The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 41

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[041]Losing luck too? 3.

“But will Sumitomo hand over its epoxy manufacturing technology to us? Will competitors like NEC, Hitachi, and Toshiba stand still? “It’s no different from turning over the hilt of a sword.”

When Chairman Jin brought up a realistic problem, Hakjae Lee smiled and came up with a clever solution.

“There is no connection between Sunyang and the chemical company in Cheonan. “You can just acquire the company with the money that is sitting in Miracle.”

Hakjae Lee has just presented a solution to how to spend hundreds of billions of won that may never be recovered due to the real-name financial system.

A smile spread across Chairman Jin’s face as he pounded the desk.

“Go ahead. immediately.”

After Chairman Jin gave permission, Lee Hak-jae immediately summoned Oh Se-hyun.

* * *

“Director Lee. “You sure don’t want to repeat the same story, right?”

“That’s a different story. “I need to make some investments.”

When Oh Se-hyeon saw Lee Hak-jae’s relaxed smile, he was moved. Does this mean he found a way to get his money back?

“You mean investment?”

“CEO Oh. “You can’t say we can’t invest our money in other places, right?”

“it’s possible. However, we are investing in the name of Miracle, not the name of Sunyang Group. Right?”

“Of course. Of course. Instead, Sunyang has influence over the companies he invests in. “You can do this much, right?”

“Do you mean to dispatch an executive-level person and exercise management authority?”

“of course.”

“okay. Then that company… . What is your name?”

“A company called Eugene Chemical. “It’s in Cheonan.”

“Please coordinate the details with that company and let us know. “I’ll shoot the money right away.”

For the first time in a while, the two ended the meeting without raising their voices.

When I found out about this from a report in my grandfather’s study, I realized why Sumitomo Chemical was always on my mind.

It is a bomb that can be used once at the peak moment. But this bomb was intercepted by his grandfather first.

The good news is that because of Miracle, I also gained a leg up.

And I got another chance to impress my grandfather.

I didn’t let go of the report until my grandfather came into the study.

“huh? Dojun. “What are you looking at now?”

Even my grandfather seemed surprised to see me putting down documents on the desk.

“Oh, that’s… .”

“Did you steal the documents again?”

also? Does this mean she already noticed?

“You guy. What are you so surprised about? “Did you think I didn’t know?”

Looking at his smiling face, it doesn’t mean he’s angry. I lowered my head and scratched my head.


“are you okay. Rather, it was amazing. “You’re the only one who pays this much attention to company matters.”

The grandfather patted his shoulder and nodded his head.

“Okay, how are you? Do you think you know what it’s about?”

When I showed hesitation on purpose, he pressed me for an answer.

“I said it’s okay. say it. “Aren’t you interested in Sumitomo?”

“So, Sumitomo is discontinuing production and handing over the technology, and your grandfather is going to buy the technology, right? “With one small small business at the forefront.”


“If you were my grandfather, would you hand over this technology to a Japanese company even if it is not a direct competitor?”


“Don’t you feel uncomfortable? When it comes to semiconductors, Japan is ahead, with Korea following closely behind. It’s no longer a problem between companies. It’s a competition between countries.”

“Japan will not be handed over to Korea?”

“Chairman Sumitomo Chemical, wouldn’t you often eat with the presidents of Japanese electronics companies? His grandfather also dines with other group presidents. “We will talk about various things then.”

Grandfather’s eyebrows twitch. She realized that she had taken it too easy.

“I think they will stop core technologies from being transferred to Korea. “It’s just my opinion.”


As far as I can tell, he’s a pretty useful guy. As always, you should not end with criticism. An alternative must be presented.

“If I were you, I would put Taiwanese chemical companies first. It’s not our company… … .”


“Taiwan is a cooperative country with Korea and Japan.”

Taiwan is a country that occupies a very important position in the semiconductor industry. This is because it played the main roles of foundry and packaging.

While Korea and Japan cover the entire process from semiconductor design to production, Taiwan focuses on foundry, or consignment production. As a result, it dominated the foundry market, which accounts for 65% of the world, and became a semiconductor powerhouse.

“Choose a country of coexistence rather than a country of competition?”

“If it were me.”

There is no need to explain any more. Because his grandfather had already picked up the phone.

“Director Lee and President of Electronics. And tell the person in charge of Taiwan at Mulsan to come quickly.”

As my grandfather put down the receiver, his eyes overflowed with affection for me.

“Dojun knows a lot about semiconductors.”

“There was so much talk about it in newspapers and broadcasts that I studied on my own.”

There was double affection in the eyes looking at me.

* * *

The high school I went to was where Sangjun went. It is a private school filled with children from so-called wealthy families.

The sons of conglomerate families of the Seonggol class and the children of high-ranking officials of the Jingol class. For example, senior members of the National Assembly, party leaders, prime ministers, ministers, or higher, who were five or more terms in office, were called jingol.

The next six families included children from families with numerous judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, as well as those with bloodlines who were presidents of media companies.


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The lowest level was the children of salaried employees, not the owners. The level of executives in key positions, including presidents of affiliates.

However, there was only a slight difference in the teachers’ attitudes toward the students, and the sense of discomfort among the students was not significant. As I was at the age when I started to become interested in the opposite sex, appearance was the most important factor.

The reason why Sangjun, who was nothing special, was so popular among female students was because he inherited a lot of the genes from his mother, who was a beautiful actress.

The object of equal interest was me, a freshman.

Since I inherited the same genes, my handsomeness was no less than that of Sangjun, but there was a big difference in my attitude towards female students and my grades.

Unlike my older brother, who treated every girl who approached me well, I showed no interest at all. I was busy studying and working. There wasn’t even a second of time to invest in the kids’ dating game.

“Are you really going to clean it up?”

“Think of Dell Computers last year. What happened to the stock price after you sold it for $49? It plummeted to the $10 level, and only now, a year later, is it recovering little by little. Softbank will add more. “We are just a distributor now.”

“Still, SoftBank continues to expand its business area. “What is the potential value of that part?”

Se-Hyeon Oh, don’t try to convince me anymore. Always exchange opinions and follow my wishes. It is not because of the relationship between major shareholders and professional managers. I respect my investment sense, which has never failed.

“M&A has a more negative perception in Japan. As SoftBank continues M&A, its stock price will fall. The results of M&A will not come out until a long time later. President Son Masayoshi, he looks far away. But investors have no patience. “I only see what’s in front of me.”

In July 1994, Softbank successfully went public.

18,900 yen per week. Listed at the highest price.

After listing, SoftBank immediately gained a large sum of 200 billion yen. President Son Jeong-eui immediately announced aggressive M&A and turned his eyes to the whole world.

My investment of $230 million became $850 million and I earned $620 million in one year.

I withdrew before SoftBank’s bubble burst and my aggressive investments stopped.

I concentrated on my studies for three years in high school. All I could do was occasionally invest in Hollywood movies as a hobby, and investing in James Cameron’s , which everyone was worried about, was an adventure.

The common belief in Hollywood is that blockbusters set on water always fail, and as if to prove this, the blockbuster starring Kevin Costner was a huge flop, so Titanic had trouble recruiting investors.

Thanks to this, 20th Century Fox, the film production company, welcomed Miracle’s large investment and concluded an investment contract without much noise.

* * *

Fortunately, Sangjun graduated from high school without any major accidents. Of course, he couldn’t get the grades to get into a decent university, so he quickly went to the United States to study.

It was fortunate for Sang-jun that he did not receive as much attention and expectations from the family as to whether the bowl was leaking on the inside or leaking on the outside.

It wasn’t difficult to secretly go to a place he wanted – probably music.

Now, everyone’s attention was focused on me, the only high school senior among the three generations of Sunyang Group.

Will there be a student accepted to Seoul National University for the first time?

Some were watching my grades with curious eyes, others with wary eyes, and the only people watching me with anticipation were my parents and grandfather.

My days as a high school senior, which began with the announcement of Seo Taiji and Boys’ disbandment, ended on November 13, 1996.

A day spent fervently praying for all parents in Korea to be equal, regardless of whether they are wealthy or not. It was the day of the college entrance exam.

My mother did not stop praying in front of the school where the exam was taking place until the exam was over, and my grandfather wasted the whole day checking the end time of the exam with his secretary.

I confidently took the exam and fell into a mental breakdown from the beginning. I thought I would solve the problem in an instant, but I got stuck from the first problem.

The only thing that brought me solace was the sound of groaning that could be heard throughout the classroom.

I’m glad it was because of the overall difficulty, but I couldn’t be confident.

I calmed down and focused on the exam.

How many one-on-one tutors would you hire if you spent hundreds of times more than what an average family spends on sending someone to an academy?

You have to get great grades to match your huge investment to save face… . Damn, this isn’t going to be easy.

As I left the exam room, my mother hugged me with a worried expression.

“It was hard, right? are you okay. “It’s all over now.”

“Dojun. Relax your expression. It was also on the news. They say this year’s CSAT is the worst level of difficulty ever. “Don’t worry too much.”

I felt a little relieved when my father told me the breaking news.

Don’t expect too much.

You just need to get out as much as you shout out. I prayed that my grades would be good enough to go to law school at Seoul National University.

* * *

“Our youngest is ranked 39th in the country? huh? No, not the whole school, but the whole country! Excluding science, if you look only at liberal arts, it ranks 10th in the country. The college entrance exam is worth 400 points, right? 367 points, 367 points. It’s just 6 points different from first place in the country. Wouldn’t that be a difference in condition? Hahaha.”

Chairman Jin already received a memo with the results a day before the CSAT scores were announced.

I had to contact my grandson as soon as I checked my score, but there was someone important I needed to tell first.

It was the chairman of Daehyun Group.

“You have to be at Seoul National University’s law school to be qualified to hear people say you studied a bit. And my grandson, I wonder if Seoul National University will catch his eye. I would choose between Harvard or Oxford. By the way, I have to pay all the tuition for the children of families who don’t have scholarships… . Because I’m good at studying, I can’t not get a scholarship… . “This is really embarrassing.”

When Chairman Jin ended the call, he felt relieved. We enjoyed a sense of victory that is difficult to compare to when we beat Daehyun Group and achieved first place in sales in the heavy industry field.

“Okay, let’s see… . Who else needs to be salted…? ?”

After going through the numbers saved in my cell phone and talking to about a dozen people, I called the executive in charge of the group’s public relations office as if I had suddenly remembered something.

“Hey, take a look at this.”

The executive who received the memo bowed his head and shouted.

“Congratulations. President.”

“The congratulations are done, let’s sneak this out. “Let’s have the reporters take some pictures of our Dojun tomorrow.”


“Why is this friend so clueless? What do you want to play? What do people think? The bloodlines of CEOs of large conglomerates are whispering about going to prestigious private universities with money and influence. Can money buy a college entrance exam score like this? Can you get it for free? “Try it carefully so that such noises don’t come out in the future.”

“Ah yes. Well sir. President.”

When the public relations executive left, Chairman Jin couldn’t erase his smile for a while, and then suddenly felt regretful.

I thought that if I sent Dojun abroad to study, I would not see him for at least 5 years.

A grandson who won’t hurt even if he puts it in his eyes… . I wanted to keep it by my side. forever.


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