The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 113

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[113]We are family 2

“My uncle is going to announce Digital Media City as the first project of the mayor of Seoul. As you know… .”

“Land prices skyrocketed just by the announcement.”

Jin Young-jun could not hide his voice that was already dripping with greed.

“Announcement, permission, selection of business operator, etc. Because it jumps step by step… .”

“It’s perfect for burying extra money. ”

“Where are you? “There?”

“It’s the Sangam-dong area in Mapo.”


Jinyoungjun frowned. Even though I know Mapo, I don’t know the exact location of Sangam-dong.

“yes. However, most of Sangam-dong is state-owned or city-owned.”

“what? “Then it’s nonsense.”

“no. “Just across a narrow road from Sangam-dong is Susaek-dong, Eunpyeong-gu.”

“If it’s Susaek-dong… ?”

“yes. You can pick it up for free. It’s super cheap. “You know the concentric circle effect, right?”

“hey! Don’t I know that? His name is a construction company executive. “When land prices in the central area rise, surrounding areas also rise.”

“yes. However, the document I saw said it was Sangam-dong and the surrounding area, so the search area would also be included. Since my uncle is the mayor, there is no way he would miss this opportunity to gain support from both Mapo-gu and Eunpyeong-gu. “Media City will definitely span Sangam-dong and Susaek-dong.”

“Leave one road… .”

“It is a narrow two-lane road. “It’s just a lump.”

Saying more just hurts my mouth.

Jin Young-jun was already imagining a bundle of money falling on his head.

“All we have to do is buy a little land near Susaek. “You’ll get some pocket money, right?”

“sure. But brother. Don’t overexert yourself and just throw in some extra money. “I don’t know how much of Susaek-dong will be included in the project.”

I took a step back a little to prepare for later. This guy won’t be able to hear it anyway.

“Dojun. “When there is uncertainty, the goal is to significantly increase the probability.”

yes. This is the response I was waiting for.

“At least you can see the concentric circle effect, so you can buy a lot. Then, you may make a lot of money, a mediocre money, or even a loss, but the result is a gain. So, you should buy as much as possible.”

“But the risk also increases, right?”

“If you have the money to take it, you can pay it. It’s a game you never lose if you have a lot of bullets. “Hehe.”

A tone of voice that seems to teach a lesson.

In times like this, it’s polite to give at least some admiration.

Since we exchanged sweet words with each other and made our minds and hearts happy, there is only one thing left.

Jin Young-jun called out the people who entered the room and prepared a simple snack. And he called somewhere and also called someone to entertain him this night.

Less than an hour later, the doorbell rang and Jinyoungjun quickly ran to open the door.


Pretty-looking girls filed in, screaming in a cutesy tone that was almost like a scream.

Ah, looking at those kids, there were faces and names that came to mind.

Seo Min-young.

When did you see it? one… Has it been about three months?

Was it all about meeting separately and having a meal once?

I need to contact you about this. They say your personality is better than you look… .

After all, dating is difficult and tiring. I can’t believe I’m worried even though I’m constantly contacting you like this.

* * *

“You understand now, right? “What do you think, father?”

Jin Yoongi was surprised by his brother’s vibrator suddenly coming to his house. However, the issues he carefully brought up were sensitive enough to come directly to the house.

“older brother. There is no need to be too sensitive. My father is also old now. So, he must have decided to go to Gunsan with the feeling of giving a gift to his grandson, who would not hurt his eyes.”

After the accident, Jin Yoongi felt burdened by his brothers’ changed perspectives. Although he was not a party, he was confident that his thoughts were right. This is just a game of a capricious father.

What a pleasure to nominate a successor to the group. I’m shocked.

However, the second nominee, Vibrator, had different thoughts.

Succession nominations spread knowingly or unknowingly, and people’s perspectives change. In particular, people who have climbed or are trying to climb into the group’s mainstream crowd around the nominee.

Jin Do-jun is still young.

If you are surrounded by dark-hearted people who mistakenly think it’s easy to handle, you have to repeat things you don’t want to do. It is about distinguishing between allies and enemies and eliminating the enemies.

“No matter what the cause, the result is what matters to the company. Since Dojun is young, people will flock to you instead. “What do you want to do?”

The vibrator calmly waited for his brother’s answer.

“Don’t ask me, let’s just listen to your opinion. “It’s not like you’re curious about what I think anyway. Aren’t you here to tell me your plan?”

Looking at my quick-witted younger brother, he looks completely different from when he lived in Hanryang before. It was like seeing the bright side of me again when I was young.

“You said it once, right? Just be my brother.”

“Don’t just force it, tell them how to do it. “I will be a good younger brother forever.”


“What would you do if Dojun’s dream was to become the chairman of Sunyang Group? Are you going to fight your nephew? Then I can’t be like brother or sister. “He is my son and father.”

“It’s just a vain dream. So you have to step in and stop it.”

“I can’t play the role of a father who stops my son from dreaming.”

The vibrator was able to fully read his brother’s firm determination.

“So, brother, make a way. The position of Chairman of Sunyang Group is Hana. Fight only with your older brother. Don’t even dream of unconditional concessions from Dojun or of using force to pressure him. Aren’t you a business person? “It would be better to talk about it again in a mutually satisfactory way.”

My younger brother’s feelings were clearly touched.

He hates to see his son caught up in an inheritance fight, but he doesn’t seem to have any intention of giving up on everything.

A transaction that satisfies both of these requirements. My brother wants it.

After running my own business, I also know that the first thing to solve a problem is to erase your emotions.


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The vibrator himself couldn’t overcome his emotions and ran to his younger brother.

Let’s solve it like a businessman.

The vibrator braced himself.

“good night. Then I will talk to Dojun. “That would be the first step to solving the problem, right?”

“I will join you too. “Are you okay?”

“Of course.”

The vibrator suddenly loosened his tie.

“Shall we have a drink until Dojun comes?”

“from morning?”

Jin Yoongi was surprised by his brother’s sudden change in attitude, but a smile immediately spread across his face.

Whatever the reason, hasn’t it been a while since we’ve had a drink with brothers?

“Something strong? Or something mild?”

“Let’s do something mild. My body can’t take it anymore. And I have to talk to Dojun, but I feel like I’m going to be pushed aside if I don’t have a clear mind. “Hehe.”

I decided to have a quick drink, but I quickly emptied the entire bottle of wine.

* * *

The hangover lasts quite a long time. As I opened the front door, rubbing his aching head, I heard laughter coming from the living room.

“uh? Uncle. “Are you here?”

“Hey. I heard you stayed out yesterday? “What are you going to do if you’re already doing that?”

They appear in order.

I knew without asking why my eldest son and second son were looking for me like this.

I felt bad about not being sober, but I found a bottle of wine on the table. thank god. I don’t think you two will notice the smell of alcohol coming from my breath.

“Just because I’m staying out, doesn’t mean I’m doing something stupid. haha.”

“You sit here too. “Take the glass of alcohol your uncle gives you.”

It was surprising to see smiles on the faces of two people who couldn’t expect anything good to happen, but it was fortunate that they could at least start with a smile. It would be nice if I could end the story with a smile.



My uncle filled his glass and opened his mouth.

“Do you want to become the chairman of Sunyang Group? Enough to endure the irrational act of skipping generations… ?”

“older brother!”

My father screamed in surprise at my uncle’s words, which he immediately dismissed without saying a word, but to some extent, this was expected.

Isn’t he a person known for his rational thinking that emphasizes efficiency, his dislike of many side processes, his simplification of everything, and his dry personality?

It is a mystery that is completely unknown as to why he lost the succession battle with his greedy eldest son.

“are you okay. Dojun is not as immature as other nephews, and he does not treat him like a child and scold him. I want to hear the plans of Dojun, who is no different from a member of society. If you don’t know what this guy is thinking, there will be no progress in the story. “You think so too, right?”

My uncle looked at my father and said.

The two of them had already erased their smiles and seemed to have blown away their drunkenness.

Knowing this person’s temperament and personality well, I peeled off the skin and conveyed only the substance.

“I know very well what Gunsan means. But I also know that it is realistically impossible.”

When I interrupted the conversation between the two and expressed my opinion, their attention was focused.

“I plan to take everything my grandfather gives me. So I have to resell it. “For those who want to buy it more expensively.”

“You want to sell it? “Is money your goal?”

“I have no intention of receiving money for the product.”


“well. It’s hard to say anything since we don’t have the product yet. “I will have to decide when the item comes into my hands.”

There were no more questions.

An answer like this would be enough for someone to understand my thoughts.

I don’t know if my answer is true or not.

Silence took the place of the conversation.

I just looked at the wine glass in front of me and the two of them drank their wine.

When the empty bottle was rolling around again, my uncle opened his mouth.

“You are also cautious. “He’s also smart.”

My father still remained silent.

“You mean to put the two uncles on both sides of the scale and balance the weights, right? “If you can’t overcome the tension and take the side of the person who screams first, the price of goods will skyrocket.”

“I might sell it from the beginning because the process is cumbersome.”

“I will do that. haha.”

This guy is not fooled.

My uncle emptied the remaining alcohol in his glass and stood up.

“It’s clear that Dojun is the eldest child in our family. “If it weren’t for the handicap of being the youngest, you would have been the third president.”

I didn’t say there were 2 generations.

These words convey the will to never lose the position of the next president.

My father said as I put on the jacket that my uncle had taken off.

“Are you going?”

“Now that I know everything, I should go. “When Dojun starts his business, if I want to be the first customer, I don’t think I’ll have time to wait.”

My uncle stroked my back.

“Just grow up like this. “Don’t follow the example of your cousins ​​who try to imitate conglomerates.”

Since I received a compliment, I should say hello.

“thank you. “I will not disappoint your expectations, uncle.”

Her face was red from the alcohol, but her eyes sparkled as if she understood what I meant. What I mean by that is that I will grow to the point where I will not be an easy opponent.

When my uncle left, my father sat me down again and said,

“The position of Chairman of Sunyang is so coveted, but did you give it up?”

“For now.”

“You mean it might change in the future?”

“I guess it depends on what and how much my grandfather gives me.”

“hmm… … .”

My father smiled as he opened a new bottle of alcohol.

“If you need help, tell me. “I will act as a parent.”

* * *

“What kind of person is insulting me again? “Eh.”

Chairman Jin grumbled, digging his ears with his little fingers.

“So, your two sons were giggling?”


Director Lee Hak-jae was sitting next to Chairman Jin and holding back laughter as he looked at his bandaged head.

“What are you doing?”

“Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki had a breakfast meeting with the presidents of minor affiliates.”

Unless they are major affiliates, all presidents are employed through public recruitment.

What kind of trick are these guys gathering together?


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