The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 40

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[040]Losing luck too? 2.

“Are you saying that there is no way?”

After regaining his composure, Lee Hak-jae’s tone of voice changed slightly. He seemed to be dealing with someone subordinate to him.

“It’s not up to me to find the way. All I can do is send the money to the original investor’s linked account. It’s the manager’s job to retrieve the money from that account. Isn’t it?”

“Are you saying we should just stick to FM now? “Did you not know that 100 billion is not normal?”

“People like me who handle money don’t check the money until it gets dirty. “It’s just called.”

Oh Se-hyeon, who was tired of arguing, ended the conversation with a short statement.

“Please only give me the first-time investor’s account. We’ll shoot them all in one hour. “If it’s a foreign exchange account, I’ll put it in dollars.”

As if to show that he had nothing more to say, Oh Se-hyun got up and left.

Lee Hak-jae, who was sitting alone in the conference room, took out his cell phone and went outside.

“Now I’m robbing a company called Yeouido Miracle Investment. Since the headquarters is in the U.S., they robbed there as well. “Take care of everything, including capital, company members, shareholder list, and investment destinations.”

Hakjae Lee gave instructions to his employees and called the National Tax Service.

“Commissioner. “This is Sunyang Lee Hakjae.”

I asked the Commissioner of the National Tax Service for the company details and ran back to Chairman Jin.

I thought it would be better to tell Chairman Jin the truth and receive instructions. Miracle must have a deep connection with Jin Do-jun.

* * *

“You must have a headache because of the Sumitomo explosion. Are you okay?”

“Oh my, our Dojun. Still, there’s only you. “All the grandchildren are just trying to steal the money for this expense, but Dojun is the only one who worries about me and the company.”

I am the only middle school student and most of the 3rd generation children are adults. In particular, the kids in this family are nothing but money-grubbers even when they are only in high school.

Those who left high school to study abroad in Europe or the United States spend the annual salary of most affiliated companies’ CEOs, from tuition to living expenses.

“Our Dojun, you have to go to high school in just one semester, right?”


“Have you talked to your father? Are you looking into schools?”

“no. I’m just going to go to a regular high school. “I don’t think I need to go study abroad.”

Chairman Jin frowned.

“Geez, your dad doesn’t even care. “I knew it would be like this.”

My older brother, Sangjun, also did not go abroad to study. Of course, he entered a prestigious private high school that only wealthy and powerful high-ranking children attend.

Even this time, grandfather didn’t care. ah… . Didn’t he care before? Did the parents take responsibility for the problem of going to college?


“Don’t say anything. I will look into prestigious Swiss schools. “I’ll send you to the best school in the world.”

“no. That’s not it. “I just want to go to Seoul National University.”

“what? Seoul National University?”

My grandfather’s expression changed when he heard the word Seoul National University.

“yes. It is a place where the brightest minds in our country gather. The place with the highest score is law school or medical school… . But I’m going to go to liberal arts school, so I’m going to go to law school.”

“Uh, law school? “Are you sure your goal is to become a judge or prosecutor?”

My grandfather confirmed my dream once again with an expression of half surprise and half concern.

“Oh, really? Even my grandfather knows my dream. “My goal is to become a business manager.”

“But why are you going to law school?”

His expression was somewhat relieved, and his eyes, now filled with curiosity, turned to me.

“Grandpa, I want you to go somewhere and brag about it.” “No children from large corporations have studied well enough to go to law school at Seoul National University, right?”

At this absurd answer, the grandfather’s eyes turned blank, as if he was at a loss for words.

How much did Chairman Daehyun Group brag about at the Federation of Korean Industries meeting?

It was a day when the fact that the eldest grandson entered Seoul National University became the topic of the Federation of Korean Industries meeting.

Even though I knew what trick he used to get into school, I was so upset as I continued to listen to him brag.

Rumor has it that about a dozen reporters from Seoul National University and engineers from the economic department, as well as the secretariat, were mobilized and deployed to Seoul National University.

After closely investigating university officials, they selected the department with the least competition just before the 6 o’clock deadline and succeeded in submitting the application just before the reception desk closed. The place I entered was a place called Oriental Philosophy or Oriental History.

Of course, it cannot be denied that even in the department with the lowest cut-off point at Seoul National University, the grades were above par.

However, if it had been the normal way, I would never have crossed the threshold of Seoul National University, and the only places I would have been able to go to were Y and K universities, which are where most people go.

However, even if he was the chairman of a conglomerate, the grandfather’s feelings were the same, so his boasting about his grandson did not end even after a year. That boring boast.

However, the story is different at Seoul National University Law School. The trick doesn’t work. Everyone has no choice but to admit it.

“Are you serious? “Are you saying you’re applying to Seoul National University’s law school because of me?”

“of course. “It’s not my job to become a judge or prosecutor, so why would I apply to law school?”

The expression on my grandfather’s face right now is truly something I’ve never seen before. I never thought the expression of a person named Cheol-myeon would change like this.

“There were many people who made money and helped me increase my wealth, but there was no one who gave me joy, but my youngest is so happy about this free money that it moves me.”

If anything happened, tears were expected to appear.

“OK. Just enroll in Seoul National University Law School. I’ll give you anything as an entrance gift. haha. Well, then. All you have to do is enroll and study abroad at a prestigious university. “Aren’t those who study abroad in high school anyway the ones who have no confidence in going to prestigious universities in our country?”

I wanted to tell you to remember those words, but I held back. It’s not just a common foreign car, but the power of the Sunyang Group Chairman, that’s the entrance gift I want.

“The reason I asked to see you was not because of anything else, but because of your money. “I need to check something.”

After controlling his emotions, the grandfather lowered his voice and told the story he had expected.

Oh Se-hyeon told me in detail about Lee Hak-jae’s visit yesterday and did not forget to say that he would check with me soon.

My money is definitely an excuse and they are trying to make sure they have a good slush fund.

“yes. “Say something, Grandpa.”

“I understand that all your money is buried in an investment company called Miracle.”

“yes. that’s right.”

“And the CEO of that company is Oh Se-hyun.”

I hurriedly said, thinking it would be better to hit the player first.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. “Uncle Sehyun told me this when he quit Power Shares.”

“Then do you know the ins and outs of how a place called Miracle operates?”


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“It’s not everything, but I know where and how to invest my money.”

“okay? What happened? “Did you make some money?”

In the meantime, curiosity is revealed. He is a great guy.

“They said it was much better than the bank interest rate.”

By investing $9 million in Dell Computer, the company grew to $1.1 billion. Even if converted to the current exchange rate of 800 won, it is 880 billion won. Microsoft stock also quadrupled.

When SoftBank goes public next year, its $230 million investment will triple.

The money invested in movies is doubling every year.

By the time I enter college, it will easily exceed 2 trillion won.

But I can’t tell you this now. There is a separate point in time to reveal information. When is it most shocking and effective?

That’s when it exerts greater power.

“hmm… “It is said that more than 10 percent are called every year.”

“yes. The average would be 20 percent. But grandpa. Is there something wrong? Why are you doing that? … .”

“Oh, no. I want to make sure that the relationship between Oh Se-hyun and you is strong. “I’m the one in charge of a lot of money, so isn’t it important?”

“He is my father’s best friend and he is like family to me. and… . “There are dozens of investors besides me, and I heard that their investments are much larger.”

If I tell you this much, wouldn’t you understand since you’re such a quick-witted person?

“okay? Is there anything else? “Do you know who it is?”

“no. But you mentioned the investment amount. About 100 billion won came in at once… . “I heard that’s why you decided to change companies.”

“Hundreds of billion won?”


“I see.”

He looks somewhat relieved when he confirms that the 100 billion won is still sleeping.

“Dojun. “Could you please do me a favor to spare this money?”

“Sure. Please speak.”

“If you think Oh Se-hyun is using the investment money suspiciously, can you tell this person right away? “I’m a little worried because it’s not a small amount of money.”

“Well, I guess that’s not possible…” … Anyway, I will. “If anything suspicious or I’m not sure, I’ll tell you right away.”

“Yes, yes. haha.”

Only then did the grandfather look relieved. This is because it is safe until a way to recover the slush funds is found.

I too had a happy expression on my face.

It’s a whopping 100 billion won. Although it is money tied up in the company, it can be used at any time at the company level.

Grandpa, thank you! I’ll write well.


“Money is no problem for the time being. “Have you looked into America?”

“yes. There is no way to know the composition of Miracle Investment’s shareholders. Because it is an unlisted company and it is located in the United States. “The Korean corporation is nothing but a shell.”


“yes. It is only a corporation in form, but at the level of a branch office. “Money invested in Korea is also invested directly by the U.S. headquarters.”

“My money is being held by a company whose owner I don’t know.”

“sorry. President.

Hakjae Lee hung his head in despair.

There is no problem with losing about 100 billion won due to a company’s management failure. After all, it’s company money.

However, this money is entirely the chairman’s personal property. Safely siphoning off hundreds of billions of won from a corporation is as difficult as successfully running a business worth trillions of won.

“We’ve bought time, so just find a way.”

Hearing the chairman’s stern voice, Lee Hak-jae jumped up without realizing it.

“yes. President!”

“it’s okay. sit down.”

Lee Hak-jae sat down in his chair again and took out a report.

“This is an urgent call from the Japanese branch. “I think Sumitomo will make a surprising decision.”

Chairman Jin’s eyes widened as if he was surprised as he scanned the report.

“Closing the semiconductor epoxy production line?”

“yes. Although they claim to be in a monopoly position, they only have sales of about 20 to 30 billion won, and they always seem to think that it is better to close it down rather than risk an explosion.”

“this… . “Isn’t this a bigger problem?”

“They say they will transfer technology before closure. “You don’t seem to have any regrets.”

“Well, it’s worth it. When an explosion occurs, other production lines are affected, and insurance premiums skyrocket. “It would be difficult to pay insurance premiums with the money earned from selling epoxy resin.”

Chairman Jin put the report down on the desk and burst into laughter.

“If you look at things like this, the Japanese are really nice too. “If it were us, we would have raised the price tenfold.”

“If you do that in Japan, you will be criticized by the companies you do business with. Isn’t that what they are most afraid of? “There are also sanctions against monopoly companies.”

“Thanks to you, we were comfortable too.”

Hakjae Lee spoke cautiously, observing Chairman Jin’s thoughts.

“There is a good epoxy resin company in Cheonan. “What if we provide funds and this company takes over Sumitomo’s technology?”

“Let’s have ours?”

“yes. We are avoiding risk and getting epoxy for semiconductors in our hands. “Wouldn’t it be possible to use it as a weapon when needed?”

“Yes, but… . “Isn’t it too obvious?”

“Once we had enough inventory, we kicked off the production line… .”

“Disguising it as an unavoidable accident?”

“Because it happens frequently. “Hehe.”

The corner of Chairman Jin’s mouth went up at Lee Hak-jae’s grim smile.

It’s a pretty sweet story.


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