The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 21

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[021]Secretly, more money 1.

Jin Yoongi, who was watching a movie with his wife in his favorite room, which he called a theater, just drank in silence.

My only hobbies are theater and movies.

For that hobby, Jin Yoongi had a screen and projector like a movie theater and even collected movie films whenever he could. It was a room where you could get a glimpse of how much he loved movies.

His wife could tell that although the film in the projector was running, her husband was not concentrating on the movie.

“honey. “Is it because of Dojun?”

“huh? Ah, well… . yes.”

When his son showed him his bankbook and told him to tell him whatever he wanted to do, Jin Yoongi was speechless. At that moment, he despised himself for being more concerned about his bank account than his son.

“It’s something an immature child said with good intentions. “Don’t worry too much.”



“I’m not angry. “She was embarrassed.”

Jin Yoongi smiled softly and wrapped his arms around his wife’s shoulders.

“When Dojun said that and told me to do whatever I want with over 10 billion won, my heart started racing. This is your chance! “I even had this thought.”

Jin Yoongi shrugged his shoulders as if the memory of that moment came back to him.

“How pathetic I was… … “It’s like becoming a father and drooling over your child’s piggy bank.”

“That’s because it’s too much money. I did that too. “I thought, with that money, you, Sangjun, and our whole family could move to a foreign country and live there.”

Even his wife’s comfort could not revive his shattered pride, shame, and sense of shame as a father.

“But honey. I’m curious too… What are you really doing? If you have enough money. Do you still want to direct a movie?”

Jin Yoongi didn’t like talking about a dream he had already abandoned, but he couldn’t ignore his wife’s efforts to change the topic.

“no. I know I have no sense of directing. If I were to make a movie, wouldn’t it come out really bland?”

“So, have you completely abandoned your attachment to movies?”

“There’s still a lot left. If I could, I would like to do production and planning work. In particular, the novel I am reading right now really resonates with me. “I think it would be great to make it into a movie.”

Jin Yoongi’s eyes lit up when he started talking about the movie. She is the eyes of a boy chasing his dreams.

“Films are no different from manufacturing. If the film is successful enough to cover the production cost, the next film can be made. However, if you reduce production costs, the burden of box office success also decreases.”

“How do you reduce production costs?”

“Nowadays, Korean movies are produced in a haphazard manner. There are a lot of bubbles, and there are a lot of people stealing money in the middle. It can be reduced by at least 30%. By the way, you know.”

Jin Yoon-ki made eye contact with his wife, who was once a movie star.

“I only filmed one part. “I didn’t have time to know all that.”

“You too would have become a star if it weren’t for me… “Isn’t it unfair?”

“what? “You were the one who told me to give up because I couldn’t handle it anyway because my acting skills were limited.”

Jin Yoongi looked lovingly at his wife who was pinching his arm.

“That’s true. haha. “You were better suited as a model than an actor.”

Thanks to my wife, I was able to forget that embarrassing moment. Jin Yoongi gave strength to the hand holding his wife’s shoulder.


“how much?”

“The land compensation alone is 14 billion won. Also, there are 20,000 pyeong left that can be used for commercial use… … “This will be well over 10 billion won.”

Jin Young-gi, Vice Chairman of Sunyang Group and the eldest son of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol, rubbed his forehead in front of the cadastral map of Bundang New Town.

“14 billion in that kid’s hands? The bank interest alone is over 1 billion. Is it better than most large companies? “With the interest alone, you can buy 20 apartments in Gangnam every year!”

When his son Jin Young-jun looked envious, Vice Chairman Jin Young-gi screamed.

“You bastard! Are you jealous when you think about bank interest? Is now the time to think about pennies?”

Jin Young-jun turned his head at his father’s loud voice.

“A guy who’s a senior in college still looks like that? “Are you going to come to your senses?”

“honey! Why are you doing this to your child? “I’m already depressed because I can’t go study abroad!”

The secretary’s office staff, who sensed signs of a fight between the vice president and his wife, cleared their throats softly and reminded them that they were still in the living room.

“Manager Kim.”


“Yoongi’s house, keep looking. “If anything special happens, report it immediately.”

“All right. “Vice President.”

“Go see.”

As Manager Kim quietly backed away and left the living room, Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki began glaring at his eldest son again.

“Do you want to keep living like that, flirting with women?”

Jinyoungjun couldn’t raise his head when he heard the word ‘woman’.

“You bastard! Are celebrities the only women you can hang out with? Are there just one or two pretty women in the world? Why do you only touch women who appear on TV? “What if it gets published in the newspaper like that?”

Jinyoung-gi was so upset that he was on the verge of death.

I mobilized all my money and connections to get an acceptance letter to a prestigious American university, but that stupid bastard got the best actress of the time pregnant. And a woman who is 7 years older than me.

The money spent to erase that actress’s love and silence her is more than the price of a building.

He managed to silence the media by mobilizing money and connections again, but he could not block the eyes and ears of his father, the chairman.

– 발정 난 개새끼도 아니고 임신까지 시켜? A guy like that goes to America to study? f*ck it! He is the one who will sow seeds evenly among whites and blacks. Should I consider a mixed-race child as my great-grandchild?

The way to study abroad has been blocked, and two employees from the group’s audit office are closely monitoring my son 24 hours a day. It turned my stomach to see that guy envying my cousin who was 10 years younger than me.

“Listen carefully. Your grandfather is not the kind of person who just gives you even ten won. I could make a ranch for the little guy. However, it is a completely different matter for him to hand over the entire title and even give the entire amount for disposal of it.”

“Stop it. With everything in the past… … .”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki pretended not to notice his wife who continued to be irritated.

His wife, Park Hye-young, is also a woman who grew up without any shortcomings. Although it is far below the Sunyang Group, its family belongs to a conglomerate whose name no one knows.

As a result, I began to disapprove of my husband, who was always giving a hard time to his father-in-law.

“How old is Dojun now? He gave that kid 14 billion won. This is not a simple gift. You think the value of a 12-year-old child is a whopping 14 billion won. “If you dispose of the remaining land and give it to Dojun, his value will be over 20 billion!”

Jin Young-jun did not think deeply about what his father said. Isn’t he the eldest grandson anyway? He believed that when his grandfather passed away, it would all be his father’s and he would eventually inherit everything himself.

“Has your grandfather ever given you a piece of land or a bank account? “That’s what grandpa thinks you are worth.”


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“honey. What are you worried about? You are already vice president. Sunyang is yours. and… … .”

Park Hye-young raised the corners of her mouth and said.

“How many more years will your father-in-law live?” “Time is on our side.”

Jinyoung-gi didn’t think he was worried for no reason. She doesn’t know her wife or her son or anyone named Jin Tin.

Until now, I have never worried about my own succession. Her youngest nephew is now receiving the president’s attention, but she is not too worried. Because he is too young. But you must not let your guard down.

No matter how much blood we shared, we have no intention of sharing even one brick of the Sunyang Group.

* * *

I quietly sat down next to my father, who was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper.

“father. sorry.”

“Dojun, it’s okay. What are you sorry for? Dad wasn’t angry. “I was just a little surprised.”

My father held my hand tightly and pulled me into his arms.

“Our Dojun is growing up too quickly. “What will Dad do if he’s already grown up like this?”


It suddenly hit me like this and I have nothing to say.

Since I have never raised a child, I cannot imagine how the father feels. All I could do was hold my father’s hand tightly.

My father smiled softly, probably because he felt the strength of my hand.

“Yes, Dojun. “If you have anything to say to Dad, say it.”

“My mother once said this to my grandfather. “I hope I can do what I want to do.”



He looks surprised to hear that his quiet mother said such a thing to his scary father-in-law.

“So I was curious. What kind of work does your father want to do? “I heard he likes movies.”

“Is your mom like that?”


My father, who was smiling a little bitterly, seemed to have made up his mind and made me sit in front of him.

“Dad went to study abroad in England when he was in his third year of college.”

Oh my!

I think I’m planning to say it properly this time. If an adult could recall their memories, it would be a very long story.

“I did what my father told me to do. When he was young, he told me to study well, so I tried to get good grades, and he told me to study abroad, so I went to England. He didn’t have anything in particular he wanted to do. And he thought it was natural to study business administration. “I thought he would be in charge of some of the Sunyang Group’s affiliates.”

This means that he was a master who adapted well to the given environment without any doubts, but since when did he start to go astray?

“In London, England, there is an area called the West End. There are hundreds of theaters where musicals and plays are performed every day. “I stopped by sometimes to cool off while studying.”

My father’s eyes suddenly sparkled as he reminisced about his innocent days.

“I saw Shakespeare there and knew Sinclair, Hayward and Anderson. And works like John Osborne’s ‘Look Back in Anger’, Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’, and Williams’ ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ shook me.”

I suddenly felt fortunate. I was not tempted by the glamor of entertainment, but by pure art.

If your motives are pure and right, isn’t it worth trying again?

“From then on, school took a backseat and I fell in love with theater and movies. I enrolled in theater school and started learning directing. Of course, there’s also a movie. But your grandfather found out and I was taken to Korea. haha.”

Is my father’s dream now just a memory?

It rekindles memories and makes dreams come true. And I need help to achieve my dreams. My father just gave me that hint of help.


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