The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 116

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[116] Starting with a light jab 2

But is it possible that eating pheasant and its eggs will be smooth?

When the land purchase in Susaek-dong was in full swing, Jin Young-jun threw down his glass and ran home when his father, Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki, called him.

My heart pounded when I saw my father’s expression as cold as ice.

The atmosphere was so unusual that I felt lucky that I didn’t drink too much.

I quickly racked my brain to see if I had made any mistakes recently, but nothing came to mind.

An ominous sign was my wife sitting next to my father in the living room.

Surely you weren’t complaining to your father about frequent stays out?

My wife is not that stubborn. Didn’t she say it with her own mouth? That there would never be any touching of her private life.

“What are you doing these days?”

Calm voice, this is a bit serious. He’s the type of person who screams loudly when he gets angry… .

“Nothing special happened. Why are you doing that? ?”

“I heard you were going around buying land, is that right?”

At that moment, the faces of those involved in this incident flashed through Jinyoungjun’s mind.

What kind of bastard fluttered his mouth?

“Why can’t you answer? that’s right? Or is it just a rumor?”

“Ah, father. “Let me explain first.”

“explanation? Oh my. So, you’re saying it’s not a baseless rumor?”

Jin Young-Jun had never thought of getting married as a blessing than at this moment.

If it had been before marriage, I would have punched him in the face and started a conversation. As her daughter-in-law watched, her father’s trembling hand did not fly away.

“good night. Please explain first. “Let’s hear whether it’s plausible and let the father decide.”

“Did I tell you that Dojun and I had a good conversation when we met?”

“okay. That guy showed a lot of interest in you? “We also worked together.”

“yes. “That’s where the story came from.”

Jin Young-jun repeated the story of that night in detail. The difference was that I added the story about Digital Media City and land, which I had completely left out last time.

After the explanation was over, Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki’s expression looked even colder.

“So, according to your explanation, you are pouring money into the ground, believing only what Do-jun told you, is that correct?”

“no. I also checked and moved. What my uncle said when he took office, and Dojun said it again. Lastly, I checked again with Seoul city officials. Development is certain.”

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-gi suddenly looked at his daughter-in-law and said.

“Baby, when did you find out about this?”


This is the first time Hong So-young has seen her father-in-law look so angry. It was already too late to stop acting like she didn’t know. Even without a mirror, she could tell that her complexion was already pale.

“Did you buy the land with money too?”

“… yes.”

“Do you believe that guy?”

My husband was biting his lip as his father-in-law pointed.

“yes. But I also checked, father.”

“Did you turn to your own reporters? “Did the reporters confirm it?”

“yes. Everyone who knows already knows. Sangam-dong, Mapo, Susaek-dong, Eunpyeong-gu. These two locations were confirmed. “Land prices are rising little by little.”

“Where did you get the money? “Did you borrow it from your parents’ house?”

“… yes.”

I just received it, I didn’t borrow it, but I nodded.

“Now I know how to be close.” Then, my in-laws would have bought a huge amount of land.”

I didn’t confirm it, but I couldn’t raise my head because I couldn’t have known that what my father-in-law said was definitely wrong.

How is this different from stealing money from your in-laws and giving it to your parents?

This is an era where information becomes money.

“You two, really… It’s a match made in heaven. Tsk tsk.”

When Jin Young-Jun felt his father’s pitiful gaze looking down at him, the repulsion he had suppressed came out.

“father. That’s accurate information. and… Making money with development information is nothing new, is it? “It is difficult to understand why you are making such a fuss.”

“This guy… . still!”


Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki, who had been holding back, raised his hand. Even though I was an adult and married, my decision not to cut corners with my hands was of no use to my foolish son.

“You bastard. With what money did you buy the land? I took out a loan using my personal property as collateral, so it’s yours, so I don’t care if you lose it all or not. “If it had ended at this level, I would have passed by without noticing it.”

Jinyoungjun closed his eyes and frowned.

‘Damn it, we’ve all been caught.’

“You even have the company’s money… It was stolen from dozens of affiliates, right? In construction, it was all about down payment? “Is that something you would do in your right mind?”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki could not bear to raise his voice.

Everyone in this family has used the company’s money more than once.

He himself has done it dozens or hundreds of times and continues to do so even now.

But my son’s case is different. You have to save only as much as you can afford, but the amount you have figured out is tens of billions.

If something goes wrong and the money is lost, in the worst case scenario, it is embezzlement.

However, the look on his son’s face with his head down turned Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki’s stomach. The protruding snout tells you how it feels.

Land prices are rising and we can make up for it with sales profits, so what’s the problem?

“Listen carefully. Doesn’t your grandfather know what I know? But you don’t know why you didn’t say anything, right?”

“Ha, grandpa too?”

When he sees his son fearing his grandfather more than his father, his pride is hurt, but he can’t show it. Isn’t it natural to be afraid of those in real power?

“If the end is good, he doesn’t have any problems. “Aren’t you the kind of person who turns a blind eye to the messy process?”

Seeing my son’s expression brighten, he seemed confident that his speculation would be successful.


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“The water has already been spilled, so I won’t say any more. But when things don’t end well, don’t come to me and beg me to save you. “You must take responsibility.”

“Don’t worry. “It’s sure to be a spectacular ending.”

I sighed when I saw my son pounding his chest and showing off his confidence.

A picture of myself when I was young was right in front of me.

* * *

The ‘New Seoul Town Development Plan’, also known as the Digital Media City project, was quietly announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, but the response from the construction industry was extremely noisy and enthusiastic.

It involves erecting a large building that will be packed on a land of as much as 170,000 pyeong. A construction site that will not stop for the next 10 years or more.

Coincidentally, the son-in-law of Sunyang’s chairman was at the hilt of the sword, so the construction industry could not show its business cards without permission.

The only thing Daehyun Construction did was fight for public opinion by doing everything it could to secure a spot.

“I even had brain surgery, but you didn’t come to visit me once, so you called me and asked me to eat with you because it was money-making? “Isn’t that too revealing?”

“Younggamtaengi has a long line. I had to wake up in the operating room, which is a shame. haha.”

“What if I go first? How can I survive the remaining years of loneliness? There needs to be a country so you can never be bored. haha.”

When Chairman Jin held out his glass, Daehyun Group Chairman Joo Young-il gave a puzzled look.

“Can I drink alcohol?”

“I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with watching Chairman Joo drink. Isn’t it like this?”

“Just use it. “When I look at something ugly, I lose my taste for drinking.”

When Chairman Jin took off his hat and tried to show the scars from the surgery, Chairman Joo jumped up and threw up his hands.

“By the way, about that car accident. “Have you caught the real culprit?”

Chairman Joo, who was raising his glass to his mouth, asked in passing.

“Your ears are bright too. “How did you know that?”

Chairman Jin frowned. He even silenced the police, but was unable to avoid Daehyun’s intelligence.

“Just tear it off and distribute it evenly. “It’s comfortable inside.”

Chairman Joo pretended not to hear and said something random, but there was no way he couldn’t understand Chairman Jin. Just as he suspected his own child, Chairman Joo seemed to have already guessed the cause of the accident.

“So you split it all up?”

Chairman Joo Young-il has already almost completed the Daehyun Group inheritance process. He took into account the birth order and abilities of his children and separated them without much difficulty. Of course, he keeps the name Daehyun.

“Do I have too many sons?”

“I’m proud! I should have just taken one boat. “What kind of woman did you reveal like that?”

Chairman Joo had seven sons. All seven sons were from three women.

“I used to live without money, but suddenly I got money, and I also got a woman. haha.”

Chairman Joo smiled humbly, but did not look embarrassed.

“It’s right to push one guy. If I share it with you, it’s obvious that after you leave for the underworld, you’ll end up fighting to get it all. “They made the children cut each other to make their father feel better.”

Chairman Jin scolded him as if he disapproved, but Chairman Joo responded indifferently.

“That’s their problem. “It’s not my job to look down on you from the underworld, so what does it matter whether I fight or not?”

“You nasty old man. “Eh.”

Chairman Joo took a drink, Chairman Jin took a sashimi, and they were silent for a while. It was Chairman Jin who broke the silence.

“Don’t pay attention to what my son-in-law is doing. “That’s not our job.”

“then? “Are you missing too?”

“okay. We also have to look at the government’s thoughts. This time, it’s the turn of the companies that have done so well. We can make a living without it, but there are companies lined up to make a comeback with that project. They’ll take it. The Blue House knows that too. So, permission was granted easily.”

Chairman Joo emptied his glass with a disappointed expression.

“If I want to pick up even the falling pieces of rice cake, I need to get your permission.”

“If you know, don’t make a fuss and wait quietly. “I will take care of you appropriately, so don’t make a fuss.”

As Chairman Jin spoke kindly, Chairman Joo put down his drink and smiled pleasantly.

“I’ll pay for the drinks today.”

“Of course I should.”

Chairman Joo looked at Chairman Jin’s expression and opened his mouth.

“But your son-in-law. There are widespread rumors that he will run for president after serving as mayor of Seoul for four years. Are you pushing it?”

“What about the presidential election! That guy is my wife’s puppet. “The Blue House is like a great man who can’t even afford to eat without his wife!”

“What does it matter? The people vote anyway. It won’t be a vain dream if it gets some press and becomes popular. “If you prepare step by step from now on, your chances are pretty high.”

Chairman Jin shook his head excitedly.

“That will never happen. Four years of playing the market will end his political career. But why does our Chairman Joo show interest in other people’s household chores?”

“I’m asking just in case. Wouldn’t it be a big deal if Sunyang Group’s son-in-law becomes president? “If our Daehyun Group starts to collapse, we won’t be able to do anything.”

“Hehe. If that guy becomes president, Daehyun will be second. “The first one will be Sunyang.”

“As expected. “Your daughter isn’t usually greedy either.”

“Because I’m the only daughter, I raised her too much. “Her greed is too big.”

“That’s why I tell you to quickly break it into pieces and distribute it!”

Chairman Jin only smiled bitterly at Chairman Joo’s scolding.

“Stop whining and get up.”

“oh my. I was holding on to an old man who wasn’t in good shape for too long. Go first. “I have someone else to meet here.”

“If you give everything you have to your children, just stay as an old man in the back room. “Don’t show off.”

“If you’re alive, shouldn’t you work? “I have to pay for the food.”

Chairman Joo patted Chairman Jin’s back as he left the room.

“It’s sad when you get old and get sick. “Take care of yourself.”

Chairman Jin glanced at Chairman Joo, who gave him a good word, and nodded.

After confirming that Chairman Jin had left, Chairman Joo Young-il opened the door to the room next to where he had previously eaten with Chairman Jin and went in.

“Oh my, I made Mayor Choi, who is busy, wait too long. I’m sorry.”

Seoul Mayor Choi Chang-je remained motionless with a stern expression on his face even as Chairman Joo greeted him.


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