The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 13

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[013]The turbulent political situation 2.

When I was living as Yoon Hyeon-woo and cleaning up the back yard of the Jin family, Jin Yoon-gi, Jin Sang-jun, and Jin Do-jun were not on my list because they were completely ignored by the group.

As a result, all I could remember was the number of 3-year-olds: twelve in total. I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t remember the name Jin Do-jun, and the last drop was the clue.

Tragic car accident in the Sunyang family.

This is something I learned while searching through old articles when I was working as a servant in this family, but I quickly forgot about it. It wasn’t a family worth paying attention to anyway.

The unfortunate thing is that I don’t remember any of the details of the traffic accident.

I racked my brain for months trying to remember the exact date, time, place, cause, etc., but nothing came out.

I have to be careful not to change the future too much, but what happens if I avoid death and have a big fight over the management rights of Sunyang Group?

Also, if you make your grandfather Jin Yang-cheol live even a little longer, will the future change much?

There is still no answer to this confusing question.

Every day, I must always check my actions and their results and act carefully. This is all for now.

I have to have a very elaborate and careful dinner today as well.

It’s a place just for me and my grandfather.


“Is our baby here?”



The act of rushing towards his grandfather, pretending to be a grandson who loves him. This is the hardest.

After laughing and nibbling at my face for a moment, Chairman Jin sat me down on a chair at the dining table.

A special room at the Western-style restaurant at the Sunyang Hotel.

Today, you probably wanted to spend time alone with me without anyone interfering or watching you.

How happy were you when you anxiously watched the election results early this morning and found out that your bet was successful?

For the next five years, Sunyang Group can run without any difficulties.

“I will never forget Chairman Jin’s help. “Thank you.”

As if to prove the effectiveness of betting, the president-elect personally called and gave a greeting the moment the election results came out.

“Our Dojun, today, I will buy you delicious food and all the toys you want. “How are you feeling?”

“I haven’t told you my grades yet?”



“ah… ! I see “We made a promise on Haebi’s birthday, right?”

Of course, those promises would have been forgotten. Today, it is not because of that reason, but because of my advice. It is a celebration of placing a large bet on one candidate and winning all the money.

“So, did you keep your promise?”

“yes. I received the number of subjects. “Everyone got 100 points.”

Chairman Jin blinked and asked again.

“100 points in all subjects?”

“yes. “I was the only one in my class who got 100 points.”

“Oh my, our Dojun… It’s even hotter. What should I do with this? “It’s too late today to go buy a horse?”

Is it possible for me to covet something like a horse? It’s just to use words to get something bigger. My old man, if you want to buy me what I really want, you’ll have to waste some money.

“are you okay. I can’t ride it anyway. You can learn how to ride a horse during winter vacation, and then you can buy it for me. “By the way, grandfather.”


“If it’s not because of a promise, why…” ?”

“Ah, that’s it. “Because of Dojun, my grandfather’s company was able to grow much bigger.”

The company grows. That means you will make a lot of money.

Ordinary business people invest money and make a profit.

Big business owners invest in political power and receive preferential treatment.

While average traders are satisfied with making a profit of 10% or 20%, large traders are satisfied only when they receive preferential treatment that guarantees profits tens or hundreds of times higher.

Since we invested in the next president, the greatest political power, it is obvious that the results will be enormous.

I said with a big smile.

“Then, can you do something bigger than what you promised me?”

“A bigger one? No problem. Of course, we have to do something bigger and better. Let’s see… … . “I decided to buy a real horse, but what would be better if it was bigger?”

“I thought about it carefully, Grandpa.”

“okay. “Say it.”

“If you buy a horse, will you leave it at your grandfather’s ranch on Jeju Island?”

“That’s right. “You can’t raise it at home, right?”

“I want to ride a horse every day, but I can’t do that if I stay on Jeju Island.”

“okay? Then what… ?

While Chairman Jin was thinking of alternatives, food started to come out.

As expected, since he was the owner of the hotel, the food was also special.

Although it was clearly a Western restaurant, sushi, raw fish, bulgogi, soybean paste stew, and steak were served, along with Jajangmyeon and various cakes that were clearly prepared just for me.

Since he is an old man, he seems to like the Korean style of laying everything down in one go.

“Shall we eat first and think about it?”

Okay, let’s eat first. It’s also plentiful and delicious.

Grandpa, what could be happier than watching food go into your mouth?

Sure enough, Chairman Jin began to look at me with great satisfaction as I devoured the food without stopping.

“Grandpa, please eat too.”

“Are you coming, are you coming? haha.”

Chairman Jin smiled benevolently and swallowed a few pieces of raw fish.

“Dojun, I think we need to buy another ranch so that he can ride a horse every day?”


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yes. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.


Chairman Jin smiled brightly as he quickly swallowed the food in his mouth and his eyes sparkled.

“of course. Didn’t I tell you? He said he was giving me something bigger as a gift. I will give you a ranch that our Dojun can go to anytime. “How are you feeling?”

Oh, yes… ! The words almost came out.

I need to express my joy at achieving my goal, and as Chairman Jin’s grandson, there is only one way to show my joy.

I’m getting skinny, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Shouldn’t she please her grandfather?

I got down from the chair, ran towards Chairman Jin, and jumped into his arms.

“Hehehe, you guy. “Is it that good?”

He kept bursting into laughter, probably because he felt better after being hugged so warmly.

Now, we have to move on to the next step. I returned to my seat, tilted my head, and said.

“By the way, where is Grandpa’s ranch? Near my house? Or near grandpa’s house?”

“Hehe, if you raise a horse in the middle of a residential area, you will be kicked out. “The smell of horse manure is no joke.”


“If you go a little further north from Seoul, there is a place called Wondang, and there is already a ranch there. All you have to do is buy it.”

Such nonsense!

Was there a ranch in Wondang? You should never buy it. That’s not where I want to be.

I guess I noticed that he was a little embarrassed. Her grandfather’s expression also changed.

“why? “You don’t like it?”

“Oh, no. Good… “It’s too far.”

“far? Uh-huh, he really is. It’s tricky… … .”

His tone was reproachful, but his expression was still smiling.

“My house is Gangnam… … .”

“There are no ranches south of Seoul?”

“You can make it. “Grandpa makes everything quickly.”

“what? make? Hahaha.”

I was the one caught off guard by the sudden burst of laughter. I was cautious because I thought it was a bit far-fetched, but instead the reaction was joy and joy.



“Do you know how many companies there are with this free money?”

A random question. There’s no way I don’t know the 48 affiliates, but I shook my head.

“Soonyang has 48 affiliates in total. 19 of them are companies I created with my own hands. “But we acquired the rest.”

take over? Isn’t this extortion?

“Most of the companies I created with my own hands were created in the early days of the business. In other words, you have to make it yourself at first. “Only then will you become attached to it and become obsessed with wanting to grow it bigger.”

Is this how you take my words that all you have to do is build a ranch? This guy may have already started teaching me management.

Of course, this is welcome.

“I really like the idea that you just have to make the first thing you want, even if it’s difficult.”

This is not something a 10-year-old child would understand. What kind of response is appropriate?

Should I just blink? Or should I nod?

This hesitation on my part may be the most plausible response. Chairman Jin, who was looking at me closely, opened his mouth by lightly tapping the table.

“good night. “I will help Dojun take his first steps.”

Chairman Jin shouted towards the door of the separate room.

“Is there anyone outside?”

The door opened and a man in a suit came in.

“yes. President.”

“Bring me a map of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.”

“yes? Ah, I understand.”

After a while, the secretary brought out a road traffic map booklet and handed it to Chairman Jin.

“Is there anything else you would like me to do?”

“great job. “Go out.”

Chairman Jin turned over a few pages of the atlas and began to look closely.

Eventually, he took out a pen and drew a small circle at a point on the map.

“Now, let’s see how good Dojun’s eyes are.”

The place he marked was our house.

“Dojun. That is your home. “Make a mark where you want to build a ranch.”

Going crazy.

because I like it so much.

I really want to create dozens of ranches across the country. If we secure in advance a place where land prices will skyrocket ten or twenty years from now, how much confidence will we have in the upcoming battle for shares of the Sunyang Group?

It is no different from pre-loading bullets worth hundreds of billions, or even trillions of won.

But now you have to choose just one place. The exact place I have already chosen.

I just passed the time by looking through the map and pretending to worry.

Chairman Jin seemed to find it cute to see me like this and just kept giving me a warm smile.

“You have to choose well. “Of course you can’t do it in downtown Seoul, and you have to avoid downtown in southern Gyeonggi Province.”

Stop worrying. I’ll take pictures of a very surprising place.

Out of curiosity, I picked up a pen and drew a circle on one part of the map.

“Here you go.”

Chairman Jin frowned as he looked closely at the map I showed him.

“Hmm, I guess this is quite far from your house?”

“is that so?”

“You can see the map at a glance, but there is a big difference from the actual measurement. Well, you’re still young to realize that.”

When he sees my sullen expression, he hurriedly makes an excuse.

Chairman Jin checked the map once again and called the secretary who was waiting outside the door.

“Take a look at what condition this land is in. “Accurately understand the current situation.”


The secretary took the map and hurried out, and my grandfather and I continued eating. I stopped talking about the land for a moment and turned the topic to studies and friends.

Studying is excellent, but I have no friends around me. How can you be friends with a snotty person when you’re in your forties?

While I was trying to explain that I was getting along reasonably well with my friends, the secretary carefully opened the door and came in.


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