The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 33

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[033]Era of rapid change 3.

“I’m a middle school student now, uncle.”

“what? already?”

“yes. “I’m going to enroll in March?”

“Not yet. hey! But aren’t you surprised? Can’t you see the box office results? “Aren’t you the kid who doesn’t know the value of the dollar?”

As I looked blank without any reaction, Oh Se-hyun’s eyes turned suspicious again.

“Out of the $18 million production cost, we invested $8 million, so our ratio is 44%. Excluding distributor and theater profits, you get about half of the total profits, right?”

“I guess so? “It will be right.”

“If it’s $200 million… Today’s exchange rate is 740 won, so it’s 148 billion won. Half of it would be 74 billion, and 44% of this would be about 33 billion. “Then isn’t that 6 times the profit?”

Oh Se-hyun just blinked. Old men are always amazed at a child’s mental arithmetic ability. The good thing about being young is that my brain runs very smoothly.

“If you think about the profitability of Microsoft or Dell computers, it’s not a big deal, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Still, a 6-fold increase in just one year is truly amazing. And $200 million is also revenue within the United States. “Now that it’s being released all over the world, it will make at least twice as much.”



“Tell the New York Miracle employees to do their jobs well.”

“why? “Those guys work day and night.”

“Don’t work hard, do well! Among the investments I have decided on, the lowest return is six times. “What is the rate of return on their own investment?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

“It’s only 22%.”

Oh Se-hyeon kept his mouth shut. It was his father who saved the silent Oh Se-hyeon.

“hey! Don’t you know I’m busy? “What’s going on? Do you have to come or go?”

My father burst into my door, took off his coat, and said,

I heard that my father is currently busy trying to secure the release of two films produced by his production company.

“why? “Have you still not caught the theater?”

“Oh, don’t say anything. “All theaters are empty during the Lunar New Year period.”

“what? “Isn’t it full?”

“It’s because I’m waiting for the perfect movie for the Lunar New Year holiday. It was a mega hit during last year’s Christmas season. Home Alone. American films.”

“Is that movie so great that you leave the theater empty and wait for it?”

Oh Se-hyun’s playfulness has begun.

“It’s a family movie and a comedy. It’s perfect for the Lunar New Year holiday. Besides, verification has been completed in the United States. “Because we are breaking all-time comedy box office records.”

“Is that why you can’t watch your movie?”

“When Home Alone comes out of theaters, I’ll hang mine up.”

My father’s expression was not good, as if he was in an awkward situation.

“Damn, but I heard there is a Korean distributor for this movie, but I don’t know where it is. The entire Chungmuro ​​is in chaos right now. I would have to meet the guy who holds the film to adjust the date or schedule a movie theater… . “I’m going to turn away.”

Oh Se-hyeon, who was enjoying this scene, changed into a solemn voice.

“You should bow to me first.”

“There is no time for jokes. “Just tell me what’s going on quickly.”

“I know who the Korean distributor of that hit movie is? “Do you still feel like bowing loudly?”


Oh Se-hyeon handed out a document to her father, who was surprised. My father quickly snatched up the document and read it, then swallowed dry saliva.

“This, this… .”

“Surely you forgot all about English? I do not understand?”

My father couldn’t take his eyes off the company name printed in the signature line at the bottom of the document.

“What the hell is this…” . What happened?”

“If you sign, Home Alone is yours. “If you don’t like it, quit.”

When Oh Se-hyeon tried to take the documents again, his father quickly signed and put the documents away. I could see how urgent he was as he took care of the contract without even asking for details.

“father. “Please show your father’s movie first during the holidays instead of that movie.”

The two people’s eyes were focused on me.

“What if I told you that I would give Home Alone to the theater that shows your father’s movies? “Isn’t the Lunar New Year holiday the peak season?”

As soon as I finished speaking, Oh Se-hyun burst into laughter.

“Listen to me son. You will continue to listen carefully to what Dojun says and do as he tells you. Then there will be no failure, right? “Hehe.”

My father opened his mouth, looking at the documents and my face in turn.

“Dojun. “Let’s take care of this and talk about the details.”

My father grabbed his coat and stormed out. He seemed to know how urgent it was now.

“Oh my, that guy… . “It’s still the same.”


“huh? Oh, your father. When that guy is obsessed with something, he doesn’t look at anything else. Even when I was studying abroad in London, whenever I found a good play, I watched it dozens or hundreds of times. Right now, all that’s on his mind is betting on his own movie theater. “You don’t even ask why we have Home Alone.”

“It’s good to be focused, right?”

I held up a piece of paper with box office revenue of $200 million written on it.

“uncle. We invest all of this money in movies going into production this year. First, make a list and listen to America’s opinion. Then we decide and proceed.”

“entire? Dojun. Satisfied with the molbang once… .”

Oh Se-hyeon hid his words.

He must have remembered that he, who only had a 22% return, had nothing to say to me, who had a 600% return.

It is best to give advice looking down from above.

Up and down is not age. It must be divided by the result.

“okay. Let’s start by securing a list of movies that are being planned or in production in Hollywood. “If Miracle says they want it, Hollywood producers will come in first.”

Oh Se-hyeon packed his bag and went back.


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Now I have to spend more time studying until I graduate from middle school. Chairman Jin’s expectations will not be lost if he maintains top-tier grades.

Anyway, for the next three years, all I have to do is choose a box office hit.

Since this is a family with a lot of waves, I hope nothing special happens.

* * *

A few days before the Lunar New Year holiday, the newspaper with the largest circulation published an editorial with a unique perspective.

“Negligent management of a company without an owner. “Is this a structural weakness of large corporations with a professional management system?”

『Ajin Motors’ business performance last year was excellent.

… … syncopation.

Ajin Motors, which has a professional management system, makes it a norm to pay large dividends to shareholders. However, Ajin Motors’ management was focused on increasing its size instead of shareholders’ interests.

New affiliates such as Ajin Machinery and Ajin Precision were established and Ajin Motors’ funds were poured into these companies.

For whom? Of course, it is for the expansion of management.

Now, dozens more executives have been created. They will decide whether to line their own pockets or those of their shareholders.

However, is it the author’s old anger that makes me not trust that decision for some reason?』

Song Hyeon-chang, chairman of Ajin Motors, who threw down the newspaper, pressed the intercom and shouted.

“Ask all executives to gather! The person in charge of the public relations office! Immediately!

After a few minutes of pacing around the chairman’s office, a knock was heard and about a dozen people came rushing in.

There was a sofa that could only seat eight people, but not a single person could sit down. Because the chairman is standing.

Some of them were also holding newspapers.

“What is this? “Who did it?”

Chairman Song took the newspaper and waved it.

“S-sorry. “We are looking into it now.”

I also saw a man standing like an aspen tree among the people who couldn’t even raise their heads or make eye contact.

Judging from the fact that he still has very little gray hair, he must be the person in charge of the public relations office.

“Aren’t there any advertisements in the Daehan Ilbo these days?”

The man also answered the chairman’s question.

“no. Regularly… .”

“So you’re saying you gave me money and stabbed me in the back? this… !”

Chairman Song, who was biting his lip and breathing heavily, shouted at the public relations manager.

“hey! promotion!”

“yes! President.”

“You go right now and find out what these guys want by giving them money, giving them women, or whatever.”

The public relations manager bowed and then ran out of the chairman’s office.

“President. I think you are oversensitive. “Isn’t this a tactic used by newspaper publishers to demand more advertisements?”

“They are trying to boast that it is thanks to them that our new car has become so popular. “It will change completely in a week from the full-page advertisement.”

The executives who managed to muster up courage spoke carefully to ease Chairman Song’s anger, but it was like pouring fuel on the fire.

“These guys! What are you talking about? If that’s the reason why you should be criticizing our new car, why are you criticizing the management? “Are you in your right mind to say this?”

Only then did everyone come to their senses.

The media also maintains boundaries. When asking for something, hit the product, not the person. Products have no emotions, but people are animals of emotions.

In particular, attacking management is no different from declaring war to turn one’s back on them.

“This is suspicious. “There’s something.”

Chairman Song, who was pacing around the chairman’s office, gave the management a harsh look.

“Find out who did it by lunch. “I believe everyone can find out that much information.”

As soon as the executives left the chairman’s office, Chairman Song flopped down on the sofa.

I had a rough night in bed last night… . Her anxious mood did not go away.

* * *

Chairman Jin folded the newspaper and placed it on the corner of the table, then picked up his spoon.

It occurred to me that he was also the editor-in-chief of the Daehan Ilbo.

Establishing a subsidiary to produce more core parts for automobiles is a natural step in management.

This was picked up and distorted as if a professional manager had created an unnecessary subsidiary to promote his own people.

This is a clever piece of writing that kills two birds with one stone by making it seem like the management of Ajin Motors is immoral and that a large company with no owner has no safety measures.

Chairman Jin, who had enjoyed breakfast for the first time in a long time, went to the study and Hakjae Lee, who was also reading the newspaper, got up and bowed his head.

“This is my friend. Just eat breakfast here. “Am I not even capable of speaking with you?”

“If I humble myself with the Chairman, will I be able to get a decent meal? “I’ll just take your word.”

Chairman Jin said while looking at the hand of Lee Hak-jae, who was smiling.

“how is it? Did you choose well?

“yes. “It came out appropriately as a signal.”

“When will the second round come in?”

“The day before the Lunar New Year holiday, all of the JoongAng Daily will be firing. We need to make Ajin Motors a hot topic at this Lunar New Year’s ceremonial table. “I plan to make it so that people can chew Ajin Motors at the dinner table.”

“What happened to the IRS?”

“We are coordinating. If you brush too much, it will be completely exposed. You might end up drooling somewhere else… .”

“You can’t make porridge and then give it to a dog.”

Chairman Jin nodded.

“yes. To the extent that management is shaken? “Anyway, the goal is Chairman Song Hyeon-chang’s resignation.”

Hakjae Lee took out a thick booklet while taking a quick look at Chairman Jin’s expression.

“This is the report you mentioned. “It was prepared by Sunyang Economic Research Institute.”

All Chairman Jin could do was glance at the title of the report.

「The need for structural reorganization of the domestic automobile industry and government support measures」

“how is it? “Is it useful?”

“Good choice.”

“Well, the research institute is a very ambiguous group of people. It’s good that it’s well made… . “It takes 8 months to make one of these?”

“Because the issue itself was so big and important, the research institute was careful not to get caught in the wrongdoing. “It came out well, so let’s move on.”

“Let’s move on, then? “Are you afraid I’ll catch them too?”

“I think you’re very sensitive these days. sorry.”

“I think you’re more sensitive because you have a big fight ahead of you. why? “Is your blood boiling?”

Hakjae Lee scratched his head and smiled.

“Isn’t a surprise attack like this more exciting than an all-out war?”

“A surprise attack is used when a small guy attacks a big guy… .”

“It also has the advantage of less bleeding. Sooner or later, we will have to start an all-out war.”

It was Chairman Jin who could sense the fighting spirit in Lee Hak-jae’s intense eyes.

He hesitates at first and warns of danger, but when the fight begins, he gets even more excited than he is as the chairman.

He proves once again that he is a natural fighter.

Chairman Jin felt a little sorry.

If Lee Hak-jae’s parents were the lords of Seongju, he would have become an incredibly strong monarch… .

Since his parents are commoners, his role as an excellent hunting dog is everything.

As I thought about this, another fighter came to mind.

His grandfather is the lord of a castle who owns a huge territory.

How to grow… I wanted to watch with joy.


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