The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 50

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[050]A family without choices 3.

“The companies that submitted bid proposals for the sale of Hando Steel were Sunyang Group, Daehyun Group, and Miracle Investment. As a result of combining the price and non-price factors submitted by these three companies, the target for acquisition of Handa Steel… .」

People watching the breaking news on TV swallowed their saliva at the same time.

“It was decided on Sunyang Group, which bid for 2.16 trillion won.”



“Fortunately, the. President.”

The people gathered in the Daehyun Group Chairman’s office smiled widely and looked at Chairman Joo Young-il’s expression.

Chairman Joo’s smile did not disappear either.

“It went according to plan… . Chairman Jin, this old man is really a bit of a bitch. “They just write down 2.3 trillion, and they omit that from the last unit again.”

“But didn’t you pull it up quite a bit? “If the Chairman had not taken action, we would have been able to achieve a limit of 800 billion plus 1 billion dollars.”

There were some regrets, but the goal was achieved anyway.

Now Sunyang Group’s treasury is empty.

“Hando Steel was also a good property, right?”

“That’s right. Sunyang also suffered no losses. “I’m going to get into the steel business anyway, but Handa Steel will be an easy way to get started.”

“By the way, what is that Miracle guy? “Thanks to you, we too have become villains.”

“Thanks to this, it was easier because it gave the judges a reason to exclude us.”

Chairman Joo still couldn’t shake off his doubtful expression.

“Are you conducting an investigation?”

“yes. On the surface there is nothing unusual. We also invest in IT and movies, as well as in Japan. It’s extensive… . “The identity of the investor is hidden.”

“We need to quickly figure out who that investor is. “It would be okay if it was a simple private equity fund, but I’m really uncomfortable with the fact that the CEO is from Korea.”

“I will hurry.”

“Okay then, should we start the game?”

As soon as Chairman Zhou spoke, a thick file was placed in front of the meeting attendees.

“If someone had not reported the Suseo corruption in 1991, Ajin Motors would have been absorbed into Sunyang Motors.”

“Sunyang wasn’t lucky either. “I can’t believe something like that happened then.”

Daehyun Group could never have imagined that someone was Sunyang’s bloodline.

“Chairman Soonyang Jin planned the strategy well. “The need for structural reorganization of the domestic automobile industry and government support measures” is this report.”

Chairman Joo Young-il glanced at the report and immediately put it down.

“Although it is the end of the regime, we will give our Daehyun a final gift. Hando, Sammi, Jinro, Samlip. As many as four groups went bankrupt. “If we say we will hold large corporations accountable for their negligent management, public opinion will not be bad.”

It’s such a cruel spring. However, it was also an alarm bell that signaled a red flag for the Korean economy that no one noticed.

However, the subsequent report made Chairman Joo even more happy.

“Ajin is ranked 4th in the business world. This is the result of excessive business expansion. The internal situation is more messed up than it was in 1991. “It gave the regime a justification.”

“Even if we do not put pressure on the bank, Ajin Motors’ main bank is considering recovering the loan.”


Chairman Joo’s short laugh honestly shows his feelings.

“Chairman Jin, that old man… I’m going crazy and jumping up and down. To just watch with both hands as I swallow the Ajin car I so coveted without even taking off the hair using a strategy of my own… “I might collapse because of a fire.”

“Yes. I used up all the money I had saved through savings to acquire a steel mill… . “Hehe.”

The Daehyun Group Chairman’s office was filled with mocking laughter.

“Start right away tomorrow. Invite newspaper people and broadcasters, give them drinks and give them money. Add a woman too. Shake Ajin Motors on a large scale and make it fall completely. Easy to pick up and put away. Hahaha.”

By the time Ajin Motors is criticized by the public due to an article published by the media, Chairman Joo Young-il will meet one by one with the Blue House Senior Secretary for Economic Affairs, the National Assembly’s Planning and Finance Committee, and financial institutions that have done business with Ajin Motors for a long time.

It is the responsibility of subordinates to dismember a living cow into parts. The role of the chef who puts the meat on the dinner table will be taken over by the politicians.

Chairman Joo Young-il only has to pay them a generous meal.

* * *

“President. long time no see.”

“Oh my, Chairman Hong. I’ve aged so much since I haven’t seen you. Seeing Chairman Hong gives me comfort. I’m not the only one getting old. haha.”

“What are you talking about? The Chairman is still making corrections. “Aren’t I already in need of a cane?”

Hansung Ilbo Chairman Hong lightly waved the cane in his hand.

“Come on, let’s sit down. “With the two old men standing there, all the young people are standing up.”

The hotel suite living room was quickly converted into a family meeting place, and the adults from both families began meeting each other.

It is the best place to avoid the attention of outsiders.

Rumors shouldn’t spread until the wedding. If the engagement is broken off, both families will be devastated.

Chairman Jin lowered his eyes and glanced at Chairman Hong’s granddaughter, who was sitting quietly.

There is one thing I have learned from meeting so many people over a long period of time. First impressions are not very different from the person’s personality, with only a few errors.

In Chairman Jin’s eyes, Soyoung Hong was a strong woman. She has an angular chin that cannot be hidden even with expert makeup, thick eyebrows, and a demeanor that does not tremble as she is not the least bit nervous.

‘You damn grandson, it’s worth catching and taming.’

Hong So-young, feeling someone staring at her, jumped up and bowed.

“Nice to meet you, Chairman. “This is Hong So-young.”

‘It’s useful to be observant.’

“Hehe, what’s so hard? It’s okay for a grandchild’s daughter-in-law to be pampered by her grandfather-in-law and not show any charm. Take it easy.”

Chairman Jin’s final approval was given. Now the marriage will proceed smoothly.

The expression on the face of Hong So-young’s father, the president of Hansung Ilbo, became brighter than ever.

“I don’t know what to say to you for looking kindly at me despite my shortcomings… . thank you President.”

The table was quickly filled with food and the atmosphere was cheerful, but no one ate until they were full and everyone only savored a little bit. Everyone just had stories.

“Congratulations on this acquisition of Handa Steel.”

“No. Do I have anything to celebrate? “This matter was all handled by the Vice President and our Youngjun.”

As Chairman Jin glanced at his son, Jin Young-gi opened his mouth.

“It was our Youngjun’s first big job in the group, and he did his part. “I felt fortunate.”


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Jinyoung-gi gently lifted his son up.

“okay. I heard she taught business classes abroad for a while. Now, you are taking on such a large project and are steadily training your successor. haha.”

As if in agreement, President Hong did not spare any compliments toward his future son-in-law, Jin Young-jun.

But Hong So-young did not miss that moment.

When the words “successor class” came out of her father’s mouth, the eyebrows of old Chairman Jin, the ruler of this place, twitched.

At the end of the meal, Chairman Hong glanced at Chairman Jin.

Chairman Jin thought that this meant that grandfathers should be excluded from the reunion of their grandchildren. However, Chairman Hong quietly entered the bedroom next to the living room.

The hotel manager, who was watching them, immediately prepared tea and drove it away.

“President. “There’s a strange story going around these days.”

“what… ?”

“It’s exactly the same as six years ago. News stories are accumulating around Ajin Motors.”

“If it were six years ago… … .”

Chairman Jin opened his eyes and threw the teacup down with a thud.

“Does this mean that someone targeting Ajin Motors has appeared?”

“I’m not sure, but the current situation is very similar to then.”

“Is the Hansung Ilbo also preparing to publish an article?”

“First of all, we blocked off all the desks. “I think the chairman will have to check it himself.”

Even though my throat was burning, I couldn’t drink the tea because my fingertips were shaking.

“Is there anyone outside? “Just bring a bucket of bottled water!”

When an employee came in carrying a crystal cup on a tray, Chairman Jin threw the teacup that was on the tea table.

“These things don’t understand! A bucket, not a glass! “Bring a bottle of bottled water!”

The sound of conversation in the living room stopped as Chairman Jin shouted.

Another employee quickly brought a small bottle of water, and I drank it down without even taking a breath.

“Chairman Hong. “Can you postpone publishing the article?”

“of course.”

“This is shameful for asking my in-laws for a favor even though we didn’t even get married.”

“You say all sorts of things, Chairman. “Of course we should.”

“And find out where the source of the article started.”

“Reporters are going to sweat a little, okay?”

This was not a conversation between in-laws.

This is a conversation between advertisers and newspaper publishers.

“Please run a full-page advertisement for three or four days next week. Handa Steel changes its name to Sunyang Steel and is reborn… “Something like this.”

“Don’t worry. “I will leave it clean and empty.”

“Then I will trust you and wake up first. “I think it’s time for me to sweat a little too.”

As Chairman Jin left, the corners of Chairman Hong’s mouth went up.

If Daehyun Group’s ankle is pulled, the in-laws will also take good care of their eldest granddaughter, who will become their daughter-in-law.

* * *

“uncle. Is there anything dirty going on in Yeouido? “Ajin Motors.”

“Aren’t you going to school? “How can you get to work here before me?”

“Uncle, don’t you read the newspaper? The country is reeling. “Where is the opportunity to go to school and look at law books?”

Oh Se-hyun’s expression hardened a little and sat down in front of me.

“why? Are you concerned about the Southeast Asian foreign exchange crisis? Or are you planning to use this opportunity to scrap all the Southeast Asian currency, which is no better than toilet paper, with the dollars you have accumulated in the United States?”

“Why do you make a fool out of buying toilet paper with dollars?”

“Hmm, it means that the foreign exchange crisis is bothering you.”

Now is the time to give a sneaky hint. How to accept it?

“Southeast Asia is nothing short of hell, and in Korea, four large companies went out of business by April. But we fell into self-praise, calling ourselves ‘the four dragons of Asia.’ “Is there anything wrong with preparing for a typhoon?”

“It costs money to prepare for a typhoon that may never come.”

“no. “It’s because I was distracted by something else when a typhoon was coming.”

“Presidential election?”

“yes. I started playing professional basketball to get votes, and I arrested cartoonists to get moms’ votes. “Do you think our country is sane right now?”

“You are sure of a typhoon.”

“Your uncle is also very suspicious. now.”

Oh Se-hyeon didn’t say anything. He is a person who always keeps an eye on financial trends around the world. There is no way he would not know the signs of a typhoon.

“There are rumors that Daehyun is targeting Ahjin. Ah-jin’s cash reserves are low now. “If a few powerful people get together and strangle you, you will die.”

Thank goodness.

History has not changed.

History did not change because I stopped my grandfather from swallowing Ajin Motors 6 years ago, but now, 6 years later, history must be changed.

The history of Daehyun Group absorbing Ajin Motors will be changed to the history of Ajin Motors being acquired by a foreign investment company called Miracle Investment.

Suddenly my cell phone rang.

– hey! Are you really not going to do group work? No, more than that, you might have to repeat a grade for lack of attendance, man.

“It would be nice to repeat the grade. “I have a few more years of college life.”

– That’s it! good. Assuming you’re repeating a grade, that’s true. What is the group task? Should we do it ourselves?

“Stop yelling and listen carefully. “Do your best when I give you the chance.”

– what? What nonsense?

“Seo Min-young, is that girl our George? “Do you think you’ll get a chance if I attend regularly, as I’m tall, handsome, good at studying, and have a lot of money?”

There was silence on the phone.

“Shall we go?”

– huh? Oh, no. Don’t worry about the assignment, we’ll take care of it ourselves. But pay attention to attendance. The thing I tinker with too… .

I closed my phone while listening to the excited voice of my classmate.


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