The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 109

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[109]Patient 3 awakened

“I will bet your life on my grandson…” ? “Is this what you want?”

“This does not mean that I will entrust my life to Director Jin Do-jun. “It means I want to be with him as closely as possible.”



“What? “Why do you want to risk your only life to be with Dojun?”

A spark flew in Chairman Jin’s eyes as he glared at him.

Kim Yun-seok flinched at the intimidation.

I even thought that I might have made a mistake. He is Chairman Jin’s favorite grandson. Could it be that he misunderstood himself as a bastard who was planning to live with him for the rest of his life for saving his grandson’s life?

“I also want to be in the front.”


“I always had to be invisible, like a shadow. I am ashamed of my role like that. A little while ago, you told me to tell you what I want. Now let me make it clear. “I also want to be proud of myself and not be ashamed of myself.”

“How dare someone who doesn’t even know the topic!”

Chairman Jin’s anger leaked out between his clenched teeth.

Kim Yun-seok never dreamed that such a reaction would occur.

I thought I would hear a tap on my shoulder and a tell me to take good care of my grandson… It seemed like all opportunities were lost as it only aroused Chairman Jin’s wrath.

“A guy like you will only hold Dojun back. “Are you thinking of throwing that little body at me and clinging to my grandson like a leech and sucking his blood out?”

“Shoes, Chairman. I have never thought about that even for a moment. If something happens to hinder Director Jin Do-jun, I am even thinking of cutting myself off and resigning. Please believe me.”

If it weren’t for the cast that prevented his movement, he would have fallen to his knees.

It was unfair to be in a situation where I was lying in a bandage and saying this decision.

“noisy. At this moment, you kicked away his third chance. Guys like you are always like that. “He’s such a fool that he can’t tell whether it’s poop or soybean paste.”

Chairman Jin jumped up and, having nowhere to vent his anger, kicked the chair.

“I will not take back what I have already given. As soon as your body can walk, I will kick you out. “If Do-jun messes around again, I will take your precious life away.”

He didn’t forget to shout a warning that was almost threatening.

“Shoes, Chairman.”

Kim Yun-seok wanted to show his sincerity by at least holding on to Chairman Jin’s leg as he left the hospital room, but since he couldn’t move, all he could do was look at his back.

* * *

“It was only yesterday that you told me not to go in and out of the hospital. “If you’re calling about seasoned chicken, that’s absolutely not possible.”

My grandfather called me in the morning and told me to come quickly.

– noisy. If it comes, it will come quickly. Why are you talking so much?

A loud voice came from the receiver, making me wonder if it was the person who had performed the surgery.

When I quickly rushed to the hospital, an old man with a stern expression was waiting for me.



“There’s a guy who wants to be your dog, do you know?”

I was taken aback by the sudden question, but I knew who it was referring to.

“Are you talking about Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok?”

“okay. “That guy.”

“You met me yesterday.”

“Even if I offered him a lot of money, he refused and said he wanted to stand by your side. “Did this happen to you as well?”

Did I make a mistake?

Don’t you like the fact that this young guy is already attracting people?

“I decided to give the opportunity conditionally.”

I don’t know what was said between the two, but it was already too late to stop playing around.


“yes. Even if he ruined my work, he agreed to forgive me three times.”

“What if it’s more than three times?”

“I have to throw it out. Since you saved my life, I gave you three chances. “Isn’t that enough to repay the debt?”

“hmm… .”

My grandfather was silent for a while, but when he spoke again, he said something completely unexpected.

“What do you think the virtues of a dog are?”


“okay. “A dog that people like.”

“Aren’t you loyal to your master? There is a saying that it is a loyal dog, right? “Because you don’t add the word ‘chung’ to anything other than dog.”


Are you wrong? What if loyalty isn’t a dog’s virtue? No matter how much I thought about it, nothing but loyalty came to mind.

“Loyalty comes with conditions. It is correctness. Loyalty is what keeps the owner moving in the right direction. That’s why they don’t hesitate to criticize their owners. When the owner goes down the wrong path, it is Chung that stands in the way, and Chung that changes direction is also Chung.”

“Following even if it’s not right, isn’t that also loyalty? “There is a saying called blind loyalty.”

“That’s treacherous.”

difficult. It’s a dog’s virtue, not loyalty… . Surely it’s not love?

“The virtue of a dog is devotion.”

ah… !

Giving your body and mind with all your might and not hesitating to make sacrifices. The difference with loyalty is that there are no conditions.

“Do you think he will devote himself to you?”

“So far so.”

When I answered confidently, my grandfather gave a light sneer.

“The reason is?”

“He did not hide his true feelings.”


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No need for a long explanation. Aren’t you the type of person who can understand most things with just one or two important words?

“But he already made a mistake.”

“To my grandfather?”

The old man nodded his head and said.

“You told me you wanted to serve me. Does your dog ask others for permission to choose an owner? “He had in mind that I was higher than you.”

If it is trivial, it is infinitely trivial. Since you are my grandfather and the chairman of the group, isn’t that enough to say?

I thought it was too thorough to tolerate even something as trivial as this, but then I thought again.

It’s not just about hiring one employee. A person who will become a limb. Shouldn’t there be nothing lacking?

“Did you make another mistake?”

“The guy who wanted to become a dog said he wanted to become a confident person. Does a dog have self-esteem? “Even if the owner beats him, isn’t he a dog that will wag its tail as soon as he holds out his hand?”

This is the second mistake.

This time I could guess what was said. He probably said he wanted to stand next to me.

“Is there a third one?”

The grandfather had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Do you still want to give it a chance?”

“Because I promised. “I don’t want to be someone who throws away promises made to subordinates.”

If the virtue of a subordinate is devotion, the virtue of a superior is faithfulness.

Can’t I be someone like Jinyoung-gi or Jinyoung-jun?

“That guy is lacking a lot.”

“I don’t think there is a lack of people, just a lack of training.”

“Sunyang is already full of talented people. “You can just choose from there.”

“There is no connection. You can always make them yours if they guarantee success. “There’s nothing more to it than that, right?”

My grandfather saw my stubbornness and got down from the bed.

“Follow me. “I’ll show you how he makes his third mistake in an instant.”

The grandfather was full of confidence as he walked toward Kim Yun-seok’s hospital room.

“Watch carefully. “Who is he more afraid of and who is he watching out for?”

I know what you want to check now.

If Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok decides to become my person, he should not pay attention to the grandfather next to me.

As my grandfather said, if a dog is devoted and loyal, its gaze should only be directed at its owner.

But is it easy?

Anyway, he is the chairman of Sunyang Group. My current employer is much older than me. It’s natural for people to pay more attention to me than I do.

I was a little nervous in front of the hospital room.

Do I still have eyes for people? Or is your standard for choosing people different from your grandfather?

Grandpa opened the door with a bang.

Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok, who was lying on the bed with his upper body leaning against him, was startled when he spotted the two of us suddenly appearing.

I just looked at his eyes and mouth.

Who are those eyes facing, and to whom will they open their mouths?

I can’t stand up, so I can’t bend down, and I can’t move my neck, so I can’t lower my head.

He only greeted me with his eyes.

And then he opened his mouth.

“Chief. sorry.”

The grandfather’s eyebrows twitched because of the first words he said out of his mouth.

“I think my relationship with the manager ends here. “I was lacking a lot and I only disappointed you.”

I glanced at my grandfather and he seemed surprised.

Of course, I thought he would make excuses to clear up misunderstandings by saying, “Chairman, Chairman,” but I probably didn’t expect him to draw a clean line.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but you’re quick to give up.”

“I didn’t know the topic. I just realized that. I happened to use my body to save the manager, but I also had a desire to achieve something bigger with it. “I won’t deny it.”

“Is there anyone without greed? “When an opportunity comes, you seize it, and you use the opportunity to satisfy your greed.”

“I lack ability and my skills are at the bottom. “I think I was just greedy.”

Only then did Kim Yun-seok turn his gaze to his grandfather.

“The Chairman reminded me of my true worth. “I would appreciate that.”

How will the grandfather accept Kim Yun-seok’s attitude?

I decided to sit back and see what kind of conversation the two would have.



“You should stay out for a while.”

What does this mean?

Not only mine, but Kim Yun-seok’s eyes also widened.

“I really need to talk to this guy. hurry!”

* * *

“Are you serious?”

This was Chairman Jin’s question as soon as his grandson left the hospital room.

“You risked your life, but all you got was an apartment and not having to worry about your children’s education. “Isn’t it unfair?”

“I’m going to be satisfied with having a short but colorful dream.”

Kim Yun-seok looked straight at Chairman Jin and answered calmly.

Chairman Jin began to look intently at his eyes to see if there was any trace of selflessness.

“good night. There is something remarkable about you giving up so obediently. I will give you enough money so that you can live comfortably. “You won’t have to worry about your life.”

“no. I’m still young. “I can’t spend my life doing nothing with the money the chairman gives me.”

“Don’t be shy for no reason. Take the money they give you and live comfortably. “It’s a chance to eat life raw.”

Kim Yun-seok even smiled at Chairman Jin’s words.

“That was my dream. How great would it be if you could just eat your life raw? But when I saw Director Jin Do-jun, I realized how stupid and inferior I was.”

“Why Dojun?”

“I belong to the Strategy Office. I vaguely hear what kind of life Director Jin Do-jun’s cousins ​​live. Money that never runs out no matter how much you spend, a card with no payment limits. “He lives a luxurious and enviable life, no matter who sees it.”


“Director Jin Do-jun is also a third-generation chaebol, but I have never seen him waste even a single day or an hour. I go to work in Yeouido at 7 in the morning. I grab a quick meal at an ordinary restaurant near my office and then head back to the office. “I don’t know what you’re doing.”

Kim Yun-seok spoke of the much younger Jin Do-jun as if he were describing a respected boss.

“If the Chairman gives me a lot of money, I don’t have the confidence to live like former Director Jin Do-jun. I would be wasting my life spending a lot of money. “I don’t want to live like that.”

Wanting to stand by Jin Do-jun’s side and be with him was another expression of wanting to live life fiercely.


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