The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 19

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[019]1. It is not enough to call it seed money.

It would be a mistake to see him as just a sympathetic child. When running a company, there are far more times when you need to be brutally cold-hearted than when you need to be compassionate.

“Hmm… … . workers? “Why those people?”

“Because of us, those guys can’t even play. “It’s Children’s Day.”

At that moment, I felt Hakjae Lee’s sharp eyes. And although it was only for a moment, he did not take his gaze away.

“Those people are just doing their job. Whether it’s Children’s Day or Sunday, everyone does their job. And instead of working today, they will rest tomorrow.”

“It’s because it’s just us. “Those people might hate us now.”

Eyes pouring out again.

Did you understand the meaning of what I said?

If you hate us, you will hate Sunyang too. Ultimately, you lose consumers.

I was curious what he would say.


“yes. “My uncle.”

“If someone hates you, they will be like your grandfather.”

this! My thoughts were off.

“What does Grandpa do?”

“It turns hate into fear.”

His words exploded like firecrackers in my head.

Damn it, I still haven’t gotten out of my thoughts about being a laborer.

If you want to become an owner or a chairman, you must not worry about such trivial things.

Trivial issues such as improving productivity, maximizing sales, and customer satisfaction are the issues you need to worry about.

The chairman and the manager are different.

Managers enrich the company, but the chairman of a conglomerate does not make money. The president goes to war.

It is the president’s job to kneel down the hated enemy and protect and expand the territory.

In the conquered territory, laborers earn money by farming.

If the chairman wants it, he has to throw away his family and come running and make him wag his tail.

“There’s a reason why I lost the Chairman’s spirit.”

When Hakjae Lee stroked my head, I came to my senses.

When I looked up at him, I saw a bright smile.

“Looking at your expression, I think you understand what I mean? Is he like a young old man? … ?”

That’s a good thing.

Although his attempt to show off his sharp perspective failed, it was not a loss because he at least showed that he could understand words quickly.

From now on, I wanted to get to know Hakjae Lee better. However, I had to postpone it until later because Sangjun suddenly appeared and grabbed my hand.

Children’s Day is exciting for children, but tiring for parents.

I was tired like my parents and had to spend the day feeling even more uncomfortable.

But the next day, when I saw my own ranch that I had visited with Chairman Jin, all that fatigue and discomfort disappeared.

When I saw the horses running leisurely on the wide green land, I felt a thrill of excitement throughout my body.

It was nice to have my own ranch, but it was a big challenge.

From now on, I have to learn horseback riding like a third generation chaebol.

It’s scary, damn it.

However, as the year came to an end, my fear disappeared and I discovered the fun of riding a horse.


1988 was truly a great year.

I felt like I fully understood why the drama was released in this year. It’s been an eventful year, 365 days, so these words are very appropriate.

The Constitution of the Sixth Republic began to take effect, and a president elected through a direct election took office.

The Ministry of National Defense revived the trainee visitation system at the Nonsan Training Center after 29 years, and the eight-year Iran-Iraq War ended.

The Hankyoreh newspaper was launched, and the President announced the July 7 Declaration, which included proposals for inter-Korean exchange and cooperation to improve relations between the United States and the United States.

Cho Yong-pil released his 10th album, and Metallica released its 4th regular album…And Justice For All.

The Olympics were held, raising the country’s awareness to a world-class level, and surprisingly, the country achieved a miraculous result, finishing 4th overall.

For the first time in 38 years, the ruling and opposition party National Assembly was inaugurated, and the government audit, revived 16 years after Yushin, was resumed.

A special committee was established to uncover corruption in the Fifth Republic, and hearings were held in the National Assembly for the first time in constitutional history.

Famous figures from the political, business, and media circles attended and were broadcast live on TV, creating a national topic comparable to the Olympics. Among the members of the National Assembly, a person who would later be elected president even became the star of the hearing.

Then, in November, after former President Chun Doo-hwan and his wife issued a public apology, they declared themselves exiled to Baekdamsa Temple on Mount Seorak in Gangwon-do.

The three-low boom reached its peak as the exchange rate entered the 600 won range, but housing prices soared as people continued to flock to Seoul.

The government began construction of housing, including developing the new Mok-dong area and the Sanggye-dong area, but was unable to control the soaring real estate prices.

Accordingly, the ‘plan to build 2 million houses’ was announced and large-scale housing land development was announced in Sanbon, Jung-dong, and Pyeongchon, but the new year of 1989 dawned without housing prices stabilizing.

* * *

“They say they are rushing to develop new cities.”

“Don’t get excited and take your time.”

“Ah yes. sorry. President.”

Contrary to his words, Sunyang Construction CEO Hong Song-cheol could hardly contain his excitement.

The main message of the President’s New Year’s address was solving the housing crisis. Of course, the plan is already in place. We will find out later whether the plan is right or wrong.

Since there was a plan, of course it had to be implemented, and meetings followed accordingly.

Soonyang Construction CEO Hong Song-cheol attended a meeting hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Blue House Senior Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs, and the Minister of Construction and immediately rushed to Chairman Jin’s study.

“The rumors were true.”

Secretary Lee Hak-jae, who arrived first at the study and was waiting, also seemed a little excited. It is as if the government is pouring oil into the most active construction sector.

We can’t help but look forward to how much bigger Sunyang Construction will grow.

“Did you tell us about the candidate areas for the new city?


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“It’s not just a candidate, it’s a confirmation. Seongnam Bundang district and Ilsanyo.”

President Hong, who moistened his mouth with a glass of water, spoke in detail about the contents of today’s meeting.

“… … I think we will proceed by sharing in moderation. In fact, it should be seen that there is no preferential treatment.”

“Are we going to prevent certain companies from monopolizing?”

“That’s right. and… .”

President Hong Song-cheol continued speaking with some hesitation.

“Purchase of land in that area is not permitted… … .”

“I gave you information in advance, but don’t buy the land?”

“yes. “We warned that if speculative circumstances emerged, we would be pulled out of the new city project.”

“Isn’t that what you always say? “Everyone will be borrowing money and hoarding money anyway.”

Hakjae Lee frowned.

“no. We will check all land transactions in the area from today until the government’s official announcement. “The atmosphere is a little different this time.”

President Hong waved his hand widely to convey the atmosphere of the meeting. The government’s will is strong.

“We’ve been under a lot of stress over the housing problem since last year. The president will also be sensitive. Song Cheol.”

“yes. President.”

“Establish a new city preparation team and prepare thoroughly. And make sure to crack down on land speculators. “This time, let’s support the Blue House.”

“yes. President.”

At Chairman Jin’s gesture to leave, President Hong bowed politely and left the study.

“President. Are you really willing to cooperate? There are many ways to purchase without being revealed… .”

“Leave it alone. There’s no need to look hateful just to make some money. This new city belongs to the president’s associates. “This administration’s pandering is over, and there is no need to get involved in saying that they will block companies so that those who can’t get a job can make some money.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Rep. Park secretly leaked it. “The president pays special attention.”


This year is the time to take care of yourself. There is a rumor in the political family that the situation in Eastern Europe is going unusually well and that the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union is not far off.

In these times of rapid change, there is always opportunity, and that opportunity is provided by the government.

It would be unacceptable if even the slightest bit was caught.

“By the way, just in case, let’s return the audit team as soon as the preparation team is formed. “I want to prevent anyone from doing something different.”

Chairman Jin paused after idly looking through the documents related to the development of a new city that President Hong had left behind.

Hakjae Lee cautiously opened his mouth to Chairman Jin, who frowned and glared at the documents.

“Why are you doing this? If there is any problem… ?”

“Oh, no. “Because it looks familiar to me.”

Chairman Jin looked at the map in the document for a while and then picked up the phone.

“The ranch we bought last time… … . Yeah, that one. “Check the cadastral map and send it by fax.”

A small smile appeared on Chairman Jin’s lips as he put down the receiver.

“Looks like there’s a guy in the family with a strong money spirit… .”

“yes? What are you saying… ?”

“wait. “I’ll check when the fax comes.”

Hakjae Lee just glanced at Chairman Jin, who had a calm smile on his face, without knowing what was going on.

After a while, Chairman Jin took turns checking the faxes and documents that the housekeeper had politely brought, and finally burst into laughter.

“I want this, hahaha. “It’s amazing.”

It is a sight that is rarely seen.

Hakjae Lee felt like he was going crazy as he suppressed his curiosity and waited for Chairman Jin’s explanation.

“Oh, you don’t know. “Do you know that I made a ranch for Dojun?”

“yes. In Gyeonggi-do… . Oh, no way! “Are you in Bundang?”

“okay. “Take a look at this.”

Hakjae Lee hurriedly compared the fax and documents and began looking for the exact location.

“how is it? Doesn’t that make you suspicious that they filmed it with advance knowledge?”

“Do you mean Dojun took pictures of this place? “Not the chairman?”

“okay. “Excluding Seoul, I asked them to choose from the southern part of Gyeonggi Province, and they chose that area.”

As Lee Hak-jae looked at the map closely, his mind became a calculator.

“It’s about 80,000 pyeong.”

“Isn’t it a waste? It would have been nice if it was 800,000 pyeong. haha.”

Unlike Chairman Jin, who couldn’t stop laughing, Hakjae Lee had to clearly point out what he didn’t know yet. There must be no error regarding this land before the government officially announces it. It was Hakjae Lee’s duty to erase that error.


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