The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 112

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[112]We are family 1

Jinyoung-Jun broke the awkward silence.

“Oh, by the way, what about Sangjun? Sangjun, are you good at studying music in America?”

“It’s something you like to study, so you’ll do it yourself. But Youngjun hyung.”


“Isn’t there something you want to tell me? Please tell me if you have it. “I’m really uncomfortable because you’re saying something different for no reason, right?”

Since I had been drinking, I pretended to be drunk and asked a bit boldly.

“huh? haha. “As expected, you have amazing insight.”

He lets out an awkward laugh, then calms his voice and speaks softly.

“Are you interested in working with me?”

“yes? “With your brother?”

As expected, it was as expected. He is trying to appease me before becoming his successor.

“okay. “When I worked as a director, it was difficult to find someone like you.”

“How am I?”


Jinyoungjun’s eyes are shaking. I must have been speechless because he just said something like a compliment without even experiencing what kind of person I was.

When a company says, ‘There’s no one like you,’ the employees are so happy and happy that they die, so did they think it would work for me?

The company’s employees have no choice but to like the words of the owner’s family. Since it has been recognized by a powerful person who will become the future president, everyone is thrilled to accept it.

“Well, that’s right… . men and horses. Does it have to be something specific? It’s a feeling. The kids working under me also have good academic background and qualifications. “It’s hard to pinpoint it, but I feel somewhat regretful.”

“I would too. Is there a subordinate you really like? “It looks good on the outside, but it’s always disappointing when you open the packaging.”

I secretly lost my humility.

“You bastard. “You don’t want to work with me.”

The tone of voice is laced with laughter, but the eyes are not. I glare at you fiercely.

“It’s not that it’s true, it just doesn’t suit me.”

“what? “Am I not right for you?”

“Oh, no. It’s not that I’m really awkward working with people. I just like doing it alone. “I study alone and work alone.”

“So you’re getting experience at an investment company?”

“yes. That’s what investing is like. Report data, gather information, and make decisions on your own. Because it’s not something you do by fitting in with other people. “I guess this is my aptitude.”

“hmm… . Invest.”

He indicated that he was not interested in the group. How will it come out?

He’s not naive enough to believe what I say at face value. I’ll try it a few more times in the future.

“hey. “After hearing it and seeing it, I want it even more.”

“Eh? why?”

“I’m weak at that. Planning, analysis. “I’m comfortable and good at managing people, but I’m weak at numbers.”

That’s it!

If you’re weak in numbers, bad at planning, and terrible at analysis, does that just mean you’re not good at your job?

Are you comfortable managing people? He is the chairman’s eldest grandson, so everyone will talk to him and listen carefully. Just one word!

He hid his distorted expression and smiled.

“Hehe. What’s wrong? “By gathering all the smart people in our country and putting them under their control.”

“I said no! “It’s shiny on the outside, but there’s a lot of meat in it.”

Seeing Jinyoung-Jun with a serious expression on his face for no reason, I slowly threw the first bait. If you bite this she will throw a second real bait.

“Youngjun hyung.”


“What if, this is really what if.”

“okay. say.”

Jinyoungjun’s eyes began to sparkle.

“If I don’t feel like investing, I should do something else… . “In the end, there is only group work.”


“What exactly do you mean when you ask me to work with you?”

“You will become Director Lee Hak-jae to me.”

“Do you mean to take charge of the group management?”

“yes. In fact, he will have more powerful authority than Director Lee Hak-jae. This manager is a complete stranger, and to put it bluntly, he is a salaried employee. But you are part of the owner’s family and you are my younger brother. The CEOs of affiliate companies won’t show any signs of envy, jealousy, or backlash, right? is not it?”

Hakjae Lee is constantly at odds with key executives of affiliates. Although he is at the same CEO level, he is older than Director Lee Hak-jae and there are many people who had a relationship with his grandfather much earlier.

They also have pride in being credited with growing Sunyang as a group.

Lee Hak-jae, who joined later, finds fault with everything, so it’s impossible for them to get along well.

“If we third-generation members take charge of the group, you will truly become second-in-command. You were the founder’s grandfather’s favorite grandson, so who could be dissatisfied with you? is not it?”

“hmm… .”

As he pretended to think about it for a moment while holding a glass of wine, Jinyoung-Jun began to pour out even sweeter words, as if he had worn out his emotions.

“I will just hold on, stay centered, and give you strength. Honestly, investing is ultimately about playing with money. Wouldn’t it be more fun to grow Sunyang into a global company than that? “The scale is different.”

“So, aren’t I also a salaried worker?”

“what? What are you talking about?”

“Even if you and I share blood, what does that mean? “I don’t have a single share of Sunyang Group stock?”

“… .”

When I mention the group’s shares, he suddenly closes his mouth. It is difficult to talk about and it is a sensitive matter.

After all, doesn’t securing shares directly determine the successor to Sunyang Group?

“older brother. I’m learning how to invest. I’m not a real estate speculator and I only focus on investing in corporate stocks… . When you learn this job, the first thing you realize is the importance of equity. “Stocks are the owner’s symbol and the owner’s identification card.”

Jin Young-jun still couldn’t say anything, perhaps thinking about what to say in response.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You said that to me a little while ago, right? It’s the owner’s family. is not it?”


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“huh? Oh, no. “Of course it’s family.”

“Just because you’re a cousin, does this mean you won’t share the group’s shares?”

I got a little angry and put down my drink.

“What is it? “We said let’s be together and work together, but did you mean to end up making me a salaried worker?”

“hey! The cub… . Why do you talk like that? men and horses!”

“Is that so? “Even if we are family members, what is the difference between them and employees?”

“Do you think I’m such a scoundrel? ok?”

He must have thought of something to say back because he was suddenly shouting loudly.

“That’s because I don’t have a single piece of stock like you right now, so I don’t have the courage to say anything. What we are talking about now is a story of the distant future. It will take at least 10, no, 15 years for my grandfather to hand over the group to my father and for me to take over again. How can you guarantee what will happen 15 years from now? is not it?”

This guy may not trust me 100%, but I shouldn’t act like a naive guy who doesn’t have any greed for the group’s shares. You will believe my words more if you are moderately greedy.

“So you’re saying I have to wait for the shares to come to me in 15 years? Are you telling me to believe that and work for you? Sounds like it makes sense… .”

“hey! Bottom, man. It’s the right arm, how can it be the bottom? And if you really think about it, I promise. Of course, we have to share the shares. “It’s natural to have strength only if you have strong pockets.”

I grab the tail of my words and shout loudly again. And using the opportunity as a stepping stone, I tried to read my own thoughts again.

“good night. Say it out loud. “How much do you want?”

You need to answer well here.

I should call them just enough to make them think that I am not greedy for group management rights.

What is the best number for this guy?

I pretended to be thinking for no reason and didn’t answer right away, taking a pause.

“25% of the shares of Sunyang Group that you will own in the future.”

This kid has a subtle expression. It might be ambiguous. Not a lot, not a little.

But it’s pathetic.

Isn’t this in the distant future anyway? He was just looking at me and had no intention of giving me anything, so in this case, I had to call him without delay.

Doesn’t not being able to answer hesitantly only reveal your narrow-mindedness and greedy intentions?

Suddenly, I remembered old times and almost burst out laughing.

“How much will you give me if you win first place in the lottery?”

My wife asked me while I was struggling to choose lottery numbers.

I should have said I would give it all right away to make my wife feel better since it was a waste anyway. Even if by some miracle she became number one, all she had to do was hide that fact.

That’s what I looked like back then.

I hesitate.

The result was a fight between the couple, and I had to look at my wife’s cold expression for a week.

I said this to assure him that I did not covet the group.

“The 25% I will own will be an eternal friendly stake to defend my brother’s management rights. And when my brother retires from management and his son, that is, my nephew, takes over, I pass it on cheaply. haha.”

I’ve tried to please you and pretended to give in, but if you hesitate, you’re a fool and not worth dealing with.

“What could happen to a child who didn’t even exist?” . Give 25% of the shares to your son, that is, my nephew. haha.”

If grandpa sees this, he might faint from despair.

How absurd would it be to see two young grandchildren exchanging words like brother and sister?

“It’s a bit embarrassing. I haven’t even decided what I’m going to do yet… .”

“are you okay. This will be Plan B for your life. If what you want to do doesn’t work out, remember this promise today. “I won’t forget either.”

In times like this, you need to adjust your mood. Only then can you naturally throw the second bait.

“Thank you. older brother. “To be honest, I didn’t know that you would think of me this much.”

“Hey. Quit it. What’s between us… !”

Jin Young-jun emptied his glass with a cheerful look and held it out to me.

“It’s still a while later, but the important thing is that you and I got along. Let’s push and support each other and make Sunyang Group great.”

“Yes, brother. “Whenever I work in a group, I will always be on your side.”

I also emptied my full drinking glass cleanly.

Now, shall we try sprinkling some rice cake?

“older brother. “By the way, do you have any money?”

“money? why? I need?”

“Oh, no. “Where can I spend my money?”


“I want to show you that I am truly on your side.”

With his eyes showing curiosity, Jinyoungjun sat closer.


“I don’t know if you know, but Representative Se-Hyeon Oh supported a lot of funds for my uncle’s mayoral election.”

“what? really?”

“yes. At first, my aunt came to me and asked me to contribute some campaign funds, but all my money is tied up in Miracle, right? So I introduced CEO Oh.”

“My aunt made a deal with Oh Se-hyeon. Do you know what I said I would give you?”

“That’s the key. “Hehe.”

Jinyoungjun clapped his hands at my laughter.

“Why don’t you go in and rest for a while? “I’ll call you again if I need to.”

When all the people who helped us drink went up to this floor, Jinyoung-jun Jin showed his interest in earnest.

“what? Is that really Media City? Was it included in your uncle’s pledge? Could it be that you took over Daeah Construction because of that?”

“yes. ”

Did you feel better after eating at the construction site’s hamba restaurant? I realize it right away. But you might be surprised to learn that the scale is different.

“Sunyang Construction executives moved to Daea in large numbers, right? Grandfather and CEO Oh have a cooperative relationship. But the two of you kept the information hidden.”

“What information?”

“The location. It has not yet been announced where Media City will be located. what… . Since it is so big, I understand that they are cracking down on it, but… … .”

I glanced at his expression and saw that his mouth was wide open and his eyes were blinking.

A large-scale project amidst an economic crisis.

It is obvious that the government will also actively support it. What if there is hidden information about this project?

“You know where you are!”

I smiled and nodded my head.


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