The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 22

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[022]Secretly, bigger money 2.

“If my father doesn’t like what I want to do, are you going to stop me from doing it?”

“Is that possible? “No matter what our Dojun does, Dad will always support and help him.”

“Even if I want to become the president of a bigger company than my grandfather?”

My father suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha. What is this? “Dojun’s dream is so big that I don’t think dad can do anything to help?”

I thought he would at least say that he would help with anything, even if it was empty words, but isn’t that too honest for a son who dreams of a company bigger than Korea’s No. 1 company?

“there is.”


“You can help me well enough.”

My father stopped laughing in an instant and became serious.

“how? As I said in advance, my father is not interested in running a company. know?”

“You know a lot of people who can help.”

“I? no. I don’t know people from Sunyang Group very well. Director Hakjae Lee is all. But he is not free enough to help you.”

“You said it a little while ago. I heard you studied business administration in the UK… . “Do you have any friends you studied with?”

My father couldn’t say anything again.

* * *

“Who is this? hey! Jin Yoongi! “It’s been a really long time.”

“Oh my, not even a year has passed yet. “What’s so over the top?”

It is a habit of a person who must always pretend to be happy when meeting a customer. This is especially true when the customers you meet are big money holders who are handling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jin Yoon-gi’s friend Oh Se-hyun, whom he occasionally meets and drinks soju with, is the Korean representative of PowerShares, a global asset management company.

PowerShares was founded in 1935 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It has over 7,000 professional investment personnel, branches in 40 countries, and assets under management reaching $120 billion.

It is truly an empire of money.

Oh Se-hyeon was a person with outstanding skills, enough to become the youngest representative in the Asia Pacific region of Power Shares.

Although he was two years older than Jin Yoon-gi, we mostly spoke in English when we met in England, so we became friends for a long time.

“What kind of wind blew did you contact me first? Well, do you have any extra money to leave with me?”

“This bastard, doesn’t he know my situation? “At this age, where is the money for an unemployed gangster who receives living expenses from his father?”

“Isn’t the cost of living about ten times my annual salary? Spend half and leave the other half. “I will call you.”

“It’s because ordinary people like you don’t know how second-generation chaebols like me spend money. “No matter how much there is, it’s not enough.”

A friend who doesn’t get offended even if I say something sarcastically.

It was just a relationship between two people.

“Okay, why is a guy with no money looking for me?”

“Because of my son.”

“son? You bastard, if it’s a child problem, go see the school teacher. “What kind of advice can I give you when you play with money?”

“That’s it. “I want my second child to help her become an entrepreneur like her grandfather.”

“second? Second, Dojun? Right? “Aren’t you a national student?”

“that’s right. “5th grade.”

“Hey. Is that kid amazing? Did you provide gifted education? “Aren’t you the son of an unemployed father?”

Oh Se-hyun tapped Jin Yoon-gi on the shoulder and laughed as if he was amazed. But Jin Yoongi couldn’t laugh.

“I know. The kid has grown up so much. “Sometimes, it seems like he’s more serious than me and I just can’t ignore him.”

“so? “What should I do?”

“All I can do is have a meal with him and advise him not to be too hasty in his career decisions. “Whether it’s management or business, it’s still far in the future, so for now, just play around and have fun.”

“The chairman’s grandson is different. “I have to tell my son to study hard and go to a good college every day.”

“Are you jealous? “Hehe.”

At Jin Yoon-gi’s laughter, Oh Se-hyun raised his fist again.


“A guy who boasts about money is unlucky, and a kid with good parents has no taste for food, but your father was different. “Your father was the first to think that humans could be this pure.”

“hey! “Can you please stop swearing in front of the kids?”

“Oh sorry. It’s because I lose my temper while trying to please the poor people. “Hehe.”

The person my father brought in is quite interesting.

PowerShares is a great place. After 30 years, won’t it be a super asset management company that will make 800 trillion won per year?

Buying off a Southeast Asian country is not an easy task, it is speculative capital. To be considered the representative of Korea in such a place, he looks a bit sloppy and does not seem sharp.

He chatted cheerfully constantly while eating and looked like an ordinary neighborhood guy.

“I will wake up first.”

Sangjun quickly finished his meal and went up to this floor.

Baby, it looks like puberty has already arrived.

These days, we barely talk at home. It was at a time like this that even my parents began to notice.

As the meal was coming to an end, my father started making eye contact with my friend.

“But Dojun. “You want to be a businessman when you grow up?”


“Like a grandfather?”

“He is a bigger businessman than my grandfather.”

“Sunyang Group is the largest in Korea… It’s a bigger company… . “You’re so greedy, right?”

“It’s not greed, it’s a dream?”

“Are you greedy like your grandfather and dreaming like your father?”

For a moment, Oh Se-hyun’s eyes lit up.

“Yoongi. “Can I talk to Dojun alone?”

When her father nodded, Oh Se-hyeon stood up from the table.


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“Dojun. “I hear a lot of good things from you.”

My father said with a smile.

When Oh Se-hyeon entered my room, he took a quick look around and pulled up a chair.

“It’s neat and not messy.”

As I looked at my well-organized room, I could see that he was understanding my personality.

“Come on, Dojun. If you have any questions, ask. Even so, this guy is quite a successful person.”

The Korean head of the world’s largest asset management company is not just quite successful, but enormously successful.

For now, I pretended not to know and asked the first question.

“Are you the boss of a big company too?”

“huh. He is the head of a very large company. But it’s a little different from your grandfather. “I am a person who makes rich people even richer.”

“Then I guess you meet a lot of rich people?”

“That’s the way it is.”

“Then, if you talk to those customers, you’ll hear a lot of stories about how you can make money, right?”

“what? this… … . Is it sharp? They say it’s not childlike, but it’s true. haha.”

He burst into cheerful laughter. Let’s see how long that smile lasts.

“I have a heavy mouth. Like you said, you won’t be able to work for long if you go around spreading stories about rich people. Word spreads quickly. And I don’t even ask for details.”

It is also a work ethic. Rich people have a lot of secrets. Even if you catch a glimpse of some of the secrets, you must keep your mouth shut to avoid being buried in the industry.

“Then you will keep my story a secret as well.”

“Well, there are a lot of surprises for me today from Korean students. You’re kind of unique. But you are not my customer. “There’s no reason to keep it a secret?”

“huh? “Didn’t your father tell you?”


Oh Se-hyeon, who didn’t understand why, blinked.

“My money. I have 14 billion won in my bank account right now, and if I sell the remaining land, I will get 10 billion won more. “Wouldn’t this make you a customer?”

It’s Oh Se-hyeon, who only blinks. He will never be more surprised than this in his life.

When we hear something unrealistic, we initially treat it as nonsense. However, depending on the credibility of the speaker, once you know it is true, there is no thought in your head.

So I just sit there with my mouth open and can’t say anything.

The greater the shock, the longer the silence lasts.

In a past life, there were many underage rich people thanks to stock donations from conglomerates, but not to that extent now.

Moreover, even in their past lives, most of the wealthy minors were gifted stocks, and the amount was only a few tens of billions.

The money I have now will be worth at least 100 billion won in 30 years.

It is unrealistic to believe that a 12-year-old child has it.

I waited for Oh Se-hyun to come to his senses and open his mouth.

It was almost five minutes later that I heard him stutter.

“Baby, belly, belly… 14 billion… ?”

“More than 10 billion more will come in this year.”

“Is it all money that your grandfather gave you?”



“You said it a little while ago. “You don’t ask customers in detail.”

“Yeah, that’s right. that’s right. “I guess I asked something pointless.”

I handed out the bankbook to Oh Se-hyeon, who was still stuttering because the shock had not subsided.

“This is my bank account. “You can check.”

While Oh Se-hyeon checked the numbers in my bankbook several times, I decided how to proceed to the next step.

You can’t just imitate a child forever. In order to get things done, you have to accept that a little of your true self is revealed.

“This is not what I came here to do today… .”

Oh Se-hyeon scratched his head and smiled helplessly.

“I wanted to say something good to my friend’s son… “I just don’t feel like doing this.”

The professional instincts of asset managers.

There are a lot of places to invest, but there is always not enough money to invest. As a huge amount of money flashes before his eyes, his desire will stir.

“Your father asked for it. Please tell me something so I can grow slowly. It’s good to develop talents in art and physical skills such as painting, music, and sports from a young age, but for things like management, business, and making money… . “It’s normal to start as an adult.”

“I saw on the news that there was a kid in the U.S. who made $2,000 selling stamps at the age of 12 and a lot of money selling newspaper subscriptions when he was in high school.”

“Trade and business are different. Anyway, what do you plan to do with this money?”

“What do you want me to do, uncle?”

One thing I learned from my grandfather, Chairman Jin!

I’ve already decided where I’m going to spend this money, but I also need to get the opinion of a top money manager.

The more information, the better.


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