The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 35

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“it’s okay. He’s okay. “Everyone go out.”

The secretaries let go of President Cho Dae-ho’s arms and bowed their heads.

“By the way, prepare some coffee.”

Chairman Song spoke towards the closing door.

Chairman Song sat President Cho Dae-ho, who was loitering at the entrance, on the sofa and showed an awkward smile.

“I’m sorry. “I’m out of my mind these days.”

“No, Chairman. I also read the newspaper. “It’s an unexpected mistake on my part.”

“When was the last time we saw each other?”

“Two years ago, it was an Automobile Association dinner party.”

“ah! yes. “I saw it when the association’s donations were being ripped off.”

The frozen faces of the two people relaxed.

“How are you doing these days? “I heard that you gave up your position as the CEO of an automobile company.”

“I spend my time doing odd jobs at the packaging factory.”

“Packing plant?”

I heard that he was pushed down to a single position, but I never thought that he would be exiled.

Chairman Song frowned.

“Chairman Jin is going too far. There is also a position within the group… . “It was bad.”

Being promoted to the position of CEO of Sunyang Motors means that one has dedicated one’s entire life to Sunyang. I didn’t ruin the company, but they kicked me out to a hole-in-the-wall store that I didn’t even know existed just because my pride was hurt.

Chairman Song once again confirmed Chairman Jin’s terrible appearance.

“Okay, why did you suddenly come here? I guess it’s because of this, right?”

As Chairman Song waved the newspaper in his hand, President Cho Dae-ho nodded.

“Is this Chairman Jin’s doing?”


“why? Are you trying to swallow Ajin Motors?”

“Maybe so.”

The media, Yeouido, and the Blue House all deserve to turn their backs on him. Chairman Jin’s influence was enough to deserve it.

“Why am I suddenly greedy?”

“Winning a fight is not only difficult, but it also takes a long time. I just chose to win without fighting. Just like it has been until now.”

Chairman Song looked at President Cho Dae-ho and asked.

“What is the reason you came? A subject who went into exile would not have brought a royal decree… “Is this a conversion?”

“Isn’t it obvious why the salaried worker suddenly came to visit me on a day like today? “I think today would be the best time to ask for a job.”

“There are no plans to hire experienced employees… . What should I do with this?”

Chairman Song waved the newspaper as a fan.

“When I’m in a hurry, I use private loans, but isn’t it difficult to hire someone without a plan?”

“You’ve become very shameless, our boss Cho. haha.”

“If you starve, your dignity and pride disappear. “It’s a shame, though.”

“An experienced employee must have something useful, but what does President Cho want to have?”

“I applied the cement from the Sunyang Automobile factory. “I also signed the assembly line technical partnership signing ceremony with my own hands.”

“Isn’t it disappointing if that’s all it is? “There are many engineers among us.”

“Under Chairman Jin’s instructions, my hands were covered in dirt, blood, and feces. If you throw it back to the chairman who has completely shaken it all off… Sunyang Group will be busy taking a shower for a year.”

“It looks like President Cho is planning to use this opportunity to completely wash away the smell of the packaging factory bond.”

President Cho Dae-ho rubbed his hands together and smiled calmly.

“At this point, do you like my resume?”

“Your resume is good, but I don’t know if there’s a position that President Cho likes.”

“The president of Ajin Motors is the chairman’s right hand man… Being a vice president is a blessing. “I would be satisfied if my salary was at the level of the CEO of Sunyang Motors.”

When Chairman Song got up from the sofa, President Cho Dae-ho also jumped up.

“Are you going to President Cho’s hometown?”

“I salute your ancestors.”

“Then we’ll talk again when we return home. “Please rest in peace.”

Cho Dae-ho bowed and left the chairman’s office with a smile.

Chairman Song Hyeon-chang, who was left alone, let out a long sigh and sank into his chair.

For the first time in a while, I lit up a cigarette. You have to think a lot.

“I didn’t like that bastard for a long time… “I can’t get enough of it until the end.”

Chairman Song, who was muttering to himself, called all the automobile executives together through his secretary.

When the executives who rushed forward heard Chairman Song’s explanation, they were angry at first, and after they calmed down, their opinions were divided.

“If it’s a pure race, we will push it with our financial power. “We need to start buying stocks to defend our management rights.”

“Where do I get the money to purchase stocks?”

“We will look into borrowing as much as possible using the stocks we own as collateral.”

“That’s right. Get some bank loans and emergency funds and use that money to shake up the stock market. “If the stock price rises, Sunyang will also slow down.”

Opinions are divided, but there is no one powerful solution. Even after a bloody fight, you cannot be confident of the outcome.

Chairman Song posed a more difficult question to the executives.

“Look at the media now. Today is just the beginning. Are you going to shake me forward? “If you question my morality, it’s obvious that I’ll be summoned by the prosecutors.”

There is no one who doesn’t get dust when they brush their hands. As the CEO of a large company with a professional management system, he has lived a life covered in dust.

Even if one prosecutor just blows on the case, indictment would be a piece of cake.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? “I have to protect the company, and it’s okay if I get caught?”

“It can’t be. “No, Chairman.”

All the executives jumped up and threw up their hands. Chairman Song, who saw this, smiled and gave another piece of information.


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“I already know your true feelings, so that’s enough. Actually, the reason I asked you all to gather is for a different reason. Jo Dae-ho came and went. Do you remember? “The guy who was the CEO of Sunyang Motors?”

“Why is Jo Dae-ho… ?”

“They asked for a seat.” “Thank you for being the vice president of Ajin Motors.”

vice president. This position is two sides of the same coin. Either be a strong candidate for the next president, or be a scarecrow who only takes up the position. It’s one of two things.

However, the vice president that Cho Dae-ho spoke of now is a strawman who is just trying to make money.

The executives welcomed the event with open arms.

“You’re welcome. Cho Dae-ho was Sunyang’s loyal dog and Chairman Jin’s close associate. He must know Sunyang’s corruption inside out. “If he knows that Jo Dae-ho has become a member of our Ajin family, Sunyang won’t be able to do anything reckless.”

“If we rush to dust each other, Sunyang’s dust will be several times more than ours, so we will withdraw.”

Everyone seemed to have lost their minds when they came up with a way to stop the opponent’s attack. Once the enemy’s attacks stop, you can expedite the work of releasing funds and further solidifying your management rights.

“Didn’t you just say that Jo Dae-ho is Sunyang’s loyal dog? Dogs don’t change owners. Why do you think Jo Dae-ho is on our side?”

At Chairman Song’s words, all executives again became dumbfounded.

It was none other than the Trojans who dragged the wooden horse left behind by the Greek army into the castle.

* * *

“Our Dojun, why aren’t you saying anything?

“Oh, no.”

My quick-witted grandfather had already noticed that I was embarrassed.

“Are you already in puberty?”


“Now, is there something you’re hiding from this lady? “I’m sorry, hehe.”

They say that as you get older, you get upset over trivial things. Although he has a smiling face, the dark light has also passed by.

I guess I’ll have to secretly ask why this happened.

“Today’s newspaper… . Because it’s so loud… .”

“Ajin Motors?”


“why? Is something strange?”

“hmm… . It’s always been like that. “When the story about our Sunyang Group appeared in the newspaper, my grandfather got angry and asked who did it and demanded that we find it.”

“It did. “You remember.”


Chairman Jin took my hand and made me sit next to him and slowly began to teach me.

“Dojun. “How do newspaper companies make money?”

“Isn’t it an advertisement?”

Grandfather snapped his fingers.

“Yeah, everyone thinks that way. But newspapers make money by selling letters.”

“letter? “A knight?”

“okay. Do you know how many letters there are on one page of a newspaper?”


“It’s usually about 5,000 characters long. “Every single letter was converted into money.”

Damn, I asked a question and then ended up hearing a known fact for a long time. However, your eyes should sparkle as if you are hearing a new fact.


“On the surface, articles that have nothing to do with money, such as traffic jams in Seoul, serve as justification for road expansion work in the jurisdiction. “Who will make money from this article?”

“A civil engineering company that does road construction?”

“okay. You know me well. haha.”

Grandpa seemed to be amazed at how quick I was and patted my head. He then went on to explain how to read the true story of an article, citing various examples.

When are you going to answer my curiosity?

“Then who are Ajin Motors drivers for?”

“Ajin Motors is probably a competitor who wants to shake things up, right?”

“Daehyun Motors… or Grandpa?”

Chairman Jin’s hand strokes my head again.

From this touch, I was convinced that the driver shooting at Ajin Motors was my grandfather’s work.

Holy shit.

I never thought my grandfather would target my company, which he had already covered up with spittle, first.

My mind is complicated.

Is there a way to get it into my grandfather’s hands again? If this were possible, it would be like blowing your nose without using your hands… .

for a moment!

Could it be that what is happening now must have happened in my past life and I am not aware of it?

Ahjin was clearly swallowed up by Daehyun Motors.

In that case, it is obvious that what the grandfather has done now will fail.

When I don’t know how things will go, I have to find a way to make things go in the direction I know as quickly as possible.

* * *

Since we have a lot of money, we also pay our respects to our ancestors.

It is difficult to find the holiday syndrome that Korean daughters-in-law complain about in this family.

Three or four chefs and about a dozen assistant cooks occupied the kitchen and prepared all the food for the ancestral rite table.

The family chatted while preparing the ancestral rite table, and the ancestral rite ended with them bowing a few times.

Breakfast was served at two large tables. A table shared by the chairman, his children, daughters-in-law, and sons-in-law. And the grandchildren took one.

I sat closest to the adults’ table and listened.

“By the way, Yoongi. I heard you made a movie that was released yesterday? how is it? “What are the opening scores?”

The second son carefully asked what everyone was curious about but could not ask because they were worried about Chairman Jin.

“Ah, Dong-hyung. not bad. One was full and one was… “It’s half full.”

“oh! That’s great, my little brother. “This is your first work, was it a success?”

“It’s the first day. What? “You won’t know until the sign is taken down.”

A crying sound came from my father’s mouth, but his expression was different. Seeing that he couldn’t hide his smile, it didn’t seem like he was going to lose anything at least.

The funny thing is that Chairman Jin didn’t seem to feel bad at all and just ate without saying anything.

At this time, I heard words that put a damper on the good mood.

“Sister-in-law, please bring me some more soup.”

The vibrator’s wife offered a bowl of soup to her mother.

That bitch habitually tries to exploit her mother. After Chairman Jin showed that he cared for me, everyone started to be careful, but that bitch is a complete mess until the end.

I think it’s because of a complex. She is the only daughter of a rich man in Gangnam, and her face is a mess. She is consumed with feelings of inferiority and jealousy and runs to her death.

My father’s face twitched. Looks like he’s trying to be a husband now. After all, a man must work outside to gain the strength to protect his family.

However, before my father, an unexpected person spoke up.

“Second child, would you like me to make some more soup?”


“Is the young one still deaf? “Get some soup!”

At Chairman Jin’s shouting, the second daughter-in-law became contemplative and jumped up. Her grandfather was already holding out a bowl of soup.

The second child ran to the kitchen to make soup, but his trembling hands made him spill the soup.

As the grandfather receives the bowl of soup and continues eating, the entire house becomes chillingly quiet. The only sound was the sound of his grandfather’s spoon.

It was the moment when everything was put together once and for all.

It was also the moment when I recognized my father as a proper child and my mother as a daughter-in-law.

I was so grateful that it brought tears to my eyes, but I have to stab my grandfather in the back.

I’m a little, no, I’m extremely sorry, but I won’t let anyone touch what I have covered with spit.

Grandpa, I’m sorry.


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