The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 32

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[032]Era of rapid change 2.

“Last time, you asked me to have a glass of soju, so I thought it was a street food stall or a pork belly restaurant. haha.”

“Is there anything like raw fish to go with soju?”

When Oh Se-hyeon met Lee Hak-jae again at a high-end Japanese restaurant and gave him a cool answer without any push or pull, Oh Se-hyeon felt so good that the speed at which he emptied his glass became faster.

“I guess I’ll have to pay for the drinks today. “We completed a transaction worth a whopping 24 billion won, so the commission is quite high.”

As soon as the contract to transfer 20,000 pyeong of Bundang commercial district to Sunyang Construction was signed, money was deposited into Dojun’s bank account.

“Since we have handled all tax issues at Sunyang, will this be a one-time issue?”

“If the manager contacts me, I will come running at any time. haha.”

Lee Hak-jae held out a glass of wine to Oh Se-hyeon, who burst out in a cool smile.

“How about trying to give something bigger? Are you interested?”

Oh Se-hyeon’s hand trembled a little as she received the glass of alcohol offered to her. The bigger issue is Sunyang Group.

He remembered Hakjae Lee’s warning.

The intention is to use Dojun to get into Sunyang Group.

The idea of ​​raising the price.

The person who doubts this suddenly has a new proposal?

Could it be bait?

“I need to make sure I can afford it first, right?”

“It’s a little less than 200 billion won.”


In the end, I dropped my glass.

However, Oh Se-hyeon did not even feel that the glass had been dropped, and no words came out of his open mouth.

Two hundred billion.

Last year’s national budget was 22.6 trillion won. It is an unrealistic astronomical number, approaching 1% of the government budget.

A strange smile appeared on Hakjae Lee’s face as he saw his blank expression. It seemed a bit condescending and condescending.

“S-sorry. I was so surprised… .”

Oh Se-hyeon hurriedly cleaned up his surroundings with a wet towel and caught his breath.

“I guess it’s hard to handle.”

“It’s difficult. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean I won’t take it. This means that there is no investment destination in the country that can absorb such a large amount of money. I have to diversify my investments by dividing them into countless pieces… … .”

“What about abroad? For example, the place where Dojun invested. “I think I can get on there.”

Oh Se-hyeon almost hit her knee at Lee Hak-jae’s words. He knew what he wanted.

“That too is difficult.”

“Why is that so?”

“I can’t tell you in detail, but Dojun’s funds went into a third-party investment company through Powersars’ U.S. headquarters. And the companies Dojun invested in are not large enough to receive an investment of 200 billion won.”

Lee Hak-jae’s eyes lit up when he heard the words “third-party investment company,” but he did not inquire in detail. Because he knows he won’t give a detailed explanation anyway.

“It’s safe, right?”

This is the maximum you can ask.

But I got one thing right. Do-jun’s money is not buried in a huge company called Power Shares, but moves independently.

“There is no safe investment. It’s about taking risks. “Dojun’s risk is within a controllable range, so don’t worry.”

Oh Se-hyeon asked back, telling him not to worry.

“That’s 200 billion. Is this money that you don’t necessarily need to make a profit from? Preservation of principal is the most important and should not be buried in long-term investments. Money can be retrieved whenever needed. . Is that correct?”

When talking about the most important principle of slush funds, Hakjae Lee couldn’t help but laugh.

This guy is incredibly quick.

As Lee Hak-jae nodded lightly, Oh Se-hyun tilted his head.

“Then wouldn’t it be better to keep it in Korea? “There are banks in our country that have much better interest rates than those in the United States, right?”

Instead of answering, Hakjae Lee just smiled.

They make 200 billion won and earn hundreds of millions of won just in fees. He is not a great person who cannot even make these calculations.

However, forgetting about their own interests, they propose the best option for their customers without any hesitation.

He’s a much better guy than I thought.

“As I said, this is not money for interest purposes. “Actually, we were thinking about moving to the U.S. because we often have to spend money there.”

It also meant that American business was getting bigger. As it grew, more and more black money was needed.

“All right. “Once we review it, we will let you know our final proposal.”

It was a polite and exemplary answer, but Oh Se-hyeon’s innermost thoughts were already rejection. He doesn’t need to worry about taking charge of the Sunyang Group’s dark money.

This is because he is a successful person in the top 1% that he is not envious of.

* * *

“I don’t know why you want to see this, but I sent it to you from New York. “Take a look.”

I quickly snatched up the few documents that Oh Se-hyun handed me.

“You want to show me your father? “Is it possible to import movies?”

I nodded my head half-heartedly and started checking the contractual relationship.

But as soon as I saw the work I was most interested in, I almost started cursing.

Damn it, direct delivery from UIP!

The movie ‘GHOST’, which will dominate the world box office in 1990, was already confirmed for domestic distribution by UIP, a direct distribution company that began domestic distribution last year.

If my father’s film company had been in charge of domestic distribution of this film, they would have been able to shout out to theater owners and include the film that my father produced… it’s a shame.

But then I saw a movie that caught my eye again.


“Uncle. Is this movie in production?“


Oh Se-hyeon held the movie list, watched it for a moment, and then shuffled through the documents.

“this? This is called production holding? Look at the last page. “No, wait a minute.”


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Perhaps because I thought the detailed English language was burdensome to me, I began to slowly read and explain.

“Well, it’s a small family movie… The director is a rookie, the lead actor is a rookie… Wait a minute, Juyeon is a kid, just like you.”

Oh Se-hyeon stopped talking and began to read the rest of the document.

“You can take this out.”

Oh Se-hyun threw the documents on the desk and shook his head slightly.


“Warner Bros. was supposed to produce it for $11 million, but the production budget went up significantly. So, they handed it over to 20th Century Fox and are now re-examining it?”

“Still, won’t you make it?”

“well? I don’t know much about this area. But it’s creaky from the beginning of production, so there’s no way it’s going to work out, right?”

you’re welcome. It works. That works very well too.

I thought I still had a chance, so I couldn’t even see any other movies. Even for hit movies like Total Recall and Die Hard 2, Korean distribution rights were no longer enough.

“uncle. “Did the money from selling the land in Bundang go into Miracle?”

“soon. why?”

As if you had guessed it already, the way he was looking at me was strange.

“I was thinking about investing in this movie.”

Sure enough, I let out a sigh.

“Dojun. Investing in stocks and movies are completely different games. If the stock price falls, you incur a loss, but in the case of a movie, if it does not exceed the break-even point, you just lose money. “There is no right time to get out.”

This time, there is no reason to persuade or any way to explain.

An unstable director and lead actor, and huge production costs even though it is a family film. In anyone’s eyes, pouring money into a film that even major American film companies are reluctant to do is suicidal.

It is a natural reaction for Oh Se-hyun to be concerned with a stern expression.

But we must take advantage of this opportunity. Miracle Investment cannot miss this golden opportunity to make its name in Hollywood as a film investment company.

Of course, tens of times more profits come as a bonus.


“No matter what you say, this time it’s the opposite. This is not an investment. It’s a gamble. “On face value, I already lost.”

Oh Se-hyeon blocked me from saying anything, so I also threw my last card.

“This is the last time. From now on, I won’t be quiet about investing. “Can’t I do this?”


Finally, a loud noise came out. I understand, but I was also starting to get annoyed.

“This is unearned income earned from selling land. I don’t need it, and even if it fails, it’s my money. I promised my parents that I would live my life doing what I wanted to do. Also, there is no problem even if all the money managed by Miracle disappears. The richest person in our country is my grandfather. “Isn’t that right?”

Oh Se-hyeon’s expression changed moment by moment at the sound of my quiet voice.

He seemed to realize the distance between himself, a self-made man, and me, who had a good grandfather.

A world where even if you lose a large amount of money, one or two hundred billion won, it ends with just one complaint.

A world where even if you destroy a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars, you are forgiven with a few years of probation.

An alien-like being who looks at money with completely different eyes than ordinary people who lose their jobs for hundreds or even tens of millions of won due to poor judgment.

That is the chaebol family.

Oh Se-hyeon stood up, gathering up the documents scattered on the table.

“What you want is to invest as much money as possible into this movie as quickly as possible, right?”

A cold tone with no trace of friendliness. I also answered in a business-like manner.

“That’s right.”

“okay. “Do whatever you want.”

“Oh, by the way, one more thing.”


“We need to secure distribution rights in Korea.”

“We might be the only investors, that’s okay. also?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Let’s handle it and report it as quickly as possible.”

I think he was very angry because he seemed to be putting extra emphasis on the word “report.”

However, his displeasure will disappear like snow when he sees the year-end box office.

* * *

Oh Se-hyun’s expression as he left Do-jun’s house still wasn’t good. It was completely understandable why Do-jun was so stubborn. It came from the thought that if his father’s film company went wrong, his grandfather would hate him even more.

I understand the desire to help my father by importing American movies, but it is reckless.

“after-. “This loss will be a huge blow.”

Oh Se-hyun is a professional.

Even if the reason for the large loss is the customer’s reckless judgment, we have no intention of avoiding responsibility. He was a person who felt a sense of duty to make up for the loss with his own abilities.

“Damn it, the Jin family is giving me a lot of trouble.”

In order to recover the losses caused by investment in movies, there is no choice but to accept the slush fund proposed by Hakjae Lee.

It would be possible to save about 100 billion won over a year. Oh Se-hyeon drove to the Sunyang Group headquarters.


When Microsoft released Windows 3.0, it quickly encroached on the PC market. At the same time, the company’s stock price also rose rapidly.

Dell Computer, which was listed at 30 cents, also broke records every day and its stock price soared through the roof.

Thanks to this, Oh Se-hyun, who was very angry at me, smiled brightly as if he had never been so, and comforted me by saying that the loss of 8 million dollars or 5.6 billion won invested in ‘HOME ALONE’ would be easily compensated in a few years.

Conversely, Korean stock prices plummeted.

In Japan, this was due to the total loan volume regulation implemented in April to end the bubble economy. This was just the beginning.

As it was implemented at the peak of Japan’s bubble economy, the Japanese economy began to sink into an endless abyss.

With the establishment of diplomatic ties with the Soviet Union, the Roh Tae-woo administration’s greatest achievement, northern diplomacy, reached its peak, and on October 3, Germany, which had been divided into East and West after World War II, was finally unified for the first time in 45 years.

From this point on, many Eastern European countries, which had been satellite states of the Soviet Union, converted to a capitalist system, and the Cold War, which had continued tediously, effectively ended with this year.

Now the entire world has entered the era of capitalism.

Since HOME ALONE was released on November 16, Oh Se-hyun may have been the only person in Korea who has been anxiously watching the film’s score.

Oh Se-hyun, who called New York every day to check the box office, came to see me on New Year’s Day in 1991.

“Perhaps you are the richest student in the world among students. “Except Arab royalty.”

The piece of paper he handed me was full of numbers, and at the end of the number there was a red circle around the number $200 million.


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