The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 34

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[034]Mine 1.

When I went out to the garden to get the newspaper, I ran into my father in a suit.

“uh? father. Where are you going?”

“Oh, it’s opening today. “I want to go to the theater and see what’s going on before coming back.”

I laughed when I saw my father rushing out like an office worker who missed his commute.

My father, who had never considered work in his life, worked hard with all his might and is evaluated today.

There’s no way the theater would start early in the morning, but you probably thought it would be better to wait in front of the theater than loiter around at home.

I completely understand that feeling.

As I sat in the living room and read all three newspapers, I felt something was definitely wrong.

This was planned. All the newspapers are attacking Ajin Motors?

Since the morning newspaper has started, it is certain that this evening’s TV news will broadcast this story even more exaggeratedly. If this happens three or four times, an official investigation will be launched and the media will criticize Ajin Motors even more sharply… .

Why now?

I don’t even remember what happened in 1991.

However, the shock wave of the foreign exchange crisis that started in 1997 hit Ajin Motors, and after 1998, Daehyun swallowed up Ajin.

Could it be that this future is cracked? Has something started to change?

Or is it just a one-time corporate bashing? Is this simply part of the regime’s effort to tame business?

I folded the newspaper and approached my mother who was preparing breakfast.

“mother. When are we going to go to grandpa’s house?”

“tomorrow. why?”

“Then can I go alone first?”

My mother’s hands stopped preparing breakfast.

“why? What’s going on? “Grandpa wants you to come first?”

“no. “Now that I’m in middle school, I won’t be able to visit you often.”

“Foot-, really?”

Mother smiled lightly and shook her head slightly.

“okay. Eat breakfast and go first. “I’ll make Grandpa feel better.”

“yes. By the way, doesn’t your mother go to the theater? “It opens today.”

“What if the theater is empty because there are no audiences? “I’m so nervous I can’t go.”

I couldn’t tell you to go with peace of mind.

There is no information about my father’s movies. It may have been so long ago that you don’t remember it, or it may be a movie that never existed to begin with.

I just gave him a chance, and it’s his choice how to proceed with the rest of his life. One of the pleasures is just watching without getting involved.

* * *

“Oh my, our Dojun. Every time I see you, you grow so much. Good, good. haha.”

He no longer holds me and lifts me. No, I can’t. I grow up much faster than he grows old.

“My baby, grandpa has something to do. “Would you like to be alone for a little while?”

“yes. “I’ll be in the living room.”

The uneasy feeling continues to grow.

An article published just before the holidays and a study room where many people gathered. Just looking at the shoes neatly placed at the entrance, there are almost ten people.

He is not a grumpy old man who keeps people tied up until just before the holidays. There is no reason to gather in the study and admire other people’s houses.

Has something that will happen 7 years from now happen now?

What kind of conversation is going on in that study right now?

I waited impatiently.

* * *

Contrary to Do-jun’s expectations, fireworks were in full swing in the study.

It’s not the Buddhist police next door, but the Buddhist police in another country with the loud name of Operation Desert Storm.

On January 17, the war began when a multinational force led by the United States rained Tomahawk missiles into Iraq to drive out Iraq, which had invaded Kuwait last year.

While the equipment and command system of 600,000 Iraqi troops were devastated and 70,000 casualties were incurred, only 294 American soldiers were killed. Of these, 145 were accidental deaths and 149 were actual combat casualties, of which 35 were victims of friendly fire.

Unlike the US military, which suffered such a small number of casualties, the number of Iraqi soldiers killed is estimated at around 20,000, and including the wounded and prisoners, the number reaches 70,000.

Rumors began to circulate that Iraq was withdrawing from Kuwait in the face of overwhelming firepower, and the war was nearing its end.

“When will this end?”

“They say there is less than a week left. “I heard that the US and UK are already discussing post-war recovery projects.”

“What about our country? What does the government say? “Do you even see the possibility of straddling one leg?”

Chairman Jin’s frowned expression seemed to have already given up his expectations.

“The Middle East branch and European corporations are moving quickly, but it seems difficult for the government to intervene in the recovery project.”

“Then I guess I should at least wait in line. Only then can we build a toilet in the desert and get a few drops of oil. is not it?”

This is an order to secure reconstruction projects and oil in the Middle East. The presidents of two companies, construction and oil refining, looked at the chairman and bowed their heads.

“I will do my best.”

“Can I trust you?”

“yes. President.”

Although he wasn’t particularly trustworthy, it was clear that he didn’t want to say anything bitter ahead of the holidays. She immediately moved on to other matters.

“Did you read all the papers today? That’s a Scud missile. “From now on, we will focus our firepower, pour in more fire, and send in the occupation forces. Are you prepared?”

Everyone answered quietly with stern faces. The acquisition of Ajin Motors is Sunyang Group’s largest project this year.

The occupying force speaks of funds. After collecting as much money as possible, when the chairman gives a signal, he quickly buys up stocks under a borrowed name.

When a certain amount is secured and the government supports it both negatively and positively, M&As proceed at lightning speed.

Of course, like Operation Desert Storm, it has to be completed in an instant.

“Everyone go out. “Go to your hometown, celebrate ancestral rites, give the kids some pocket money, and tell them to get some rest.”

Everyone stood up, looked at the chairman, and bowed.

“Happy New Year and stay healthy. President.”


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I felt like bowing loudly, but fortunately the place was small.

After everyone had left the study, only Lee Hak-jae and Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki remained, putting their heads together.

“How much did you save?”

“We acquired 7.4%. “I sprayed it in Myeong-dong under the car’s name, so no one will notice.”

As Lee Hak-jae spoke cautiously, Jinyoung-gi handed out several reports.

“This is a production line adjustment plan.”

“What’s the point?”

“The truck line is in the process of being sold.”

Chairman Jin halfheartedly flipped through the report and threw it on the desk.

“Are you confident?”


“Ajin. Are you confident you can put it in your pocket?”

Jinyoung-gi nodded without the slightest hesitation. Even if he says things like, “It’s impossible,” or “He’s not confident,” he’ll only end up looking like a fool.

“As the Chairman said, this is the best way to achieve second place in the industry. “We will acquire Ajin and aim for No. 1 in the country.”

The son who shouted loudly was untrustworthy, but what could you do? He is the eldest son who should inherit most of what he has.

“Then you take charge from now on. After discussing it well with Director Lee, we will take over Ajin within this year. “If successful, I will give you all the shares in the car.”

Jin Young-ki looked at Chairman Jin with an expression of disbelief.

Most of the shares of Sunyang Motors are held by the holding company anyway. Putting a car in one’s pocket is no different from handing over the entire group, including the holding company’s shares.

Lee Hak-jae was equally shocked.

How can you suddenly decide on an inheritance like this?

“why? no? Or are you just not confident?”

“Oh, no. father! thank you.”

Chairman Jin smiled bitterly as he looked at Jinyoung-gi, who jumped up from his seat and repeatedly bowed his head.

“You go too. Don’t make mistakes and take care of yourself. Don’t come early tomorrow, but come on the morning of Lunar New Year’s Day and just do the ancestral rites. “Even if I split up the time I don’t have, it won’t be enough.”

“yes. father.”

As soon as Jinyoung-gi left, Lee Hak-jae opened his mouth.

“That’s a lot of money for Lunar New Year’s allowance.”

“huh? What are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it almost as if you suddenly announced the group succession?”


Chairman Jin’s eyes widened as if he was wondering what kind of nonsense he was saying.

“Isn’t it?”

“I said I would only give you a car, but I didn’t say I would give you a cruiser.”

Hakjae Lee was now speechless.

“If you hand over half of the automobile stocks held by affiliates, there will be no problem in defending management rights. That’s pretty much what I said. Of course, a car alone is a lot of pocket money.”

“Wow, the vice president must be very disappointed, right?”

“Did you really take it like that?”

“yes. “I thought so too.”


Chairman Jin burst into laughter, hitting the desk.

“this… . “Now that guy, Yeonggi, will light up his eyes and attack you.”

Hearing Chairman Jin’s laughter, Lee Hak-jae lost consciousness. The succession issue, which will be the most important decision in Sunyang Group’s history, must be handled more carefully.

* * *

“Does grandpa work even though it’s a holiday?”

“What can I do? It’s a lot of work. But now it’s over.”

When I entered the study, my grandfather was organizing the newspapers on his desk. Judging by the Ajin Motors article, the topic of today’s meeting must have been Ajin.

“But my uncle seemed to be in a good mood. He just smiled and left… .”

“okay? “I guess it’s because it’s a holiday.”

Judging by the grinning expression on his face, there was clearly something there.

I had to not miss the opportunity to organize the newspaper. Just because it caught my eye, I had to pretend to ask and check out the Ajin Motors article.



“I have something to ask you.”

“Okay, say it.”

“In the newspaper… .”

But I couldn’t finish the question. This is because the title of the thick report covered in the newspaper caught my eye.

「The need for structural reorganization of the domestic automobile industry and government support measures」


It was my grandfather who was behind all of this!

What on earth is going on?

* * *

Although the holiday season was approaching, Ajin Motors Chairman Song Hyeon-chang could not leave his office.

All of the major daily newspapers took issue with his management style, calling it dictator-style, and some even raised questions about his morality by mentioning breach of trust and even calling for public funds to be withdrawn.

Because of this article, the stock price has already hit its lowest price today.

I wanted to sue for defamation right now, but I should avoid bickering with the media.

All kinds of thoughts raced through my head, but there was only one thing to do now.

It has to end like this. Further expansion must be prevented.

Chairman Song Hyeon-chang was constantly on the phone.

However, the media outlet denied that it was just a report based on a tip-off, and the Blue House withdrew, saying it would not engage with the media.

Subordinates continued to post reports, but they were all negative.

Someone has started an attack, but the enemy’s identity is obscured by fog and the reason for the attack is unclear.

The enemies we can count on are Daehyun, Woosung, Sunyang, and overseas automobile companies. There were clearly some companies that wanted to enter Korea using Ajin as a stepping stone.

They are all much larger than Ajin Motors and have overwhelming financial power, making them difficult opponents.

Even though it was the middle of winter, the fever in my body was unbearable.

As I was about to call the secretary to turn off the heater, the intercom rang.

“President. “A guest has arrived.”

“Send it back! “I said I wouldn’t meet any outsiders today!”

“that is… .”

As the secretary’s embarrassed voice was heard over the intercom, the door to the president’s office burst open.

The secretary was holding the arm of the man in the jumper who was coming through the door.

“this… . Holy shit. what? Is this the neighborhood Sarangbang? Is this a place for dogs, cows or anyone else to come in? What are you guys doing? “Bring it out quickly!”

It was an exasperating moment to the point where even vulgar curses were thrown out.

“Chairman Song. Don’t you remember me? “This is Cho Dae-ho.”

“who? article… ? “President Joe?”

Chairman Song Hyeon-chang remembered Cho Dae-ho wearing a suit.

Isn’t he the president of Sunyang Motors?


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