The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 2

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[002]Life of a laborer 2.

Toy Mr. Kim smiled and entered the fitting room.

Immediately, the wife’s voice full of charm came out from the fitting room.

“Ah, stop it. “It tickles.”

The store employees started giggling, and the female secretary’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

The word ‘jeom-ip-ga-gyeong’ starts to fit perfectly.

In the fitting room, the charming voice disappeared and a more erotic moan came out.

“hmm… ah-! Huh… … .”

The fitting room made of thin veneer began to shake and creak a little.

You crazy old woman! no way!

However, it is clear that the old woman and the young toy are having s*x in that narrow fitting room.

Now I finally understand why my wife suddenly made a surprise visit to another group’s department store.

In normal times, when a luxury brand launches, it is called home. It was common for the company to load all the clothes into a car and display them in the living room of a huge house, with the wife in her gown choosing them on the spot.

The reason I visited the department store today was to have an exciting moment.

You may have suddenly had a lewd thought of enjoying a different kind of s*x in a public place with your new toy boy, and now you are turning that fantasy into reality.

Damn it, I have to stand guard in this obscene scene on my wife’s birthday!


Sunyang Group.

Annual sales are close to KRW 400 trillion and operating profit alone is over KRW 30 trillion.

The total market capitalization of affiliates listed on the stock market is also 440.7 trillion won, which is far more than the national budget, and Sunyang Group’s share in the stock market is also around 27%.

Starting with automobiles and electronics, there is no industry beyond the group’s reach, including communications, heavy industry, chemicals, distribution, fashion, and food.

It has been a long time since concerns were raised that the Korean economy and the Sunyang Group share a common destiny, even as it dominates alley commercial areas ranging from convenience stores, tteokbokki, and gimbap restaurants.

Although this is a cruise group, it started with two poor brothers who were learning gold and silver craftsmanship.

In the early 1920s, two brothers, Jin Sun-cheol and Jin Yang-cheol, who were born during the Japanese colonial period, supported their families by learning craftsmanship at a Japanese-run gold and silver shop.

Jin Sun-cheol, the older brother who was excellent with his hands, and Jin Yang-cheol, who was quick-witted and quick-thinking, were a truly fantastic combination.

The older brother, Jin Sun-cheol, stole a small amount of gold dust when he was capable of elaborate crafting, and the younger brother, Jin Yang-cheol, developed a route to sell the gold dust.

While looking for land to farm with the money they had saved, they were liberated.

If the two had purchased the land before liberation, today’s Sunyang Group would probably not have been born and would have lived their entire lives as ordinary farmers.

However, his younger brother Jin Yang-cheol gave up his dream of becoming an independent farmer after hearing the news of the downfall of enemy forces that began immediately after liberation.

Jeoksan refers to the property left behind by the Japanese after liberation.

The U.S. military government and the government of the Republic of Korea distributed Jeoksan to the private sector, a representative example of which was Jeoksan House.

Houses where Japanese people lived were, of course, popular because they had large lands and high-class houses.

However, Jin Yang-cheol received a warehouse, not a house.

It was the Joseon Rice Warehouse.

Instead of farming and growing rice, they started to store the rice.

When the Joseon Rice Warehouse, which stored as many as 1.5 million kok of rice, was delivered, there was no accurate record of the amount of rice in stock.

When liberation occurred, Koreans raided warehouses and took away rice, and the Japanese who escaped also burned all their inventory books to avoid being discovered that they had been secretly selling rice.

What Jin Yang-cheol was aiming for was the rice.

The brothers quickly sold the rice before the South Korean government could determine the exact amount and made a huge amount of money.

With that money, he repurchased Jeoksan’s houses and businesses, which became the basis of Sunyang Group.

After that, his younger brother, Jin Yang-cheol, who was knowledgeable and quick to judge, borrowed aid from the U.S. government at low interest and almost monopolized sugar, which was a relief material.

My older brother began accumulating technological capabilities that would lay the foundation for heavy industry based on the machinery company he had been assigned to.

The Sunyang Group grew rapidly thanks to the fantastic combination play of the two brothers. However, just as power is not shared even between the rich, there was no way the brothers could share the money among themselves.

When engineers and merchants fought over the property of a company, victory or defeat was almost already decided.

Jin Yang-cheol, who was in charge of all accounting for the Sunyang Group, manipulated the financial statements of the company run by his older brother, Jin Sun-cheol, and was sent to prison as a target of the military regime’s eradication of illicit enrichers.

Afterwards, the younger brother Jin Yang-cheol took office as the chairman of Sunyang Group, and the brothers’ rebellion ended.

Jin Sun-cheol died in prison without being able to resolve his unfair resentment, and his children became forgotten people to the point where no one even knows where they live.

Chairman Jin Yang-cheol grew Sunyang Group into a representative company in Korea and passed away at the age of 78.

He left behind four children and 12 grandchildren, and the current chairman of Sunyang Group is Jin Yang-cheol’s eldest son, Jin Young-gi (76 years old).

The vice president is Jin Young-gi’s eldest son, Jin Young-jun (age 50), and I am one of the seven heads of the Future Strategic Planning Headquarters who assist the vice president.

He is in charge of quite important tasks in his own way, but as you have already noticed, his main task is to quietly handle all the dirty work of the chairman’s family, the so-called backroom cleaning and poop removal.

But don’t ignore it.

Although I am no different from a servant now, all 70,000 cruise ship employees envy me for my position and work.

They are servants, or slaves, of a lower class than me.

They live as slaves and will one day be kicked out in the name of retirement, but at least I have a chance to be promoted from a servant to a butler.

And I will definitely become a deacon.

Although I graduated from a local university, I attracted attention with my presentation on human resource management measures at a contest hosted by Sunyang Group.

When I received the acceptance letter from Sunyang Group, my father invited his relatives and held a small party.

Since I was born in a local area and attended a local university, I naturally expected to be assigned to a local workplace… . Oh my god!

I was assigned to the Future Strategic Planning Headquarters, which is said to be the control tower of the huge Sunyang Group.

With nothing to live for, my father held another feast.

“After all, it’s Sunyang Group. Even local hillbillies recognize talented people. You guys know that too, right? It is said that the place where future strategies and such are discussed is a place where only the world’s most talented people gather. Isn’t it a place other than Seoul National University where you can’t even hand out a business card? haha.”

My father, unable to hide his expression of emotion, got extremely drunk and did not stop bragging to his relatives.

But I found out on the first day of work.

Why did I, a graduate from a local university, join the control tower… … .

Even the control tower needed a cleaner.

It’s a job that people with good academic backgrounds can’t handle because of their pride. So, the place where only those who would be willing to do such a thing were selected was the General Affairs Office of the Future Strategic Planning Headquarters.

The first task given to me was… … .


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“hey! Can’t you tell the difference between grass and weeds? And be sure to pull up the dandelions. “They spread quickly!”

The person who yelled at me like this was not the manager, manager, or manager, but the gardener at the chairman’s mansion.

The gardener who was trimming the garden trees continued to nag the three new employees of the general affairs team. I had to pull out weeds while sweating profusely, wearing a suit and shoes.

In the end, two local university graduates who joined the company couldn’t last half a year and resigned.

But I gritted my teeth.

I studied harder than a high school senior and did not shy away from the role of a handyman until I was able to move away from the job of filling my body and take on the job of filling my brain.

By the time I could understand the English spoken by those who had studied abroad and boasted brilliant qualifications perfectly, and could see the mountain of business plans at a glance, I too had begun to use my brain.

Only then did the people around me change their perspective.

The expression that was always looked down upon began to show a look of caution.

I realized that I had my own weapon that those smart people didn’t have.

The place I frequented as if it were my own was the Chairman’s family’s home.

There was no one in the royal family who did not know my name, Hyunwoo Yoon, and the name they always looked for when they were sad was me. Also, there were few people who knew the hidden truth of the Royal Family as much as I did.

Eight years after joining the company, he earned the title of manager, and now, 12 years after joining the company, he has become one of the few close associates who can sit next to the vice president when he wants to have a glass of soju with chicken gizzard at a food stall.

I am 40 years old, and my goal of transforming from a servant to a butler within the next 10 years is not an empty dream.

and… … .

The moment finally came when I realized that I was a candidate for deacon.

“Chief Yoon. I need to go on a business trip. “It’s sudden, but be prepared.”

“yes. Vice President. But that’s because I don’t know the content. sorry.”


It’s a slush fund issue.

Although I had never touched money with my own hands yet, I was fully aware of the numbers revealed in the documents.

“Oh, I understand.”

“The prosecution will conduct an internal investigation into funds leaked overseas. I received information that it would start in a week. Open an account, withdraw the entire amount, and transfer it to Centipede’s account.”

“Do you mean me?”

I couldn’t believe it. Instead of just quietly handing over documents, they ask me to dip my hands into an astronomical amount of money.

The money buried in Moldova is in the trillions. The number I remember is close to $1 billion. That’s over 1 trillion won. Is this money in my name?

“Even if I don’t trust you as my wife, I trust you, Hyunwoo. “You are the only one who will be in charge of those funds for a while.”

The vice president looked at me and smiled.

“why? Are you going to take that money and run away? If I change it to your name and get stuck in a small corner of Europe, you can live like a nobleman?”

“It can’t be. “You’re joking too much.”

“Anyway, after withdrawing the money, take a good rest and when I give you instructions, transfer it to my account in the Virgin Islands. “It was decided that the prosecution investigation would be concluded with the missing funds.”

“All right. “Then I’ll be back.”

“By the way, don’t tell anyone. To your family too. Just call it a business trip. “You know you shouldn’t mention Moldova, right?”

“of course.”

As I left the vice president’s office, the flower-like girl handed me a document envelope.

“Everything you need for a business trip is there. Ah, I’m jealous. “Moldova!”

“If you’re thinking about it, shall we go together? I’m always welcome… .”

“Foot. Wake up from your dream. I can’t fly first class. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a private plane.”

right. She is the woman who flies around on a private plane with the Vice President.

Hyunwoo, wake up from your dream.

The next day, I proudly boarded Korean Air’s first class seat and headed to Moldova.


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