The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 101

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[101]Nalaly patient 1

As I was reaching the end of my fading consciousness, my mind was filled with only resentment.

The real Jin Do-jun couldn’t remember the exact year he died. I thought he was 20, but wasn’t he?

And I was angry at God’s plan to end the miracle of second life in just ten years. It’s not even a joke.

There was again.

I was finally ready to start a long fight, but I couldn’t even start, and when I think about the money I have piled up in my account, I feel like I’m dying of injustice. No, are you already dying?

Lastly, I was most upset about not being able to make the Jin family kneel before me.


How did this life come to be like this?

Not only are the two deaths unheard of, but I have to carry only unfair and resentful memories with me.

# # #

“Are you awake?”

A bright light that makes it difficult to open your eyes properly.

A crackling sound made by a finger snapping heard in the ear.

Didn’t you die? Did you live? Or is he still going back and forth between life and death after major surgery?

But I felt my body shaking. Moreover, I was not unfamiliar with blurry vision.

It was exactly what you see on TV or in movies.

Is it an ambulance?

“under… Hal… .”

I had to let you know. Wouldn’t people care a little more if we revealed the identity of the Chairman of Sunyang Group?

“ah… Don’t say anything… please. … Fine… .”

There was just a buzzing in my ears, but I couldn’t hear clearly. Does that mean it’s okay?

“number… Sunyang… group… … .”

“yes? Sunyang Group?”

“Society, Chairman… no see.”

I lost my mind again.

“hey! “You just said he was the chairman of Sunyang Group, right?”

“yes. “That old man somehow looked familiar.”

The paramedics looked at each other and immediately took out their cell phones.

“How’s the patient there?”

– Free time, you! “Hang up, you bastard.”

“That old man looks like the chairman of Sunyang Group. “Check carefully.”


I heard a gasping sound coming from the phone, and my frustration exploded again.

– right. It’s the face I saw on TV. shit. This isn’t normal… .

“I’ll contact the hospital, so take care of your condition. “If something goes wrong, our lives will be ruined.”

Ambulances filled with sadness, anxiety, worry, and fear rushed to Gongju Medical Center in South Chungcheong Province.

The medical staff waiting outside the emergency room all looked bewildered when they checked the condition of the patient brought in by ambulance.

“His breathing is poor and he is bleeding heavily. It feels like everything below my chest has been crushed. Pelvis too… .”

“all right. Now, run quickly.”

Before the doctor could say anything, the medical staff rushed to the operating room with all their might.

Hospital staff who did not rush to the operating room spoke to the paramedics.

“What is the condition of the patients following us?”

“Two are good and two are worse. But it’s not serious.”

“all right. “It was hard.”

I began to sigh with relief at the fact that I only had to save the seriously injured patient who had just entered the operating room.

* * *

When I came to my senses again, I could not open my eyes properly due to the blinding fluorescent lights.

He’s not dead.

No, surprisingly, it felt fine. What happened?

I have no way of knowing what happened while talking to my grandfather. Except it was a car accident.

When I got used to the bright lights of the fluorescent lights, the first thing I looked at was my body. All there is is an IV dripping around.

I felt sore all over my body, but there was a big bandage like a patch attached to it.

“Ah, have you come to your senses?”

A nurse with a bright, friendly smile touched my forehead, wrists, and nape of my neck.

Soon, a doctor in a white coat appeared, held a flashlight to his eyes, and spoke.

“Just look at my fingers and move your eyes.”

I slapped the doctor’s moving finger away with my hand.

“What about grandfather? Are you hurt a lot? “What is your condition?”

“That’s it. “I think you’re fine?”

The doctor turned off the flashlight and put it in his gown pocket.

“Is the person who was transported with you your grandfather?”


“He’s okay too. I think you’ll wake up soon. Of the five people involved in this accident, only one is in surgery. “Don’t worry too much.”

five? How many cars were bought?

You need to put your questions aside and do what needs to be done first.

“Sir, this is my grandfather, the chairman of Sunyang Group. “Please take action before the hospital becomes noisy.”



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The doctor frowned.

“What if you are the chairman of Sunyang Group? whatever? Are you trying to get special treatment for being in a minor car accident? We need to call the police and find out the circumstances of the accident. “This is a local national medical center, so there are no special VIP rooms.”

I think the doctor misunderstood what I said. I guess they thought that the privileged class of society demanded special treatment.

“I’m not asking for VIP treatment. When you wake up, you will be looking for me first, so I need to be by your side. and… . Oh, no. Because you won’t be able to stop it anyway… . Anyway, thank you. teacher.”

The doctor winked at the nurses, who drew back the curtains and moved the bed.

“I’ll do the test first.”

“Please give me the guardian’s contact information. You must report the accident… .”

The nurses opened their mouths one after another.

“That’s a problem now. “Let’s meet Grandpa first.”

It should be left to the grandfather’s decision to inform the family about the traffic accident. It may be natural for the average person, but my grandfather’s car accident had the influence of shaking up our country’s stock market.

Unless it is an official announcement, it must not be leaked.

“You’re so stubborn… . all right. “After the test, we will send you to the same hospital room right away.”

* * *

As soon as Chairman Jin came to his senses, he spoke to the nurse who was fiddling with the fluid in his arm.

“Oh, miss, please give me your phone… .”

“Oh my, grandfather. You’re awake. Wait. Call the teacher… .”

“Stop whining and give me your phone quickly. hurry!”

However, the nurse ignored President Jin’s words and smiled brightly.

“You need to rest now. I had a CT scan and they said you’re okay. If you rest a little… .”

“Oh, come on!”

I was startled by the thunderous yelling and held out my cell phone from my back pocket. I heard she was the chairman of Sunyang Group… . I thought it might be true.

Chairman Jin hesitated for a while as if he couldn’t remember the phone number, then pressed the button and only after hearing several blunt replies that he had dialed the wrong number was he connected to the person he wanted.

# # #

“yes. President. “We will take action immediately.”

I didn’t know that the phone call I received early in the morning was from the chairman. Plus, a car accident. Although he broke out in a cold sweat, he was relieved to hear that fortunately he was not seriously injured.

After finishing the call with Chairman Jin, Director Hakjae Lee immediately started making phone calls.

“Select the 20 best veterans among Sunyang Security employees and send them to Gongju Medical Center in Chungcheongnam-do right now. “I’ll be there first, so I told you to follow my instructions!”

“Find the director of Princess Medical Center and call him on my cell phone, quickly!”

Lastly, I also took care of the most important instructions.

“Commissioner. “This is Director Lee Hak-jae of Soonyang.”

After asking a few favors from the police chief, I got into the waiting car.

“We have to go to the Princess Medical Center quickly now. There will be a police escort before crossing the Han River Bridge. “Speed ​​up as much as possible.”

As we exited Hannam-dong and saw the approach road to Banpo Bridge, four motorcycles took the lead and started blaring their sirens.

* * *

Director Yoo of Gongju Medical Center rushed to the hospital without even skipping breakfast.

For someone who has lived quietly in the countryside all his life, this is an unusual morning.

I never thought the day would come when I would talk to someone who is in power at the Sunyang Group!

What was worse than that was the content of the phone call. I can’t believe Jin Yang-cheol, chairman of Sunyang Group, the richest man in Korea, was taken to the emergency room of his hospital.

As soon as Director Yoo arrived at the hospital, he gathered together all the medical staff who handled the accident this morning, excluding those who were currently in the operating room.

“Everyone, make sure to strictly control your entry. If this fact gets out, the hospital will turn into chaos. Reporters will flock to the area, and broadcasting station cameras may even appear. Sunyang Group requested absolute confidentiality. And you said you wouldn’t bother us, so I know that. “I believe everyone understands.”

I tightly silenced the staff and ran straight to the hospital room.

“Chairman, are you feeling okay? “Is there anything uncomfortable?”

Chairman Jin nodded his head as he looked at Director Yoo who greeted him politely.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble this morning. The doctors say my body is fine, so it must be fine. “Please do me a favor.”

“yes. “Please speak.”

“Did you keep a strict check on the hospital staff?”

“yes. “We have taken measures to keep it completely silent.”

“Thank you. And soon my employees and my children will come running.”

“Have you already contacted me? We need to contact you… .”

“no. “My hands are fine and my mouth is fine, so who cares who does it?”

“yes. And I heard that the grandson was not seriously injured. “I’m going through some tests right now, and I’ll bring you here right away after it’s over.”

“I heard that too. Rather, I know it’s too much to ask, but please send me and my grandson to the intensive care unit.”


“Let’s hear about the circumstances later and assume that both of us were seriously injured. “I had surgery and we have to wait and see the results, something like that.”

Chairman Jin even showed composure, smiling and squinting his eyes.

“Probably the first person to run will be our Director Hakjae Lee.”

“Ah yes. “I also received a call from him.”

“okay. He will explain the details in detail, so please do as I say. “I will repay you generously, so please ask.”

“no. It’s repayment. “I will.”

“Thank you Maui. By the way, when Director Lee comes, just secretly let him into the hospital room.”

“yes. President.”

Director Yoo decided not to think about why he was asking this.

He only hopes that this mess will end quietly and amicably and that he will quickly return to his quiet daily life.

* * *


“Oh my, my baby. Are you okay? “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Just a few scratches. “How about your grandfather better than me?”

“The doctor said it was okay. I’m glad to see you’re okay. haha.”

Grandpa held my hand tightly and stroked my cheek.

“But this is the intensive care unit, why…” ?”

“Let’s just be quiet for a few days. And I have taken special measures, so forget about the accident.”

“But I heard there was someone seriously injured. “What if you are a driver?”

“Don’t get excited. It hurts my body. I’ll take care of everything. “They say he’s having surgery, so let’s wait.”


I am truly very fortunate. I survived and my grandfather is fine too. God did not take away the opportunity he gave me.

The two of us just exchanged glances in silence for a while.

I remembered covering my grandfather to protect him during the accident. That action was an instinct without any calculation. I realized that I was done with pretending to be a wonderful grandson to win Sunyang a long time ago.

This person is my biological grandfather and I am his biological grandson.

There is nothing more.

Only now did I know how I felt.

As I was holding back the tears that were about to fall, I heard a knock on the room and the hospital director came in.

“Did it interfere with your rest?”

“No. “Please come in.”

The hospital director looked at the two of us and carefully held out a blood-stained identification card and a business card.

“I found the wallet of someone who is currently undergoing surgery. It was in there… . “I brought it just in case you knew.”

I froze when I saw the name written on the bloody business card. It was a bigger shock than the accident.

「Kim Yun-seok, Assistant Manager of Sunyang Group Strategy Office」


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