The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 114

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[114]We are family 3

“You still don’t know what was exchanged?”

“I can guess so clearly, but is there really a need to call each person and ask? “It only raises unnecessary caution, making it difficult to observe if the vice president becomes more cautious and moves secretly.”

“Let’s hear your guess.”

“He must have asked that the affiliate support him with the group shares held by him. Then, when I become chairman, I will treat you as a top contributor. “I think this is it.”

Chairman Jin frowned, as if his eldest son’s plans were annoying.

“also? “Is that all you do?”

“I had my son, Executive Director Jin Young-jun, meet Do-jun. “I met the CEO of Vibrator in person.”


“yes. “I went to Yoongi’s house and had a drink.”

Even the second child, who maintains peace like a quiet lake, steps forward!

The impact is big.

“Everyone is making a fuss to get Dojun on their side.”

“He probably felt a sense of crisis that the casting boat might fall into Dojun’s hands.”

“What foolish people. If they do well, there will be no problem, but they don’t know that… .”

Lee Hak-jae looked at Chairman Jin clicking his tongue and asked cautiously.

“To what extent do you think? Do you think Dojun really deserves the casting boat?”

“What do you think?”

“Shouldn’t we avoid the risk of the group splitting up?”

“I guess it means giving it all to one guy… . “Are you saying Dojun isn’t included in that?”

“You can’t ignore your physical age.”

Chairman Jin also nodded his head.

War doesn’t just happen at home. There are enemies everywhere, even outside the house.

“Hakjae. “If the guy holding the casting boat shakes it, the other two guys will notice, right?”

“I guess so.”

“Then who is the strongest? Is he a shaker? “Is he someone who cares?”

Hakjae Lee was dumbfounded when he saw Chairman Jin talking about such a serious problem with a smile.

If he has the power to shake up management, how much legacy does he intend to leave behind?

“Are you serious?”


“Are you planning on having Dojun sit in the middle of the seesaw and balance the forces?”

Chairman Jin avoided answering Lee Hak-jae’s direct question. Your heart and head are not yet in sync. Decisions should be postponed, but starting should be done quickly.

Aren’t we at an age where we don’t know how much time we have left to live?

“First, come up with a plan to boost the controlling stake. And I’m also looking for a way to transfer my shares.”

Hakjae Lee was surprised and had a lot to say, but he just nodded his head.

“yes. “I will prepare.”

It’s about finding a way, not executing it. I didn’t say anything, saying I would just say it again when the chairman tells me to implement it.

“And is the accident investigation continuing?”

“yes. A person was assigned to the truck driver. “We will thoroughly mark people 24 hours a day, so if there is someone behind it, it will be revealed.”

When I thought about something I didn’t want to think about, my expression got worse.

Hakjae Lee looked at Chairman Jin’s frozen face and did not say one more thing to report.

It was about the chairman’s driver.

To borrow Chairman Jin’s words, the driver was the only person who knew the Gunsan schedule that day in advance.

Since he lives in an annex in the corner of the chairman’s large mansion, there is no need to follow him, so we are digging up his heels.

The prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, who was already on a Sunyang scholarship, searched his account.

Since there is nothing unusual, the investigation is being expanded to include the driver’s family and relatives, and a wiretapping device has been installed in the annex and is being monitored.

If something comes up, I think it would be better to report it. Anyway, isn’t the president a patient?

* * *

“Have you done any research?”

“yes. “There are not many private properties worth trading in Mapo Sangam-dong.”

“Not much? What are you talking about? “I told you to find out exactly!”

The two managers repeatedly bowed their heads in front of Jinyoung-jun, who was screaming loudly.

“sorry. “Nothing at all.”

“Nothing at all? “Are you saying that no one lives in Sangam-dong?”

“Someone has already swept it all away. I also checked a copy of the register. The transaction took place around April or May of last year.”

Jinyoungjun was able to guess who that person was.

It is obvious that Oh Se-hyun, his aunt, and those who are involved in politics.

The manager who was reporting looked at Jinyoung-jun, who was frowning heavily, and hurriedly opened his mouth.

“It is said that they have completely swept it away, but the quantity is limited.”

“Then what about Susaek-dong? “Did they sweep everything there too?”

“no. There was very little business there. “You can secure as much as you want.”

Jinyoung-Jun Jin received a thick bundle of documents handed out by the manager.

“This is the status of the search unit. “If you give us your instructions, we will immediately begin the purchase process.”

“okay. “Go out.”

Jinyoung-Jun Jin, who was left alone, made phone calls here and there to gather people. Since becoming the managing director of Sunyang Construction, this is the first time I have been as busy as I am now.

After a while, the secretary informed me that everyone had gathered in the conference room, so I rushed over.

“Have you checked with the bank?”

“yes. “Mr. Managing Director’s unsecured credit loan is available up to 2 billion won.”


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Jinyoung-Jun frowned at the smaller amount than expected.

“That’s because there is a limit per branch.”

The finance manager presented several documents he had prepared.

“The two material supply companies owned by the managing director are capable of 20 billion won and 16 billion won, respectively. But the conditions… .”


“It’s a formality, but we’re asking for the managing director’s personal belongings as collateral.”

Jin Young-jun felt feverish for a moment, but managed to suppress it. There is no time to lose your temper.

“Do it that way. And Sunyang Construction wants an advance payment from my materials company. “About 10 billion.”

The expressions of everyone attending the meeting changed.

“Mr. Managing Director, if you want to move that much money, you need approval from the CEO…” .”

“After the IMF crisis last year, there were a lot of unsold apartments and commercial buildings. The company’s financial situation is not good, but if they take out 10 billion won… .”

After complaining of difficulties here and there, Jinyoungjun finally exploded.

“I said I would take care of it! I will ask for President Hong Song-cheol’s understanding, so if you can give it to me, please give it to me. Take action first, report later! I don’t know? You will use that money to purchase land and take out a lot of loans using the purchased land as collateral. If there is a problem, the advance payment will be refunded! it’s okay?”

When I started banging on the desk and screaming, everyone closed their mouths.

It seems plausible at first glance, but I can’t believe it.

If you borrow Sunyang Construction’s money to buy land and use the land as collateral for a loan, instead of returning it, they will pour it back into the land.

What can we do? Isn’t this guy the owner’s grandson? He must stay alert and stay in line.

“Everyone, stop talking nonsense and prepare the documents thoroughly. If I give you another order, you can do it all in one day. okay?”


As everyone bowed their heads, Jinyoungjun felt a little relieved.

But it doesn’t end here. We need to collect more little by little from other affiliates. You will have to shell out at least 100 billion won to feel like you have a lump sum of money.

‘ah… . shit. I’m marrying the bank manager’s daughter. How good would it be to get a loan at a time like this?’

Suddenly regret came over me.

Still, I will try to tell my wife something subtle. Wasn’t it rumored that his wife’s family had a lot of money saved up?

You must prepare plenty of bullets and wait for Jin Do-jun to contact you.

* * *

“Both the Blue House and the National Assembly have completed coordination. “It was well-received because it helped revitalize Seoul’s construction industry and also because it was part of cultural policy.”

“Fortunately, the. Mayor. “I guess the announcement will be made during the inauguration ceremony on July 1st?”

“no. I plan to just make an announcement without making an official announcement. This is because it is advantageous to proceed with a negotiated contract with DaeA Construction. “Of course, we plan to issue a bid notice for a very small portion of it.”

Oh Se-hyeon and her uncle began to join hands and feet.

“By the way, CEO Oh. I haven’t met my father-in-law yet. If Sunyang Construction intervenes, there is nothing I can do. “You know, right?”

The uncle brings up a story that has already passed.

I am a candidate for successor, but I still don’t know that there is no way my grandfather will take my rice bowl away.

I was secretly surprised, but I pretended not to notice. Her aunt must have given her uncle no information.

Se-Hyeon Oh looked at my shaking eyes and struck the player.

“yes. If Chairman Jin’s review is distorted, this project itself could be canceled. That’s why we need Dojun. haha.”

There was a lot of anticipation in the eyes of the two people looking at me.

“It won’t be like that. My grandfather is in the hospital right now, so he won’t be greedy about this. anyway… . “I will tell you well.”

“okay. “Let’s borrow some strength from Dojun.”

My uncle smiled and gently held my hand.

“Dojun. “I have something to talk with CEO Oh, so could you please leave for a moment?”

“Mayor Choi. There is nothing in this matter that Dojun should not be involved in. Isn’t Dojun the starting point? And I’m going to tell you everything anyway. “Just say it.”

Oh Se-hyeon made me sit back down as I slowly tried to stand up.

“Oh, I see. this… . “I feel sorry for Dojun for no reason?”

When I gave my uncle, who had an awkward smile on his face, a good look, he carefully told me his plan.

“My term ends in June 2002. As you know, the presidential election is held at the end of that year.”

Presidential election! I knew it!

I don’t know if it was my uncle’s greed or not, but I’m sure he was the one who put a lot of wind in it.

“Do you ever dream of running for president?”

Oh Se-hyeon was upset, but it was clearly visible that he was trying not to show it.

“Now the Yang Kim era is coming to an end. Shouldn’t Korea also become younger? And since he served as a prosecutor, member of the National Assembly, and mayor of Seoul, even if he runs for president, you will not be told that he lacks qualifications.”

“Oh, that’s natural. You have sufficient qualifications. But… .”

“But what is it?”

The uncle began to look only at Oh Se-hyeon’s mouth.

“It’s okay to be mayor of Seoul, but being the son-in-law of a chaebol family is a bit… . “Would the public accept it if the president and a conglomerate were part of the same family?”

My uncle started foaming at the mouth at the negative opinion.

“There are still four years left. You only need to make one monumental achievement in those four years. “Because I am not the son but the son-in-law, I can sufficiently dilute the image of the chaebol.”

“great. Leaving that matter aside, what do you want to say to me? I don’t think you just wanted to tell us about your plans to run for president… .”

Oh Se-hyeon is also a smart snake.

Even though he clearly knows what his uncle is going to say, he makes sure to say something uncomfortable. Are you even recording it?

“If you want to show off that you are from a chaebol family, you should never accept Sunyang Group money during the presidential election. The presidential election funds are not just one or two pennies… .”

“Do you mean to ask Miracle to take responsibility for those funds?”

“Oh, I’m not asking you to take responsibility for everything. In fact, ironically, the biggest obstacle on my way to becoming president is our country’s conglomerates. If I enter the Blue House, don’t you think that Sunyang Group will gain wings? So, except for Sunyang, I plan to accept money from other conglomerates. “I need to let them know that I am not their enemy.”

Everything my uncle is saying right now must have come from his head.

That’s because he can point his sword at Sunyang without being caught by his grandfather.

It must have been calculated that if all of the older brothers were eliminated through the president’s power, the Sunyang Group would automatically fall into the hands of the aunt.

As I listened quietly, I realized that it was a very good opportunity. Of course, the president is a story later. Now, as the mayor of Seoul, I have work to do.

Not only my uncle but also my aunt will be happy when they hear my plan.

“Uncle. Would you like to clean up your image as someone from a chaebol family?”

My uncle was startled by the strange sound.


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