The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 135

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[135]The last struggle of the end of the century 3

As I was being stared at, I quickly thought of an excuse.

I think it would be most plausible to say it as if guessing at a future that has already been decided.

“uncle. “If you think about it, isn’t it inevitable?”


“If the politicians join in and start an operation, wouldn’t it be a hundred times higher even if we set it low?”

“Up to a hundred times? “I set it too high.”

No, I sang it low. Still, I don’t believe it.

In fact, no one would have common sense to understand that a 500 won bill would rise to 300,000 won. And that too in half a year.

“There are many venture companies whose prices have now risen ten to fifty times. It may be the last train, but I have to get my share. “It wouldn’t be a 100 times unreasonable prediction.”

“good. Even so, so?”

“You don’t make money just because the stock price rises. Don’t you make money by selling it and putting money in your account? So who will buy it? “A stock that has risen a hundred times?”

“I’m not asking because I don’t know.”

“yes. They are probably ants that start running without even knowing what it is. And instead of winning the jackpot, many people will end up in trouble.”

“Are there just one or two people who got into trouble with stocks? “Is that even a reason for Sangsu to go to jail?”



It makes no sense for the CEO to go to jail because of a personal investment failure. Everyone thinks that way.

“Isn’t it election season? You have to appease angry people. But there is no target for the arrow to point at. Then, let them make it and shoot it. “The current government has taken the initiative to revitalize the economy by revitalizing IT companies.”

“Oh my… … .”

Oh Se-hyeon also realized the end of the scenario I was talking about.

“If you mess with the operational forces, you will also have to blame the ants for not knowing and following along… . “You have to turn one easy guy into a complete asshole and chew him out.”

“The anger of the ants who lost money will be directed at Lee Sang-soo.”

“Isn’t it suspicious that we already have evidence of embezzlement of company money? It will make it look very nice. An unscrupulous CEO who gathers the blood and sweat of honest people and makes a living. “The situation ends with this person’s arrest.”

After finishing the explanation, I looked at Oh Se-hyun’s expression.

There is not the slightest doubt. I was right in thinking that what would happen in the future was the most likely scenario.

Of course, unimaginable and unrealistic things happen.

The only thing that is unrealistic here is the skyrocketing stock price.

Ordinary people can’t even imagine how unrealistic these guys are when they try to make money.

They are ruthless and do not hide their endless greed.

It is just an IT company with 45 employees.

The combined market capitalization of these companies is 300 billion won more than the combined market capitalization of the eight listed companies of Hanjin Group, which ranks 6th in the business world, and is four times the combined market capitalization of the 6 listed companies of Dongbu Group, which ranks 16th.

Something that goes beyond common sense.

This is what big thieves do. Since I can’t even imagine an ordinary person, I can’t even decide if it’s a scam or true.

I quietly asked Oh Se-hyeon, who couldn’t say anything.

“What do you want to do? Will you help me? Or are you going to stop caring?”

“I don’t know. shit.”

Oh Se-hyun buried his upper body deep into the sofa.

There was silence for a while.

I don’t know how deep the friendship between Oh Se-hyun and Lee Sang-soo is, but honestly, I’m not interested in him. Whether he goes to jail or makes a lot of money… .

To me anyway, they are just guys playing around with little money.

Wait, trillions of dollars are moving around, so it’s not a penny.

Suddenly I feel interested.

It’s not about money… . I just wonder what kind of people they are who came up with trillion-dollar scenarios.

At this time, Oh Se-hyeon, who had been silent, slowly opened her mouth.

“Shall we go in too? “Would you like to raise the stakes and give it a shake?”

My uncle, what are you thinking?

Oh Se-hyun, who had transformed into a completely different person, began to point out each thing one by one.

“What is your expected stock price?”

“The public offering price is 1,500 won per share. As my uncle said, it is 500 won, which is 100 times the face value of 500 won.”

“If we start an operation, it will be hit and miss in a short period of time, so we will hold on to it for six months. Buy for 1,500 and sell for 50,000. If it’s over 30 times in just half a year, it’s worth a try. The only drawback is that it is too small. Still, it’s not easy to find something like this.”

Speaking so seriously makes me hesitate.

“By the way, uncle. Why did you suddenly decide to go in? Are you trying to shake the plate for your favorite junior?”

“huh? what?”

“You said you were going to shake it up by raising the stakes, right?”

“therefore. You go in big, eat big and come out. Finding out the strategic stock in advance on the stock market means making a go-stop while looking at the opponent’s hand. You knew that the water company was the operator. Now it’s a piece of cake.”

This is something strange.

“Does this mean that you are going in simply because the return on investment is large?”

“huh. Should there be something else?”

Rather, Oh Se-hyeon, who was questioning him, was speechless.

Even when you see a junior asking for help because you are thinking, you only think about investment profits.

“It’s not like that. Because this boss asked his uncle for help… .”

“I already told you. It is impossible for us to postpone the listing since we are the majority shareholders. “There is no way to help.”

Oh Se-hyun scratched his head.

“But it’s someone else’s party, so it’s a waste to just watch. “I told you in advance about the feast day, and I even know how to get inside the high fence?”

“It’s already laid out, so let’s go in?”

“This is great information. “If the guy in charge of the information doesn’t get involved in the speculation, he’ll have to leave Yeouido.”

I was at a loss for words.


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I don’t know if it’s natural or habit, but he is a perfect speculator.

I was surprised again.

Professionals have no top. No matter how high you climb, you only look higher.

“Even if I stop you, my uncle will go in.”

“of course! Enter as an individual. “If you don’t like it, you’re out.”

His expression changed to his usual expression. Since there was no room for intervention in the issue of his junior, Lee Sang-su, he completely forgot about it and only showed himself as a person who had obtained important information.

I also found my original self.

What makes him different from his uncle is that he cannot be satisfied with simply making money in a short period of time.

* * *

“400 billion would give you some breathing room, right?”

“It’s breathtaking. But as you said, I feel like I can barely breathe.”

When we presented the details of our calculations, Sunyang Distribution’s managing director in charge of finances was stern, but his expression became brighter than ever.

“also… . Nowadays, I often hear in Myeong-dong that our country’s money line is nothing but a miracle. There’s a reason for everything. He calculates things more precisely than we who are the parties involved… “This is embarrassing.”

My aunt frowned when it sounded humble but incompetent.

“We can mobilize right now, right?”

Looking at my aunt’s dry lips, I can see how much she is burning inside.

After only two months, all profits earned by department stores and hotels were taken. Even the money that should be paid to companies that have opened stores is being postponed.

“of course. All you have to do is put the corporate seal of the distribution, hotel, and department store and President Jin Seo-yoon’s seal on the contract, and the 400 billion won will be distributed to affiliates immediately.”

The aunt shook her head at Oh Se-hyeon’s smile.

A month ago, he was so angry that he trembled when he checked the stocks requested as collateral for 400 billion won, but when he was under financial pressure, he hurried to get them back.

This is because he knows better than anyone else that if Chairman Jin hears that he cannot even pay interest as soon as he takes charge of the company, everything will be in vain.

“There really is no such thing as a sharp edge. “How can you take 30% of Sunyang Distribution’s stock with just 400 billion won?”

Don’t forget to add one more word before signing and finalizing the contract. This shows how much resentment he has.

“These are stocks that aren’t even in President Jin’s hands yet. Aren’t we the only ones who lend money using future wealth as collateral? And 400 billion is not everything. The construction cost of the first large discount store, 130 billion won, is also included. “It’s only fair because we’re taking on an adventure and Mr. Jin is taking on a slightly more expensive collateral.”

He appeals that he is reasonable by considering the aunt’s complaint, which he just throws at him, in detail. This is because you will never hear useless talk again.

As expected, many of the executives occupying the conference room just lowered their eyes and said nothing. It is an unspoken agreement.

The aunt bit her lip and winked at the executives.

As if they had been waiting, they began putting their seals on all the thick documents.

When I saw that with my own eyes, I clenched my fists without realizing it.


Sunyang Distribution is now mine!

Department stores, hotels, condos, and even golf courses connected to distribution.

Once I get these in my hands, I will have to hand out memberships as bonuses to Miracle employees.

Is it too much kimchi soup?

no. It is a set procedure.

When the credit card crisis occurred in 2003 and consumption froze, the plan to take over was moved forward much thanks to President Lee Sang-soo.

Before the new millennium begins, it will all be mine.

What do the executives in this conference room look like when they sigh with relief that the funding blockage has been resolved?

Many executives will probably be happy to be free from Jin Seo-yoon’s grasp.

* * *

“what? “Pay back?”

“yes. “Excluding Sunyang Life Insurance and Fire Insurance, we have liquidated a significant portion of the bonds of affiliates held by the two vice presidents.”

“Where does she get the money? “It must be difficult to run a company, right?”

“Miracle lent it to me. “It is said that Seo-yoon asked Do-jun and CEO Oh followed Do-jun’s words.”

The words almost came out of Chairman Jin’s mouth, ‘That money belongs to Do-jun.’

Lee Hak-jae knows very well that Miracle belongs to Jin Do-jun, but Chairman Jin does not yet know what Lee Hak-jae has noticed.

Hakjae Lee told Chairman Jin what he was most curious about.

“Collateral is stocks. “If Seo-yoon cannot repay the money she borrowed, distribution and other affiliates may be taken over by Miracle.”

“no way? “Have you secured everything?”

“no. For now, it’s 30%.”

“for now? what do you mean?”

“Once you start borrowing money, isn’t it true that you keep extending your hand? It’s the easiest way to run a company… . Shall we finish it once? “Every time Seo-yoon is in trouble with her finances, she will throw away stocks and borrow money like she is eating dried persimmons.”

“Will this continue to be the case? You put out the fire in a hurry. And the Sunyang Economic Research Institute report wasn’t bad either?”

A top-secret report prepared by a research institute known for its accurate predictions came up with an extreme figure of +9.5% growth, as if to ridicule the worst economic growth rate of -6.9% in 1998.

Of course, there are still minuses in materials for external presentations.

“Seoyoon will borrow it again. “The Chairman would have liked to see her overcome difficulties, but Seo-yoon chose a very easy way.”

The nuance in Lee Hak-jae’s words was strange.

It seemed like he was sad, or like he was saying it was something he had already expected.

“Who overcomes difficulties?”


Hakjae Lee could not meet Chairman Jin’s mocking gaze.

“Do the words Seoyoon and overcoming go together? “That sounds absurd.”

“then… ?”

“We were pushed into a situation where we could barely survive without a drastic change in management structure. If Seoyoon had the brains to overcome any difficulties, she would have disposed of the condo and golf course first. Of course, large supermarkets would have been postponed.”

It is the basics of management.

I feel a little sorry for my daughter who can’t practice this easy thing.


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