The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 100

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[100]Inescapable Fate 4

“These guys! Why are you so surprised? Think about your father’s age. It wouldn’t be strange if he died tomorrow. The succession work is not yet complete. There is no preparation for such an accident… .”

The lawyers changed their expressions. You must not cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Isn’t he the eldest son and vice president?

“The chairman’s shares are inherited equally, with the wife inheriting 23% and the children inheriting approximately 15%. If it stays like this… .”

“What about the will? “Is there no valid will?”

“I don’t know. First of all, no one among the group’s lawyers has received a separate will. But you never know. “He might be among the chairman’s personal lawyers.”

“By the way, Vice President. It’s my opinion, but there shouldn’t be a separate will. If it is a group share, the inheritance tax is enormous. I’ve been working so far to avoid that… . If a personal will exists, it will be all the chairman’s personal assets excluding the group’s shares. “Something like land, a house, or a collection.”

If it is not an illegal inheritance, you may end up paying hundreds of billions of billions, perhaps trillions in taxes. Therefore, most conglomerates pass on management rights through illegal gifts while they are alive.

No one thinks Chairman Jin is conscientious enough to properly pay inheritance tax.

“Then what if we assume there is no separate will and inherit equally? What happens to management rights?”

“It gets complicated. “Depending on how we come together, the owner of the chairman’s office will change.”

“What if my mother takes my side?”

“An accurate calculation is needed… . Oh, by the way, isn’t the third president, Jin Sang-ki, the vice president? “As long as my wife and President Jin Sang-gi stand by the Chairman, there will be no problem.”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki’s face brightened when he heard the hopeful analysis.

“It’s okay, but… . Still, it would be best to complete the succession work before my father passes away.”

At this time, one of the lawyers slapped his forehead and opened his mouth.

“Oh, there is one variable. “When I transferred Sunyang Motors, about 17% of the shares were transferred along with it.”

“Achacha. That was it. shit.”

The brightened face frowned again.

“It’s American capital, so it’s not a big variable, right?”

“I heard that Miracle Oh Se-hyun and CEO Jin Yoon-ki are close… .”

The lawyer looked a little worried.

“Yoongi is a movie version and has no interest in family fights. It will be fine.”

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki lightly waved his hand while thinking of his youngest brother. However, he did not forget that his younger brother, whom he had not been interested in until now, emerged as a big variable.

“Okay, let’s go out.”

As the lawyers bowed their heads and left, the tantrums they had been suppressing exploded.

“What a case!”

The youngest, who had never paid attention to a single hair, suddenly grabbed the hilt of a sword. Moreover, she is on the verge of turning her sword, which had only been one, into two.

Just thinking about it makes my hair stand on end.

# # #

The owner of Vibrator asked for a cigarette, which he smoked only occasionally while drinking.

I know that the president’s office is made of glass, so cigarette smoke cannot be ventilated, but cigarettes are the only thing that soothes my mixed feelings right now.

Many faces passed by in a long puff of cigarette smoke.

The thing that stuck with me the longest was my father’s face.

Damn you old man!

Unpredictable behavior, unpredictable capriciousness. A grumpiness that scratches a person’s insides.

How long do you think you’ll be alive… .

This is a path that will have to be taken empty-handed anyway, but they are trying to throw a spark that will cause all kinds of trouble in the house.

“The youngest is really… … .”

I never imagined that the two youngest would emerge as dark horses.

Youngest brother Jin Yoon-gi, youngest nephew Jin Do-jun.

I just prayed that they wouldn’t get involved in the fight.

For this fight, the eldest son and the second son are enough.

however… .

I’m more worried that my short-thinking brother might cause an accident.

* * *

I woke up to the loud sound of my cell phone ringing.

Judging from the fact that I can’t open my eyes, it’s still early in the morning. Who could it be?


– Hey. Didn’t I tell you to come early in the morning? Are you still sleeping?

“Ah, grandpa.”

I checked the time and it was a little after 4 am.

“It’s dawn now. “It’s not morning.”

– noisy. Wash up quickly and come back. You have to leave before traffic gets stuck.

For someone who turned his back on me yesterday, his voice is very clear. Isn’t it like a child the day before going on a picnic?

Since I was in a situation where I needed to be noticed, I jumped out of bed. She quickly showered and went out.

There is no way for taxis to travel in high-end residential areas where all the local residents are chauffeured. I sighed as I walked to the main road where taxis run.


Suddenly, the car lights flashed behind me and I heard a voice calling me.

“phew-. It’s not too late. Fortunately, the.”

Assistant Manager Kim Yun-seok gets out of the car and breathes a sigh of relief.

“What is it? “I told you to just rest today.”

“Can you do that? “You said the Chairman called you early in the morning, right?”

“So you’re coming this early in the morning?”

Assistant Manager Kim lightly scratched the back of his neck and laughed.

“I asked Team Leader Shin just in case, and he said that according to the chairman’s standards, early in the morning is 4 a.m. “So, I came to pick you up because there seemed to be no taxi available.”

A lot has changed since I went to Israel. Put your sincerity first, which is your biggest advantage.

I could feel that he was not paying attention to my consideration and was trying to help me as best as he could. I was both sad and grateful.


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“Thanks to you, this made me feel comfortable. Even if that wasn’t the case, my grandfather told me to come quickly.”

“It’s early in the morning so I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

At first I didn’t notice because it was dark. This is not the cruiser I always drive.

“What is this car?”

“Ah, I changed my car yesterday. You have five cars at the Chairman’s house, right? Leave the good things behind and only drive cruisers… . Did I make a mistake?”

Except for cruiser cars, all cars are burdensome.

It’s okay when moving, but when you get out of the backseat, people around you are staring at you.

“no. are you okay. Let’s use the car we have. Let’s take turns riding forward. haha.”

I couldn’t ignore Assistant Manager Kim’s sincerity, so I smiled and sat in the back seat of the big BMW 7xx.

Just like Assistant Manager Kim said, we arrived at my grandfather’s house in less than 20 minutes.

“great job. I’m just leaving work today. “Because I don’t think there will be any more work.”

I ran into the house, leaving behind assistant manager Kim Yun-seok, who bowed his head. His grandfather had already come out to the front door and was waiting for me.

“Isn’t it nice that the early morning air is cool? “Hey, let’s go.”

He still didn’t tell me the destination, but I didn’t even ask. You will find out soon anyway.

As I sat in the back seat next to my grandfather, the car started off smoothly.

As I drove on the open road, I was out of Seoul in an instant.

As I got onto the West Coast Expressway, which was slowly taking shape, it seemed like I was going to Chungcheongnam-do or Jeolla-do.

Grandfather just looked out the window with his mouth shut.

As the hazy dawn began to dawn, I opened my mouth for the first time.



“Aren’t you curious where we are going now?”

“I’m going crazy because I’m curious. “But my grandfather was so solemn that I couldn’t ask him.”

Grandfather smiled faintly and placed his hand on my knee.

“The place I’m going to now is where Sunyang Group started. “It is Gunsan.”

Gunsan and the place where Sunyang Group started.

Immediately the memory came back.

The history of Sunyang Group, which I memorized as if studying for an exam. This is where the Joseon Rice Farm was located.

Jeoksan, the property left behind by the Japanese after liberation.

Among them, he stole rice from the Joseon Rice Granary, which was said to be profitable, and used the money from selling the rice as seed money to create what is now Sunyang Group.

“Is there still a Joseon Rice Pantry left?”

Grandfather’s eyes widened.

“How do you know about the Joseon Rice Granary?”

“It was featured in many magazines and was often mentioned in interviews with my grandfather. “All Sunyang Group employees know this, but it’s not right for me, as the grandson, to not know.”

“Uh huh, you’re taking my points again like this. “He has dozens of grandchildren, but he only knows how to steal this money. You are probably the only one who knows how he earned that money.”

If I were a normal grandson, I wouldn’t be interested either. It is difficult to find a grandson who is curious about his grandfather’s life.

“During the war, the warehouse was taken away for use by American soldiers. I got it back a while later. Now it has turned into a history museum. I donated it to the country because I thought it was meaningful. Thanks to you, I can preserve it cleanly without spending a penny of my own money.”

“If it’s a history museum, is there a story about my grandfather?”

“It’s a natural injustice. Should I keep a record of what I have stolen? haha.”

“Ah, I stole the rice back then… .”

Grandpa nodded his head.

“I knew then. Small thefts are criticized and punished as bad guys, but big thefts go unscathed. “Do you know why?”

“Is it because it’s so big that it’s hard to touch?”

“It’s not like there’s no problem, but it’s because the really big thieves are in power. “Because if you repay some of the stolen money, they will turn a blind eye.”

Is this the beginning of collusion between politics and business?

“Then the rice that was stolen back then… ?”

“okay. I shared it with powerful people. With that money, he built a factory and started a company. “He didn’t even have time to count how much money he made.”

The grandfather looked extremely happy as he looked back on his youth with a slightly flushed look.

“At that time, I poured all the money I earned into expanding the company. As the number of factories bearing Sunyang’s name increases and the number of buildings increases, it is now all about protecting them from being taken away. “It’s not fun.”

“Was the reason you broke up with your great-uncle to protect Sunyang?”

I asked my grandfather carefully, looking at his thoughts. A grandfather named Cheol-myeon, wasn’t he the one who stabbed his brother? How did you feel?

“no. “She did it to survive.”

He speaks calmly, without being surprised or embarrassed.

Do you think there is nothing wrong with betraying your brothers in order to survive?

“The military took over power and began beating up the rich to gain public support. At that time, my older brother was a factory manager compared to today. I didn’t know about company management. Sunyang was a target of the regime anyway. “One of you, me or you, had to be beaten by the government.”

The car left the under-construction highway and turned onto a national highway, and my grandfather opened the window a little and took in the cool morning air.

“If I was caught, it was obvious that Sunyang would fall into the hands of others, so I made up my mind. “He sold out his brother.”

Was it an inevitable choice to protect, or was it a betrayal to have everything? What is truth?

I didn’t ask any more. It’s just curiosity anyway, and knowing the truth won’t change anything.

“How about you?”


“I’m asking if you, too, would be willing to sell your family to protect what is yours.”

It’s not easy to answer whether I should tell the truth or give the answer my grandfather wants.

There wasn’t a single car passing by, but the only sound inside the car that was stopped due to waiting for the intersection signal was the quiet sound of the engine idling.

“I am… .”

This time I decided not to fuss. I wanted to speak my mind honestly and see my grandfather’s reaction.

But I couldn’t speak any more.


I heard a loud car roar and in an instant, my vision turned white.


My body covered my grandfather and I lost consciousness as I felt broken glass falling down.


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