The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 38

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[038]Let’s not be greedy 2.


“That’s right. “We are headquartered in Manhattan, New York.”

“Are you Korean?”

Son Jeong-eui, a young 36-year-old Japanese name Masayoshi Son, kept tilting his head as he looked curiously at Oh Se-hyeon, a middle-aged Korean man who spoke fluent English and Japanese.

“yes. “Our investment company’s capital is Korean, but we mainly invest in American companies and Hollywood movies.”

“Then, if you invest, dollars… ?”

“That’s it, you can do whatever the boss wants.”

“But how did you know about SoftBank?”

“Our company also owns quite a lot of Microsoft stock. So, we always receive a management report every quarter. “Suddenly, Japan’s performance stood out and I became interested.”

“ah… !”

When negotiating, having a common connection is a pretty good card. This is because vigilance is diluted by becoming acquaintances and associates rather than strangers.

“So are you coming from America now?”

“no. I’m from Korea.”

“Thank goodness.”

A slightly mocking smile.

Oh Se-hyun bit her lip because she thought there would be a negative reaction.

“I feel less sorry since you came from nearby. As I already faxed you, we do not need any external investment at this time.”

“So I came in person. “To persuade CEO Son.”

“hmm… . I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to convey my thoughts accurately in writing. Investment is not accepted under any conditions. This thought will not change… .”

“I’ll give you ten times as much.”

Because of Oh Se-hyeon, who suddenly threw out conditions, Son Jeong-eui was unable to continue speaking. Moreover, it is an unprecedented offer of ten times the price.

However, Oh Se-hyeon spat out the words as if he were swallowing poison. It was something I would want to pick up again if I could.

‘Why is this kid’s distribution so big… ‘You can’t fool blood.’

# # #

“Gambling makes people lose their reason. Isn’t it?”

“How do you know that? Are you doing jjaljjal at school?”

I have seen countless people in this cruise group who have lost their temper due to gambling. He loses tens of billions of dollars and steals money from his company to make up for it.

If they are caught in the prosecution’s net for embezzlement, they take refuge abroad and visit casinos again. After Sunyang Group appeases the prosecution, he returns home with a lot of gambling debt.

Even if people in this family quit drugs, they can’t quit gambling. Because there is too much money.

“There is no one carrying coins at our school. I don’t carry anything less than 10,000 won. “Cards are basic.”

“okay? As expected, the people in the house are different. Even so, what are you going to do with gambling? “Do you want to play poker with the CEO of Softbank?”

“yes. “Let’s try a race.”


“They are starting from ten times the purchase price of Softbank stock.”

“what? Oh, no. “Keep going.”

It’s been a while since I saw Oh Se-hyun’s surprised face.

“From there, you just keep adding five times more. Fifteen, twenty times, twenty-five times… . However, you need to let them know in advance that they can stop at any time. And if you stop, the negotiation ends on the spot. There is no turning back… . “Isn’t this a gamble?”

“That guy named Son Jeong-ui is going to run away? Hahaha.”

Oh Se-hyeon slapped his knee and laughed out loud, but the laughter didn’t last long.

“It seems plausible, but we must not forget the purpose. If he says okay at 20x, we lose money. No, even if it is ten times more, you might lose money. “Our goal is investment profit, not the acquisition of Softbank.”

“I’m thinking of racing up to fifty times?”

I was surprised when I heard ten times, but I wasn’t surprised when I heard fifty times. She could only show a bewildered expression.

“Don’t make that face. Dell computers have already surpassed 100 times. “Softbank stock can also increase a hundred times.”

“Is that really true? Softbank is not a manufacturer. It’s just a distributor. hundredfold? “You could lose all your money.”

“We can’t just let the opponent sit at the gambling table and leave us alone. There is no way to play poker alone, right? “We must see the end.”

Oh Se-hyeon got up from his seat without saying anything.

“Since you are strong in gambling luck, let’s give this race a try. I will raise the stakes. But Dojun.”


“The end of gambling is ruin. “Keep this in mind.”

A calm voice.

He was not the CEO of an investment company, but his father’s best friend.

“This will be the last time. Until I become an adult.”

Oh Se-hyun nodded his head lightly.

# # #

“Ji, what are you doing now?”

“I will give you fifteen times as much. Oh, there’s one thing I want to tell you first. When I stand up from this chair, I won’t look back. Also, we will assume that there was no suggestion. Twenty times!”

Unlike the relaxed Oh Se-hyeon, Son Jeong-eui’s fingertips trembled.

“Twenty-five times.”

“Now, wait a minute!”

Oh Se-hyun knows how a person with a lot of money can lead the race. I also know that I shouldn’t give the other person time to think. You have to keep pushing without stopping to cover your cards and surrender.

“Thirty times.”

“… … .”

At this moment, the other person’s trembling hands stopped. Once I realized the rules of the game, I regained my composure. It’s also not normal.

It was difficult to understand the meaning of that composure.

Is Oh Se-hyun measuring the stakes, or does he sincerely not want to invest? . What is it like?

“Thirty-five times.”

It is also silence.


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Oh Se-hyeon picked up the briefcase he had put down next to the chair. It was a bluff.

But it didn’t work. Oh Se-hyun’s race continued, and Son Jeong-eui maintained his poker face, perhaps with the intention of waiting and seeing how far he would go.

“Fifty times.”

“… … call.”

Did it show on your face? I noticed exactly the moment of the last bet.

When the race was over, Son Jeong-eui’s expression showed the arrogance of a winner.

lost. It’s embarrassing, but… … .

But for Oh Se-hyeon, it wasn’t over yet.

Now it’s time to up the stakes.

“How many weeks would you like for fifty times?”

“That part went through an internal meeting… .”

“Forty-five times.”

“what? this… … !”

He looked embarrassed, but since he was a quick-witted person, a new game had begun and he quickly figured out the rules of the game.

“Forty times.”

“A million shares. No more… .”

Now Oh Se-hyun must read the opponent’s stake. As the investment multiple decreases, there is no one who does not know that a fifty-fold profit can be made by increasing the amount of stocks.

The two quickly started calculating. How many weeks does it take to make the maximum profit? But it was Oh Se-hyun who led this game.

Son Masayoshi cannot give up his greed for surplus money.

I bet again.

“Thirty-five times.”

“Five million.”

Now that our eyes have settled on each other, it is our last bet. Now the race had to be stopped.

This is not a battle of pride, it is just a negotiation.

“… … call.”

When the gamble was over, both of them let out a long breath at the same time.

After gathering his tense body and mind, Oh Se-hyeon reached out his hand, but no hand came out to hold it.

“Five million is too much right now. A capital increase of at least two million shares is required. Do you accept this?”

It didn’t seem like a call to break the game now. It meant telling the reality as it is and solving it.

“great. Two million shares were increased in capital and three million shares were acquired. That’s the conclusion.”

Only then did Son Jeong-ui extend his hand and smile broadly.

Stocks with a par value of 150 yen were sold for 5,250 yen. With two pushes and pulls, 25 billion yen was earned. It was natural that it was difficult to hold back laughter.

“I’m sorry to say this, but Miracle Investment is unfamiliar to me… “I think they have considerable financial power.”

“It’s kind of like that. “There is more than 100 billion yen that can be cashed in right now.”

In front of Son Jeong-eui, who was shocked and couldn’t keep his mouth shut, Oh Se-hyun had already started drafting the contract.

* * *

“We signed a contract for 35 times, 5 million shares. “Now all you have to do is trust your luck and wait.”

“Don’t worry. “It will be fine.”

“But are you really going to sell off all your Dell stock?”

It seemed like they had given up on persuasion and it felt like they were checking for the last time.

They sell stocks that are doing well and use some of the money to buy stocks of software distributors at ridiculous prices.

It’s crazy to anyone who sees it, but there’s a guy in front of us who made trillions of dollars doing this.

“I made a hundred times more, so I don’t think there’s any reason to hold on. After selling Dell stock and purchasing Softbank stock, your uncle will handle the remaining money. I will also be a high school student next year. “I plan to just study for three years.”

“You are the first to hear something so awkward about studying from a student’s mouth. “Hehe.”

Oh Se-hyun, who was bursting into laughter, changed to a serious expression again.

“You’re always number one in school, so it’s obvious that you want to go to Seoul National University. What’s your major? “I guess it’s business administration or economics, right?”

“no. “I’m going to law school?”

“Law school?”


Oh Se-hyeon blinked at the completely unexpected answer.

I know better than anyone else that I am not someone who has earned enough money to live a life as a judge or prosecutor.

“I have a grandfather who is the best entrepreneur in our country and an uncle who majored in economics in England, so what can I learn at university?”

“Then what about law school? What are you trying to learn there? “You’re not saying you want to be a judge or prosecutor, are you?”

“Of course not. “It just shows.”

“Show me what?”

“For a third-generation chaebol, he is good at studying. “There are still people from conglomerate families who went to Seoul National University, but no one has achieved grades worthy of going to law school.”

A slight smile appeared on Oh Se-hyeon’s lips, as if he guessed the real reason why he wanted to go to law school. I thought it was an intention to impress Chairman Jin one more time.

No special explanation was provided. There is no reason to announce it.

“I see. Now, what about Dell? “When is a good time to sell?”

“The current trading price fluctuates between $47 and $49, right?”


“Then let’s cross that line.”

“okay. And the current exchange rate is 111 yen per dollar. I’ll put $230 million into Softbank and I’ll manage the rest as you say. “Okay?”

I don’t remember anything in particular anymore. All I have to do is look at the list of film productions sent from the US and decide whether to invest.

I will concentrate on my studies and go to law school at Seoul National University. Many of Korea’s high-ranking officials are from here.

Chairman Jin, who did not graduate from this school, moves them like limbs. That’s the power of money. However, the strongest ties in our country are academic institutions, especially universities.

I will hold money in one hand and the string of alumni in the other, and I will use the officials like my hands and feet. That way, they don’t think of themselves as limbs. You might think that we are alumni who help each other.

This subtle difference will help me get ahead of Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki, who manipulates people with money.

But my plan to focus on my studies had to be put on hold.

In the middle of summer, when the hot days continued, when I opened the newspaper as usual, all the headlines were the same as if they had been copied.

[Global semiconductor industry “super emergency”]

My eyes brightened.

This year, semiconductor exports have surpassed $2 billion, the highest for a single item in the first half of the year, enjoying the greatest boom since the reign of Dangun. What kind of thunderstorm is this?


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