The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 29

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[029]I need to spend some money to learn and practice 2.

Hakjae Lee became more cautious.

“yes. “They say they gave 4 billion won.”

“4 billion? this!”

“Right now, there are a lot of rumors in Chungmuro ​​that Sunyang Group has entered the movie industry. “Because the initial capital is rather large.”

“Rumors end up being nonsense. “You don’t have to worry.”

Chairman Jin began rubbing his throbbing forehead.

“Can I use my hands?”

“Can you use it?”

“A production company is like a developer when it comes to construction. You can’t make a movie without a contractor. “You have to put together a lot of steps for each part.”

“I will cut off the hands and feet that work together…” ?”


“hmm… … .”

The hand that was rubbing my forehead stopped.

“Leave it alone.”


“You will know only when you fail. “You shouldn’t spend money because you’re attracted to recognition.”

These were shocking words to Lee Hak-jae. The chairman’s concern was not his son. He only thinks about his grandchildren.

“Are you talking about Dojun?”

“okay. Even if it is your biological father, you will feel keenly that money is not worth spending if there is no possibility. “If you spend 4 billion won to become independent without being swayed by recognition, it’s cheap compared to tuition.”

“By the way. If the movie is successful… .”

“This is a guy who has been unemployed his entire life. Does anyone have a business? If making movies was that easy, why would there be movies that flopped? “There are so many movies that fail despite the efforts of producers and directors who claim to have a long life, so how can they succeed?”

Unlike Chairman Jin, who was certain of failure, Hakjae Lee had different thoughts.

There are many cases where unknown new directors succeed at the box office.

What if it succeeds?

Rather than the anger of a disapproving son getting out of control, he will love and look forward to his grandson, Jin Do-jun, who recognizes the person he abandoned, Jin Yoon-gi.

If a movie fails, it is a lesson learned, and if it succeeds, it is a confirmation of how people view people.

Regardless of the outcome, Chairman Jin seemed likely to burst out laughing.

“But Hakjae.”

“yes. President.”

“Youngjun will graduate next year, right?”

When suddenly asked about his eldest grandson, Hakjun Lee hesitated. How old was he?

“When he graduates, send him to Germany.”

“Germany? “It’s been a bit unusual over there these days. Will you be okay?”

In September 1989, the Monday demonstrations that began in Leipzig became the catalyst for pro-democracy protests spreading throughout East Germany.

To appease the protesters, East Berlin General Secretary Günther Schabowski announced a travel liberalization policy at a press conference.

But something amazing happened here.

At the press conference, an Italian reporter asked, “When will border openings take effect?” and the general secretary made the fatal mistake of answering “immediately without delay,” mistaking border openings for travel liberalization.

Immediately after the press conference, an Italian reporter, who was not good at German, mistook the travel liberalization measures for the removal of the Berlin Wall and sent an urgent message to his home country.

This news spread across the United States and onto West German television that night, causing Germans to immediately flock to the Berlin Wall.

They had tools in their hands and started tearing down the Berlin Wall. Not only Berlin but all of Germany is falling into chaos.

“The fall of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of change in Eastern Europe. In times like this, you have to see it in person and feel the change with your own body. “It’s his job to find opportunities in them.”

“Isn’t it still immature? Gaining some experience domestically… … .”

“It is better to gain experience in Germany. “Wouldn’t you get a lot of experience in a short period of time if you were in a place where the world was spinning around?”

Is this really his true intention?

Lee Hak-jae’s doubts did not go away. He had doubts about whether the purpose was to gain experience or to expose Jin Young-jun’s incompetence.

“All right. “We will prepare a position for you at our Frankfurt branch.”

Chairman Jin, who showed a satisfied expression, opened his mouth a little cautiously.

“and… … “I’m thinking of opening a home appliance factory in East Germany. What do you think?”

Chairman Jin, who was certain that East Germany would collapse, showed quick action. If West German money were released to East Germany, it would be like creating another huge market.

Hakjae Lee knows what Chairman Jin wants.

Building a white goods factory can be done with just a click of a finger. If that were the case, he would have called the CEO of Sunyang Electronics and given instructions instead of himself.

There is another hidden meaning.

“We will meet with Rep. Park and discuss.”

“okay. Give them what they want and rip them off.”

The plan is to make East Germany’s home appliance factory run with national money.

You can add as many names as you like. Support for underdeveloped East Germany is the most plausible, and the method of support is production plants that can create jobs.

It’s not all, but it’s about building a factory using the country’s money as much as possible and later absorbing it as Sunyang’s assets. It’s something I’ve done countless times.

A person who cares about the government should not spare the government’s money so that his or her pockets will become fat. Inflating their pockets is something that unrivaled conglomerates like Sunyang Group are best at.

* * *

“It’s an investment contract. Take a look. “Let’s take a look at your English skills.”

Oh Se-hyeon is smiling and has eyes full of curiosity, but has no intention of matching the rhythm.

“I can’t read this kind of technical content. Please just explain.”

There was disappointment in his eyes, but he didn’t care. In the past, when I reported, I only said the main points. It is the boss’s privilege to receive only the key points.

“okay? “Is it a bit difficult?”

Oh Se-hyun listened to the contract again.

“First, the total investment is nine million dollars. I decided it was no longer possible. “This is the limit allowed by investors who have already invested first.”

“How much per week?”


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“40 cents.”

I was a bit surprised. Because my expected price was 60 cents. I knew that it would be listed at a par value of 30 cents when it was listed on Nasdaq next year, so I thought they would ask for at least twice that.

“Is this a good price?”

After pretending not to know, Oh Se-hyeon changed into the posture of someone who was reporting accurately.

“Dell Computer is scheduled to be listed next year with a par value of 30 cents. The expected price at the time of listing is double, and will continue to fluctuate over time. But the average price is definitely over 40 cents.”

“Then it’s a good deal.”

Michael Dell would have had no choice but to offer good terms.

Because the stocks I secured will one day end up in the hands of Michael Dell. The more stocks you secure, the more solid your management rights become.

The only thing Michael Dell missed was a stock price that would rise much steeper than he expected. Because of that, I will win a lot of money.

“So the negotiations ended easily. “This is what was difficult.”

Oh Se-hyeon again took out a thick document in English.

“I selected candidates on where to invest the remaining six million dollars.”

Oh Se-hyeon paused while explaining the companies that were candidates for investment.

To explain the reasons for investment, I shook my head in embarrassment as I had to keep using technical terms such as PER, PBR, PSR, WACC, net asset value, expectations of future net cash flow, and discounted cash flow method.

“Well, let me explain it easily. “Safe investments and slightly adventurous investments.”

“Where are the safe investments?”

“It’s in the medical field like Pfizer, Johnson & Jones, and Boston Scientific. Because it produces steady profits, the stock price is stable and dividends are good. “In particular, medical care can be seen as strong because it is difficult for developing countries to catch up.”

In the manufacturing sector, where fierce competition never stops, a single flagship product can cause the stock price to fluctuate.

However, the medical field shows an unstoppable nature, with stock prices soaring every time a new drug is released and rarely falling down. This makes it difficult for latecomers to catch up. If you only think about stability, it is the best choice.

“It’s a bit risky, but the place to try is Microsoft.”

Is Microsoft in danger? He’s the Bill Gates of the world?

Didn’t they already collaborate with IBM to make DOS a success?

I guess he misunderstood my surprised appearance.

“Isn’t it unfamiliar? Actually, I don’t know much about computers like this.”

“Why is it dangerous?”

“We kept releasing new computer operating systems, but the market response wasn’t very favorable. According to information, a third version will be released next year, but it is difficult to judge what will happen if that fails. Moreover, there are rumors that IBM is also developing its own operating system and breaking up with Microsoft.”

Was Windows 3.0 coming out next year? Was it 3.1? It’s thin.

Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a year or two difference anyway.

Windows 3.0 introduced virtual memory in earnest, greatly enhancing multitasking capabilities, and providing a more elegant and colorful interface due to improved graphics card performance.

Starting with 3.0, IBM PC-compatible models with relatively low prices and expandability will quickly emerge as strong competitors to the expensive Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft is the company that will dominate the global PC market. Enough to drive the powerful Macintosh to the outskirts.

As someone who lived in an era where Apple became the undisputed leader again with the iPod and iPhone, this is truly exciting. There are no eternal winners.

“uncle. “Who recommended Microsoft?”

“It’s Rachel. Did you see it too? In a New York company?”

“Oh, that lady?”

“what? Madame? haha. I’m only 30 now? “If Rachel had heard, she would have been furious.”

We’ll have to wait and see, but it seemed like the best talent at Miracle Investment would be Rachel.

“Now, what should I do?”

“What do you think, uncle?”

“I was interested in Rachel’s opinion.”

Oh wow, this is unexpected. He clearly stated that it was an area he was unfamiliar with. Still, he is considering investing.

“It may sound strange, but there is a thing called persimmon. I have a feeling that Rachel’s confidence is correct. She said it would keep dragging her on.”

As I continued to look at him in amazement, he burst into laughter.

“Hehe. Of course, the backup data was fine too. It’s a number worth taking a risk on. and… “Your luck isn’t normal either, so I thought it would be a good idea to place a bet.”

“Well then, let’s do it. I’m lucky, so everything will be fine. Hi-Hi.”

We laughed together, but Oh Se-hyun’s eyes showed anticipation. She will deliver hundreds of times your expectations. Doesn’t this gentleman also have a 2% stake?

Now it’s time to start the next step.

“uncle. “I have a favor to ask.”

“Say yes.”

“Is there land in Bundang? Still left… .”

“uh? That land? “It keeps going up, right?”

“is it so? I don’t know, but… . Anyway, please sell it.”

He is startled and waves his hands. This is because land prices are rising every day.

“huh? Why are you selling it? Just hold on. “You can sell it when you hit the peak.”

I’m not selling it because I don’t know. You shouldn’t miss out on more important things just to make a few billion more.

“So does the company in New York have fun?”

“what? ah… !”

Oh Se-hyun slapped his knee.

The huge sum of $15 million is spent on just two companies. And there is no promise when it will be collected. It should be stored for at least a few years.

Isn’t it impossible for the company’s four talented people to just blankly look at stock charts?

“Then that money becomes the funds that Miracle will operate.”

“yes. But only spend half and hold on to the other half.”

Strictly speaking, I don’t know anything. It only uses fragmentary knowledge of the future. Would I have invested in Dell Computers and Microsoft if I didn’t know the future?

My knowledge and skills right now don’t even come close to the feet of a woman named Rachel.

Half of the money from selling the remaining land will go directly to my tuition. Every action they take in the investment decision process will become my teaching material, and Oh Se-hyun, a talented person at an incredible company called Powersars, is my tutor.

We will experience and learn about the world-class real economy with them. At this level, it wouldn’t be a waste to waste all that money.


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