The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 39

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[039]Losing luck too? One.

What made it clear that the situation was extremely urgent was that Chairman Jin personally rushed to the headquarters and called a meeting.

Presidents and executives of Sunyang Electronics and Sunyang Products, including Hakjae Lee. And then he took his first flight to Osaka, Japan and was waiting in the conference room.

When the conference room door burst open and Chairman Jin appeared, everyone jumped up, but Chairman Jin held up his hand.

“Just sit down. “Do you still have the sense to be polite?”

As Chairman Jin flopped down at the head table, the Osaka branch manager opened his mouth.

“There was a big fire. The resin plant at Ehime (愛媛?) factory exploded… Production is impossible.”

“The field investigation team departed on the first flight today. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy also says it will leave tomorrow.”

A report by Sunyang Electronics President followed.

“Currently, we have four months worth of inventory. If production does not resume after four months, our production line will also… .”

“The Ehime plant will not be able to operate normally until next year.”

The Osaka branch manager said while examining Chairman Jin’s complexion.

“Sumitomo announced that it would urgently switch production items at two of its other factories. “I think the supply and demand problem will probably be resolved.”

“maybe? “Is it the same?”

A vein popped out on Chairman Jin’s forehead.

“Is the guy right next to Sumitomo making any guesses? “What are you doing!”

The Osaka branch manager hastily bowed his head.

For now it’s all just speculation. She doesn’t have the confidence to take responsibility if something goes wrong after speaking confidently.

This year’s sales target is KRW 10 trillion, operating profit is KRW 1.5 trillion, and is ranked first in the world in memory semiconductors.

The only person who can take responsibility for this frightening number is Chairman Jin.

“The factory should never be built!” hey! Son Hoon-jae!”

“Yes, Chairman.”

“Secure America.”

Son Hoon-jae, CEO of Sunyang Products, had to say something difficult while breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Dow Chemical of the United States has already signed an exclusive contract with Intel. “It is impossible to secure quantity.”

“I heard that domestic companies also produce epoxy packaging. “If we secure all the supplies, wouldn’t we be able to prevent the production line from stopping?”

Director Hakjae Lee asked the CEO of Soonyang Electronics, but only received a negative answer.

“Domestic products can only be used in sizes less than 1 megabyte. “The quality is not up to par for use in the flagship 4MB.”

Everyone kept repeating that it was impossible and that it was difficult, but Chairman Jin did not get angry. We know very well that epoxy resin is a monopoly market for Sumitomo, so even if we try to explain it, we will not find an answer.

Sumitomo is one of the three major conglomerates in Japan, along with Mitsubishi and Mitsui, that survived the breakup of the conglomerates. Although it has the lowest external awareness, there are many companies that you might not even think of.

Its main focus is chemicals, and it is also branching into financial industries such as electricity, trading, and insurance. In addition, it is so large that it has Asahi Group, famous for newspapers and beer, as a quasi-affiliate.

Japan is beginning to shake due to the collapse of the bubble economy, but the Japanese economy in the 1990s cannot be compared to Korea.

Korea’s overall sales in aviation, shipbuilding, electricity, electronics, and automobiles are only the same as those of Japan’s Mitsubishi.

Epoxy resin is a molding material that surrounds chips during semiconductor assembly, and accounts for less than 1% of the total cost of semiconductor raw materials. But the problem is that it is an indispensable material.

Sumitomo’s share in the global epoxy market is only about 1%, but it accounts for 60% of the global supply of high-quality epoxy resins used in semiconductors.

In addition, domestic semiconductor production plants depend on Sumitomo Chemical for as much as 95%.

The Korean semiconductor industry, worth trillions of won, is caught up in Sumitomo, whose total volume is only about 20 billion won.

“In the end, if Sumitomo quickly changes its production line, we will survive. All we do is put our hands together and pray… .”

Although there was more fuss than a hotteok restaurant on fire, there was nothing the key figures of Sunyang, including Chairman Jin, could do except wait for Sumitomo’s announcement of countermeasures.

* * *

As soon as I saw the newspaper article, a memory I had completely forgotten came back to me.

The content of the training I received after joining the Sunyang Group was the development history of Sunyang Electronics.

The cell phone I am holding right now, model name SY-700.

This is Sunyang Electronics’ second mobile phone and the first to be portable, weighing around 100g. The Sumitomo Chemical explosion in 1993, which was briefly mentioned when explaining the introduction of this cell phone.

It may not be a big deal, but it kept bothering me.

Because of the word monopoly.

Worse still, is the government concerned that “the vulnerability of our country’s semiconductor industry, which is too dependent on foreign countries for semiconductor equipment and key materials, has been exposed?”

The most tempting word for business people: monopoly.

Moreover, it is a monopoly that has the power to shake up the semiconductors, the rice of the electronics industry. If I could get this power of monopoly into my hands, it would have a great influence on the future direction of Shunyang Electronics… .

The target is too big.

Isn’t it a huge Sumitomo group that is difficult to compare to Sunyang?

I have some money, but there is nothing I can do with it. However, I don’t know why, but the regret did not go away.

As I watched newspaper articles and broadcasts for almost a month and watched the situation unfold, an incident occurred that was difficult to compare to something like an explosion at an epoxy factory.

This time, a huge explosion occurred not in a distant foreign country, but right in our country, and that was at the Blue House.

August 12th at 7pm.

All TV stations stopped regular broadcasts and began broadcasting the president’s emergency statement live.

『At this moment, with a solemn heart, I announce the “Presidential Emergency Financial and Economic Order on Real-Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy” in accordance with the provisions of Article 76, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution.』

His unique Gyeongsang-do dialect accent felt different from usual strength, and his facial expression showed determination.

As soon as he took office, he purged the military faction called ‘Hanahoe’, and in June, he dropped the bombshell of disclosing the assets of public officials, forcing high-ranking public officials who had accumulated wealth through illegal methods to resign.

Now, he declares that he will even bring out the black money hidden under borrowed names.

Damn, was the real-name financial system announced this year?

I knew it was an achievement during the Kim Young-sam administration, but I couldn’t remember that it was this year.

If I had remembered, I would have received even more love by hinting to Chairman Jin… . it’s a shame.

I began to worry that my grandfather might faint from shock.

* * *

Lee Hak-jae, who was listening to the president’s speech in his car, shouted at the driver.

“Quickly drive to the chairman’s house, hurry!”

As the driver, who did not hesitate to make an illegal U-turn, increased his speed, Lee Hak-jae took out a notebook from his pocket.


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Names and amounts written down in detail. These are all borrowed-name accounts.

Maybe this notebook is of no use at all.

The president’s presidential election promise included a real-name financial system, but I could not have imagined that it would be implemented in this way only half a year after taking office.

Chairman Jin once asked the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs directly at dinner.

“Your Excellency’s will is clear. We will definitely implement the real-name financial system. But not this year. If the banks and stock markets fluctuate, won’t it be difficult for the government to handle it? “This year will pass just for thorough preparation.”

It was a reasonable answer, so I didn’t rush it. However, it was only being smuggled overseas little by little as a way to prepare in advance.

I can’t stop sighing when I think about Chairman Jin’s disobedient orders.

As soon as I opened the study door, Chairman Jin’s shout was already loud.

“Prime Minister Hwang. Are you stabbing me in the back like this? “Who do you think is the reason you’re sitting there now?”

Chairman Jin, who spotted Lee Hak-jae, gestured to the chair with a wave of his hand and roughly put down the receiver.

“Let’s just say these bastards didn’t know anything. “Useless bastards.”

“Have you spoken to the Senior Secretary for Economic Affairs on the phone?”

“In a few hours ago. “I have now submitted my resignation and come to the Blue House.”


“He said he found out after watching the broadcast. “Wow, I’m so shocked.”

The president is promoting economic policies without the knowledge of the senior secretary for economic affairs.

To this extent, it is not a lie to say that the Prime Minister did not know.

Chairman Jin put on his glasses and looked at Hakjae Lee and asked.

“How much is it? entire?”

“It’s 600 billion, excluding pennies.”

“Is that all you can do?”

“no. “A significant amount of money has already been moved overseas.”

As a look of relief appeared on Chairman Jin’s face, Hakjae Lee continued to report.

“You can rest assured that 300 billion people are trustworthy… .”

“Find it right away tomorrow. As time goes by, they change their minds. That’s money you can buy for three generations. I can’t even find it unless it’s me. “No one can be trusted with money.”

“yes. Then, I will withdraw all the cash and store it in the warehouse. Then, I wash it and send it abroad as quickly as possible.”

First of all, half of it was saved.

“The 200 billion won is an anonymous account, a borrowed-name account, but Anonymous is a person who doesn’t even exist… .”

“What is the car’s name?”

“There are dead people and there are missing people. And there are quite a few items made in the names of Sunyang employees.”

“Can’t you find something with the employees’ names?”

“it’s possible.”

There is no problem with Sunyang employees. If you take out all your ID cards and throw them to the bank, they will automatically prepare cash for you.

If there is an employee who notices anything, they can call him in person and threaten him once. He won’t even be able to make a noise due to the pressure of his authority as the president’s chief of staff.

“And I am very fortunate that I have entrusted the 100 billion won to Oh Se-hyun.”

“Oh Se-hyun? Oh, the guy who manages Dojun’s money?”

“yes. “I’ll meet you tomorrow and take care of it in dollars.”

Chairman Jin also felt relieved when he heard that a certain amount could be recovered.

“Then how hard is it to find?”

“As I said, these are accounts where the depositor does not exist at all. Even if I can’t do it, it will be 50 billion won.”

Otherwise, it’s money that will sleep forever in a bank vault.

“I will meet with the bank presidents and come up with a solution.”

Hakjae Lee spoke cautiously, but Chairman Jin shook his head.

“no. There is no need to spread rumors. Other group presidents will definitely step forward first. “Let’s wait and see.”

Chairman Jin sensed an unusual atmosphere. Maybe you should give up that money.

* * *

The next day, the stock market crashed and the bank was in chaos as people came to collect their deposits. Cash was extremely scarce and the price of gold soared.

Hakjae Lee was able to breathe only after mobilizing his secretarial staff and going to commercial banks before business hours to secure cash.

And then I ran to Yeouido and met Oh Se-hyeon. Oh Se-hyun also looked distraught due to the stock market crash.

“Everyone is at war.”

“We are better off. “I’m just checking to see if there’s any good loot.”

Oh Se-hyeon, who welcomed Lee Hak-jae with a smile, already knew why Lee Hak-jae appeared.

“We are suffering a lot. Since we are both busy, we only talk about business. “I hope you find the money buried in America.”

“Of course. “The investment performance is good, so you will make up for some of the damage.”

Oh Se-hyeon tapped on the computer and printed out the information so that he could see the investment status at a glance.

“I will handle it later today. I’ll send it to your linked account. There were over 40, right? “Do you have a deposit account?”

“Oh, I can’t use that account. Please send it this way.”

Se-Hyeon Oh frowned as she looked at the dozen accounts presented by Hak-Jae Lee.

“Director Lee.”


“Don’t you know about the real-name financial system?”

“Isn’t that why you’re doing this? “You don’t know what type of money 100 billion is, right?”

“I know very well, but there are 40 investors. We also cannot avoid the real-name financial system. This money should be returned to those people. “You can’t give money to the wrong person.”

“So I brought an American account, didn’t I? “Let’s handle that money in the United States.”

Oh Se-hyeon opened his eyes wide and even cleared his throat.

“I’m going to jail. “If you get caught by federal law, you won’t be able to get out of prison for 100 years.”

Hakjae Lee’s head stood on end.

40 accounts are anonymous. There are no depositors at all.

Oh Se-hyeon quickly shook his head.

It seemed that the ownerless hundred billion won would sleep forever in Miracle.


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