The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 56

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[056]Win-Win 3.

My promise not to be scared the first time I set foot in the study was useless. When I saw Oh Se-hyeon’s fingertips trembling, I realized that his nervousness was at its peak.

“uncle. Don’t look at the cruise group behind grandpa, just look at grandpa. Then you will feel comfortable.”

Oh Se-hyeon tapped me on the back and gave me a thumbs up.

“let’s go.”

When I entered the study, my grandfather took off his glasses and stood up.

“Nice to meet you. Are you Oh Se-hyeon?”

“yes. President. It is an honour.”

When Oh Se-hyeon bowed down, the grandfather waved his hand.

“Come on, sit down. “Sit comfortably.”

The grandfather scanned Oh Se-hyeon’s appearance thoroughly with his sharp eyes.

“What year is it this year?”

“I’m fifty.”

“It’s still in its prime.”

“Thanks to Dojun, I feel young again.”

What? Even flattery? I wondered if Oh Se-hyun had this side.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Our Dojun increased his money by a whopping 100 times? It’s an amazing ability. haha.”

At that moment, when Oh Se-hyun looked at me with a puzzled look, I briefly shook my head.

“Oh, that’s… . I was lucky. Fortunately, I never forgot the principal, so I am always relieved.”

“This guy, humility. “I thought how great it would be if you had used that ability for me.”

“That’s too much praise.”

After praising Oh Se-hyeon for a while, the grandfather took out a document.

“I heard this is money that can be saved.”

“That’s right. A total of 270 billion. It is obvious that it will go into court receivership when the default moratorium agreement period ends, but it must be taken out before that happens. “If caught, not only Chairman Ah Jin Song but many other executives will be arrested.”

“To put it simply, are you asking me to launder money?”

“I’m sorry, but that’s true.”

“hmm… … .”

The grandfather was lost in thought as he tapped the papers.

“grandfather. “I think that money should be used as a retirement fund for Ajin Motors executives?”

I spoke carefully, but my grandfather didn’t even listen.

“Why are you worried about their old age? What kind of guys are they? “They must have made thorough preparations for their retirement.”

The grandfather looked back at Oh Se-hyeon and said.

“Are any of these guys going to jail?”

“Chairman Song’s opinion is that we should send three or four people to match the assortment. “He is said to have proposed to the bank’s creditors that it should be concluded at that level.”

Grandpa’s eyes are dark. The look in my eyes that I had seen countless times was greed.

“CEO Oh. “What if we save this money at American Miracle?”

“You mean everything?”

“why? no?”

“Nothing can’t be done, but there’s no way to get it out again…” … .”

“Wouldn’t it be okay to reinvest all this money in Ajin Motors? And I don’t think there will be any problem if we pay the people who want to take that money fairly, whether it’s salary, bonus, or special incentives, right?”

Oh Se-hyeon opened his mouth wide. How much salary or bonus should be set to spend all 270 billion?

But it is the most legal way.

I was convinced that my grandfather had found a way to never give me this money. The eyes he showed a moment ago, eyes full of greed, are his true intentions.

“But what they want is a lump sum. “Most people have to resign and leave, so they are asking for a share.”

Oh Se-hyeon says things like that because she doesn’t know her grandfather very well yet. He said something that didn’t even work.

As expected, the grandfather began to look at Oh Se-hyeon as if he were a bit pitiful.

“I guess you’re the right investor. “I don’t think management is suitable.”

I almost burst out laughing when I saw my uncle’s face turn red in an instant.

“Why are you giving me money in advance that you don’t have to give when you’re making excuses and putting it off to not give me the money you should have given me?”

When Oh Se-hyeon said such an unreasonable statement as if it were so obvious, it was visible that he was embarrassed as he did not know how to react.

“What if I take all this money in advance? From that moment on, we were strangers. Maybe it will stick to the enemy and attack you. In their eyes, you are the villain who took away Ajin Motors, which was their castle.”

“ah… … .”

Oh Se-hyeon, who only dealt with numbers, has never really seen the cowardly side of a person who sways back and forth like a reed.

“Money is both the stick and the carrot. Hold it. And when you break them in, take them out one by one. It’s like being generous. By the way, you also told Director Lee Hak-jae to come with 100 billion won of my money, right? “That’s the power of money.”

“No, Chairman. You are mistaken. That’s legally impossible… .”

When Oh Se-hyeon, who was embarrassed, quickly came up with an excuse, the grandfather smiled and waved his hand.

“CEO Oh, I don’t blame you. I gave an example. Please watch carefully. “If they knew that 270 billion of this money was reinvested in Ajin Motors, they would lick your toes, right?”

I wouldn’t have guessed it would be this blatant. Oh Se-hyeon seemed so shocked that he could not open his mouth even after his grandfather finished speaking.

I wanted to show my grandfather’s true colors more. Aren’t we going to have to see each other often in the future?

“grandfather. That’s not the whole reason, is it? “Actually, you don’t want to give me money.”

When I said this with a grin, my grandfather also burst into laughter.

“Hey, you bastard. Are you turning this extra money into a shameless waste of money? haha.”

His eyes turned to Oh Se-hyeon again.

“What about you? Do you want to give all that money? Or do you just want to show off?”

“If I could, of course I wouldn’t give it to you.”

“yes. “No one in the world gives money they don’t have to give.”

Grandfather glanced at me again.

“it serves him right. I’m not the only bad guy. haha.”


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The grandfather, who enjoyed a good laugh for a moment, held out a document.

“You must convince Chairman Song that this method is the best. I will take care of the money Ah-jin saved up. “Before I go into court custody, I’ll wash it clean and put it in the Miracle Safe.”

“thank you. President.”

“What kind of gratitude is something I do for my baby?”

When Oh Se-hyeon and I got up, the grandfather pointed at me and shook his head.

“You stay a little longer. I have something to say.”

“Then I’ll go back first.”

When Oh Se-hyeon left first, the grandfather stopped laughing.

“I heard you took a leave of absence from school?”

I had no intention of keeping it a secret since I was going to find out anyway. But it’s too fast. I took a leave of absence this morning and came straight here.

“yes. “I submitted it today.”


“Do you know this? I’ve started a big day, but I don’t have time to go to school… .”

“Hey. Who told you to go to school all the time? It’s okay to just have enemies. “The leave of absence group told us to tear it down.”


“Just do as I tell you. “I know what you’re worried about.”


“Don’t you want to maintain your status as a college student and avoid attention from your relatives?”

“… … .”

I couldn’t say anything in front of my grandfather who could see clearly.

“It’s a problem that has to be faced anyway. I can’t put it off. When you have to fight, you have to fight, and when you have to hold hands, you have to hold out your hand. “When that time comes, the fact that you are a student will actually be a disadvantage.”

“Why is that so? “Isn’t the person holding the sword hilt your grandfather?”

Although this was a somewhat blatant statement, it is a problem that cannot be postponed or covered up any longer. My grandfather started it first.

“Hey. Is Sunyang Group a local supermarket? There are many places where my sword cannot reach. “If a few presidents of key affiliates step forward and side with your uncle, the Sunyang Group will be split in two that day.”

I knew it was unlikely, but I didn’t say anything else. Because it is not wrong.

When the group succession begins in earnest, executives at Sunyang will view me as a child wearing a college student badge. Starting a succession means that the grandfather has passed away, and power will quickly shift to the uncle.

“All right. “I will follow my grandfather’s wishes.”

As I quietly bowed my head and left the study, a smile broke out automatically even though I tried to hold it back.

This is because I confirmed once again that my grandfather’s heart was already inclined toward me.

* * *

“Let’s go to Yeouido.”

Assistant Manager Kim, who was waiting for me, got behind the wheel and sped up. He looked at me through the rear-view mirror and opened his mouth.

“Hey, I have something to tell you, is that okay?”

“yes. Please speak.”

“I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems like someone has been tagging along lately.”

My hands became stiff while fiddling with the Motorola StarTAC.

“Since when?”

“well. I don’t know when it started. “It’s just been a few days that I’ve noticed it.”

“Tell me in detail.”

“There are no people in sight, but cars always seem to follow. I guess they’re just keeping track of the movement route… … .”

Assistant Manager Kim said he definitely worked at a guesthouse. He couldn’t possibly have received the education to notice someone’s following.

How did they know?

Assistant Manager Kim, who was looking at me through the rear-view mirror, met my suspicious eyes and opened his mouth as if embarrassed.

“Ah, Team Leader Shin gave me a warning. “There’s a strange amount of following people these days.”

“Team leader Shin?”

“Ah, this is the leader of our Strategy Team 1.”

“I’m talking about tailing. “Maybe you’re a reporter?”

Third generation chaebols are prey to weekly magazine reporters who only dig up gossip, so following them is common. A photo that captures the moment of entering a hotel with a celebrity is equivalent to a check worth hundreds or tens of millions of won.

“There are no reporters following us from the morning.”

no way? Are they the ones my uncle named?

It seems like his anxious feelings were evident on his face. Assistant Manager Kim spoke carefully.

“Team Leader Shin is checking who did it. and… “I think it’s still there, but if you’re not busy, can I check it?”

“is it so. “Let’s go for a drive for the first time in a while.”

“Fasten your seat belt. “I’ll step on it.”

The car passed through Gangbyeonbuk-ro and ran toward Jayu-ro.

* * *

“You don’t have to worry too much about the third son, Jin Sang-ki, and the third son, Jin Yoon-ki. Jin Sang-gi clings right next to his older brother, Jinyoung-gi, and just wags his tail. Jin Yoon-ki has solidified his position in the film industry. “The group is completely out of the question.”

“So you’re saying the second child, the vibrator, is the problem?”

“yes. If you look at performance alone, the vibrator is much better. He is the person who raised the heavy and chemical sector to the top in the country. And the reputation of the affiliate presidents and executives is also good.”

“You may be behind in the succession rankings, but you have the reputation of your subjects on your back?”

“That’s the way it is. If this continues, it is highly likely that vibrators will take over the chemical and heavy industry sectors.”

In a dark conference room with a projector running, each member’s characteristics were written in detail on the Sunyang Group’s family tree.

“What about Jin Seo-yoon, your only daughter?”

“The general consensus is that although she is greedy, she cannot escape the limitations of being a woman. “I think it will occupy department stores, golf courses, hotels and cultural foundations.”

“joy! “Anyone wants.”

“Soyoung! “Listen quietly.”

As Hansung Ilbo Chairman Hong glanced at his snogging granddaughter, Hong So-young closed her mouth.


“yes. However, after starting the investigation, I found an unexpected ambush. This is Jin Dojun, his grandson.”

“Jin Dojun? the youngest?”

The Hong family’s eyes widened at the unexpected words.

“yes. “He is Sanam Jin Yoongi’s second son.”

“Why that kid? “Aren’t you a bookworm who goes to law school at Seoul National University?”

“I can count on one hand the number of days I attend school during a semester.”


“I go to work in Yeouido every day. “I also visit Chairman Jin’s house often.”


“yes. It seems to have a close relationship with Miracle Investment, a foreign investment company. “According to our research, it appears that he has quite a bit of personal wealth.”

“how much?”

“I think it would be tens of billions, or at most, close to hundreds of billions of won.”

Hong’s people gaped at the word 100 billion won.

A college freshman is worth 100 billion won?


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