The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 115

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[115] Starting with a light jab 1

“what? What does that mean? “Is there a real way?”

“There is the easiest way, but it is not easy. “You have to have blood on your hands.”

My uncle reacted very confidently to the word blood.

“Aren’t I a former swordsman at the Prosecutor’s Office? “I’m not someone who’s afraid of getting bloodied.”

“Dojun. “If you think it’s strange, stop.”

Oh Se-hyun shook his head with an anxious expression. It was hard to tell if he was trying to match my tune or if he was sincere, but I ignored it.

Now I have to gently encourage my aunt and uncle.

Isn’t a person blinded by greed just the right thing to take advantage of?

“The person my grandfather disapproves of the most, the person who doesn’t cause any harm to the Sunyang Group even if he gets hurt, and the person I feel deserved to be hurt considering his usual behavior. “Please pick one.”

Considering the damage the Sunyang Group will suffer, the second generation should definitely be avoided. The remaining ones are 3 years old.

Aren’t they the third generation of chaebols who are also pointing fingers at social awareness?

“If that condition is met, Youngjun is the only one. These days, I’m married and I’m more careful, but I’ve been the one who brought the most shame to my family. Celebrity scandals, drunk driving, assault… . “An accident is an accident, so you get hurt, won.”

“Then Youngjun hyung can bleed. Although he is the eldest grandson of the Sunyang Group and the nephew of the mayor of Seoul, he is determined to build a just and fair Seoul… . Something like this, right?”

My uncle couldn’t answer easily.

If it had been to use his own nephew as the scapegoat, there would have been no worries. If you mess with your wife’s family, you risk crossing a river of no return.

Isn’t it the goose that lays golden eggs every day?

It is the aunt who can decide this matter, not the uncle.

“Well, will it be okay? No, is there a way? These days, Youngjun doesn’t have any accidents and is very steady. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mess with his private life. “Even if that guy gets into an accident while drunk driving with a celebrity, the mayor of Seoul can’t say anything.”

“You need to think about the method. “My uncle told me that if I cut off the head of one of my family members, I would be able to overcome the handicap of being the son-in-law of a conglomerate.”

It’s something to be praised for, beyond overcoming a handicap, but I still can’t say anything about it.

There is nothing more to talk about with this man. The person with whom the plan will be discussed is, of course, the aunt.

It was after a while that my uncle opened his mouth.

“Let me think about that some more. Rather, Representative Oh. How is it? “Will you do me a favor?”

Se-Hyeon Oh cleared her throat a few times, as if feeling burdened by President Choi’s expectant gaze.

“As you know, I am an investor. There are many different investment methods, but they have one thing in common. It’s about finding hidden value. “Four years later, if I discover Mayor Choi’s value, I will invest in him without him having to say anything.”

“It might be too late by then.”

Oh Se-hyeon said that he would think about it only after four years, and his uncle responded that he would not have a chance if he did not take the lead.

I think that?

Wouldn’t it be impossible for someone at the level of my uncle to reverse the arrogant tide of history?

That’s about it.

* * *

“Welcome, my nephew. How come the older you get, the more you resemble your mother? “It’s so cute I’m dying.”

My aunt tapped my butt and held out a glass of wine.

“Do you want a drink?”

When I shook my head, my aunt chuckled.

“I heard you didn’t have any injuries, right?”

“no. “It’s a waste to drink expensive alcohol when you don’t even know what it tastes like.”

“Weigh everything. Anyway, let’s sit down.”

I still live in a hotel, but now that my husband is the mayor, this life is over. If you are caught by reporters, you will be in trouble, so now you will have to go home.

“You said something interesting to your uncle.”

“Oh, that? “I just told you this because your uncle wanted to get rid of the chaebol son-in-law label.”

“Are you secretly sneaky? “Did you know that your uncle has thin ears?”

“What do you mean?”

“To act like a fool. why? “Did you become greedy because your father, no, he appointed you as the third hitter?”

It’s all a mess.

Even if only 10% of the group’s shares are in my hands, I will become a strong supporter, so everyone’s eyes are red as they try to attract me.

“Does your aunt look at me like that too?”

“Your aunt too? “Oh my, my brothers have already gone.”

My aunt chewed her lip once.


“Do you want to tell me what you said?”

“It’s not important what other people say, but I’m curious about what your aunt thinks?”

“I don’t have anything yet. So I have no thoughts. CEO Oh said that. “If you don’t have anything, you can’t even get involved.”

“Then why did you ask to see me? “I thought her aunt, like her previous uncles, would have something to say to me.”

“My ears are a bit thin, too. haha.”

The sound of boisterous laughter filled the room.

“Let’s talk about our third hitter later. After I set up the stake. “Is it possible to use the inside of the yam?”

“Can you handle it? Then, let’s come up with an idea.”


I nodded.

“Youngjun hates you. “Why?”

“I just don’t want to look like I’m showing off. It’s just that I was born first, so I think I’m superior. Even if that’s the case, they’re trying to put people below them… .”

“That kid is like that.”

The aunt thought for a moment and then spoke again.

“Even if Youngjun gets scolded, my father won’t be too angry. “I’ll handle it.”

I believe that no matter what I do, I just end up getting scolded.

People in this family do not worry about the harsh judgment of the law. Because everything can be avoided. Instead, he just fears his grandfather’s judgment.


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The aunt seems to think that since Jinyoung-Jun is her grandson and eldest grandson, she will end up getting scolded and scolded.

Will it really end like that?

“Then I will start by trusting only my aunt.”


“Tell your uncle. “When announcing the Digital Media City project, just add one regional word.”


“yes. “Don’t just tell us about Sangam-dong; say it’s Sangam-dong and parts of Susaek-dong.”

“Search building?”

“yes. “After that, I have something in mind, so don’t worry.”

My aunt smiled as she looked at my face.

“You’re not trying to come up with an idea, you’ve already thought about it.”

“Not everything. “Just a rough idea.”

“This is why my father fell in love with you.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m the youngest.”

I tried to be humble, but it was no use. Her aunt also began to look the same as her uncles.



“When I have the strength, give me what you will have and I will give you half. Think about it carefully. “Your brothers probably won’t give you even half of it.”

“What is your aunt’s power?”

“Your uncle sits on a chair with a phoenix engraved on it.”

“Even if you become president, you won’t be able to do anything about Sunyang Group, right?”

“National Tax Service, National Intelligence Service, Prosecutors’ Office, Board of Audit and Inspection, Fair Trade Commission. You will have such a powerful organ in your hands. As you said, there is nothing Sunyang Group can do. But what can people do?”

“If I were to speak of people, it would be my uncles.”

“If you shake off all the dust and mud from my brothers’ hands, I’ll be the only one left, right? “The shareholders will know that there is no one else to choose but me.”

My aunt clenched her fists.

“As a shareholder, please take my side. Then I’ll give you half.”

I will make one person second in command. Another person will buy it expensively. The last one will give half… … .

It’s a very diverse proposal.

Wait, is there one more person?

Ah, Jin Sang-gi, the third child, is a follower of the eldest brother.

“aunt. I think it will happen in 10 years, so take your time. And if my grandfather acts on his whim, I might just end up as the youngest.”

After trying hard, my aunt said something unexpected.

“Then we should hurry, right? “Before my father behaves like a whim.”

* * *

My uncle imitated the president at the inauguration ceremony.

He loudly declared that Seoul will do everything it can to overcome the current economic crisis and minimize the fiscal deficit to lighten the heavy shoulders of Seoul citizens.

And I didn’t forget to take medication beforehand.

He pledged to lay the foundation for economic revitalization by utilizing 200% of public lands owned by Seoul City.

Astute construction companies already realized that this was a signal that would break the current recession, so they came and went in and out of the mayor’s office until the threshold was worn out.

But they don’t get the chance.

I own that opportunity.

“Hey. “You’re not giving me even half?”

“You are truly so great. If you give me half, what will I eat to live on? Sunyang Construction can survive without this, but Daea Construction will simply fail without this. “You know how much money was spent just looking at this.”

Now, take off the bandages and put on a beanie that looks like a roasted chestnut seller… No, in this era, we just call it bread hat. Anyway, the grandfather grumbled in an unsophisticated manner.

“There is no such thing as free food in this world. I also heard a rumor that Daehyun Group boiled your uncle. “If you make a mistake, you will get hit in the back.”

“You shouted loudly to prevent that, so you have to solve it. “I’ll give you 30%.”

“Don’t just talk about making money through construction. You and Oh Se-hyun are not just people, right? Be honest. Sangam-dong and the surrounding land, right? “You would make a lot of money just from that, right?”

“no. There was no land speculation. Isn’t the mayor your uncle? There should be no misunderstanding that CEO Oh and his father stole development information in advance. Moreover, this is the first business after acquiring Daeah Engineering & Construction… . “Unsavory incidents were prevented in the first place.”

“That was good. haha.”

Grandpa slapped his knee and laughed.

“good night. Let’s set it at 30%. In return, you owe me a debt. “Because they gave us a 20% discount.”

This is a negotiation. However, in my grandfather’s mind, it was not a negotiation, but a concession, and it was imprinted as a debt.

This kind of ridiculous arrogance is the basis of conglomerates.

* * *

“How much did you borrow from other affiliates?”

“It’s about 20 billion won.”

“That’s all you give me?”

“Everyone is embarrassed because it is being handled without the knowledge of the affiliate presidents. “I really gave this money at my own risk.”

“The cubs… . What can the liver be used for if it is cut into pieces like this? Even though I said I was responsible, this is it. “Tsk, tsk.”

68 billion.

Jinyoung-Jun became irritated when he thought about the amount of money that was far short of his goal.

I didn’t want to be too greedy and thought about just bouncing five times, but I was very disappointed.

“Call in the contractors and sweep Susaek-dong. Be careful not to spread rumors. “If word gets out, you damn beggars will be accused of not selling your house.”

“I will take care of it. And isn’t this the most difficult time since Dangun? “The market price is at the bottom, so if you charge a little more, I will sell it.”

“The guy who folds till the end will be given twice the market price. “The key to this work is to proceed quietly.”

“yes. Managing Director.”

Jinyoungjun still couldn’t shake off his regret.

How easy is it to encounter such good news?

I felt like I wanted to go to the private loan market in Myeongdong, but I held back.

Rumors run out quickly, so if anything happens, they end up in your father or grandfather’s ears.

“300 billion… … .”

Thinking about the money coming soon makes me smile.

Money I didn’t tell anyone about.

Jin Do-jun is the only one who knows. He will be happy if you give him a share and will stick by his side.

He makes money and gets Jin Do-jun, whom his father is worried about, so he eats pheasant and eats eggs.


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