputation to be weighed down. Now we are sitting at the same table.

They are playing with the same qualifications to win Ajin Motors.

The only difference is the stakes, but the difference is not so big that it can be pushed unilaterally.

“Is this a rumor going around quickly? Or is Daehyun Group’s information power superior?”

A frown appeared on Chairman Joo’s face. Even if it were true, I thought they would hide it, but they are so proud. It was much easier now that I had skipped the pointless guessing battle.

“You stay out for a while. “I think we need to talk about it alone.”

“yes. President.”

The middle-aged man who came with him bowed and quietly retreated.

“I won’t hide it, so the story will be quick. I’ll tell you straight. “What do you want?”

“Of course, I want Ajin Motors. “Have you come across anything else?”

“Suppose you eat ajin. What next? “I’m just asking if you plan to buy it in large quantities and sell it in smaller pieces, or if you plan to fatten it up and sell it for more money.”

“Did you see today’s advertisement in the Hanseong Ilbo?”

As Oh Se-hyun picked up the newspaper, Chairman Joo waved his hand.

“I saw it. “I don’t want to see it twice.”

“I really like this ad. A car that will fit inside. “Isn’t this an ad that makes you want to make it yourself?”

Chairman Joo winked at the monitor on Oh Se-hyun’s office table.

“Could you buy a car with eyes that only looked at the stock price graph? “You have such a wild dream.”

“Because I have enough money to make my dream a reality. Money is good. “Hehe.”

Chairman Joo’s chin twitched as if he was clenching his teeth.

How dare you show a mocking smile like this in front of yourself?

“Quit the noise and tell me what you want. Isn’t it an investment company? Invest and reap… Since this is the original goal, wouldn’t it be possible to avoid a useless fight if you just tell us how much you want for the difference?”

“So you’re saying you’ll pay me for leaving the fight?”

“exactly. Fighting to raise prices for no reason is just cumbersome. “Isn’t this a good opportunity?”

It was only after Oh Se-hyeon entered into a big fight that he began to see the true face of Korea’s conglomerates.

Rather than fighting to achieve something, they eliminate the fight itself. Looking at Chairman Joo’s expression, it seems like he would accept even if they asked for 100 billion won.

Even so, since it is a single bid, it is enough to write down 100 billion won in the bidding documents.

“I think you’re completely mistaken about this… . Our investors also have plenty of money. You want fun now. “We are all car enthusiasts, so we just want a car manufacturer.”

Buy a toy company for a child who loves toys.

This absurd sound means only one thing. There is no negotiation.

“If there was just one article saying that the national wealth was leaking due to foreign speculative capital, there would be no place for it, right? “Koreans are as patriotic as anyone else.”

“If you look at the bidding price, everyone in Korea will know who is more patriotic.”

This is a warning that you will not be pushed back by money.

Chairman Joo clearly knew Miracle’s will. It wasn’t the will to be obscured by nonsense like it was a dream or a car mania.

As Chairman Joo let out a soft groan and was about to stand up, Oh Se-hyun’s cell phone rang.

“sorry. President. It’s a call I definitely need to answer… .”

Chairman Joo nodded and raised his teacup.

“Please feel free to talk on the phone.”

Chairman Joo wondered who Oh Se-hyun was talking to in a low voice in the corner of the office. What if he is someone he must talk to during an important conversation with a big man like himself?

Oh Se-hyun, who returned to his seat after a short phone call, had nothing to hide.

“I think my secretary informed our company’s major investors that the Chairman was here.”

“You mean CEO Oh’s water supply?”

“yes. That’s the way it is.”

“So, did you give any important instructions?”

Oh Se-hyun scratched the back of his head and showed an embarrassed smile.

“He is very straightforward and values ​​efficiency… … .”

“what? “What do you want to say?”

A glimmer of anticipation appeared on Chairman Joo’s face. Could it be that they want to avoid competition?

“How about removing everything except the hidden ones?” I am of the opinion that it would be mutually beneficial to fill everything that can be filled with public funds and compete solely on acquisition price. It’s win-win. “No matter who wins, it’s a method that causes less damage.”

“Are you saying that now?”

A proposal to unite in the non-price factors required from creditors and stick to only the bid price.

Chairman Joo was dumbfounded. How could such a suggestion be said with such a casual expression?

“It was the chairman who barged into the office and said he would compensate us with money if we dropped out of the bidding competition. Since you suggested a shortcut first, I’m telling you too. If you set rules when fighting, it becomes a sport. “Wouldn’t it increase our dignity?”

Chairman Joo stood up from the sofa, glaring at Oh Se-hyun, who spoke with a sly smile.

“What a fun friend. It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper fight. dignity? The name Daehyun was not created out of dignity. Let me make it clear to you that this is a name that was built by fighting and rolling around in the mud. “Look forward to it.”

Oh Se-hyun was worried that he had said something pointless as he watched Chairman Joo kicking out the door.

I heard the sound of the door opening through the intercom and quickly ran to the representative office.

“hey! “Didn’t I touch this wrong?”

As soon as he saw my face, my uncle shouted as if he was anxious.

“why? Was it rough?”

“You heard it too, right? No, you should have seen the expression. The fighting spirit flowed from the old man’s face. “It was creepy?”

Did you think wrong? No way?

“Uncle, didn’t you like my idea?”

“no. It was appropriate. So I suggested it right away. If both sides’ demands for debt relief are the same when bidding, creditors have no choice but to accept it. And the creditors must have guaranteed a huge debt relief to Daehyun Group.”

Oh Se-hyun glanced at my face and smiled.

“You are also from a chaebol family.”

“Why are you doing this again? “Isn’t he the third generation of a chaebol?”

“I’m not shy, I’m not a fool, and I study diligently, so I keep forgetting things. “But when I saw that they came up with the idea of ​​debt relief in such a short moment, I thought it was amazing.”

I had a lot of things I wanted to say as I looked at Oh Se-hyun smiling bitterly, but I held back. It is actions, not words, that show sincerity.

All we need to do is show that we are the only conglomerate that will stay together for a long time and do not use the nation’s money as if it were our own.

“Now, let’s edit the documents. “We double the expected amount of debt relief and recalculate.”

“what? hey! Didn’t you hear what Chairman Joo said… .”

“I heard. “You can just ignore it.”

Oh Se-hyeon’s concerns are completely useless. These are just words that Chairman Joo Young-il uttered out of frustration.

Muddy water? fight?

It’s all an old story. Current Chairman Joo Young-il is a chaebol to his core. There is no conglomerate that would turn down an offer to unite and save money.


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