The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 149

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[149]Screaming show 1

Mayor Choi looked at Jin Seo-yoon and asked quietly.

“Do you really believe that Dojun will sort out your path?”

She let out a long sigh towards her husband.

“Listen carefully. Oh Se-hyun is the owner of the pants that Do-jun hired. The story is that the actual owner of Miracle Investment is Dojun. So, the Ajin Group, Sunyang Motors, and Dae-ah Construction that Miracle bought all belong to Dojun. You know, right? “The Sunyang Group has a controlling stake of as much as 17% in Sunyang Motors?”

To Mayor Choi, this was something that was simply unbelievable. Aren’t you still a college student?

“You know what’s even more shocking? I achieved all of that without my father’s help. So, if your father is Dojun, you can’t use Sajok. “I understand that he added equity when transferring the car.”

“Well, how on earth did that guy come into being…? . “Did I receive all of my grandfather’s blood from birth?”

There was something that ran through his head as he was dumbfounded by sounds that were difficult to accept.

“Aren’t you sure Dojun stole everything you received from your father-in-law?”

I knew it without having to hear the exact answer. Jin Seo-yoon’s expression tells us this is true.

“oh my god. How on earth did you do it in such a short amount of time? .”

Jin Seo-yoon sighed repeatedly and slowly opened her mouth.

They began to separate affiliates while taking on Sunyang Group’s debt, used Miracle’s money, and finally made the wrong investment in stocks.

When Mayor Choi heard all the past stories, he burst into anger.

The targets were Chairman Jin, who deliberately created an opportunity for his young grandson to take over the department store group, Jin Do-jun, who did not miss the opportunity and took advantage of the stock market, and Jin Seo-yoon, who fell for the trap.

“stop it. Because there is no turning back. Now you know exactly where I am, right? Maybe I can’t help you. I’m embarrassed to say it all and do something like this… .”

“it’s okay. stop.”

Mayor Choi quietly took Jin Seo-yoon’s hand.

“I lost everything I inherited, but I gained a great swordsman.”

“I’m the swordsman who will take care of all my brothers.”

“okay. “If I can get something to cut off that swordsman’s name, Sunyang will be in your hands, or rather, in our hands, so maybe it’s even better.”

“You’re still positive. I always didn’t like that and got annoyed, but today it’s a little different. “That’s good to hear.”

Jin Seo-yoon also held the hand of Mayor Choi, who clearly expressed his intention to work together.

“good. I will stick close to you until that guy steps on all of you. First, I will show you my ability to entrust the department store and hotel to me, so you can aim for the presidency after being re-elected as mayor. “Now I can’t rely on my father’s strength, so I have to do really well.”

“okay. “Don’t worry, I will definitely be re-elected mayor.”

“By the way, just in case, you must never reveal Dojun’s identity to your brothers. I’m already feeling a little suspicious, but I’m sure it will work out. “Because it sounds so absurd.”

“of course. If the brothers are wary of the knife wielder, this will all go wrong. “By any chance, you too, be careful not to let your words slip out unnoticed.”

Jin Seo-yoon confirmed Mayor Choi’s affectionate gaze that she had never seen before. Was it a couple that supported each other in difficult times?

I can’t believe I learned this simple truth until I was over 50.

“I stop by the hotel sometimes. Let’s have dinner together. Dojun, that guy is big. They allowed me to still stay in the suite. “Do you know where it is?”

* * *

“I saw the report. “Have you come up with a plan?”

“I’m getting ready. But it seems like you’re in too much of a hurry? Incheon International Airport opens in March next year. There hasn’t been a plan to select a business operator yet, so it’s a bit… .”

“My grandfather’s way is to finish coordination in advance before the fierce competition begins. “Don’t you know?”

The aunt bit her lip as if her pride was hurt. I always received final reports on major projects across the distribution group through my aunt.

When the water chestnuts are strong, the tenant farmers and landowners pay no attention to the water chestnuts. Landowners must always bow down to malice. Only then will the peasants remember who the real owner is.

“You probably already know the size of Incheon Airport. We must not miss the duty-free shop. In addition, there is information that at least three duty-free shops will be permitted in downtown Seoul in line with the opening of Incheon Airport.”

“You’re not going to take out our cruiser anyway, right? “Because I always end up in the Big 3.”

My aunt thinks we still have vested interests. Unless this illusion is broken, it will be difficult to maintain the position of vice president for a long time.



“The government is already well aware of shareholder changes. I know that we are completely separate from the Sunyang Group… . Do they notice us? Grandpa definitely doesn’t move for us. If it were like before, it would take care of itself even if you didn’t say it like your aunt thought. But now I won’t move unless my grandfather asks me to.”

His expression was still full of dissatisfaction, but he was no longer pestering him. I have lived like a princess for too long to feel my situation change overnight.

“I will meet with officials from the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Korea Customs Service to get some medicine. “My aunt, please completely check the documents for entering the duty-free shop.”

“I? “Documents?”

“Then who makes the final decision? “My aunt is the vice president.”

My aunt, who was glaring at me without an immediate answer, lowered her frown and spoke softly.

“Dojun. “You don’t know me very well yet?”

“I know. You’ve never seen any documents or anything, right? However, if you want to run a business, you absolutely have to look at the documents. And you have to understand it perfectly. “I won’t tell you to understand the accounting ledgers, but you must read other reports and plans.”

“know. I’ll try my best. “I don’t mean that; I just want you to use me more usefully and appropriately.”

“I have plans to utilize my aunt’s connections. It’s not time yet… .”

“no. “What I’m best at is not mobilizing personal connections.”


“It’s about leading shopping.”

“Lead shopping? What do you mean?”

I’m asking because I really don’t know. Your aunt leads the shopping?

Shopping No, weren’t fashion trends led by designers and celebrities?

“Pay only 1 billion for marketing costs. And look what I do.”

“10 billion?”

“hey! Would you like to look at it with those eyes?”

My aunt laughed and slapped me on the back.

“ouch! What?”

“They look like they’re wondering if I’m wasting money again.”

Why is it so sweet? It’s a little strange. That’s more suspicious. But should we joke about sitting in the precarious position of vice president for a few days? I definitely don’t plan on doing anything with the company’s money. Moreover, isn’t it only 1 billion?

“great. Please tell us a bit about what it’s like to lead a shopping trip. “I will think of it as a lesson fee and spend 1 billion won.”

As soon as my words fell, my aunt snapped her fingers.

“okay. “From now on, pay close attention to everything I do.”


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* * *

A few days later, my aunt called me to the hotel.

The room where my aunt was staying had a mountain of fashion photo albums.

“What is all this?”

“This is a fashion show photobook where you can see the trends of this year’s S/S season. It appeared in Haute Couture in Paris, Pret-a-Porte, and the four major collections held in Milan, New York, and London… . I attend Fashion Week every January, but I couldn’t go this year. “You know why, right?”

Since I was kicked out of the company, I didn’t have time to leisurely watch fashion shows.

“Here, we pick out what will sell. “That’s the first thing about this business.”

There were already many check marks on the products in the photo book. I don’t know what the standard was, but various marks stood out.

“Look at you too. “If you say you are not interested in fashion because you are a man, it becomes difficult to run a department store or hotel.”

“aunt. But what is this? “It’s not clothes?”

My aunt said as she glanced at the photo book I held out.

“Bedding. Things like curtains and sheets. “That’s important too.”

That wasn’t all. There were quite a few pictorials of department stores’ major items, such as watches, shoes, and cosmetics. In short, it brings the luxury department stores to hotel rooms.

“how is it? “Do you see anything useful?”

“Everything looks good?”

“Yes, it’s mostly good. Because they are incredibly expensive luxury goods. “The cheap one is an acceptable manager’s salary, and the expensive one is the annual salary.”

Of course, there are many things that cannot be lived on with just a few years’ worth of salary.

“Listen carefully. Not everything that is expensive is good. That looks good just by looking at it with the eyes. And there are things that look good when worn on the body or brought into the house. “Which one would you choose?”

“Of course, it has to be good when you use it.”

“But it probably doesn’t look that good when you see it with your own eyes, right? “Are you willing to reach out?”

If you don’t use it, you won’t purchase it, and if you don’t like it when you use it, you won’t repurchase it. iffy.

When I just tilted my head and couldn’t answer, my aunt smiled softly. It’s a feeling of superiority.

“It’s about discerning. Stores for ordinary people are organized by price range, but for luxury goods, price is not important. “You have to capture customers only with insight.”

A word that appears again: discernment.

Am I really so clueless?

My aunt called all the waiting staff.

“Call Paris and tell them to send me all this.”

At the glance of the aunt, the employees took all the photo albums.

“Yes, Vice President. Should I leave the setting up to that company like before?”

“okay. I ask you to pay special attention this time. “I said there was an important project at stake.”

“All right.”

As the employee with the photo book left, the next employee lined up the samples.

It’s an invitation.

My aunt glanced through it, picked up a few pages, and examined them carefully.

“Prepare with this.”

I tossed one of them and the employee politely accepted it.

The last remaining employee handed out something that looked like a restaurant menu.

My aunt looked at the list of dishes one by one and checked them off again.

“Tell them to prepare the course like this and make a reservation for Luxembruck and the chef there. Leave the silverware to that friend. “The kid has senses.”

“All right. “Vice President.”

After all the employees had left and the two of them were alone, the male aunt stretched out loud.

“I’m having fun for the first time in a while. After all, looking at good things cheers me up even when I’m tired. Ho Ho.”

My aunt quenched her thirst with wine.

“Dojun. “Do you think you know what I just did?”

“First of all, I would have requested a sample of a marketable luxury product based on my aunt’s perspective. “I think I get it right there.”

The disappointed look in my aunt’s eyes.

“It’s ridiculous. How can that be all? Oh, my sister-in-law rarely shops for luxury goods? “Because she is a frugal woman.”

Are you really ignoring my mother right now?

My aunt hurriedly waved her hand under my harsh gaze.

“Do not misunderstand. Because it doesn’t mean anything bad. For a naturally beautiful woman like your mother, simple clothing is enough. “Even if you wear a dress worth 10,000 won at the local market, it looks like a luxury item.”

“Okay, let me explain the rest. You’re not going to buy all of those samples, are you? “You can’t shell out a billion won just to buy that.”

“Am I stupid? Are you going to buy all of that? The 1 billion I spend on marketing is to buy 100 Korean women who are full of power and money. The cost of making those women praise our Sunyang Department Store and Hotel so much that they can’t come to their senses. “That’s 1 billion.”

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my aunt so proud and confident.

Is this what aunts do best? Buying the hearts of rich people?


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