The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 18

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[018]The Age of Ordinary People 3.

Since 1980, as the government established a plan to expand gas supply to promote the upgrading of household fuel and specified a plan to introduce LNG, a number of private city gas business operators emerged, mainly in the metropolitan area and large cities.

On October 31, 1986, the first ship carrying 57,300 tons of LNG arrived at the Pyeongtaek receiving base, and the city gas business began in earnest.

The energy source for urban homes is rapidly changing from briquettes and oil to natural gas.

The Soviet Union is a huge resource powerhouse, supplying as much as 30% of Europe’s natural gas. Could it be that the ultimate diplomacy move is to threaten to close the valve?

This absurd threat had a tremendous effect. If the Soviet Union closes the gas pipe valve, Europe will be plunged into cold and darkness.

The Soviet government controls Gazprom, which is in charge of the production, distribution, and sales of its own natural gas.

This is because Gazprom is a state-owned enterprise, with more than half of its board of directors holding high-ranking positions such as ministers and vice ministers of the Russian government.

If Sunyang has exclusive rights to import natural gas from the Soviet Union and supplies it to private city gas businesses, it would be no different from taking control of the valve of a Soviet gas pipe.

They extract enormous amounts of money from their monopoly power alone.

Sunyang had set early on the goals to be achieved from the current government’s northern policy.

“okay. Let’s take care of that… “He’s a scholar more than that.”

“yes. President.”

“what do you think about it?”

The chairman’s eyes gently pointed towards a separate room.

“Are you talking about Dojun?”

As Chairman Jin nodded, Chief of Staff Lee Hak-jae smiled slightly.

“Cotyledon leaves are good.”

“Only the cotyledons?”

“I will make a judgment in 10 years. “Even great leaves can be uprooted in just one typhoon.”

“Is this about Dojun’s father?”

Chairman Jin was reminded of a great cotyledon that had been uprooted and blown away.

“Well, Yoongi also changed after studying abroad in England. “It was quite useful.”

A voice full of regret. However, Chief of Staff Lee Hak-jae expressed even worse opinions without the slightest wavering.

This is because he is one of the few close associates who can say anything bitter to Chairman Jin without hesitation.

“This is Dojun, the son of a father who is an artist and a mother who is an actress. “Maybe they have the conditions that are most likely to change radically.”

“Dojun’s love is just a beauty. You can say he became an actor with his face. “I have no temperament.”

I wanted to ask on what basis they made that judgment, but I stopped. This may be right since the chairman has an unusual eye for people.

Secretary Lee Hak-jae turned the topic to Do-jun again.

“But the chairman’s excessive favor was understandable at first glance. “You’re brilliant.”

“Such a waste. Too young. “It would have been really reassuring if that guy was my eldest grandson.”

The deep sorrow could be heard in his voice.

“Isn’t it enough for the Chairman to be healthy for a long time?”

“How many cousins ​​does Dojun have? And three uncles and great aunts. “It’s impossible.”

A light sigh and a shake of the head indicate realistic difficulties. No matter how much money you have, it is not a means to advance time.

“If it continues to grow as it is now, wouldn’t it be okay to entrust it to a few affiliates? Wouldn’t it be a blessing if the company you work for grows big?”

“How many should I throw? There’s no way these kids can stay still. “I’m going to attack you like a wolf, rip off your erection, and share it with you.”

Will the wolves just stare at the cute puppy’s delicious piece of meat? Since the father who was supposed to protect the cute puppy is not interested in the piece of meat, the result is as obvious as fire.

Lee Hak-jae, who knew what kind of people Chairman Jin’s three sons and only daughter were, realized that his thoughts were useless.

“How about you?”

“yes? What are you saying… ?”

“If Do-jun still remains smart 10 years from now, whose side will you take? Yeongjun, the eldest grandson? Or Dojun?”

Chief of Staff Lee Hak-jae clearly realized Chairman Jin’s intentions. He wants to pass on enough business to his youngest grandson.

And he appointed himself as the bodyguard for his youngest grandson.

“No matter who it is, I have to take the side of the former chairman of Sunyang Group.”

As Lee Hak-jae spoke with a grin, Chairman Jin also burst into laughter.

I liked this attitude.

Move your thoughts and actions according to your own will. Because his will fits perfectly with his chair as chairman, it only appears to others as loyalty.

“Even if the person named Chairman who succeeds me is dumber than you, will you be able to treat me the way you treat me now?”

“Zhuge Gongming of the Shu Kingdom also served the imbecile emperor with all his heart.”

“I brought you here because you are retarded. “Because he acted as emperor with a scarecrow in front of him.”

“Is this too much? You can’t believe you disparage Zhuge Gongmyeong’s loyalty like that. haha.”

Hakjae Lee burst into laughter, but Chairman Jin did not laugh.

It showed that his words were sincere.

Lee Hak-jae quickly stopped laughing and lowered his head.

“sorry. President.”


“I didn’t know you thought about Dojun that much.”

Lee Hak-jae could not raise his head because he could not look straight at Chairman Jin, whose cold face and iron face were revealed.

“If Dojun grows up to be a decent person, take care of him. If I pass on three or four companies separately, my children will try to take them over. Just block it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Only then did Chairman Jin straighten his face and smile.

“So don’t die before me! “Smoke less, drink less, and take some vacations.”

“Going overseas on a business trip with the president is no different from a vacation.”

Hakjae Lee has not yet relaxed.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety that today’s mistake would haunt me for a long time.

* * *

On May 5, 1988, a girl with the rather long name of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born into a single-parent family in Tottenham, north of London, England. I went on a picnic to Seoul Land, which I didn’t even do.


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I don’t know what method was used, but Seoul Land’s official opening is still a week away.

It’s a hectic time with the final preparations for opening, but many employees are waiting to help our family.

We are only 25 people, but if you combine the staff of Sunyang Group and Seoul Land, there are over 100 people.

I checked again. These people are really selfish. Even my parents, who are the most humane of the family, don’t seem to even realize that they are selfish.

Most of the numerous group members also have families and children. Looking at the age range, there are clearly many heads of families who look forward to Children’s Day.

Has anyone ever thought about how they really feel?

Only I know how they feel.

Although they are watching the chairman’s family’s every move, their minds are probably filled with thoughts of their children being alone with their mother.

The guilt they feel toward their families and the hurt their children suffer.

In return, we are having fun like this.

When I saw this absurd thing with my own eyes, I couldn’t pretend to be happy.

“Dojunin doesn’t seem to be having much fun, does he?”

Someone comes up to me, smiles, and talks to me.

Who is it?

It looks familiar, as if I’ve seen it somewhere before.

“I work with your grandfather.”

“Are you the CEO of an affiliate company?”

“what? haha. this… What should I do? You’re not the boss yet. The chief secretary. “It’s a very low position.”

Chief of Staff? Could it be that guy?

“I wonder if your name is…” ?”

“Ohh! You are polite. I know how to use the word name. That’s right, I know your name, so you should know mine. My name is Hakjae Lee, and I am the head of the group’s secretariat. Dojun’s father calls me hyungnim? So you call me Baekbunim. Don’t call me names. haha.”

I stopped moving slowly.

He is the man whom Chairman Jin treated more like the eldest son than Jin Young-ki, the eldest son.

His title was manager, but his rank was president, and he was known to be one level higher than the CEO of electronics and automobiles, the core of Sunyang.

If Lee Hak-jae rejected any issue, Chairman Jin also unconditionally rejected it, and even if Chairman Jin approved an issue, he was so influential that the Chairman would withdraw his approval if Lee Hak-jae spoke alone for two or three hours.

At the end of the second-generation succession structure, when Jin Young-ki took office as chairman, he submitted his resignation and retired. I don’t know much about this person.

The rumor split into two branches.

First, it is a heartwarming story that Chairman Jin Young-ki caught up with him, but if it was natural for an old-fashioned figure to step down when the world changes, he even resigned from his position as a group advisor.

The second time was much different.

As soon as Jinyoung-gi took office as chairman, the first thing he did was to accuse Hak-jae Lee. It is said that he was planning to expose Chairman Jin Yang-cheol’s corruption when he held onto a huge amount of borrowed-name stocks and did not sell them.

But Lee Hak-jae is also not an easy person.

There was even a story going around that Jinyoung-gi raised a white flag as he shouted loudly that he could set fire to the Sunyang Group while holding in both hands full of evidence of the Jin family’s illegality and evasion of the law.

There will forever be no way to know whether Lee Hak-jae holds borrowed-name stocks, and the official announcement ended with him stepping down with a huge severance pay in his pocket.

That legendary figure tells me to call him uncle.

“yes. “My uncle.”

He called me uncle, emphasizing each and every word.

Even if the world is divided in two, I have to make this person my strong ally.

“But don’t you go on rides? Even adults like it that way.”

I saw not only cousins ​​my age but also adults snooping around where Hakjae Lee pointed.

“Can’t you see any other adults you don’t like?”

“Another adult? who?”

Without saying a word, I raised my hand toward the direction Hakjae Lee pointed to.

Lee Hak-jae frowned and looked at the place for a while before turning his gaze to me.

“who? “There is no one.”

also… .

This person is already from another world.

People who do not belong to their world are not noticed. As a perfect butler, he seems to have elevated himself to the status of master by keeping his servants and servants under his feet.

“I mean working adults. “Can’t you see?”

For a moment, Hakjae Lee’s eyes widened.

I too am anxious.

How will my words be received?


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