The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 132

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[132]One Piece of Pie 3

For the first time, I thought that the house was small.

I understand that the board of directors of the medical foundation came to say New Year’s greetings to the new chairman. Oh, even the directors of the five local medical centers understand.

But the managers were a bit harsh. Including the managers who came to Seoul from local areas, the number is close to 100.

Since there are more than 30 medical departments, it must be said that all important managers of the hospital have rushed to the hospital. Only doctors who were not interested in career advancement did not come.

My father also clearly looked embarrassed. People from the film industry will come soon… Then it is obvious that there will be chaos.

But I couldn’t just ignore it, so I quickly called my aunt.

“aunt. Can you vacate one of the Gangnam hotel banquet halls urgently? About a hundred people… . Arrives in about thirty minutes. I also have to prepare meals and drinks… .”

– Can’t you please do me a favor? Don’t worry. I’ll set it up.

My aunt’s cheerful snort rang out.

“father. Please bring the directors and directors into the house and say hello. The doctors arranged for us to eat at the hotel. “We’re all alumni or seniors and juniors, so let’s have a drink.”

“Yeah, yeah. Good job.”

In times like this, I use it again. How many ceremonies have you had in the past? Even if something unexpected happened, it had to proceed smoothly. The quickness I had back then hasn’t died yet.

After the doctors left, my father took a breather and entertained the guests. He also didn’t forget what I thought was particularly important.

We quickly called the directors and checked on VIP patients and secret patients in the VVIP ward, which has only 20 rooms per hospital.

Even if it’s not today, aren’t these people who you should quickly visit and say New Year’s greetings to in person? I’m always grateful for people who come and check on me when I’m sick.

The New Year’s atmosphere got even better thanks to the film industry figures who followed suit. Foundation directors and hospital directors looked astonished as they handed out business cards to stars they had only seen on screen, and they did not forget to tell them to come visit them at any time if they feel even the slightest bit sick.

As we waited until the afternoon to wait until the afternoon, only our family was left.

My father, still a little drunk, quietly called me out to the garden.

“The cold wind really sobers me up.”

“Are you going to say something so important that you need to lose all your alcohol?”

My father glanced at me and poked my side.

“Your child really has a clue… .”

My father calmly told me everything that happened in the study today, without leaving out anything. As soon as my father’s story ended, the person who came to mind was his aunt.

Should I give up half of my shares as promised?

And one word that really caught my attention.

“The financial part?”

“okay. What do you think? Do you think your grandfather will give you the finance part?”


I answered confidently. Adding a note.

“If there is no interference from my uncles, I will get over it naturally. However, it will take some time to sort out the stakes in affiliates, right? “You never know what will happen in there, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“I only took care of my aunt. My two uncles only secured personnel rights. But no one can predict his grandfather’s whims, so no one knows how he will change.”

My father was lost in thought as he breathed in the cold winter air.


“Don’t try to do anything alone, but speak up when you need help. “If anything happens, I’ll grab you guys by the collar.”

“I think the eldest fathers will be the first to grab you by the collar, right? haha.”

Before that, let’s start with my aunt… … .

* * *

On the second day of the new year, Mayor Choi Chang-je adjusted his appearance in front of his study and quietly knocked on the doors.

There was no response, but I quietly opened the door and entered.

“oh my. Welcome, Mayor Choi. There is no need to go through the trouble of sending New Year’s greetings. haha.”

Mayor Choi, who was very nervous, suddenly grabbed Chairman Jin’s rough hand, which was reaching out to him with a bright smile.

However, the title that came out of his mouth, the word ‘Mayor Choi’ rather than ‘Seobang Choi’, bothered me.

“I’m sorry, father-in-law. “I should have come early, but I was very late.”

“You’re so busy with official duties, why are you so worried? “It’s okay.”

Mayor Choi realized what kind of person Chairman Jin thought of himself from the way he spoke.

He is not Sunyang’s son-in-law, but only the mayor of Seoul. Mayor Choi jumped up from his chair and knelt on the floor of the study.

“Father-in-law. I’m sorry, please give me one more chance. For a moment, I was so drunk with power that I lost my mind. Please forgive me.”

Chairman Jin said only one low but firm word to Mayor Choi, who was lying flat on his face.

“it’s over. “Stop getting up.”

it’s over… !

These are the words that came out of Chairman Jin’s mouth. There is no turning back. This is immutable.

Mayor Choi continued to lie face down and froze. He lost the business card that said he was Chairman Jin’s son-in-law, but he could not throw away the business card that belonged to politician Choi Chang-je.

I also know that if I want to keep this business card, I have to break up cleanly with Chairman Jin. If that old man makes up his mind, his life will turn into hell.

“Forgive me!”

Asking for a chance was useless, but I had to convey my desire for forgiveness.

Mayor Choi unpacked the bundle of gifts he had brought with him as Jin Do-jun had instructed. You must be forgiven for this.

“The new town plan promised to Daehyun Group has been canceled. “If my father-in-law gives me the chance, I will come up with a new new town plan.”

Mayor Choi prayed that Chairman Jin’s intention to repay the money by making it in the desired location and size would be properly conveyed.

“I told you to stop standing up.”

Mayor Choi slowly got up and sat down in his chair.

“What have you got to say? “Say the main point briefly so that this old man can understand.”

“I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

“That won’t change anything, right?”

“I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

“We will proceed with the divorce. Seoyoon is not reluctantly following my will. That kid decided. This means that no matter what happens, you cannot set foot in our family.

“I will do whatever you ask me to do.”


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“Hehe, that person is so… .”

Chairman Jin chuckled as he watched Mayor Choi keep his head down and repeat the same words like a crazy person.

The root is small.

No matter how great Sunyang’s power is, in times like this, he attacks with manly venom and eats the big fruit.

Isn’t a whole watermelon better than a few strawberries?

Chairman Jin left a final word of encouragement and warning at the same time.

“Forget everything you’ve seen and heard over the past 20 years as a member of this family. You become completely stranger. Then I will treat you like a stranger. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

To Mayor Choi, being told that he was a complete stranger could never have sounded more welcoming.

It is a stranger to have no regrets, anger, or expectations.

If you just keep your mouth shut, doesn’t that mean you won’t get in the way? Because no one interferes in other people’s lives for no reason.

He is still the mayor of Seoul. There is still a lot of term left. It is not that difficult to solidify a political foundation within it.

“I will forget everything.”

“I’m glad you understand. Please leave. “Now we will never see each other again.”

“master… No, Mr. Chairman. I am still the mayor of Seoul. “As mayor of Seoul, wouldn’t it be possible to meet with the chairman?”

“What are you saying so arrogantly? Even if the Blue House calls, all you have to do is show your face once immediately after being elected. Do I look that leisurely? Meeting the mayor of Seoul in person? “If you want to talk about work, you probably know where to contact me, right?”

Each case is different. You can mainly meet the head of Sunyang Construction’s planning office or group strategy office.

The limit for the mayor of Seoul is the executive director or vice president of Sunyang Group.

“Oh, sorry. “I committed a crime of impoliteness.”

“Let’s go out.”

Mayor Choi stood up and cautiously opened his mouth. This is my last request.

“and… . If you’re thinking about old times… .”

“Did you forget to say ‘nam’? “There is no past between us.”

When I saw Chairman Jin coldly interrupting his conversation, the last glimmer of hope disappeared.

The law firm that is the mainstay of the family must now close. Even if not immediately, one abundant source of income disappears.

When the place that the entire family clung to collapses, you are the only hope and lighthouse. There is a lot that needs to be done to feed the entire household.

Family members who are already accustomed to an affluent life. Those people have to work really hard to make a living in order to survive.

* * *

“I heard the story from my father. Congratulations, aunt. You have become the chairman of Sunyang Department Store Group. haha.”

“congratulations. Boss Jin. “No, should I call you Chairman now?”

The aunt smiled brightly and welcomed me and CEO Oh Se-hyun.

Now, as if he didn’t care at all about his uncle’s circumstances, he started living at the hotel again. She is still a gorgeous woman.

“Oh, you’re the chairman? Don’t say things like that, it’s burdensome. Anyway, thank you, it’s all thanks to CEO Oh.”

“What are you saying? What did I do… .”

“no. Our Dojun grew up so well because he learned from CEO Oh. “I only trust Dojun.”

He patted my butt and sat down on the spacious sofa. The posture of sitting at the central head table has already changed. He was even more arrogant and arrogant.

“I really wanted to see you. I would like to propose that we do some work together. “I really hope we can spend some time together.”

Oh Se-hyun met my eyes and nodded his head.

“Working with Soonyang Department Store Group is a great opportunity for me.”

My aunt held out a thick folder.

“Please take a look at this. This is the debt that our department store group must repay to Sunyang Group upon separation. “Our executives expressed the opinion that it would be difficult for a large discount store chain to handle until it made an operating profit.”

Oh Se-hyeon quickly snatched up the document and looked at it for a while before taking a long sigh.

“The cost of securing land for a chain store and constructing it is not that easy. The projected sales targets for hotels and department stores are a bit excessive. It’s a bit… .”

By pressing the button from above, the people below would have created an excessive number. If department stores and hotels do not make sales, their debt increases and they cannot afford the interest.

The aunt’s expression did not change, as if she had already anticipated Oh Se-hyeon’s negative evaluation.

“Isn’t it unreasonable to open four discount stores by next year? “It will only increase the financial burden.”

“This is my first business since taking charge. We cannot postpone the hypermarket chain business. This is a question of ability within the group. If there is even the slightest word of postponing or giving up, it will be as if there was no separation of branches. No.”

When Oh Se-hyun and my aunt shared realistic stories, I discovered my aunt’s true feelings.

My aunt wants to change her creditor.

The eldest son, who considers even a single brick of the Sunyang Group to be his, and the second brother, who is proud that he is the only person responsible for being the chairman, expose their claws in an attempt to take away his younger sister’s share.

The aunt wants a third party, Miracle, to escape the claws. And he carefully revealed his true intentions.

“So, I would like to make a suggestion to CEO Oh.”

“yes. Please speak.”

“Construction of a large discount store chain… . “Can’t Daea Construction take care of it?”

Oh, I can’t believe I even came up with this idea.

It appears that they are determined to seize this opportunity and solidify their territory.


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