The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 146

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[146]First I ate one and then 5

After a territorial battle, the first thing to do is to report to the emperor. It is a matter of procedure and courtesy. There is nothing that makes you feel more betrayed than hearing such news from a third party other than the person involved.

The grandfather, who had been quietly listening to the results of the territorial battle, let out a long sigh when the report was over.

“How is your aunt? “The shock must be severe, right?”

“It’s holding up well. As I said, I will take care to ensure that my aunt’s life remains the same.”

“Yes, thank you. Good job.”

I was truly grateful that he had worked hard, but the grandfather’s long sigh bothered me.

“sorry. Because I made you worry… .”

“no. I feel relieved now. After separating from the group, I continued to feel anxious and anxious. I was wondering if something might happen. But you can rest assured now. “You’re not the kind of guy who would forget what he’s holding in his hand.”

“We will grow it further and make it more solid.”

My grandfather took a quick look at my expression and asked cautiously.

“But let me ask you one question. That stock. Did you set a trap? “So that Seoyoon gets caught and struggles?”

“no. Is there anyone in our country who does not know new data technology? My aunt is one of them. The only difference is that ordinary people came in with their savings, and my aunt came in with an astronomical amount of company money.”

“You didn’t secretly start the fire?”

“no. I just didn’t miss the opportunity. “I was lucky.”

It’s not like I really believe it. I’m not sure, but it seemed like he thought I had done some trick.

That’s why he gives this kind of advice. No, please?



“There’s one thing I wish you didn’t look like me.”

“I know what your grandfather is worried about. “You can stop worrying because something like that will never happen again.”

“Okay, thank you.”

He is the one who cruelly threw away his only brother. I don’t know where or how my brother’s nephew lives now.

Oh, we don’t know, but maybe Grandpa knows everything about their current situation.

But to me, they are relatives who are one step further away than brothers. A relationship that can be thrown away at any time. Aunt, or uncle.

Grandfather is afraid that I am treating your child so cruelly.

After worrying about his blood, the grandfather began to worry about the company.

“Selling things is very different from what you’ve done before. This is especially true for consumer goods. Are you confident?”

“If the landowner manages the water chestnuts well and the water chestnuts manage the tenant farmers well, the yield will increase. Isn’t it my job to occasionally invite peasants and feed them some meat? Rather, it is more important to find and purchase fertile land.”

As I cautiously expressed my confidence, my grandfather smiled softly. It is a strange laugh that seems to be looking down on someone or ridiculing them.

“Seo-yoon ran the department store and hotel better than expected. “Do you know why?”

“I think… It seems that my aunt understood the essence of VIP customers. “My aunt is one level above them.”

“okay. Your aunt dealt with rich people. Naturally, you know your customers accurately. So, sometimes useful words were thrown around, and the executives and employees executed them perfectly. You need that too.”

“I’m fine. “My aunt will continue to play that role well.”

Grandpa will know what this means. This means that instead of immediately throwing her aunt out like a decommissioned family member, she will still maintain her position.

But it wasn’t just that. His grandfather said another meaning.

“I also find it surprising that, unlike other guys, you don’t know the fun of spending money. But there is such a thing as insight. An eye for seeing things. It’s something you develop by constantly seeing, encountering, and using it. Eyes that see true value, not vanity to show off to others. “Try growing it.”

I nodded my head while listening to my grandfather.

“It’s not just necessary for department store or hotel management.”

“Aren’t you young? I have a lot of time left to live… . “It will be a useful tool to enrich your life.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

For today, I was as polite as possible. It must be a moment when many emotions intersect. It’s a complicated moment between being an untrustworthy daughter and a trustworthy grandson, so I have to soothe her feelings.

“Hey, grandpa.”

“done. I’m so happy and proud right now that I’m barely holding back tears. I will say one more time… Good job. With just a few pyeong of land in a corner of the village, he acquired the Ajin Group and absorbed Sunyang Motors. Now even department stores and hotels. “You don’t know, or no one knows, but you have now become the head of a large company ranked 17th in the business world.”

“This was all possible because my grandfather gave me gifts whenever I needed them. “It’s not because I’m smart.”

17th place?

Oh, everyone’s circumstances have been greatly reduced in the aftermath of the IMF.

Well, I shook off everything and only took care of the good stuff… Did you sneak into an empty house?

“Incongruous humility. How much did the chairman of Daehyun Group give his eldest son to the company with money? I forgot all about that and am now half-employed at the European branch. “Is anyone offering to help me?”

Grandpa got up from his chair, stood behind me, and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Just keep going like this. Slowly, step by step. Quietly and secretly. Do you understand?”

“yes. “We will be more careful and take care to ensure that no one gets hurt.”

I tightly held my grandfather’s hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, thank you.”

* * *

“You finally did it. congratulations.”

“It’s all thanks to my uncle. Thank you.”

“You shouldn’t just try to say it’s thanks to him. “Pay back hotly.”

“Please take care of this first.”

I handed over the contract signed by my aunt.

“Please make up the 110 billion won of company money before the end of the year and transfer all the stocks in my aunt’s name to Miracle. hurriedly.”


“One more thing, this is a VIP membership exclusive to executives at Sunyang Golf Courses across the country. You can tee-off at any time you want, and expenses are automatically paid by the company. And this is a hotel and condo membership. Only ten tickets were issued, but they are of a higher grade than a golf course membership. Applies to royal suite. How is it?”

“This loud?”

“I said for now. “It will continue from this level to the hundredth level.”

“I think my wife will love me. “Hehe.”

Oh Se-hyeon took the envelope I gave him and smiled brightly.

“Now then, shall we go and take care of the business that our great lord has instructed us to do?”


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Oh Se-hyeon gathered some documents and called the employees who would be in charge of this work, then took his coat and put it on. As he was about to leave his office, he stopped and said something in passing.

“Good job.”

* * *

After all the bills to be returned and the stock transfer were completed, I met my aunt again. She lost a lot of weight in a few days and her face became half swollen.

“Now, what are you going to do with me? Are you going to keep your promise? Or are you going to kick me out?”

“Of course I keep it. “I’m not that shallow.”

Her eyes softened a little.

“Aunt, you can just do it like you are now. There is only one difference. My aunt will become the official vice president and must be brought into the company system. I own it, but my aunt still rules. Instead, responsibility is also given.”

“vice-chairman? “Are you the chairman?”

“no. As I said, I only own it. Ownership and management are completely separate. This means that I only look at performance. And the position of president is vacant. My aunt could sit there, or someone else could sit there. “Perhaps the CEO of a department store or a hotel with outstanding performance could take the position.”

“If my performance is bad, you’ll fire me?”

“of course. Managers’ performance is poor. Sales, profits and vision. “I’m only going to see this.”

My aunt looks very nervous due to my firm attitude.

“The hotel suite continues to be my office…” … .”

“It’s not possible. The vice president’s office was created in the Sunyang Distribution headquarters. Go to work and work. Instead, I will let you use the suite as your home.”

I gave half. Now I have to learn what I am lacking. If you learn anything, you won’t shake off the hand that is being held, and if you still don’t change from being a sane lady from a wealthy family, I will just turn you into a moderately rich lady.

Still, things have changed a little. Don’t beg for more.



“As you may have already guessed, I will continue to run toward the position of Chairman of Sunyang Group. If you help me and stay by my side, you will become the only vice president of Sunyang Group. “I will leave that seat empty.”

“Be your subordinate forever?”

I still haven’t been able to change my mocking tone.

“Do it one at a time.”

“What do you do one by one? Is there still anything left for me? “I will rot for the rest of my life with the title of vice president of a good-looking department store group.”

“There is a long way to go. It will take quite some time. In the meantime, get ready.”

“What are you preparing?”

My aunt’s eyes sparkled and she began to show interest.

“Get ready to step on me. If I swing my sword in front of you and get ready to kill my head while I eliminate my uncles and deal with my cousins… . “There will be many opportunities.”

“If you get rid of all the people blocking your path, I just have to get over you? Like a rat riding on a cow’s back?”

“Yes. But it won’t be easy. You know, I… “That’s not usually the case.”

Hope is cruel.

I know it’s impossible, but because of hope, I endure all kinds of hardships and wait hard.

Pandora’s box is full of all kinds of disasters, but the biggest disaster is hope. Because of hope, we have to go through all the disasters in the box.

Just now, a glimmer of anticipation and hope passed through my aunt’s eyes.

From now on, I will be dragged around with hope that will never come by my side.

* * *

“You just have to work hard for the development of the company like you do now.”

The expressions on the faces of the CEOs gathered at the Sunyang Distribution headquarters were not very bright. I am Miracle’s representative, but in their eyes, I am just another member of the CEO’s family.

The reason is that Jin Seo-yoon still reigns over them as vice president. Their misunderstandings must be resolved.

“Your personnel personnel rights are held by Miracle. Vice Chairman Jin Seo-yoon does not have any influence over personnel matters.”

“Isn’t a vice president without personnel authority a scarecrow? Why does he have to sit there?”

Someone complained and I had to give them a reasonable answer.

“She is the only daughter that Chairman Jin of Sunyang Group cherishes. Rather than being harsh, please take good care of yourself. She said it would help her a lot in the future. And isn’t it true that it is quite helpful in management? “There are hundreds of department store and hotel VIPs maintained through his connections.”

Once they understood their aunt’s role within the company, their complaints decreased to some extent. The expression speaks for itself.

Now I need to give them hope and make them follow me.

“I will only own Miracle from now on. Management is your responsibility, and the position of chairman of the department store group is still vacant. Anyone can sit in that seat. “It is reserved for those who achieve excellent management results.”

Their eyes changed because of the hope and the possibility of rising higher.


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