The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 134

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[134]The last struggle of the end of the century 2

“Okay, now that we’ve greeted each other, let’s sit down. Would you like some coffee? Or a domestic car?”

“Please give me some water. “My throat is burning.”

Lee Sang-su loosened his tight tie and exhaled lightly.

I feel like I have to get up. It looks like I didn’t come here to talk lightly.

“Then, you two, please talk. I’m done… .”

“Dojun. for a moment.”

Oh Se-hyeon hurriedly stopped me from leaving and asked Lee Sang-soo.

“Sangsu. Are you here to talk about something personal? Or is it company work?”

“yes? Oh, and by the way… .”

“Be precise. “It seems like it’s urgent, since you suddenly rushed to the office without contacting me, right?”

“But why are you asking that… ?”

“I’m asking because if we’re talking about work, this friend should be there too.”

Lee Sang-soo looked strange, hesitated a little, and then nodded his head.

“It’s a work story. However, it must not leak out… .”

“If that’s the case, don’t worry. He speaks louder than me. Dojun, you sit down.”

I sat down again and looked at Lee Sang-soo closely.

In 1994, after releasing communication software and a PC communication emulator that could send faxes through a PC without a fax machine, he succeeded in attracting a huge amount of investment and is the president of a company that will soon be listed.

However, a venture businessman who is attracting the most attention in Yeouido and will soon be making a lot of money rushes over and wants to talk secretly. What’s going on?

“Actually, our company is planning to go public sometime in the summer.”

“oh! congratulations. Now all that remains is to sit on the money cushion. It’s a shame. “I should burn some money too.”

As Oh Se-hyun patted him on the back and congratulated him, Lee Sang-soo looked bitter.

“What are you talking about? My senior refused to invest. “Hehe.”

“Would a company founded by Seoul National University and KAIST graduates have worried about investors? “Don’t you think they would have lined up people who brought bundles of money and picked them from each other?”

Lee Sang-su scratched his head as if he was embarrassed.

Anyway, this floor is also a place where their own league takes place. Non-mainstream people brag about their money and make jokes about investing, only to be laughed at.

“Actually, I wanted to invest, but this guy stopped me, so I quit. “I don’t know if you know, but Miracle only works with a few early online game companies and has no investment in venture companies at all.”

Lee Sang-su asked with a puzzled look.

“Why did you stay away from venture? Maybe for a special reason… ?”

“Isn’t venture a small business anyway? It would be a nuisance for someone of Miracle’s size to go into the bottom just to make a little money. This is Miracle, which acquired Ajin Group and Daeah Construction. “We must follow the rules of commerce.”

He said it a bit arrogantly.

Actually, I hate this person.

If the company had grown step by step based on good technology, it would have remained a great company. But didn’t you get blinded by the idea of ​​making a quick fortune and end up in trouble thinking about what a listing is?

There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary ant investors who have suffered damage because of this. Without anyone taking responsibility.

“is that so? However, Sunyang Electronics made a love call to us.”

I guess my tone of voice was a bit off-putting. He immediately responds with a sullen expression.

“Look. “Our Miracle has nothing to do with Sunyang Group!”

Oh Se-hyeon, sensing a cold feeling, joined in with a smile.

“Now, there are a lot of investors and we will be listed soon. “Only good things are waiting for us, so what are our juniors worried about?”

“Actually, I’m a little scared.”

We were both surprised by the unexpected words.

It must be a party atmosphere, but are you afraid?

“Our company has not yet emerged from deficit. We are looking into a paid model, and it looks like some pictures will be released… .”

“When it comes to venture listings, possibility is the key. “Listing while at a loss is not something that happened yesterday or even just one or two companies.”

It’s true.

Companies that show even the slightest potential have been listing one after another since the end of last year. Moreover, it is normal for stock prices to jump ten or twenty times.

“We are a little different from those companies. “I am confident that it is not at a level where it will just flash and disappear.”

When I saw Lee Sang-su’s shining eyes, something felt strange. Isn’t that the person I know?

“Actually, I want to go public after turning a profit, but investors are not leaving me alone. “There’s no reason for Seonghwa to be listed as soon as possible.”

Was there something like this? What do you mean by a pushed listing?

“Then hold on. You started a business with two juniors, right? “Aren’t you still retaining management rights?”

“that is… .”

“what? already?”

I guess listing is really not far away. This means that the founders’ shares have fallen to less than half.

“I now own 25%, and the two juniors I started with have already exited.”

“what? Aren’t they core developers? “What if those kids fall out?”

“I just handed over the stock to investors and stayed with the company. Development is no problem.”

“Then convince investors. Please wait more. Then you will see greater profits… .”

“It’s unwavering. “We will pursue listing in August at the latest.”

Lee Sang-soo glanced at Oh Se-hyeon. Oh Se-hyeon, who is quick-witted, did not miss this.

“what? “I think the real story is something else, right?”

“therefore… . Is this really the case? The founder said there was still a long way to go, but investors came forward… .”


Oh Se-hyeon spoke clearly.

“The market is on fire right now, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Even if it’s about your company, it’s ten times worse. The future of the company? What investor cares about that? What if the listing is postponed and the market dies? “You must have begged me to go public too?”

“It’s not like you’re begging, it’s at the level of a threat?”


“If you keep opposing me, they will rob me. “They threatened to put me in prison if even a single speck of dust came out.”


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No words came out. If this is the case, there is only one cause.

“Did you ever receive money from gangsters?”

When I asked cautiously, he shook his head vigorously.

“you’re welcome. As you said earlier, we received it from selected investors.”

“Do you have any dust?”

“If you shake it off, it will come out. “In the early days, I received investment money and was a bit of a fanatic.”

“That’s because there is no one like that… .”

I made my meals with cup ramen and worked through the night, but I received a lot of money. Naturally, the compensation mentality kicks in, so you don’t even feel guilty and spend money. Isn’t this the ABC of the venture market?

“He’s an investor who even threatens… . This is not good… .”

As Oh Se-hyun frowned, Lee Sang-soo spoke in a trembling voice.

“Do you have any clues? Aren’t you a legend in this field? He must have been through everything… .”

“A lot of great guys got involved. If you are a person who does not hesitate to threaten the CEO, it is a sign that very short-term capital is coming. As soon as your company is listed, the operational forces will come to you. Are you sure.”

After listening to the conversation between the two, everything became clear.

I learned the secret of New Data Technology, the unbreakable myth of our country’s stock market that recorded 600 times its growth in just half a year.

Next April is the 16th National Assembly election.

The current opposition party, which lost power, is gritting its teeth and seeking a counterattack, and the ruling party, which is trying to lead the latter half of the regime stably, is also risking its life and death.

It will be a more bloody fight than ever before.

A fierce battle must be supported by reliable bullets. It is clear that their encouragement played a large part in the overheating of the KOSDAQ this year.

“You should consider yourself already on the back of a tiger. Be honest. “How much of the company’s money did you spend?”

Lee Sang-soo hesitated a little and lowered his head.

“A little over a billion.”

“I can’t even get my foot out. “If you file a complaint, you will be sentenced to prison.”

Lee Sang-su’s face turned earthy.

“Only the order changes. Just take it easy. If you go public, funds will come in again. Use that money to recruit a lot of high-quality people and grow it into a normal company. Your business item is not a bubble, right? “Why not just work hard and make a profit?”

“I heard you have an operational force attached? “And yet you want us to list it?”

“You’re not going to sell and wash your hands just because the stock price soared, right? “You just have to focus on your business.”

Such obvious statements are not what this man wants. It appears to be a much more serious condition.

“Hey, senior. Oh. “Can I call you senior?”

“Oh, by the way, we are college alumni. “Please feel free to call me, junior.”

Lee Sang-soo’s expression brightened somewhat.

“It looks like there’s something you haven’t told us yet. “If it’s because of me, I’ll make room for you.”

“no. “I guess I’ll find out anyway.”

He glanced at Oh Se-hyun’s expression, and Oh Se-hyun nodded as if it was natural.

“How about you invest in our company?” . “Actually, I came here to ask you this.”

“what? I?”

“yes. The individual qualifications are good, and the company level is also good. In fact, we are currently discussing paid or free capital increase to increase capital. Then their shares will increase further. Wouldn’t you rather give up your operational power if you became the majority shareholder?”

They are trying their best to block the power of existing investors by taking advantage of the situation.

“I will not let you suffer any loss, senior. I don’t mind giving all of my shares to my senior. We will postpone the listing and follow the normal path. “I don’t want to disappear into the dot-com bubble.”

I think it’s already too late. Am I the only one who thinks that?

It was Oh Se-hyun who blocked my mouth to say something. He blinked very briefly and then quickly opened his mouth.

“Just think about it. It’s not an easy decision to make. It’s not like we’re storing money in our deposit/withdrawal account. “We must first check whether we have the money to finance it, and we cannot ignore the opinions of our investors.”

Lee Sang-soo’s face was full of disappointment. There is no one in Yeouido who does not know that a scale of Miracle’s size can amount to 10 or 20 billion won, like taking money out of a wallet.

This clearly means a euphemistic rejection.

“Seniors. If any conditions are lacking, please let us know. We will do our best to tailor it to whatever you want. I will transfer all my stocks right now. All you have to do is treat me like a professional manager. “We will be evaluated again after we turn a profit and show our vision.”

“So, I will take all of that into consideration when making a decision. It’s difficult to give a definite answer right now. “I know how urgent you are, so you don’t have to say any more.”

Lee Sang-su stood up with difficulty. Looking at that figure, I’m sure he’s meeting all the trustworthy investors.

This may be the last place left. Now getting off the back of a running tiger means hopelessness, no, despair.

As soon as Lee Sang-soo left, Oh Se-hyeon immediately started calling around.

After gathering information for a while, his sighs became deeper.

“Is it really a problem?”

“I think so.”

“Isn’t the prosecution also behind the scenes when it comes to shaking up the company’s money?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“They must be the ones at the western end of Yeouido.”

Oh Se-hyeon nodded his head.

“It sounds powerful.”

“Are you thinking about investing?”

“I also know the water supply. Even if we invest, existing investors will never accept it. “You worked so hard to prepare a banquet, but would you just sit there and watch someone join in with a spoon?”

“Are you going around like that to try to do something?”

“yes. “Now all we have to do is follow the forces’ movements.”

“That’s sad. You go through all kinds of hardships and even go to jail. Tsk tsk.”

“what? ward? “Why is that kid going to jail?”

Oops… … .

Such a mistake… … .


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