The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 136

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[136]The last struggle at the end of the century 4

“She grew older without any difficulties. “When it’s not hard, she can do it just fine, but when the company is in crisis, all she can do is panic and irritate her subordinates.”

Why is it so negative?

Hakjae Lee guessed Chairman Jin’s intentions.

“Did you make me resign from management?”

“okay. If you stumble, someone will take it from you. At that time, I was planning to find a nice guy and make him an ordinary housewife. “If you don’t want to remarry, give her a scholarship and let her continue her outside work.”

“Unsurprisingly, that someone is Oh Se-hyeon.”

Hakjae Lee looked closely at Chairman Jin’s expression.

When I saw the smallest smile appear and disappear on his face, I was convinced that Jin Do-jun was happy to take over.

“It’s fortunate that it’s Oh Se-hyun. I can buy it back with money. “Why wasn’t it handed over to the private loan market in Myeongdong?”

While Chairman Jin was relieved and hiding his happy smile, the two vice presidents were devastated by the shocking report.

* * *

“Come on. “Let’s have a cup of tea.”

“The car is fine. Because of Seo-yoon?”

“okay. “You heard it too.”

The 27th floor of Sunyang Group’s main building is occupied by two vice presidents, Jinyoung-ki and Jin-jin, and the Group Strategy Headquarters, which can be said to be the brain of the group.

When Jin Jin-gi was promoted to vice president, one floor was completely renovated. There is also a chairman’s office in the center, but since Chairman Jin rarely goes to work, it can be seen as a space for two people.

Vibrator went to Vice Chairman Jinyoung-gi’s office when his brother called him. Because of that very thing.

“Isn’t it just you who planted someone there? “I also have someone who can give me that information.”

“Then I know it’s Oh Se-hyeon.”

“of course.”

“That stupid bitch ended up causing an accident. “Has the money arrived?”

“He’s no different from his older brother. “I paid most of it off.”

“I heard that Gonyeon also suggested canceling the contract for the construction of a large supermarket?”

“There is no official document yet. “I just talked on the phone.”

After checking the situation, the two people took out cigarettes at the same time and asked.

I didn’t sell the stock. Because I haven’t even gone in yet.

However, you should never do the foolish thing of pledging your controlling stake as collateral. Of course, he probably believed in his special relationship with Oh Se-hyun.

Since he is a close friend of his younger brother Jin Yoongi, he will not lose his company as long as he pays back the debt and interest.

The reason the two people could not speak while inhaling cigarette smoke was because it was completely out of their control.

Even if my father gave it to me as an inheritance, I had no intention of just watching the division.

When the opportunity came and the time came, I planned to restore it to its original state as soon as possible.

But like a migratory bird flying away, the opportunity and time disappeared.

“It’s motivation. I thought about it carefully… “Oh Se-hyeon.”

“I’m listening. say.”

“Don’t you think he’s following his father’s instructions?”

“Oh Se-hyun with your father?”

“okay. Look at the cruiser car handed over to Miracle. No matter how urgent the dollar was because of the IMF, they gave too much. Automobile and up to 17% of the group’s shares. “This is a bit too much.”

“What do you think your father’s instructions are?”

“I think it might be Dojun’s turn to hand it over one by one. Same goes for this department store. If Oh Se-hyeon was sane, would she take on stocks that don’t even exist as collateral? What if my father doesn’t give it to me? “I only lost 400 billion won without any collateral or anything.”

“Have you received confirmation that you will hand over all outstanding stocks to your father?”

“okay. And my father is planning to give all of the distribution to Dojun. “Including the financial part later.”

The vibrator did not listen to his brother.

If all of this is my father’s plan, there is no way to turn it back. So, it is meaningless to think of Oh Se-hyun as being related to his father.

“if so? What are you going to do? It’s my father’s will, but is there a way? “All we can do is watch in silence as Dojun falls into his hands.”

“Why are you just watching when you should stop it? “I can’t see that bastard ruining Sunyang.”

“Stop it? how? Are you going to push me over with the car like last time? One truck won’t work this time, right?”

The vibrator gently provoked my brother. no… Maybe it was just a wishful thinking.

However, contrary to his expectations, Jinyoung-gi was looking at the vibrator with a very calm expression.

“I thought it was you, you know? The most nervous person is not first, but second. “It’s hard to keep up, but there’s someone chasing after you.”

Jinyoung-gi is one step ahead of his younger brother.

“Try again before I catch up with you. “Whether it’s my father or Dojun.”

“Can I go?”

The vibrator laughed and stood up.

“How much money does your company have to spare?”

Vibrator frowned at his brother’s incomprehensible question.

“Oh Se-hyeon is the Yeouido man. Let’s buy the collateral that Seo-yoon entrusted to us. She said four hundred billion, so why don’t we just say five hundred billion? I’m going to pay 100 billion more to get it. If she doesn’t let him go… . “He is following his father’s instructions.”

For the first time in a while, my brother came up with a good idea. About 50 billion is sufficiently flexible.

“Brother, try throwing it. “If Oh Se-hyeon receives it, I will prepare 50 billion won.”

“It seems like we’re meeting each other for the first time in a long time?”

Jinyoung-gi smiled at his younger brother, but his younger brother spoke without even looking at him.

“There’s something you didn’t think of.”

“My handsome little brother, what do you want to say?”

“Have you ever thought that Oh Se-hyun is Do-jun’s agent?”


Jinyoung-gi thought he had heard wrong. Sounds that don’t even sound like words… … .

“Maybe Miracle is Dojun’s company. “Oh Se-hyun is a professional manager.”

“I’m saying that now… !”


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“I want to believe it’s not true, but I keep thinking about this these days. Brother, think carefully. If Dojun is the actual owner of Miracle, then most everything is correct. “The reason why my father was anxious because he couldn’t pass down Sunyang to that bastard.”

“no way… . Are you serious? go too far.”

“I don’t want to believe it either, but it’s true. Wouldn’t it be okay to hand over a car while giving a blood transfusion of 1 billion dollars? If Oh Se-hyun came in with foreign capital, why would he give him stocks? “It was all about currency exchange.”

Jinyoung-gi said that part was the strangest. No matter how urgent it is, even stocks… .

“The same goes for giving the finance department to Dojun. I’m only twenty-two now. “What on earth did Dojun show you?”

It sounded absurd, but it keeps becoming more plausible.

“Let’s keep the possibility open. “After coming to the department store first.”

When a common enemy appears, even enemies join forces.

Maybe the brother who was growling over his young nephew will join hands.

* * *

In March, heralding spring, the world began to change when Hanaro Telecommunications launched Korea’s first commercial ADSL-based Internet service.

The number of PC rooms has grown so explosively that it has overwhelmed local arcades. Now, instead of inserting coins and pressing buttons, people are immersed in the online world of StarCraft and MMORPG by tapping the mouse and keyboard.

Finally, the ‘Korea Professional Game League’, one of the small offline competitions, began, and the world’s first game broadcast was broadcast on cable from the DCN studio provided by my father.

My father clicked his tongue in bewilderment when he saw this, but I thought he was just ignoring it after seeing the viewership ratings.

It had higher viewer ratings than the movie.

There were many people who paid close attention to these viewership ratings. They knew that games were meant to be played, but they could also be watched.

And high viewership ratings mean money.

People related to gaming began to gather around my father.

High-speed Internet service has also sparked venture businesses.

New data technology, mainly internet communication, has once again attracted public attention through extensive media play.

Experts knew how to make this company float, and as the company rises, so will the stock.

“How much are you going to put in?”

“Wouldn’t 3 billion won be appropriate for the company? Since the company is small, it is a burden to invest more. “Just enough so it’s not noticeable.”

Oh Se-hyun finished the calculation in an instant.

“If the listing price is 1,500 won, there are 2 million shares. “If you sell it for 50,000 won, you will get 100 billion won.”

“I think I can save some of the money I lent to my aunt.”

Not some. I plan to sell it when it costs 200,000 won. So exactly 400 billion. It fits perfectly.

Oh Se-hyun’s eyes sparkled even more.

“Are you not planning on making any personal investments?”

“It won’t be noticeable. 300 million?”

“How about 500 million?”

“Of course. what.”

While Oh Se-hyun was happily worrying about how much his 500 million won would grow to, someone knocked on the office door.

“uh? Uncle?”

“Dojun. How are you?”

The third, Jin Sang-gi, suddenly came to visit. Why would the foundation or its management come here? These doubts quickly disappeared.

It must have come as a messenger from Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki Jin.

“This is your first time together, right? My third uncle, Chairman Jin Sang-ki. “This is CEO Se-Hyeon Oh.”

The two exchanged business cards and exchanged awkward greetings.

The awkwardness continued even after greeting each other. Oh Se-hyeon was the first to open his mouth to Jin Sang-gi, who was just looking around the office.

“What business have you come here for?”

“Oh, I have something to ask you.”

“Uncle. “Please feel free to speak.”

When I came forward and asked about the business, my uncle cleared his throat.

“Hmm, hmm. Representative Oh. “I will talk to you comfortably because you are my brother’s friend.”

“yes. Please do so.”

“Nothing else, I heard that my sister made a big mistake and I need to correct it.”

The corners of Oh Se-hyun’s mouth rose.

It felt like they were laughing at my family, so my face got hot for no reason.

“Correcting mistakes? That seems like a personal problem… . “Can I help you?”

“Only CEO Oh can help.”

Jin Sang-ki paused for a moment and then got to the point.

“We will buy back the stocks pledged as collateral. A child who was old enough to hand over the family property too hastily. As you know, we are not from a family that lacks money.”

“Aren’t I a businessman? “Can’t you sell anything for a reasonable price?”

My uncle, who mistook it for a positive answer, had a bright expression on his face.

“As expected, you are a person who can communicate well. Okay, okay. Then tell me the price. haha.”

“Aren’t you the chairman who said you would buy it first?”

“Achacha, that’s right.”

Jin Sang-gi began to secretly notice Oh Se-hyun’s feelings.

If you have an errand to run, all you have to do is run it. It is pointless for an errand boy with no discretion to be cautious like he is now.

“You’re buying back ours, so just add a little more…” “I will give you 450 billion won.”

“I told you it was a reasonable price.”

“Is it not enough?”

“yes. “A lot.”

As the smile disappeared from Oh Se-hyeon’s face, his uncle, who had been very relaxed up to now, looked embarrassed.

“It looks like you are going to do very big business.”

“yes. No matter what we buy, we have to eat at least ten times more to relieve our frustration. If not, we wouldn’t have even started.”

“What? “Ten times?”

Oh Se-hyeon drove a wedge towards her uncle, who looked beyond embarrassed.

“Don’t even think about negotiating. “I can’t spare even one penny out of ten.”

At this level, there is no way that even a clueless uncle would not know what it means.

“Even if I swallow it, I can’t digest it. “If you aim for the cruiser, you’ll end up in trouble.”

The two began to glare at each other fiercely.


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