The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 150

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[150]Scream Show 2

“First, please explain the entire flow. “Let me get the concept.”

“okay. First, choose items that will be the main focus among this year’s S/S season products. “Once the selection is complete, we request samples to be displayed.”

“I understand up to that point.”

My aunt looked a little excited.

Things to do in the future come to mind. And he is confident that the process will proceed according to his wishes. It is the most exciting and enjoyable moment when working.

“Once the samples arrive, you have to think about the display. “I guess we should plan a route that allows us to look at each item in detail, and organize it so that connected purchases are possible, right?”

“Connected purchase?”

“okay. When I buy a hat, I want matching earrings. When I buy earrings, my eyes go to the necklace. If you buy a pretty necklace, a dress with a low neck, and high heels that match the dress. “This is what I’m talking about.”

“Can’t we just put it all on a mannequin?”

“That’s just like a ready-made product. Us VIP bitches are picky. You have to choose each one yourself. “Mannequins feel like they’re being forced to do it.”

“It’s tricky. really.”

It’s not because I’m naturally picky. An abundance of money shows off one’s personality. I am something special!

“Only the bitches who stand next to me do that.”

It is obvious that any woman who can compare to her aunt is from a conglomerate family. There is no way they would ever accept the setting recommended by her aunt. Because it’s a battle of pride.

“Are you going to the house?”

“okay. If you go on the agreed date and display it according to the customer’s taste, they get to choose. As a customer, I can say they are the best. Because everyone buys several of the same things. I leave it at home, and I also leave it in my European villa or my New York apartment. “It’s annoying to carry it around when I travel.”

I know this up to this point.

“Oh, do you want to go this time? okay. “That would be nice.”

Suddenly, my aunt clapped her hands and helped me up. Then, I spun around, checked my appearance again, and smiled brightly.

“Chairman Sunyang’s grandson, and also the son of a movie star and the president of a production company. A young 3-year-old with the appearance of a star. “This is awesome.”

“Why am I going?”

“You just go and say hello. The experts will take care of the rest. Those women can’t stay still when they see you. Do you think I would hesitate with a handsome, young 3-year-old just watching from the side? They will buy it in huge quantities. “That’s the only thing I can offer you.”

It was uncomfortable because I felt like I was bait, but I got to know them and increased sales. It is also something that must be done as a responsible person.

“Sure, whatever.”

“It’s unexpected. He said he would do it obediently… .”

“We need to increase sales. Let’s set a record. haha.”

As I laughed casually, my aunt’s eyes changed.

Among my nephews, there is not a single one who tries to increase sales by selling laughter. I hate the job itself, but if I had to bow down to it, I would scream and refuse.

I must have looked different because I didn’t mind bowing down.

“Now, what if we finish the first round like that?”

“Do you know who the Luxembruck chef I mentioned earlier is?”

“no. “I was curious about that too.”

“It’s a restaurant on Rue Luxembroek in Paris. A famous chef. That person brings the staff. “Take a charter flight.”

“Um, charter flight?”

“okay. All the ingredients will be loaded onto the chartered plane. Then, we display new products in the hotel banquet hall and gather 100 people who received invitations.”

A dinner for 100 people and an expensive luxury goods exhibition. Was it something like this?

“In particular, the tables, tablecloths, chairs, plates, forks and knives are all filled with imported items. “It’s also a product display.”

“Who are those 100 people?”

“A rich man with a small house.”

“yes? “How can a rich person have a small house?”

“The living room and house are not big enough to display dozens of clothes and miscellaneous goods. And they are also people who look at conglomerates with envious eyes.”

“So you are saying that you will listen very carefully to your aunt’s suggestion and accept it? “Because you’re a wannabe?”

“That’s right. Is the display in the hotel banquet hall my style? “If I explain it myself, most people will listen.”

“And there is another effect.”

“What is it?”

“Jealousy and competition.”

scary. What are women? Even when shopping, you have a tense fight.

“100 people look at each other and keep each other in check. Here, the person who makes the most reservations is the ultimate winner. “It’s similar to the atmosphere of an auction house.”

I suddenly feel creepy. Doesn’t this lead to endless competition?

“When you have time, come and take a look. The bloody and crazy appearance of people who hate losing more than dying. “That becomes evident through shopping.”

I must see it. Isn’t this a scene where primal desires are revealed?

“great. Be sure to go and see it. But my aunt. Isn’t this just one way to sell things? How can this lead to shopping?”

“Because boutiques are where those people usually go, they have an influence on designers. Everyone is a VIP customer. You have no choice but to adapt to your tastes. “It spreads downward again.”

Are we seeing a trickle-down effect in places like this? No, is it the concentric circle effect?

“Then how do you connect with the duty-free shop? “You know that the important thing is that we are selected as a duty-free shop at Incheon Airport and downtown Seoul, right?”

“of course. What kind of people are the 100 people I chose? They are all people who brag about putting in some effort in each field. After this event, when they deliver the reserved product to your home, they give you a sneak peek. “When they come together, it will be a tremendous power.”

They say the greatest power is asking for a favor from your pillowcase… .



My aunt spoke with an extremely serious expression.

“So far, you’ve been ignoring this side too much. It might seem vulgar. But those vulgar things hold the power of this country. You too need to relate to them like I do. So I have to use that power.”

Why is my aunt like this all of a sudden?

It is obvious that the more power I have, the more disadvantaged I will be.

My aunt chuckled as she saw me looking at her with suspicious eyes.

“Don’t be on guard. You said, we’re allies until we reach our destination. I don’t know how it will end, but I decided to follow your advice. “The fact that I never said a single word about your true identity to my brothers is proof of that.”

Have you given up yet?

But I don’t have anything to worry about.


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Didn’t Mike Tyson say that? Everyone has a decent history until they get hit.

No matter what plan your aunt has planned, you will find out in the end.

All that can be saved is maintaining a luxurious lifestyle by going to department stores and hotels.

* * *

The U.S. Nasdaq Composite Index, which was only 800 five years ago, exceeded 4,800 when 2000 began.

It is to burn splendidly the last flame before life ends. Like the stock price of new data technology.

Our country was no exception. Yeouido’s keen stockmen predicted that the dot-com bubble that would hit Korea would burst, and they desperately raised money for one last big hit.

Due to patriotic marketing by the Buy Korea Fund and Park Hyeon-joo Fund, all funds in the market were concentrated into IT technology stocks, and a concentration of themed stocks occurred.

There were countless people who lost their money because of ventures that had already burst, but like everyone else, there were still a lot of people who had hopes that they would be safe and make a lot of money.

It was a risky experience walking on a knife edge, but for the people I was visiting today, it was a story from a different world. They always lead a cozy and comfortable life above the clouds, regardless of whether the Korean economy is faltering or riding a roller coaster.

“how is it? Isn’t it awesome? “It’s a complete picture, right?”

The suit is 100% handmade and takes only 6 weeks.

To make one suit, more than 3,000 stitches are required for 10 hours, and 186 production processes, including more than 42 ironings, are required to make one jacket.

For this reason, men’s suits take 30 times more effort and time than ready-made suits, but are 50 to 100 times more expensive.

My aunt and the department store’s top MD prepared three major Neapolitan suits for me: Cesare Attolini, Brioni, and Kiton.

“It is perfectly true that the perfection of fashion is a model. “How can all three brands fit so well together?”

For the time being, the employees who would be moving with me were making a fuss trying to match the music to my aunt.

“I’m going to visit two houses today, but Dojun doesn’t know you. And just watch quietly. “These kids will take care of the rest.”

I wasn’t particularly nervous or worried. The place we are visiting today is a conglomerate district with no department stores or shopping malls. And since their ranking in the business world is far below that of Sunyang, there is no need to try to look good.

The purpose is to say hello, as my aunt said. This is because it is advantageous to have someone you know when establishing a business relationship with them.

“The first are the wives, daughters-in-law, and daughters of Ilsung Group. “It’s not that picky, so you won’t feel uncomfortable.”

“But are there any male customers?”

“Of course there is.”

The employee accompanying me smiled brightly.

“Only female employees deal with male customers. As you know… .”

“When a male employee leaves, he tries to be especially abusive, right?”

“yes. “Maybe he wants to show his superiority.”

“Primates originally form a hierarchical society. “Humans are no different from animals, right?”


“Oh, no.”

I ignored the employee who was tilting his head and leaned against the car seat.

It’s Ilsung Group… .

You were a family that later became in-laws with the president, right?

If done well, another direct line to the President will be created. There will be no need to install a new pipe once you become the chairman of Sunyang, but until then, it is useful.

I once again reminded myself that getting to the top means there is no need to do all these odd things.

The car headed to Hannam-dong.

As I entered Ilsung Group’s home, the first thing I noticed was the cool lawn. A neat garden with no grand taste. It reveals the personality of the homeowner.

When I opened the front door and entered, the workers came out first and the hostess was nowhere to be seen.

Even when the department store employees who came with us took out the beautifully packaged products and lined them up in the living room, they did not show up.

“Wait a moment, Director. You hinted that the manager came in person… .”

An employee approached a person working in this home and pulled him aside when I tried to identify myself.

“Just leave it alone. “I want to see these people in their everyday lives.”

He said he definitely wasn’t picky, but that was different from being rude. The people doing the housework just looked at us blankly and showed their rude hospitality by not giving us a glass of water, saying we were doing our best.

After finishing the display for over an hour, someone went up to this floor to announce it.

But it didn’t appear right away. After another twenty minutes passed, I began to hear women’s voices whispering.

One grandmother, three middle-aged women, and two young women.

When their eyes met, the employees who came with them bowed without saying a word.

As soon as I lightly nodded my head, their eyes were all focused on me. Since about a dozen people didn’t straighten their backs, I must have been noticed standing blankly.

As I smiled lightly without avoiding their gaze, the grandmother opened her mouth.

“An interesting young man came today.”


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